Blackmailing my teacher part 2

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The next morning after the Tanners had been at our place my mom was so pleased that I was going to help them out with their yard and said I should go over and see when Mrs. Tanner wanted me to start and that I should do it before it got to hot. I said that I was headed that way as soon as I finished my eggs.

I only had a pair of cut offs and a t-shirt on when I headed over ringing the door bell. I heard Mrs. Tanner call out that she would be right there. When she opened the door she was wearing a very short robe and looked like I had caught her doing something wrong or maybe it was just a little early for her being only 7:30 in the morning. She looked so fucking sexy in that robe I wanted to rip it off her right there and fuck the shit out of her, but all I got from her was “You have to call first before coming over but your here now so if you I want go sit over there and let me get dressed.” I thought ya now I remember what it was that pissed me off about you, you like to bark out orders.

I sat on the same couch she got fucked on the day before and just sitting there I was getting hard thinking how I was going to make her do the same and more to me. She came walking in the room wearing a pair of shorts but not too short and a mans t-skirt but no bra and her nipples were at high beam pushing out the cotton of the t-shirt and making me stay hard. She said to follow her and at the garden shed she pointed out the lawn mower and edge trimmer saying to trim first before mowing like I was some kind of dumb ass. She point to a over grown flower bed that she wanted completely cleaned out and replanted. She then asked if I had ever trimmed trees cause her cedar hedging was going to need a lot of trimming and then this fall their fruit trees would need a good trimming as well. By now I was getting more then a little pissed off with all she thought I was going to do for a little help with my math studies. But I smiled and said I would get at the lawn before the heat got to bad. She turned and without a smile or a thanks headed for her air-condition house. I watched her sexy little ass as she walked away thinking that I bet she’s very tight back there and how I was going to find out.

I got busy trimming and without taking a break mowing the back yard and by then the temp had to be close to 90 without a cloud in sight. I went home got my trunks on and placed one of my DVDs I had burned off in a bag headed back to Mrs. Tanner’s back yard. I didn’t ask for permission I just drove into their pool swimming easily on my back when a shadow fell across me. There stood Mrs. Tanner with her hands on her hips looking pissed off that I dared swim in their pool. She told me to get out at once and to ever go in the pool again without asking first.

I got out and said that the heat had got to me and needed a dip to cool off. She said she didn’t care and that I was to ask before ever doing anything like that again. As she was talking I pulled my towel out drying off and the DVD fell out as well. She walked over picking it up seeing nothing marked on it asked what it was? I said it was just something that I thought she would find interesting. I then asked if she had something we could watch it on? She give me one of those looks again and then looking at the sky as if she had just noticed how hot it was said “Of coarse I do, come with me.”

She got a towel for me to sit on as she place the disc in the player and once sitting at the other end of the couch hit play. The first thing she saw was pictures herself tanning in her back yard. She had put the controller on the coffee table and as she reached for it but I grabbed it first. I looked at her saying that the interesting part was still to come. She give me a dirty look but turn back seeing herself with her legs wrapped around some guy we both know isn’t her husband. She said “You fucking little asshole . How did you get.” And she stopped at that point cause she could see herself undressing in front of this strange man. All I heard was “I’m going to burn that disc and then have Paul kick the shit out of you, you little fucking asshole. What makes you think you can just video someone like this and get away with it? Well I’m waiting, tell me what I want to know NOW?”

I told her to calm down and that if she wanted this copy that was fine with me cause I burned off over ten copies and that if she didn’t want my husband to get a copy she would 1 shut her mouth and listen and 2 do as she was told or he would get a copy as would the school board plus the board of education and if that wasn’t enough I could post it on the internet where a lot of k**s would see it. She just sat back with her mouth hanging open in disbelief that anyone would do such a thing to her, let a lone someone she knew. She finally said “How much do you want, how much will it take to get all the copies and to close that fucking mouth of yours? Tell me now.”

I sat back kind of enjoying the power I have over her but said “I don’t want your money for the disc’s, I will give you all ten copies one at a time but you will do as I say and if your a good little slut you will get every copy.” She just stared at me turning a little pale as it hit home what I wanted from her. I said “First get rid of that t-shirt and play with those nipples of yours and after that those cut offs can hit the floor as well.”

She jumped up saying “There’s no way I’m undressing for a dirt bag like! Get the fuck out of my house you little asshole and I will be calling my lawyer plus the police to have you charged. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT!” I just nodded my head and as I got up said “So I guess your husband will enjoy this little porno tape of you with what’s his name, Paul and the school board will love it too.” She sat back down thinking as I went to walk pass her and held her hand up for me to stop. She said “You wont tell anyone if I show you my body?” I said I wouldn’t and she pulled up her t-shirt over her head closing her eyes saying “I hope your happy.” I told her to carry on with what I had told her to do. She rolled her nipples between her fingers making them harden under her touch.

I said for her to drop her cut offs with any panties she may have on. She opened her eyes and after a few moments unbuttoned and unzipped her cut offs letting them hit the floor as she stood up. She wasn’t wearing any panties and stood with her shaved bare pussy only 3 feet from me. I told her to play with her clit and one of her nipples at the same time. I could tell she thought I was going too far but did as I had said, and after maybe 5 minutes her sluttier side was starting to show up as she give a tiny little moan. She began to rub her clit faster and harder plus she was twisting her nipple a lot harder. She had her eyes closed as I pulled my swim trunks off and placed my hand over hers feeling her wetness coming from her hot pussy. She moan again saying “Please don’t I’m married.” I laughed at that one pushing two fingers inside of her, finger fucking her.

I pulled my fingers out tasting her sweet pussy on them as I sat down behind her pulling her back forcing her to sit on top of me. She didn’t really try to stop me until she felt my hard cock going inside of her pussy. She said “No you can’t I’m not on protection. Please let me get a condom please.” I thought fuck it and pulled her all the way down on my hard cock. She kept saying no, no, no, but after a short time it turned to please don’t cum in me, I’ll suck you off but please not inside of me. I held her up a little bit as I rammed myself up inside the pussy I dreamed about for about a year. I felt her began to tremble as her orgasm hit her and her cum was coating my cock and balls as I decided to give her a break by pulling out telling her to finish me with her mouth. She did as I told her and without being told and when I began to cum she swallowed as I shot my cum in her sweet sexy mouth.

Once I had finish coming I told her to clean my balls with her tongue and she didn’t it without a word of disgust. When she was done she thanked me for not coming inside of her, cause her husband would never understand her getting pregnant. I told her I understood but I didn’t tell, that the thought of my baby growing her belly was a huge turn on for me. She once again said that no one could ever hear a word of what we had just done. She then said “I mean no one can know I let a u******e boy fuck me.” I laughed saying that I had turned 18 last March so I’m not u******e. I then said who knows if this gets any better you may want to do this all the time. She then seen I come back to what we had just done and told me it was time for me to leave or as she put it “Put on your fucking clothes and get out of my house now!”

I pulled my trunks on and as I turn to leave I said “That disc is yours and I only have ten more to go so I will see you tomorrow and maybe this time we can do it in your bed not on the couch.” All I heard was “GET OUT.” as I closed the door behind me. As I walked home I thought not to bad for the first fuck, not bad at all.

Part 3 to follow

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