Brothers and Sisters Ch. 10 – End


Chapter 10 — More Surprises

I was very happy.

I was nearing the point of ultimate bliss — an orgasm.

After an hour of foreplay and intimate conversation that even included the others in our incestuous group of lovers, Wendy and I had become increasingly physical with each other. That physical contact had included a blowjob and extensive cunnilingus that we perpetrated on one another. The others in the room were similarly engaged.

I had brought Wendy to orgasm about five times during the past hour with the talented use of my fingers and tongue. She responded well to oral sex. I had great fun and so did she, as I learned her hot buttons.

We’d then moved beyond that into sexual intercourse; a delightful activity we both were enthusiastic about pursuing with one another. I made love with Wendy Block — my boss’s sexy sister-wife. We worked through the major positions suggested to lovers in the Kama Sutra as superb ways to please one’s sexual partner. Wendy was an exhibitionist.

Our naked bodies moved together in beautiful harmony as the last of our motions together brought us both to the point of orgasm. I filled her body with my essence as the paroxysm of my own orgasm totally paralyzed me for a minute. I had just successfully fucked my boss’s wife. I thought of the many stories I’d read where the opposite occurred.

We kept kissing.

As our afterglow passed, I teased, “Well, I guess my great job at PR2 is gone now. I fucked the boss’s wife, but it was worth it.”

Wendy chuckled, “If you hadn’t just made love to me, you’d be in trouble, and if Peter does anything, he’ll be in so much trouble he can’t imagine the terrible results that a sister can rain down on him.”

The two of us glanced across the busy living room with other couples spread around on other pieces of furniture. Peter and Anna were still connected and kissing on a love seat a few feet away. They looked happy and sexually satisfied. I guess my boss had fucked the love of my life. I was not too secretly happy for her; she’d liked Peter from the get go.

Wendy said, “Besides, you can claim that Peter sexually harassed your sister and then took advantage of her. Sounds like a mutual destruction pact to me.” She laughed.

I said, “Does Anna look like he took advantage of her.” Anna’s legs were wrapped around Peter with her ankles locked behind his lower back so he had to remain with his cock buried in her vagina. They were both wonderfully naked. God, she looked so sexy having sex with another man.

Wendy teased, “Or, she forced him to have sex by some devious technique of hers. Peter has just become a pawn of your sexy girlfriend.”

“Just as you forced me to make love to you?”

“Can anybody force somebody to ‘make love’ with them? Have sex, maybe; but not ‘make love’.”

“True that.” I kissed her and said, “I love you.” I sighed. “What now?”

Wendy said, “I want you to fuck… or make love with my friend McKenzie. Everyone calls her Kenzie.”

“We talked during dinner. She’s nice… and hot, too. I liked her comments during our group discussion.”

“She was very taken with you, too. She’s part of our like-minded group. Peter and I have been intimate with Kenzie and her partner. They’re safe and I think you’ll have a pleasant surprise with her.”

“Like-minded? As in, she’s living with her brother… in an intimate way?”

“Oh, you are smart. Yes, precisely. Her brother, who I also know in an intimate way, is Rob. Peter’s been with Kenzie more times than I can count since we met them three years ago. Rob is the sandy haired hunk with Marie.”

I turned my head and saw one of my lovers and occasional pretend wife with a handsome, naked guy. He sat on a dining room chair with the unclad Marie mounted on his cock with her arms around his shoulders as they slowly fucked and kissed. She was also ideally positioned so that he could suckle on each of her beautiful breasts as she presented them to him.

I said to Wendy, “I think you need to orchestrate something with Kenzie — to set us up. If I walk up to her and say ‘Let’s fuck’, that’s going to appear to be a little crass.”

McKenzie’s voice spoke from over my head. She’d been standing behind me as Wendy and I lay on the sofa. Wendy could see her; I couldn’t without straining my neck around.

Kenzie laughed, “‘Let’s fuck’ will work just fine at this point. We find each other appealing, and for this type of party, I don’t need any further wooing. Thank you for calling me ‘hot’; the feeling is mutual. I’ve already Bomonti Escort fucked Dave. If our chemistry is good, we can add in the other stuff later or the next time.”

Kenzie turned to Wendy, “There HAS to be a next time for this group.”

Wendy nodded and grinned. So did I.

Wendy and I sat up. I said, “Well, I have a clean-up job here on aisle nine. Can you give me a moment?”


Both women watched as I knelt in front of Wendy, and then resumed the cunnilingus I’d stopped about twenty minutes earlier. She was leaking my jizz, and I cleaned her. I decided not to snowball with her. I might do that later, assuming there was a later.

I stood when I finished and so did Wendy. We kissed. She whispered, “We WILL do this again, and we’re not waiting nine months until I see you again either.”

I said, “This group is always welcome at the house, too.”

I turned to Kenzie and held out my hand. She came into my arms and we kissed, and then we kissed again more seriously, and then we were French kissing and really into the physical contact scene. Her aroused breasts were wonderfully smushed against my bare chest.

Kenzie was a petite genuine redhead. The carpet matched the drapes, as the saying goes. She had a full bush of manicured bright red Irish pubic hair that was spectacular. Atop her beautiful naked body she had curly red hair the same shade. In between there were about a billion freckles.

Kenzie suddenly knelt and took my cock in her mouth. After cleaning me she said, “Yummy. You still tasted of Wendy. She didn’t clean you up, so I thought I should.”

“Not a new taste for you, I assume?” I posited with a teasing grin. Kenzie came back into my arms as she stood. We then sat and cuddled together on the sofa. She got into my lap and held my cock against her wet slit.

Kenzie said, “No. We’ve played together frequently for a few years. We get together often, but with the addition of you and the others from your special house, this makes tonight even more delightful. I meant my comment about getting this incestuous group together often.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” As we talked, we were also making out. I felt the dampness of her pussy on my thigh. I said, “Nobody cleaned you up from your first encounter of the evening?”

“No. I was with Dave.”

I changed our position so Kenzie was reclining and I was eating her very squishy pussy, This wasn’t the first time I’d cleaned up Dave’s spend from a pussy. Doing it for Kenzie, however, had great theatric value.

“Oh, my God. You’re… doing… you’re eating my pussy… and I have some other man’s cum in me. God, you are the most unique man I’ve ever known.” She threw her head back and let me work as she made little noises of appreciation.

I just nodded, and I also started to finger her snug little box. My thumb just happened to rest perfectly atop that area of Kenzie’s body known as her clitoris. It didn’t take long for her to respond.

Kenzie moaned loudly, “Oh, fuck, YES!” She came. It wasn’t nuclear, but it was a good explosion of pleasure from deep inside the ‘hot’ woman. I helped her through the experience, and then resumed my ardent desire to please her.

With my mouth attached to her pussy, I reached up with both hands and fondled her cute breasts, bringing both pink nipples to an excited state and then rolling the nubs between my thumb and forefinger.

Kenzie writhed and spasmed again, “Oh, fuck, you’re good. I’ve never had an orgasm from breast play. I didn’t think a girl could, until now. You can do both at the same time. Lucky me!”

I just nodded and kissed her again.

I glanced across the room. Anna was now with Rob. He, too, was a freckled red head. They were just starting to run their hands and mouths over each other’s bodies. Anna loved oral games.

Kenzie asked, “Is that your sister?”

“With your brother? Yes. Is that all right?”

“Fuck, yes. I have you, or you have me. Whatever. You’re hard again. I want that inside me.” She rubbed my cock into her wet quim as she sat on my lap again. She seemed unusually excited, and that excited me.

Kenzie steered my cockhead to her slit and her body rubbed up and down until my glans was nearly dripping with her molten lava. I felt the head pause at her opening and I leaned forward. She rose and descended. I slid right into her red furry nest.

We both moaned. She felt like a lovely warm glove around my cock. We moved together for a long time. I lengthened out our lovemaking as we Bostancı Escort looked at one another, taking in subtle details, and then as we changed positions so we were closer with more skin in contact, and so we could kiss and fuck at the same time.

Eventually, we had those mind-blowing orgasms we quested that brought us even closer together. We cuddled and were mostly silent after that. We watched the others in the room. There were no siblings coupled, which I thought was unusual since we were all siblings to somebody.

Kenzie whispered, “I’ve never watched this many people having sex. Before this, it was just Peter, Wendy, Rob, and me.”

I opined, “Kind of kinky, but for me it’s a real turn-on. I especially enjoy watching my sister being pleasured by someone else. I’m a bit of a cuckold or stag or something. She told me that she feels the same way.”

Kenzie smiled, “I am turned on watching Rob with Anna, but at the same time I kind of wish I were part of what was going on. We both tease each other incessantly about being with others.”

After thinking, I told Kenzie, “Just go over there and clean my sister’s cunt with your mouth and tongue. Give her some orgasms, and even snowball what you collect with her. She’ll be your friend for life.” I chuckled. I was teasing and probably pushing Kenzie past her limits, perhaps even exploding her thinking about sapphic sex.

“You’d do that, wouldn’t you?” she asked.

“I would and I have.”

“What would you do?”

I smiled, “Given what you said about teasing your brother, I’d go and challenge Rob to either join you in eating his cum from Anna, or even better to clean up your drippy pussy from what I just put in there.”

Kenzie said, “He’d never do that.”

I shrugged, “Then I guess we’d just be teasing him before I did it to my sister.”

Kenzie stood and grinned at me. “No, I’ll do it. I’m on a mission. Don’t disappoint me.”

Kenzie walked to the sofa where Rob and Anna were reclining together in their post-orgasmic glows. She took her brother’s cock and sucked it clean, and then pushed Anna’s legs apart. Anna knew what was coming and adjusted position. Kenzie was soon lapping up what Rob had left there, and probably a little of what Peter had left earlier.

I took my time in joining the trio. When I did, I said to Rob, “You should be cleaning up your sister’s pussy orally. I thought you did that, but I guess not. You should try. I love my sister enough to do something like that for her.”

Rob moved and looked at Kenzie’s messy quim. There appeared to be some white fluids surrounding her vaginal opening. The latter was oozing a slight trace of white viscous fluid. I knew the mess was mine as well as the residual from Dave.

He shook his head, “I can’t.”

I got down on the carpet next to Kenzie as she worked on Anna. I lowered my head to the affected area, and started lapping. When I had a splooge of fluids in my mouth, I moved up next to her and French kissed with Kenzie. We traded the fluids back and forth a few times and then she swallowed and went back to eating Anna’s muff. Next I knew, she was snowballing with Anna.

Rob stood spellbound by what the three of us had done. He mumbled, “Maybe next time.”

Not much later, the regular brother-sister couples formed again and dressed. A few collected dishes or things they’d brought to the party. The group that had carpooled from the house congregated around Peter, Wendy, Rob, and McKenzie.

I said, “Next Saturday, could you come to the house for a cookout and some fun as the sun disappears?”

The four broke into smiles and nodded.

Peter said, “Yes, we’d really like that. I’m glad we all fit together so well. Here we are, five incestuous couples who’ve found each other and who also like to be with others in a sexual way. This is fabulous.”

There were hugs and kisses, and then Dave, Marie, Ryan, Penny, Anna, and I clambered into my car and we drove home. Several of us speculated that the four at Peter’s house wanted another round of sex.

The three brother-sister couples at the house became even more fluid in their sexual activities after Peter’s party. We had another round of sex after we were in our living room. The twins happily joined in as we told them about the party and what would happen on the coming weekend.

Over the following weeks, Peter and Wendy, and Rob and McKenzie became frequent visitors to the house, or we’d go to Peter and Wendy’s home. Sex was always a strong possibility.

Of Esenyurt Escort course, the twins were always ready for anything sexual. They relished the fact that we’d annexed four additional people into our playtime activities, and they were avid participants.

The twins also were attracting some attention on campus. They didn’t have boyfriends but they had plenty of male friends coming onto them. Anna and I often reminded them to study rather than get swept up in the quagmire of campus dating and partying. At the same time, that was going on they seemed devoted to Anna and me, and also to the others in our group.

I worried a little about how Peter and I would interact at work. Marie had the same concern. Thus, at work, we maintained the sterile looking friendship with Peter we’d always had and he did likewise.

The first sign of how our new friendships would play out came when Marie got a promotion to a new job entitled Engineering Assistant. It was a promotion and came with a pay raise, and the need to learn more and more about the various engineering disciplines. Peter hired a new AA, that we learned was an only child. We were friendly with her, but not much more. She had a steady boyfriend and didn’t seem too social with anybody in the office.

I had my annual review and got a healthy pay raise and was also offered an opportunity to oversee a complete project and not just the electrical engineering components of the job. Peter mentored me on how to do that when I had limited skills in the mechanical and structural sides of the job. The opportunity was tantamount to a promotion. I was grateful and did well with the assignment so I didn’t let him down.

As I moved up, so did Anna. She became manager of two stores about two miles apart in two different shopping malls. It was a stretch for her, but she was now getting profit sharing based on her span of control. The owner of the chain praised her leadership and the results in the store she’d been managing, and gave her the challenge to run two at the same time. Anna started to put some miles on the car running back and forth. The new job also challenged her to develop some strong staff members that she trusted.

About two years after we met, and after some discussion with all of us, McKenzie decided to get pregnant. At her request, each of the men in our close circle got genetic testing for a range of nasty ailments. Fortunately, we were all pretty healthy.

I got asked to be Kenzie’s consort during her peak period, and we did about all we could to make her pregnant. To my amazement, she missed her first and subsequent periods after our first time trying, and she was judged as ‘very’ pregnant by her OB/GYN. I was going to be a father, however, as planned Rob, her brother, would be the daddy. Somehow, they were working through the details of how that whole situation would fly with their parents. I volunteered to help, but my offer to be a pseudo-boyfriend was rebuffed.

Penny is now considering motherhood, but still hasn’t acted to do anything to make that happen. I think there are going to be some strange sibling and familial relationships in our group as more children grace our homes.

Anna held off her pregnancy for four more years, and then Ryan became the father to our first child. By then, I’d also impregnated Marie. The house was growing.

The twins graduated from college on time and on plan. Sandy came to work for PR2 Engineering in the company’s IT department. Cindy joined a nearby company named Knightsbridge Manufacturing in their financial department. Her boss is a sexy woman named Alice Prentiss that she adores. After loosening up, Alice lives in a unique polyamorous community called The Circle, and told Cindy that she’d like to invite her and her companions to one of their gatherings.

Neither Sandy nor Cindy want to leave the house for serious boyfriends. They express their love for all of us daily, and claim there is no place better on earth to be living. Of course, they are also the sexpots of the place and love to entice any of the other residents into sex play of some kind.

So far, we’ve managed to ‘contain’ various parents. A few, like Peter, Wendy, Ryan and Penny’s, know the reality and choose not to pursue attempts to stop what seems to be inevitable: the love we have for our sibling, and the love we have for other like-minded people.

Anna and I have been talking with the twins about how to tell our parents about the reality of our living situation. Now that they are grandparents, we think that they should know just how we’re really living and loving together. Ryan is also willing to stop playing the role of Anna’s boyfriend.

Our philosophy seems to be best encapsulated by what Shakespeare wrote: ‘The is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ We keep good thoughts between all of us and boatloads of love.

The End

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