Black Man Dominates White Couple

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Sometimes, a brother just feels hungry for White meat. It happens to the best of us, ladies and gentlemen. Trust me on that one. Recently I got contacted by this White couple, Lloyd Winters and Emily Suarez Winters, of metropolitan Orleans, Ontario. They were looking for a sexy and well-endowed Black stud to fulfill one of their most special fantasies. What kind of fantasies, you may ask? The usual Black Bull, White slut wife and White male cuckold nonsense that so many White couples and Black men seem into. You’ve seen it all before. Me? I told them I wanted to try flipping the script, and the results were simply magical. If what I just said surprises you, maybe you should run for the hills. If you’re curious, stay tuned for more!

My name is Derek Blends, and I’m a big and tall Black man of Jamaican descent who recently moved to the province of Ontario from the town of Calgary, in provincial Alberta. It’s long been my fantasy to get dominated by a sexy White couple. I want to suck White cock while a dominant White woman fucks my ass with a strap-on dildo. I want to ride a big White cock while a White woman sucks my Black dick. I bet you’re surprised to be reading this stuff, especially coming from a Black man. Well, if you were to search the biggest BDSM and fetish website in the world you’d find groups dedicated to Black male submissive types looking for dominant White women or even dominant White guys. Not every Black man is walking around with a big stick, looking for a sexually submissive White woman or White man to wreck and dominate. Now, this isn’t some race play shit. I’m not into that race play stuff. Any person who isn’t Black and calls me the N-word will illegal bahis get his or her ass kicked. You feel me? Cool.

The three of us met, drank a bit and discussed everything before getting down to business in the Winters bedroom. Lloyd is a short White dude, only five-foot-eight and one hundred and thirty pounds. He’s nerdy-looking with red hair and blue eyes hidden behind horn-rimmed glasses. He told me that he was naturally submissive and didn’t know the first thing about dominating anyone, especially a big macho Black man like myself. Emily smiled and told me that when they invited Black guys into their bedroom, Lloyd usually sucked their cocks before they fucked her in ALL her holes. Lloyd and Emily had no idea that interracial cuckolding fantasies could flow both ways. Hell, I knew Black guys who got off on watching Black women getting fucked by White men. I really had to educate these two! I once read that those who cannot lead are doomed to follow. I guess it’s Lloyd’s fate. Oh, well. Time to get this show on the road. I told him to get on his knees and suck my cock, and he obeyed, sucking my big Black cock while his wife Emily watched us.

Emily is around five-foot-nine, pleasantly plump with big tits, a curvy body and a big ass. She’s half White and half Hispanic, born and raised in the City of Toronto, province of Ontario. I like a curvy woman, and Emily told me that she was naturally meek. It was up to me to get this couple in touch with their dominant side, because I’m that rare Black guy who occasionally likes to be dominated in the bedroom. As Emily watched her husband Lloyd suck my dick, I asked her to spread her shapely thighs and gave illegal bahis siteleri her hairy pussy a good licking. Emily moaned and rubbed my head while I licked her pussy. At the same time, Lloyd was doing a really good job sucking my dick. Finally, we were all ready for more action. I was beyond excited at this point, to tell you the truth. Finally, my ultimate fantasy was about to come true.

I sent Emily to fetch her trusty strap-on dildo and I obediently got on my knees before her to suck on her pink plastic cock while Lloyd got behind me. The short White dude was hesitant. He again told me that he was mostly a bottom with men and didn’t know the first thing about topping a big and strong Black man like me. I got really exasperated, and briefly stopped sucking on Emily’s strap-on dildo. This dude was running my plan with his damn hesitation! I grabbed Lloyd by the neck and told him in my most thuggish tone that if he didn’t fuck my ass really roughly, I would kick his ass in front of his wife. That seemed to finally get a rise out of him. There was a new fire in his eyes now. He grabbed my hips and bent me over, then stuffed his big White cock up my Black male ass. Yes!

Lloyd’s dick eased its way into my well-lubricated ass, and the White dude began pumping his cock into my asshole. I pushed back, grinding my ass against his groin, loving the feel of his dick in my ass. Emily smiled at me as I sucked on her strap-on dildo. Again this White chick seemed a bit too meek and hesitant for my liking, so I stopped sucking on the strap-on dildo once more and told her what I wanted her to do. Emily seemed to take my instructions a lot better than Lloyd did. canlı bahis siteleri The plump Canadian housewife smacked my face and called me all kinds of names, ordering me to suck on her strap-on dildo like the submissive Black male slut I was. Man, I was beyond thrilled that she was so good at dominating me the way I wanted it. Women really are better than men at all kinds of things!

And that’s the way the evening went, ladies and gentlemen. Lloyd rammed his thick White cock up my asshole, pounding me mercilessly. Meanwhile, Emily fucked my mouth with the strap-on dildo. We switched things around after a while, and now I was sucking on Lloyd’s big White cock like a good Black male slut while Emily fucked my asshole with her strap-on dildo. She fucked me even harder than Lloyd had, and got really mean verbally while doing it too. I absolutely loved it! To really top things off, Lloyd and Emily made me lie down on the floor after fucking all my holes mercilessly. Emily squatted over my face and pissed on me. Lloyd watched, jerking off. Once he was ready to cum, Emily made him come closer and Lloyd jacked off, shooting his cum all over my dark, ruggedly handsome face. I licked every drop of Emily’s piss and Lloyd’s sperm, and then asked them if they had anymore. They both laughed at that and told me they were spent.

A little while later, I showered and left the Winters residence. We promised to do the same thing again at a later time. I went back to Barrhaven to my gorgeous Jamaican wife Cassandra Thompson and our daughters Lily and Charlene. I’m a family man, you see, and a hard-working professional with a good job working as a constable for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. My wife and family have no idea that I’m bisexual and sexually submissive and honestly I want to keep it that way. I’ve got my image as a macho Black man to maintain, you know? Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed the story posted above. Peace!

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