Black Cuckolding 101


Welcome to the world of Black Cuckold Couples, my name is Kia Haywood-Albright and I’ll be your guide. When you think of cuckolding, I bet you automatically envision a White couple, a Black guy with a big dick and a scenario involving the Black dude fucking the White chick while her White hubby watched the whole thing unfold. Well, it’s not always that way. Trust me on this one. First of all, cuckolding isn’t just for White couples. Lots of Black couples are into it, we just don’t advertise it as much.

I bet I’ve got your attention now, ladies and gentlemen. Let me tell you a bit about me first, though. I’m a five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, dark-skinned sister living in the City of Aberdeen, Maryland. I’m forty five years old and I’m still quite beautiful. Lots of mature Black women look even more gorgeous at that age than they did in their younger years. I work as a teacher with the Aberdeen Public School System and my husband Alexander Albright is a regional manager with a tech company, Wheeler Tech Inc. We met at Maryland State University twenty five years ago, and have been together ever since. The computer science nerd and the teacher-wannabe got hitched, that’s our story.

A lot of people think that Black love isn’t strong and that it isn’t here to stay. Bullshit. Lots of Black men love their Black women. And I am proud to say that I am the type of sister who loves the brothers. Especially the one I married. I love my husband dearly, and we have a wonderful life together. Our eldest, Amanda is a senior at Georgia Tech, taking up civil engineering and our son Eric is at the University of Miami, studying medicine. Our youngest son James is in the U.S. Army, currently serving in Afghanistan. Life is good. With an empty nest, Al and I are free to explore our sexuality again.

Recently, my husband Al revealed to me that he’s bisexual. He’s a big and tall, muscular Black man, so even though I’ve known him half my life, I was kind of surprised. Still, I love my hubby and assured him that I appreciated his honesty. A lot of Black women would run for the hills if the Black man in their life revealed that he was anything other than straight. I am not like those Black women. It took a lot of courage for Alexander to admit to me that he’s always felt sexually attracted to both men and women. A lot of bisexual Black men out there would never take a chance and risk it all by revealing their true selves to their wife or girlfriend. That’s why I count my blessings that Al is my dear husband and the father of our offspring.

The revelation of Al’s bisexuality didn’t bug me one bit. In fact, it opened up a lot of doors for our marriage. You see, I write erotic fiction stories and I also watch a lot of porn. Yes, middle-aged, married Black women like myself can be into porn too. It’s not just for men, dammit. I love watching gay porn, especially gay Black porn and sometimes I watch interracial gay porn. My favorite type of porn is the brand Şerifali Escort featuring she-males or transsexuals. I love watching porn featuring a chick with a big dick, especially if she’s Latina or Black.

Why is that, you may ask? I find Latina transsexuals and Black transsexuals more exotic than the White ones. Is there anything hotter than a Brazilian transsexual with a sexy body, pretty face, big tits, big ass and a big thick cock? I love watching Brazilian transsexuals fucking Black guys. One of my favorites is Lisa Lawyer. I watched a porno where she bent a Black guy over and fucked his ass till he begged for mercy. The contrast between the bronze-skinned, blonde-haired, gorgeous Latina transsexual and the muscular, dark-skinned hunk who was riding her dick simply drove me nuts. I love that shit!

I told Al about my interest in porn, and we began incorporating certain elements of that into our lovemaking. For the past twenty-odd years that we’ve been married, Al has totally dominated me in the bedroom. The six-foot-four, 260-pound, dark-skinned African-American macho man totally owned my ass on our marriage bed. I loved it when he would put me on all fours, spank my big Black butt and then make me suck his long and thick ebony cock before drilling my cunt with it. Sometimes he even fucked me up the ass. Like a lot of Black women out there, I love anal sex but it’s not an easy thing to achieve with Al. My hubby’s got a nine-inch, uncircumcised chocolate stick for a dick. It’s not easy to fit that thing in my asshole, no matter how much lubricant we use. Al’s packing and he sure knows how to use what he’s got, believe me!

Well, now that I know that Al actually has a submissive side, I was most eager to explore it. To start, I became more assertive in the bedroom. I became a real dominatrix, donning sexy Black leather miniskirts and red and Black tank tops, and sporting a whip and a strap-on dildo just like any professional dominatrix. Al liked that new side of me. He liked it even more when I began dominating him in the bedroom. I tied up Al, flogged his ass with the shiny new flogger I bought and even tied up his big chocolate dick with velvet rope. I love watching a big Black dick tied with velvet rope. Don’t ask me why. Gets my pussy wet just thinking about it.

That’s not all that Al and I did. I put him on all fours and fingered his butt hole with my gloved fingers before working a dildo up his butt. My macho Black husband looks wonderful lying on his back with a dildo up his ass. As the tall Black dominatrix standing over him, I feel simply powerful. I made Al get on his knees and fucked him with my strap-on dildo. I also made him wear a chastity device on that thick chocolate dick of his while I led him around the house on a leash. I am the dominatrix, the mistress and the one in charge. He is my slave, my submissive. He obeys and I give the orders. Talk about a game changer, eh? After more than twenty five İstanbul Escort years of marriage, I finally dominated my husband, the strong Black man. As a Black woman, I feel happy and satisfied.

Still, I wanted to push the envelope and Al was all for it. That’s why I invited our mutual friend Samuel over for some fun. Samuel is a big and tall young Black guy of Haitian descent who lives next door. He attends Maryland State University, our alma mater. What Al doesn’t know is that Samuel is bisexual. Samuel recently got dumped by Dominique, this White chick he was dating at school. He confided in me during that turbulent time and I became his shoulder to cry on. Well, I told the young brother he needed some chocolate booty. And let me tell you, he definitely got some from Al and me! Samuel, Al and I sat down and discussed things before getting down and dirty. We got the party started in the bedroom, and it turned out to be a night for the ages.

Since this was a cuckolding scenario, I made sure both Al and Samuel knew what was expected of them. I made Al wear a chastity device on that big Black cock of his so he couldn’t get hard, and he also put on a Gimp Mask. I find those so sexy, since they’re completely Black and cover everything, leaving out only the eyes and the mouth. I also made Samuel wear a mask, because I find those hot. As for me, I was in full dominatrix gear. Black tank top, Black leather miniskirt and thigh-high Black leather boots. And I had my whip and strap-on dildo at the ready like a true mistress.

Without further ado, we got the party started. I ordered Al to get on his knees and he began sucking on Samuel’s long and thick Black cock. I stood there, fingering my hairy, wet pussy as I watched my husband suck dick for the first time. Well, as far as I know anyways. Al’s ass looked so cute that I just had to play with it. I told him to spread his cheeks for me and just like that, I lubricated his hole and began fucking him with the strap-on dildo. Banging my strong Black husband with a strap-on dildo as he sucked the younger Black guy next door’s thick dick totally turned me on. I spanked Al’s ass and ordered him to suck Samuel harder. My hubby did as he was told. All husbands should obey their wives. Life is better this way.

We did it like this for a while, then I switched things up. Now that Al had gotten Samuel’s dick sufficiently hard, I wanted to hop on for a ride. And just like that, I got on all fours, shook my big Black butt at Samuel and told the young brother to fuck me. Like he needed to be told! Samuel grabbed my hips and thrust his big chocolate stick deep into my pussy. Meanwhile, my husband Al watched. What else could he do? I teased and taunted him as I got fucked by Samuel, and just like the Black cuckold he is, Al had no choice but to endure it. To truly humiliate Al, I made Samuel take off the condom and cum on my cunt after he pulled out ( no worries, I’m on the pill ) and made Ümraniye Escort Al lick it. It’s the cuckold’s job to clean up after the Bull came all over the hot wife’s pussy, is it not? It’s just that I’m a Black hot wife with a Black cuckold husband and I got fucked by a Black Bull. That’s hot, right?

After licking Samuel’s cum off of my pussy, Al sucked Samuel’s dick. Just like a good cuckold should. Winking at Samuel, I told him to fuck my husband in the ass. Al looked at me, stunned. I grabbed his face and told him that the fantasy he’d been scared to experience was finally going to come true. Yes, I am a Black wife who wants to watch my Black husband get fucked in the ass by another Black guy. It’s a modern world that we live in, ladies and gentlemen! Al was hesitant. I told him to relax, and that everything would be alright. Al nodded, and Samuel rolled another condom on that thick chocolate dick of his. The Black Bull was ready to fuck the Black cuckold in front of the Black wife. That’s fantastic!

I spread Al’s hairy butt cheeks and lubricated his hole once more before guiding Samuel’s cock into it. Samuel pressed his dick against my husband’s butt hole and pushed it inside. Al groaned sharply as his ass got penetrated. I fingered my cunt as I watched the spectacle. The most erotic thing I’ve ever beheld, ladies and gentlemen. Two masculine Black men fucking while a lucky Black woman watched. Is there anything hotter? While Samuel pounded his way into Al’s ass, I removed the chastity device from Al’s dick and stroked his cock to its full hardness. It seemed that Al’s dick got real hard with a cock up his ass!

And so it went. Samuel pumped his big black dick into Al’s tight black ass, and my husband’s screams and moans filled our bedroom. After about half an hour, Samuel couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled out of Al’s ass, took off the condom and came. Grabbing Samuel’s dick, I began sucking it. Al lay on the bed, slumped and evidently tired. I ordered him to suck some dick. Al nodded, and knelt beside me, sucking Samuel’s dick with gusto. Evidently having a Black husband and a Black wife side by side sucking his dick turned on the young Black Bull, for he came a second time. Samuel’s cum splashed our faces, and Al and I eagerly licked Samuel’s cum off each other’s visage. What can I say? Sharing is caring!

What a hot night! I still shudder with lustful excitement just thinking about it. Al and I had a lot of fun with Samuel, and since he lives next door, we both continue to have fun with him. Separately or together, we don’t care. Samuel’s dick is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve come home at time to find my husband Al face down and ass up on the sofa, Samuel’s dick up his butt. Other times, Al comes home from work and finds me on my knees, sucking Samuel’s delicious dick. No jealousy in our household. Of course, Al and I still have regular sex together. Just the other day he bent me over the kitchen counter and fucked me in the ass, using butter as lubricant. It was nasty and wicked, and I loved it. Al, my strong Black husband, a freaky bisexual brother whom I love to death. I love our life together. We share everything, and we’re happy. Could things get any better?

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