Brainbox, the Daytime Quiz Show…. Ch. 02


Tony walked through the glass doors of the studio at eight in the morning, unable to believe his luck. Or believe the events of the last few months.

Until then Tony had been a single lonely research scientist, with a vivid imagination! He was a typical geek! He spent a lot of time doing research, and had a good reputation – his imagination had given him new ways of seeing things, the skills to create experiments that were truly cutting edge. His research had been wide-ranging, and colleagues often turned to him if they needed help to see a way forward in their own research. Tony was a biochemist, and guessed that in many ways to be a biochemist was to have as wide a range of knowledge as any scientist – a bit of chemistry, and biology, and a bit of physics to make sense of the chemistry and a bit of maths to help with the physics and statistics………..

When not researching, his imagination was just as active. It was helped by porn sites on the internet. The mixture of imagination and the internet gave Tony all sorts of fantasies, many of them very kinky indeed. The problem was – he was approaching his thirtieth birthday, and it had never happened for real for him. He had had the odd girlfriend over the years, and enjoyed sex with them, and they seemed to enjoy both his stamina and generous sized cock! However he hadn’t had a girlfriend for a few months, and certainly never one as kinky as his imagination! Two had slapped him and walked out when he had suggested something off their radar! That was life, for Tony – the reality of work and the fantasy of the world of porn, enhanced by his very vivid imagination! That was, until the phone call.

Tony had received a phone call from a researcher on a new daytime quiz show, asking if he would be an “expert” on the show. Tony had never heard of the show, but met with the researcher, and then had an audition. Someone at the university had suggested him as the sort of person they might want, when the production company had approached them. After the interview and audition, Tony was quickly on the programme. The formula was quite simple. He met with the pair of contestants he was teamed with for a show. They then found out what he was good at. They then chose the questions he would be asked, and he would win them money by giving right answers to the questions they chose.

Tony had filmed a dozen programmes to date, and had done really well in the first series he was involved in. He had won people a lot of money, and out of the dozen programmes he had done for the first series had won seven jackpots – more than any of the other “Brainboxes” who had appeared. Tony was well respected on the programme and loved by the viewers. Despite being a Geek, Tony had a self-depracating charm and humour, as well as boyish looks – he was slim, 5 foot 10 inches, with long dark curly hair.

What had amazed Tony was the response of viewers to him, and the letters and other things sent to him. Many were totally innocuous, but some were very generous in their compliments, and what they were prepared to do for him. He had enjoyed the nude photos people had sent to him, and enjoyed and played with the pile of ladies underwear he had received from viewers! He had even smiled at the photo men had sent to him, including several naked pictures, as well as one man offering him his “man-pussy” for his own free use.

The publicity had caused him some problems, and he found quiet routes to work, but generally apart from the odd joke at work, it didn’t affect him there. Tony also enjoyed the payments he received and the sports car he had been able to buy. But now it was time for the second series.

Again there had been a lot of applications for people to be on the series, many of them wanting Tony as their “Brainbox.” Tony knew it was going to be a long day as they recorded up to 6 programmes in a single day. Perhaps it was always the same at the start of recording a new series, but it was a long day! There were lots of re-takes. Lots of pauses to sort out angles for shots. Lots of pauses as the script-writers changed things. There was a lot of time talking to the couples of contestants he was linked with. It was odd – about the only person he never spent much time with was the other Brainbox on the other team. She was a social scientist, attractive and clever.

The day dragged on, and the first five programmes were eventually recorded. Tony did well – he won three of the five shows, and won the jackpot twice. Truth was – after 5 shows he could barely remember many of the contestants he had been linked with. Then it was time to gaziantep bayan escort have coffee with the 6th pair of the day. A mother and daughter.

They were friendly and chatty. The mother, Lynne, was in her mid-forties, with short fair hair. She would have been a stunner when younger, but had filled out a bit, but was still attractive at about 5 foot six inches. She wore a summer dress, high heels, and enough make-up to appear a glamorous mother. The daughter – Stacey – had recently turned eighteen, and was slim. She was maybe an inch taller than her mother, with long black hair, wearing a pink t-shirt and tight jeans. Tony saw she had a really cute rounded ass, although her tits had barely begun to fill out. Lynne and Stacey were friendly, but were very chatty, and that was their downfall. They told Tony a lot about themselves, about how Lynne’s husband Brian was in the audience, about how they had got there laughing about how show-business types wanted “favours” and they were willing to offer them! Lynne described her husband as the doormat, who would let her do anything she wanted. They told Tony how much they liked him, and how he was their favourite. But they made the worst mistake – they talked so much that they never found out much about Tony, and the sort of questions he could answer.

Quickly the recording started. It was very much like all the others shows, although Tony did smile inside when he saw the opposition they would be two young lads called Dave and Pete, lads that could probably talk the knickers off any woman they wanted, with the nickname “Team DP.” There was a lot of discussion about what than meant, and they decided it meant “Deadly punters!” Tony knew what DP probably did mean, and suspected the two lads, particularly by their body language and flirting with their brainbox would love to “DP” her – and maybe would succeed!” Tony smiled – he wouldn’t say no to a chance with her! Tony’s team was called something much safer: team MAD, as in team Mother And Daughter!

Team MAD did really badly. They chose the wrong questions because they hadn’t found out what Tony was good at. He didn’t know anything about sport, and had no idea who had won the European Cup in 1967 (Celtic apparently.) He knew even less about American politics, and who was George W Bush’s Vice President (He had never heard of Dick Cheney!) In the end they were well defeated, making only £300 pounds.

They were ushered out of the studio while the other team made a bid for the top jackpot, and it was Tony’s job to give them some refreshments and usher them on their way.

Tony ushered Lynne and her daughter Stacey along a corridor to his changing room where he would get them some refreshments. Tony was happy to follow and to watch their two gorgeous asses moving as they walked. Both women were chatting about how badly they had lost, and how good the other team had been. Kept turning to Tony apologising for being so useless, and that they would do anything to make up for ruining his record, often saying it with an extravagant wink. They kept asking what Tony wanted them to do to show how sorry they were………..

At last they had gone through the corridors to his changing room at the far end of the building, where sandwiches and wine had been delivered earlier. After the two women had sat on the small settee and Tony had given them wine and sandwiches, Lynne looked at Tony. “Well, what do you want to do to us? What do you want us to do to you? Anything……………….” As she said the final word, she gave a ludicrous wink, giving Tony permission to say anything he wanted. Tony took his time, looking slowly up and down Lynne, letting his eyes gaze lingeringly at her legs, then slowly moving up her body, then staring hard at her tits. Tony made no effort to hide what he was doing. He looked at her face, then moved his eyes to look at Stacey. Again he let his eyes look at her legs, clad in jeans, then slowly rise until he was staring at her crotch, then slowly moving to her smaller but pert tits, pushing through her t-shirt, before moving back to between her legs, but still covered by her jeans.

Tony turned his eyes to their faces. He smiled at Lynne. “I’ll have Stacey first. I wanna fuck her doggy style. Then I’ll have you…..” Tony pointed at Lynne.

Tony turned to Stacey. “On your feet babe. Let me take your clothes off. All of them.”

Stacey nervously looked at her mother, who smiled and nodded. Stacey got to her feet. Tony moved to her and grasped the bottom of her pink t-shirt and pulled it quickly over her head. Tony quickly moved behind her, undid the thin white lacy bra she was wearing and let it fall off her arms to the ground. He moved around her again and stared at her small, rounded, beautiful gorgeous tits, her pink small nipples already stiff.

Tony reached out and gasped one of the tits and squeezed gently, letting his thumb roll around the nipple, causing Stacey to tense, then moan in pleasure at what he was doing to the nipple. He reached out his other hand, grasped the other tit and worked both together, while staring hard into her face, watching her face glaze, feeling her body squirm gently as he played with her nipples, sensing her getting aroused.

Tony, released her tits, and let his hand fall to Stacey’s waist, and quickly undid the button and zip of her jeans. He saw the white lacy panties which matched her bra, before quickly looping his fingers in her panties pulling the jeans and panties down to her ankles. Again he stood back, to look at this amazing eighteen year old – her slim legs, joined by a beautifully trimmed bush, her hips flaring enough to make her ass look so aluring. But Tony noticed another thing – he noticed Stacey’s phone dropping out of her pocket as he pushed the jeans down, something which gave him an idea. An idea he instantly processed, and decided would work…. He leant down, lifted one of Stacey’s legs and slipped off her sandal and pulled the jeans and panties free of that leg. He did the same with the other leg before picking up the phone.

“Shall we make this really kinky, ladies?” Tony asked with a smile. “No – I’ve decided we should make this really kinky.”

Both Stacey and Lynne looked worried, but Tony tried to look re-assuring. “No-one’s going to get hurt. Where did you say your husband was.” Tony had looked at Lynne and asked her the question.

Tony had to ask the question again before Lynne had taken it in. “He said he would wait in the car, out in the carpark, until we came out.”

“Okay, that’s good. This is what you do. Turn this on to speaker phone. Phone him up. Tell him not to move. Tell him not to turn off the phone. Tell him not to answer unless we ask him a question. Tell him to keep listening. Then put the phone on the table.” Tony pointed at he coffee table.

At first Lynne was shocked, then suddenly thought – he was a doormat. Perhaps Tony was going to give him something to remember. She did it.

As Lynne chatted to her husband, Tony moved back to Stacey, and ran his hand down her stomach, pausing to let his fingers play in her pubic hair, before disappearing between her legs. As Lynne gave her husband his instructions – which both Lynne and Tony instinctively knew Brian would obey, Tony allowed his finger to play along the lips of Stacey’s pussy, then plunge into her, as she moaned at what he was doing. He let his finger play in her as Lynne put the phone on the coffee table in Tony’s dressing room.

“Okay Stacey……….” Tony paused. “On your hands and knees. On the coffee table. Raise your ass, lower your back.”

Stacey processed what he said, then knelt on the table. Tony stood behind her, quickly removed his trousers, shoes, sock and underpants, then held her hips. He let his cock – already rock hard – nestle in the lips of Stacey’s pussy. Then he spoke.

“Brian, are you there?”

There was a pause, before Brian spoke, his voice coming from the phone on the table under Stacey’s face. His voice was hesitant. “Yes, I’m here.”

“Stacey, say hello to your father.” Tony was now in control and enjoying this. He was going to fuck these two women while the Father of one and husband of the other was listening.

“Hello, dad, how are you?

There was a pause again before Brian’s voice came over the phone. “I’m alright. Are you alright?”

“Yes dad, I’m fine……………” Stacey’s voice melted away into a moan of pleasure as Tony thrust his cock deep into her pussy.

“Honey, what happened, are you okay?” Brian suddenly sounded alarmed.

“Yes dad……………”

“Its okay, Brian.” Tony spoke to him clearly. “She moaned like that because I slid my cock deep into her wet, warm tight sweet cunt. I’m going to fuck her hard, and then fuck your wife after. And you are going to hear it all.”

With that Tony pulled his cock almost out of Stacey and thrust it deeply back into her pussy, now soaking, but still tightly wrapped around him. He repeated it again, each time Stacey moaning with the impact and pleasure.

Tony stopped. “You still there Brian?”


Tony paused again, thrusting his cock deep into Stacey again, making her moan again. “I bet you wish it is your cock that is fucking your daughter Stacey’s cunt. Bet you would like to feel what she is like. Bet you would love to see her gorgeous asshole which I’m looking at. Bet you wish you could play with her tits and suck her nipples. Bet you would love to play with her clit like I am now, and making her moan.” Tony paused. “I bet you are playing with your cock right now. Brian, are you playing with your cock? Rubbing it? Imagining what fucking Stacey is like? I’ll tell you – she is a fantastic fuck…………”

Tony stopped talking, and as he thrust again they heard Brian moan, gasping out “No, please…” as he did so.

“Okay Brian – you listen, I’m going to fuck her hard, spurt my spunk deep in her cunt. Finger her asshole. Make her cum…….”

Suddenly Tony was fucking hard in and out, grunting, in time to Stacey’s moaning, a finger on one hand playing with her clit, fingers on his other hand playing with her asshole. It only took seconds before Stacey was moaning long and loud, as Tony grunted, both cumming, Tony pumping his cum deep into her tight sweet cunt while her body shook, her cunt milking him of every drop.

For a few moments they stayed motionless, breathing heavily, before Tony stepped back, his cock slipping out of Stacey’s pussy. Stacey slowly moved off the coffee table, and sat by her mother, putting her arms around her.

Tony leant against the wall for a couple of minutes recovering from perhaps the greatest fuck he had ever had. It only took him a couple of moments before he stood, picked up the phone and winked at Stacey and Lynne. He spoke into the phone. “Hi Brian – did you enjoy that? Your daughter is one fantastic fuck. So now, going to try out your wife – see if she fucks as well as her daughter. Keep listening. Going to start by getting her to lick and suck my cock clean and hard again, then I’ll fuck her as well. Would you like me to do that, Brian?”

Brian was clearly tormented on the other end of the phone. Part of him was excruciatingly turned on by this, part thinking it was all wrong. “Please, no……………” was all he managed to whisper.

Tony smiled – he guessed the turmoil that was going on in Brian. He felt for a moment he could turn the screw a little more. “Brian – tell me, is she a good fuck? Brian – I know what I’m going to do – I’m going to put her on my coffee table as well, on her hands and knees. And fuck her up the ass. You ever done that to her? She ever let you bugger her?”

Brian was almost desperate for Tony to do it to his wife. And do it at that moment, as he sat in the car park waiting to take his wife and daughter home. “Please, no, she won’t do it……” His answer was a whisper.

Tony was confident. Stacey looked shocked. Lynne just smiled. “Keep listening, Brian.”

Tony moved to where Lynne was sat on the small sofa. He spoke loud enough for Brian to hear on the phone. “Suck my cock. Lick me clean. Lick off my cum and Stacey’s juices.”

Lynne didn’t hesitate, despite Brian’s “Pleaase, no….” on the phone. She sat forward and began to lick Ton’s cock. She licked, then took it in her mouth and sucked really gently. She was an expert – Tony’s cock soon responded, and grew hard very quickly, and soon his cock was hard as rock in her mouth.

Again Tony spoke loud enough for Brian to hear on the phone. “Blimey, Stacey, your mother is an amazing cock-sucker. Let’s see if her ass is as good to fuck……” Tony pulled away from Lynne, his cock slipping out of her mouth. He pulled her forward onto her knees, then turned her around so she was leaning with her arms on the small settee. Tony quickly lifted her skirt above her waist, and simply ripped away her flimsy panties. He knelt behind her and put his cock, wet from Lynne’s sucking, to her asshole. Tony commanded “Tell me what to do!”

Lynne spoke instantly. Fuck my ass. Put your cock in my asshole. Do you hear that, Brian, he’s going to put his cock in my ass ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh” Lynne’s moan was long and loud as Tony simply pushed his cock into as far as he could. She was so tight, yet felt so good…

Within seconds Tony was pounding Lyyne’s ass. Within seconds more he grunted and moaned as he pumped his cum deep into her cunt, pumping again and again.

A few moments later Tony was guiding mother and daughter along the corridor to the car park. He was pleased with himself – he had found the confidence to use his fame to fulfil his fantasies. He smiled, imagining – unable to imagine – the car ride home Brian, Lynne and Stacey would have. And he had arranged to go around to their home on Saturday evening, when Brian would be there…..

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