Brenda , the Boys

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A woman finds that sometimes wishes do come true!

My name is Brenda Smyth, and I am in my mid-fifties. I think that I am not hard to look at, as time has been rather good to my looks. My body, is what you would call voluptuous as I have nice smooth thighs, firm strong ass cheeks, lovely breasts with nipples still pointed sky ward, although they sag a little, but not too much. My nipples just beg to be sucked.

I am about 5’1″and 145lbs. However, I still have all my womanly curves. I have beautiful green eyes, along with my dark black hair. I was never a raving beauty, but I was always a striking woman, to which most men who knew me, enjoyed my company. I have always had a wish to have two men at one time. I never realized this dream, was about to come true.

The family that moved in down the street over four years ago with their young boys, twin sons Donny and Davey, whom I had never met. This due to my work over seas and on the west coast; that kept me away from home. I just retired, and finally meet the twins.

Donny and Davey Collins, who are identical in every way. Not even their mother can tell them apart any more. Both young men are 5’11” very athletic looking; 185lbs and in good shape. What you would expect from a pair of 19 year olds who are healthy, horny, and very good looking. The only way you can tell them apart is by their birth marks on their balls, other than that it is almost impossible.

They enjoy this beguiling game very much, I came to learn later on; and would often switch girl friends, without the girls having a clue. There have been times when they have each screwed both the mother and the daughter, having them thinking it is the same person, driving both women crazy. They do enjoy each other’s company; and today is my lucky day!

Most people in the neighborhood knew very little about my large rancher that sits back from the street. It had always had been well taken care of; as the lawn and the gardens were to die for. I have always loved flowers, and now that I am retired, I would have a chance to do my own gardening.

There already was an 8’fence that surrounded my back yard for which I already have plans for, with an added plus that it enhances the beauty of my swimming pool. I have a three car garage with a long driveway and spacious parking area in front. My retirement investments paid off, and will last me, very nicely thank you.

I have two cars, a black town car with everything plus the kitchen sink in it and a lipstick red mustang convertible, which I have been known to drive naked once in a while, when I have a little to much to drink. My mustang was parked in the driveway, and I was ready to do some shopping at the mall, when I noticed the flat tire on the right rear. Just then, young Davey walked by my driveway and noticed my mustang, and he wanted a better look at the car. Davey noticed my dilemma and asked “Can I be of some assistance?”.

I took one look at Davey, and my pussy started getting wet. “I said, yes young man if you would be so kind.” I gave Davey a big smile and Davey smiled back as he took off his t-shirt while I opened the trunk. I must have had the biggest shit eating grin on my face as I felt like a horny female let loose in an all male high school. I’m admiring this young man in front of me as he is changing my tire.

I introduced myself, saying, “By the way, I’m Brenda, Brenda Smyth.”

As I talk to him, Davey tells me, his name is Davey Collins, and he will be starting college in the fall, but doesn’t say anything about him being a twin. I wonder to myself, if I could get a little of this young man, and again I have that evil grin on my face.

Davey finished changing my tire, and I asked “Would you like a cold drink, or something else for his troubles?” Davey answered “Yes thank you,” and we both head for my kitchen. I offer him a beer, he accepts, while I drink a glass of rose.

“Davey said,” I don’t remember seeing you around the neighborhood before.

“I explained;” that my work had kept me traveling and away from home, with only my mother to take care of my place. Mom is visiting friends in Baltimore at the moment, and she won’t be back for several weeks.

Davey definitely seemed to like older women, as he asked me “Are you married?” No I tell him. I asked Davey if he has a girl friend?

“Davey replies;” not a steady one right now.

“I’m looking at Brenda, and my cock is growing very stiff, just talking to this lovely older woman; damn I’m getting hard”.

I look at Davey’s shorts, and notice a hardy bulge in them. I asked, if he would like to take a dip in my pool. “He said he like too, but he doesn’t have a bathing suit.” Davey have ever skinny dipped, I asked him? I had this very big smile on my face!

“Davey said yes, but never with an older woman before.” My eyes smiled at him, “I said;” I don’t mind if you don’t. Davey, now with a full blown hard on, says “OK”. We go to the kitchen back door, where we remove our clothes. We leave them next to the kitchen door, walk naked to the pool, and step into the warm water. şişli escort I admire Davey’s young body, his beautiful young stiff cock; I can’t wait to get my mouth on it.

“Davey says,” while looking at my big beautiful tits; how lovely they are. The nipples are swoopers and point skyward, and he thought they look like they needed to be sucked on. He also noticed my patch of black pussy hair; cut in the shape of a diamond just above my pussy. That black hair had no gray mixed in with it. He also noticed my pussy lips were full, red, sweet, and they could be sucked on like a piece of strawberry licorice. Davey smiled; he noticed that my juices were flowing, and my pussy lips glistened.

I swam over to Davey smiling, and reached out, grabbed his stiff cock slowly pulled it towards me. Then I squeezed it gently while asking Davey “Do you enjoy having a women stroke your cock?”. I pushed Davey against the wall in the shallow end of the pool, eased down, started licking, and sucking the head of his cock, I slowly stroke and fondled his balls. Davey cannot believe how good Brenda is at sucking cock. He can feel her take him down her throat, and she really seems to enjoy it. I have never sucked a man off who could last this long. God I love this; I already have had two orgasms, and he is still going. Davey still hasn’t shot his load yet; I want more.

Davey thinks to himself, this woman can really suck cock, I’m getting ready to cum, it’s been almost 10mins. “What a fucking blow job.” Not only I, but Brenda now felt this also. When I came, I shot everything right down Brenda’s throat, to which she swallowed, and she doesn’t spill a single drop. Brenda, cleaned my dick like a mother cat with kittens. I can’t wait to talk to Donny; and tell him who I was fucking. One thing about twins, they can feel each other’s pain or pleasures.

“Brenda told me I have the best cock, she’s ever sucked.”

I just smiled and told Brenda to sit on the step of the pool as he crawls between her legs and tells her to hang on for the long ride. I push my meat into her, and begin a slow steady rhythm. She becomes lost in the splendor of our love making. “Oh god I believe I’ve died and gone to heaven Brenda cries out.”

I cannot believe how tight this old girl is, as her pussy grips my cock and pulls me into her wet vagina. I want to see how long she will go before I have to come, and how many orgasms will she have. Brenda now lost in the ecstasy of her orgasms is slowly driving her pussy faster to make me come. “I want to drink your cum again she tells me.” I just smile, and pull my now ready to explode cock, from her cunt. Brenda licks the head and sucks the cock into her throat. When I shoot everything I have into her mouth, Brenda sucks and swallows as quickly as possible. Just a small bit dribbles out of the corner of her mouth and her tongue laps it up quickly. She looks up at me, and tells me; that I taste terrific, and she would love to have me over for dinner. Davey thinks to himself; “Donny I hope you want a good fuck, because this old broad is really one hot momma.” And she can suck the chrome of a bumper. Man, “I always thought Aunt Betty could suck cock,” Ms. Brenda is one good cock sucker.

Brenda invites me over for dinner and said it will be about 7pm. I said I would go home, change and be back at 7pm.Brenda fixed herself a bath with nice hot water, sweet smelling bubbles, and she wants to let her tired pussy soak.

As soon as I got home; I called my brother Donny. I begin to fill him in on Brenda. How she likes to suck cock, also how I just fucked her non-stop for 45mins. All she wanted to do was swallow my juice.

I said I went four times and I know she is sore but a good ass fuck should send her over the edge. Donny told me that he would let him know how good her asshole is.

I arrived at Brenda’s door promptly at 7pm and looked like a young man who was getting ready to make a young girl scream. Brenda just loved it and her pussy started getting wet. Brenda had on this lovely dark blue almost black strapless dress which did show off her tits quite well.

Brenda has full 40dd that due to her weight and age, they now sag a little more than she wants. Her nipples still point skyward, and she loves those nipples sucked on, according to my brother Davey. He noticed her nice ample ass was still firm and not very flabby. Donny, for one so young was a true ass man and loved a woman with a beautiful tight butt. As she let me in the door I gently kissed her on her cheek and griped the right cheek of her ass.

I was pleasantly surprised and kissed him back and said, “Thank you Davey.”

“I just smiled;” as I think to myself, this is going to be a fun night. Brenda led me into the dining room where we had a nice meal of steak, bake potatoes, and she made a nice garden salad along with a lovely lime sherbet for dessert. I was hungry; and I knew I would need all my energy.

I was also thinking the same thing at the same time. I knew his appetite for sex was very strong, but I was about to find out how strong . We ate dinner; we made mecdiyeköy escort small talk about my job and now my retirement. I opened a couple of bottles of good burgundy, now I was really feeling no pain. He moved closer and started placing little butterfly kisses on my neck, as he started to run his hand up and down my back. I already knew how this young man could make me cum, and my pussy was now dripping, and I wanted more from him. I stood up and took his hand and headed toward the bedroom. Pulling off my dress I had no bra on and only a black thong, which was by now soaked from my juices. She stopped at the bed and slowly pulled Donny’s shirt over his head and unbuttoned his slacks. Slowly, she pulled them down along with his briefs, and as she did she dropped to her knees and slowly started to stroke his big young cock, licking her lips, she now takes the head into her mouth and proceeds to try and swallow my entire cock.

I want to feel that cock in my stomach. I have my lips buried up to his pubic hair, my tongue is doing things Donny has never felt before. Donny grabs the side of my head not too hard but just enough to let me know that he can feel me as his balls start to fill.

I can’t believe that this man has fucked all day and is ready in 10mins of cock sucking to cum again. Donny grabs me by my ears, and starts to pump his cock down my throat. I take a deep breath and get ready for his beautiful load.

“Donny stiffens, he shoots load after load down my throat. “I do not miss a drop.” I make sure I get every single drop of his cum. We both fall on the bed and kiss only like lovers can. I smiled at the young man, and told him; “you are incredible.”

Donny looked at me and said; “I have never had anyone who could suck my cock like you just did; it was fantastic.”

“I said to him,” my pleasure young man.

“He looked at me and said, now it is my turn.” I’m going to knock your socks off; just because you have been so good to me.

I started to kiss Brenda gently, down her neck, to the top of her breasts, getting little nips in here and there. I then take one of the finger size nipples into my mouth and sucked on it, pulling, squeezing, with my fingers. As I continued to work my way down her stomach, I come in contact with her mound and the dark patch of hair. I slowly run my tongue around the edge of her pussy, without touching her rose bud or pussy lips. I plant little kisses on the inside of Brenda’s thighs, and the next thing I know; I can see her clitoris come out of its hiding place like a little dick. It was hard and Brenda’s ass was grinding into the bed. Brenda was telling me to eat her pussy, suck on her clit, put my tongue in her cunt. “Please suck me… please suck me… is all she kept saying.” I put my hands behind her knees, forced them back to her tits, and started to suck on her pussy lips. Brenda went wild as she started Cumming and Cumming, as I sucked her clit into my mouth.

This was all she could stand. All of a sudden, she grabbed my ears, her legs sprang loose, wrapped around his head, and she let out a wail, then screamed. I thought she had pissed in my mouth, but she came like nobody I’ve ever eaten before! Then she passed out.

Donny laid there for at least five minutes not knowing what had happened or what to do. He knew she was alive as he felt her breathe. Then he heard her start to moan, she arched her back her hands were grabbing the sheets. A smile came on her face as she looked at Donny and said “I will give you anything if you move in with me, and fuck me like this every day.”

I think to myself, “Thanks Davey!” I looked at Brenda, and noticed some toys, on her night table, I asked her about them; she said with me, she won’t need them. Brenda put them in her night table. I also noticed the KY jelly, I said to myself perfect! I now would lay out a plan in my mind to take Brenda’s big ass. I bet she will be one great ass fuck.

I had Brenda roll onto her stomach, and I started to rub her back. I would softly squeeze her shoulders and was working my way down toward her nice firm ass. As I did this, I planted sweet butterfly kisses on Brenda’s back; and this she truly loved.

When I got to the small of Brenda’s back and the top of her ass cheeks, I started using my tongue and made circles on her cheeks as I kneaded them. Brenda could feel my tongue move through the crack of her ass then onto her rosebud.

She was feeling another orgasm approaching, my tongue had not even gone inside of her ass yet. I wet my middle finger and pushed it into Brenda’s ass. I added some KY jelly that I had pulled from her night stand, and started a nice slow rhythm as I pumped my finger up into her asshole. Adding more lube I was able to insert another finger and spread her sphincter a little farther apart, pushing even more jelly up into her ass. I now had my cock lubed, I was trying to push it into Brenda’s tight asshole, as I slapped her ass cheeks and tell her to relax that big ass. I now rub more jell into it and push my cock into her as far as it will go. “Unn unn unn” is all I can get from Brenda. As she clutches the sheets and squeezes her ass cheeks at the fullness of the young cock filling her ass.

Oh my god she says as me. I just stay there with my cock buried in her. I was truly enjoying her wrapping her ass muscles around my beautiful cock. I will wait for Brenda to use her ass to drain me dry.

He has my knees touching my ears, I just can’t believe it, his cock is going straight down into my ass. No man has ever done this to me before, “god how I love it.” Neither Donny nor Davey have monster cocks, but seven inches that are nice and thick are just as sweet. I can now start squeezing my ass, and pushing, his cock in and out of me. Then when he is almost out I pull him back in again just as deep as before. I tell him to put more KY on his cock so both my ass and his dick will stay well lubed.

Brenda is now pushing and pulling with just the muscles in her ass, Donny is in 7th heaven! They are just fucking each other like there is no tomorrow, Brenda starts crying “oh god oh god oh god oh god I’m cumming I’m cumming in my ass, fuck me Davey, fuck me” I love you Davey, Fuck me harder. “Fuck me harder Davey, I need you to fuck me harder.”

This is now sending Donny over the edge, his balls are filling with cum as he is getting ready to let his load to go deep into Brenda’s asshole. She wants him to fill her ass with as much cumm as possible. Here it comes Donny yells, he lets loose a torrent of cum deep into her asshole. “She cries out in utter pleasure, orgasm after orgasm floods her body, her moans are as sexy as Donny has ever heard from any woman.” Brenda smiles, says oh god and lays back and asks, “Davey kiss me please.” Donny leans over and gives her a sweet passionate lovers kiss, Brenda falls asleep. Donny pulls the sheet up over her and smiles to himself . Donny likes this old girl, he thinks she would be a good playmate for him and his brother. But first they have to find out how she will handle that they are twins. Most women can’t, it fucks up their minds.

Donny couldn’t wait to call Davey and let him know about their new fuck toy. Davey asked about her ass, Donny said she was the best ever; she should be their new play thing.

Tomorrow they will have to let her know they are twins to see if she can handle fucking them both at the same time. Donny thinks she can, it could make for a nice freshman year living quarters. The benefits would be outstanding. Donny told Davey to meet him at 7am at Brenda’s, they will take it from there. Donny crawled onto the bed finished his wine and decided he will need sleep for in the morning, but not as much as Brenda will. He smiled and went off to dream land.

Brenda woke to the smell of coffee, which she knew her day already was starting off on the right track. Davey must be making it, so she wraps the blanket around her, and she goes to the kitchen. There is a note saying coffees made for you, go take a shower, I’ll be right back. Brenda grabbed her coffee, headed to the shower,

God did she need one, she had cum coming out of every orifice she has and loves it. Brenda takes her shower and rubs her pussy and ass; as she remembers the orgasms from last night. After toweling off Brenda walked in an sat down on her bed and Davey came up and started to rub her back and suck on her neck .

I told her to just laid back and enjoyed it. I started to put my fingers into her pussy, when she felt another set of lips sucking on her nipple and more fingers in her pussy. Brenda opened her eyes to see the both of us and just stared, not knowing what was going on. She did love both nipples sucked on at the same time, and told us so.

“Your twins, I can’t believe it Brenda says.” No wonder I had the living shit fucked out of me. I could not even tell you two apart.

Don’t feel bad our mother can not tell us a part, “I said to her.” Our Aunt Betty, who taught us how to fuck can’t even tell us apart. We are thinking about taking you up on you offer. But it must include both of us.

“Brenda thinks;I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I could feel Donny start to suck on my nipples; harder now I tell him. I asked Davey to suck my pussy. Donny fondled my breasts and now squeezes my nipples even more. Davey running his tongue over my pussy lips, now kisses and sucks on my clitoris. I know he can taste the juices flowing out of my pussy.

Davey raises up, slides his cock into me, I feel every vein in his cock. Now tas we begin to get a rhythm; Donny now sticks his cock into her mouth. I can smell the sex, the pre-cum, the manhood of Donny as I swallow his cock.

All three of us begin a love beat that only men and women have known from the beginning of time. This is what it’s all about. Sex at its purest, it’s best. Both young men now feel there loads filling up in their balls. I can feel my own orgasm build; now I await the explosion about to come in my pussy, and down my throat. Davey fires first, I feel my pussy receive load after load. Then Donny lets his load go down my throat; I had a very hard time breathing, but I took every drop with a smile. I wipe my lips and say, good to the last drop. “I don’t know if I could take four years of this, Brenda thinks to herself, but she is damn sure going to try……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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