Beauty of woman can only be seen through the eyes of affection. For those that seek to enjoy life, and seek not to destroy it. The woman possesses a sense of beauty that can only be defined through the gift of faith and love. No matter how beautiful or ugly a woman can be, there are always going to be those who find her ugly, and those who find her attractive. For those who find a beautiful woman attractive, the question I have for you is this: Have you ever seen an attractive woman, so gorgeous, that they actually turn you on just by looking at them?

From the way they move, from the angelic design of their face, the eye contact, the exquisite shape of their ass and breasts. Whatever the case may be, let me tell you, that when you experience that sexual excitement, and actually get to fulfill it, it is one of the most gratifying experiences you will ever have the opportunity to experience.

That’s the way she affected me. From her gorgeous smile, to the elegant design of her feminine figure. Not to mention, her gorgeous blue eyes looking into mine… Suffice it to say, she had my blood pumping that caused a hardness and yearning in my pants. Even though she was just a total stranger that I didn’t even know existed until the moment my eyes found her.

Anyway, I don’t want to get ahead of myself…

I was at the mall with my friend Maurice. It was a big mall with 4 floors; you could spend several hours in there and you still wouldn’t be able to look through all the stores. Our first stop was the movie theatre. We went to see the movie 10,000 B.C.

We had already gotten our movie tickets, and we were waiting in a small line at the snack bar. We were chatting, and laughing, and just having a good time, when something from the corner of my eye, distracted me.

It was a woman (Big surprise, right?). She was also waiting in another line at the snack bar. She couldn’t have been any taller than 5’5″ tall. She had long auburn hair with some curls, great round full breasts, and her petite feminine figure was amazing. She was wearing a cute İstanbul Escort white baby-doll blouse with a white skirt that modestly went down to her knees.

She was also talking to a girl beside her, only she was dark haired and a bit taller. Not as cute though.

Just one look at her, and I knew I wanted her. She was just my type. I wanted her with a deep passion and my hormones were raging, which caused my cock to harden. But, what could I do? I mean, there wasn’t much I could do, was there? You can’t just introduce yourself to a girl and say “my wish is to fuck you” like John Ritter in the movie Skindeep. Sure, it was funny in the movie, but in truth, at least most of the time, it doesn’t get you anywhere except a good slap in the face.

It would be worth it I admitted to myself. Problem was, it wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t look at women as sexual prey. But God gave us hormones and genitalia, and sometimes when you see someone you find very attractive, you just simply want to fuck ’em. To deny our sexuality, is to deny our right to be human.

Timing was everything. I watched her. I watched her laugh as she spoke with her friend. I saw how her breasts jiggled with every movement of her laughter, and movement further down the line. I watched her ass with no panty line–which meant she either didn’t wear any underwear, or she was wearing a g-string. I would have preferred the latter.

Then, I got distracted when the guy, Doug, with acne at the register at the snack bar was waiting for my order. Maurice and I both ordered and we split the pay equally.

Fate had intervened and I lost sight of her. She must’ve went to see a different movie, because she wasn’t in the theatre that we were in. Maurice and I just continued on with our evening and watched 10,000 B.C. It was a good movie too! Even though thoughts of her were still in the back of my mind, in all honesty I didn’t think I would ever see her again.

Maurice and I left the theatre, just to find some band playing Anadolu Yakası Escort in the center of a large dais in the center of the mall. There was a large crowd gathered around, and it was dark, except for the lights. There were several guitars playing, drums, and a decent lead singer, singing a few good oldies.

We both gathered around with the crowd, ’cause they did in fact sound pretty good. A lot of people were even dancing. We only stayed there enjoying the music, for about 20 minutes, when Maurice yelled over the loud music that he needed to head over to Victoria’s Secret and get his girlfriend some lingerie. I decided to stay with the crowd, and we both agreed to meet at the food court in about an hour.

I can only guess that it was about ten minutes later, when one of the guitarists (a female) took up the center of the stage, and started singing All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You. Not as good as Heart, but still pretty good.

Suddenly… I spotted her!

There was no mistaking it. Even if she did have her back to me, it was her alright. The same auburn colored hair, the same height and petite feminine frame. Same baby doll blouse and skirt. She looked just as gorgeous as before, and my cock agreed.

Out of the blue of me staring at her, she looked over her shoulder and saw me. Oh shit! I thought at first. But then, she smiled. It caught me by surprise, and I just continue to stare into her eyes.

She turned around, facing my direction, then walked towards me.

I admit I was a bit stunned by the turn of events, but my hormones were raging even more now then they were earlier.

I just stood there and watched every single one of her movements, until she reached me. Instead of stopping in front of me, like I thought she would, she walked passed me, grabbed my hand and continued walking.

So, I followed her. We passed a couple corners, making a couple turns, and eventually we came across a little space in the wall, that had a round garbage can in the center. There was nobody around, Ümraniye Escort and we could only hear the band playing in the distance.

Still with my hand in hers, she turned around, and gestured with her finger as she backed up against the wall. She pulled me towards her, leaned up to me on her tip-toes (her 5’5″ was much smaller than my 6’0″ frame) and kissed me.

Her tongue explored my mouth, and all that pent up lust from earlier, all my inhibitions went out the window, and my hands went right to her beautiful breasts. Her hands began roaming as well.

They moved to my crotch, undid my belt and pants, and grabbed my extremely hard and throbbing cock, and started stroking it.

She was very good at this, and as much as I wanted to explore every inch of her body, over and over–and over–again, I just had to find out how tight her pussy was.

Abandoning her breasts, my hands went under her skirt, to discover a g-string. Oh, God I thought. I almost creamed right then and there. Instead, she guided my cock to her pussy, and wrapped her legs around my waist as I entered her.

Wow. She was tighter than a virgin, and a virgin she definitely wasn’t. I began thrusting into her as she continued kissing me, and we got into a rhythm. Eventually, her pleasure got the best of her, and she began panting and hugged me to her, as she gyrated her hips, guaranteeing an exploding orgasm.

Her heavy breathing got louder, and soon turned into groans and yells, and she got so loud I was sure someone was going to hear us. Just at that moment, I felt myself getting close, and that’s when she screamed her loudest, and came all over my cock, just as had an orgasm that made dynamite look like a firecracker.

Her body shuddered all over, and I got a head rush and felt a tingling sensation all throughout my body. And after what seemed like a wave of euphoric eternity, our orgasms finally passed.

After a few moments of heavy breathing and kissing, we both collected ourselves, not saying a word to each other. There was really nothing to say.

Just before we departed, she kissed me one last time, and put a paper in my hand, and walked away. As I walked towards the food court to meet Maurice like I promised, I looked at the paper in my hand, and it had a phone number on it and said, “Call me–Briana”.

I smiled.

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