Brown Sugar


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Brown Sugar

Julie was 21-years-old when we met in the mid-70s. She was a petite and beautiful Native American with light brown skin. Her 5’5”, 110 pound, body was crowned with a silky dark brown mane of straight hair that reached half way down her slender back. Her dark brown eyes were captivating as were her breasts. Her tits were small but very firm. They needed no support from a bra. Therefore, Julie seldom wore one. Without a bra, her soft nipples made a definite impression on her blouse, and me.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon when I met Julie and her 25-year-old husband, Mike. We were attending a CB (Citizen Band Radio) get together in north central Arizona. Those gatherings were known as CB Breaks. They were meant to allow CBers from a large geographical area to get to know one another and get a look at the latest radio gear. The larger Breaks like this one had numerous radio equipment venders. Some of the larger clubs would also set up displays to attract new members.

Mike and Julie were attending their first Break. They had gotten an inexpensive radio just a few weeks earlier. They were just beginning to meet other CBers with whom they had chatted over the air. They were hanging out with some old friends of mine when I arrived. So I joined the group too. Soon, other friends joined us. We had become a fairly large group as we strolled the display areas.

As evening approached, we were all hot, tired, and hungry. The group agreed to meet at a local diner before heading home. I noticed Mike and Julie were lagging behind and acting uncomfortable.

As we walked to our cars, I pulled them off to the side and asked what was bothering them. They were reluctant to say anything at first. It was Julie who finally admitted they couldn’t afford to go to dinner. Mike was the only one of them working, and his job as a convenience store night clerk only paid a little over minimum wage.

It hadn’t been that long since I had worked at the minimum wage jobs myself. I was by no means rich, but I did have a decent job, a late model car, my own place to live, and a few dollars to spend. I could afford the cost of their dinner. Having been nearly broke myself, I insisted they join their new group of friends for diner, as my guest.

Mike and Julie seemed like a very friendly couple, especially Julie. Mike was a little reluctant to take my offer, but Julie convinced him to accept.

At that point in time, other than being friendly to some new CBers, nothing else had even crossed my mind. Although I did thoroughly enjoy gazing at Julie when the opportunity presented itself, especially her firm looking tits. We had a great time at dinner. So, I suggested we go out again soon. We exchanged numbers and parted with hand-shakes all around.

The following Friday night, my date canceled on short notice due to illness. On the spur of the moment, I called Mike and Julie. Julie answered. I asked if they would like to go our for dinner and a drink, on me. She quickly accepted. I told her I’d be at their place in about an hour.

I had barely pulled to a stop in the space in front of their apartment, when Julie came bounding out. She practically jumped into my front seat. She was dressed in a short black skirt that hugged her hips and a silky, pale pink, V-necked, blouse that showed off her pert breasts. Again, she wore no bra. The rubbing from her blouse’s soft material already had her nipples beginning to harden. Pantyhose and low heels finished her attire. Her perfume was intoxicating. She looked and smelled delicious. What a knockout!

“Where’s Mike?” I asked.

“Working!” She replied.

“Do we need to pick him up?”

“No! He doesn’t get off until 5:00 AM.” A broad grin spread across her face as she spoke. “So, where are we going?” She asked.

I told her I thought we might grab a burger and go to a nightclub I knew about. The nightclub had a great, all girl, country band.

“Good. I like country music.” She agreed.

As we pulled out of her drive and away from her apartment complex, Julie slid across the seat to sit close to me. She kissed my cheek and smiled seductively.

Since I had never dated a married woman, her kiss startled me, but not for long. My arm soon found its way around her shoulders, and I began rubbing her arm. I had decided that I would let her make all the initial moves since she, not I, was the one who was married.

By the time we had reached the burger joint, Julie had turned slightly to her right, leaned her head on my shoulder, and pulled my hand to her right tit. I gently massaged her tit through the thin material of her blouse. Her tits were about the size of ripe oranges. They made for a nice, firm, hand full. Her nipples were soon very hard. They were sticking out from her tits like little pencil erasers and seemed to be punching holes in her blouse.

As we ate our burgers, without prompting from me, Julie began telling me intimate details of her life with Mike. She told me Mike had been her first and only lover, and they had not been getting along for quite some time. She said he hadn’t touched her in over two months. He had told her he was too tired from working to make love to her. She suspected he had izmit escort bayan a girlfriend.

I decided Mike must be some kind of an idiot to ignore a gorgeous creature like Julie. I told her what I thought, and her smile broadened. She seemed to come to life. I saw a sparkle in her eyes I hadn’t noticed before.

We got to the nightclub just as the band was beginning to play. I ordered my typical CC and Coke, and she ordered a Sloe Gin Fizz.

Julie really liked to dance. During the slow numbers, she cuddled close to me. She firmly ground her crotch into mine. The message was unmistakable. She wanted some loving.

Julie soon had my cock standing tall and straining to be free. She groaned and seemed to melt as I grabbed both ass cheeks, squeezed them hard, and crushed my hard cock into her pelvis. It was getting more and more difficult to remember she was a married woman. Finally, I thought to my self. ‘Fuck it! If this beautiful woman wants to fuck, so be it!’

When she had consumed half of her second drink, I found myself practically dragging her around the dance floor. Only then did she tell me she didn’t drink. I told her we needed to get her home. She only smiled.

With Julie nearly passed out in my lap, the ride home wasn’t nearly as much fun as it had promised to be earlier that evening. I did take the opportunity to get a good feel of her tits after opening a few blouse buttons.

In order to get Julie into her apartment, I had to prop her against her door, hold her there with my shoulder between her tits, hold her with an arm around her waist, and fish her keys from her purse with my free hand. As we entered her door, her legs decided they had gone as far as they were going to go. She collapsed. I carried her to her bed, undressed her, covered her, and gave her a soft goodnight kiss. As I exited her bedroom, she pleaded with me. “Aren’t you going to stay for a while?”

It took all my will power, but I turned her invitation down. “I’d love to baby, but you are in no condition to make such a decision. I”ll call you in a few days.” I then quietly left, locking the door behind me.

The following Monday evening, Julie called me. She apologized for not telling me she didn’t drink. She added that she didn’t remember too much of the ride home.

She giggled when I told her I had played with her tits on the way home and I liked them

“Please forgive me. Can we go out again?” She asked. “I promise to make it up to you. If you want, you can get a lot more that a hand full of my boobs.” She giggle again.

“I’d love to. Only this time there will be no drinking.”

She agreed.

The following Saturday evening, I picked Julie up at about 7:00 PM. She was wearing another short skirt and snug V-neck blouse. This time there were no pantyhose, only ankle socks and white tennis shoes. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail. What a sight! I felt a twitch in my cock almost immediately.

We had a nice dinner at a local steakhouse, caught a movie, and ended at my home for popcorn and TV. The popcorn never got made, and the TV never got turned on.

As soon as we stepped through my door, she kicked off her shoes and socks and began removing her blouse. This little gal was hot to trot and wanted to get screwed. Now! She said. “I am really sorry for last week. Let me make up for it.”

I asked if she had ever done a striptease to music.

“No, but I’ve seen it done in the movies.” She replied with a smile.

“Would you like to try?” I asked.

“That sounds like fun.”

While I put on some music, Julie buttoned her blouse.

When the music started, she told me to sit on the couch and not touch her until she said it was OK. She began swaying to the music and slowly unbuttoned her blouse again. Julie was a natural stripper. As her blouse fell away, she squeezed her tits together and pinched and pulled her dark brown nipples. Julie’s nipples were almost as hard as my cock.

The short skirt was the next to go. She thrust out her chest as she reached behind her waist to release the skirt’s button and zipper. She was then swaying in front of me in nothing but the smallest of silky pink bikini panties. The pink panties wonderfully accented her beautiful light brown skin. The crotch of her panties was already soaked with her juices. A few brief strokes to her pubic mound with her flattened hand, and the panties were quickly cast aside.

Julie was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t find a single flaw on her body. Her tits stood out proudly from her chest. He belly was smooth and flat. Her ass was smooth, tight and round. Her pussy was covered with very fine silky black fur. She almost looked like she was hairless. “Julie, you are one delicious looking woman.”

A grinned broadly and said. “Thank you! You don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve heard compliments like that.”

She continued her dance. She tested my patience by not letting me touch her until the music ended. I had nearly gone nuts wanting to reach out and grab her. She slowly turned completely around, came to stand about two feet in front of me, and said in a soft voice. “I’m yours! Do what ever you want with me.”

It was my turn to drive her crazy. From my seated position, I reached out and softly took her by her slender hips. Rubbing kocaeli escort bayan my hands up and down and around her body, I found her whole body was soft and smooth. It was a pleasure to touch her anywhere. Pulling her to me, I gently planted a kiss on her pubic mound. She spread her legs, held the back of my head, and pulled my mouth to her pussy. A single stab of my tongue across her clit and splitting her pussy lips brought a sharp gasp from Julie. She breathlessly said. “Oh yes! Mike never kisses me there.”

I told her. “Baby, you’re in for one hell of a night if you’ll let me do what I want to do with you.”

“Do anything you want! I told you, I’m yours.” She gasped.

With that, I scooped her into my arms, and carried her slowly to my bedroom. I kissed and licked her neck and ears as we went. I gently laid her on my king-sized bed. I undressed and joined her.

I began by gently kissing her mouth and stroking her tits. Her nipples, already erect, became even harder. I moved down to suck her tits. As Julie began to make soft moans, I started lightly nipping and pinching her nipples. As her moans became more pronounced, I pinched and pulled her nipples harder and rolled them between my thumb and fingers. She responded by raising her chest toward my hands.

As I lie next to her, sucking her left tit, my left hand stroked her flat belly on its way to her pussy. Another sharp gasp came from Julie as I stroked up and down her hot wet slit. Just as I came in contact wit her clit for the first time, she had an orgasm. Julie seemed to be a quiet cumer. She stiffened, pulled her legs together, thrust her pussy up to my hand, and hugged me tightly as a long moan came from deep within her.

My left hand was still at her pussy and resumed
stroking up and down. Soon, I let a finger, then two, slide inside her eager hole. She was very tight. Maybe she had been ignored by her husband much too long lately. As my fingers worked their way into her tight hole, my thumb found her clit and began massaging it. Julie started tensing again, and I rubbed her clit a little harder. Her second climax hit much harder than the first. She began bucking like a rodeo horse, and cried out for more.

I again let her relax for a minute. She said she had never cum twice in one night and never so hard. A large smile spread across her face when I told her. “Honey, the night has only just begun.”

I then kissed my way down her flat belly and began kissing and licking her soaking wet pussy. I cupped both ass cheeks in my hands and lifted her to give me a better angle for my tongue to penetrate her pussy. My tongue worked in and out of her until her third orgasm began to build. When I moved to her clit and treated it to kisses and sucking, my fingers reentered her pussy.

She was going crazy with lust. Just as Julie was about to cum for the third time, I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and sucked her clit, hard. She began bucking wildly again. It was difficult keeping my mouth on her swollen clit.

As Julie almost violently thrust her hips into the air, I found her virgin asshole. I inserted a finger into that wrinkled hole to the first knuckle.

Julie started screaming. “Oh shit! Fuck! Eat me! More! More!”

A second knuckle entered her ass.

As Julie continued wildly thrusting her pussy up to my mouth, I shoved the whole finger into her ass. I didn’t use more fingers because I didn’t want to hurt her. Besides, I had other plans for stretching that beautiful ass.

As she came down from her climax, Julie was breathless. “Please, I need to rest just a bit.”

We cuddled and talked while she caught her breath and calmed down. She admitted she liked my finger up her ass, but wanted me to be careful. She told me Mike had never eaten her, nor had he ever touched her asshole. All he ever did was finger her until she was wet, climb on, hump her until he got off, roll off, and fall to sleep. She seldom had a orgasm.

I moved up beside her and held her tightly. She soon began stroking my rock hard cock. At six and a half inches, I’m not the biggest dick in the gym, but Julie said I was a little bigger than Mike. She was amazed she had cum three times, and I hadn’t even put my cock in her yet.

As Julie continued to stroke me, I started feeling that familiar stirring in my balls. I told her she needed to stop, or I’d cum in her hand.

I reached for her pussy, but she said she still needed a little time.

“Have you ever given head?” I asked.

This beautiful, 21-year-old, married, woman replied that she had not. “No, but I’ll try if you want me to. Tell me what to do.”

I had her slide down my belly so she was lying with her lips nearly touching the swollen head of my cock. I very gently pushed her head down and told her to kiss and lick the top of my cock. She did. She licked up the drop of precum that had appeared there and softly kissed my cock’s head. I told her to open her mouth and take a little of it in and suck. Without hesitation she took about two inches of me into her mouth and started sucking.

Julie was the perfect student. She did everything I told her without hesitation or question. As I continued to instruct her, she began bobbing her head up and down on my raging hard-on. She was licking the shaft and head with every up-stroke, and was soon hitting the kocaeli escort entrance to her throat on the down-stroke.

I had her reposition so she was laying on top of me in the classic 69 position. With my dick in her mouth and her pussy at my face, I resumed eating her still tight pussy.

When I warned her I was about to cum, she didn’t say a word. She just took me in as far as she could and sucked harder. She was holding my dick at the entrance to her throat.

I was too busy eating her sweet pussy to give any more warnings.

As my first surge of cum blasted into her mouth, she jerked up about an inch, but went right back down and sucked even harder. She held right there for the second spurt.

In my lust, I told her. “Take it down your throat baby.”

She gamely tried, but just couldn’t do it without gagging. She held me deep in her mouth until she had sucked all of my cum from my balls. She swallowed every drop.

I had continued eating her pussy, and with my tongue as deep in her as I could get it, she quickly had her fourth orgasm. This one was a little quieter that the last one. She ground her pussy hard into my face and grunted with each thrust of my tongue. Of course, it is difficult to scream when there’s a cock in deep your mouth.

It was my turn to need rest.

We cuddled and talked for about twenty minutes. I again began petting Julie’s pussy. She soon spread her legs wide. I crawled between them and resumed eating her. (I just love eating pussy.)

My licks became longer and lower. I pushed her legs up to where her knees were next to her tits. She grabbed her knees and held them there for me.

While eating her pussy, I lubricated a finger with her pussy’s juices. As she built toward another orgasm, I slipped a finger all the way into her pussy. Without warning, I removed my finger and moved my tongue from her pussy to her virgin asshole. A couple of licks and I drove my tongue into her asshole. Julie was near cuming again.

Julie’s asshole was too tight to fuck with just her own juices. I was glad I kept a tube of lubricant next to my bed. I don’t think Julie noticed when I reached for the lube. A generous glob of lube was put in and around Julie’s tight asshole. I carefully massaged her sphincter to help it relax.

All the while, I was eating her pussy. By that time, she was thrashing around and bucking up and down as she rapidly approached her next orgasm.

I then lowered her legs a bit and lined up to invade her pussy with my cock. One long slow thrust buried my shaft deep in her tight hole. I held there for a bit enjoying a very tight pussy. As I began stroking in and out, Julie began humping back. Soon, she brought her legs down and wrapped them around my waist. She was cuming again. I held tight in her depths as she thrashed beneath me. I was trying to not cum.

As her orgasm subsided, I resumed stroking her pussy. Damn she was still tight. I pulled her legs back up and stuck a finger back into her asshole. Julie’s eyes were somewhat glazed and nearly closed. A wide smile lit up her face.

Slowly I pulled out of her pussy and aimed my cock at her asshole. Thanks to the lube and her own juices, it took just a little pressure and the swollen head of my cock popped into her virgin asshole. Julie’s eyes sprung wide open. She tensed with my cock’s initial entry into her asshole. As I held stll, she began to relax.

“You all right?” I asked.

“Yes! Go on. Please, don’t stop! I’m yours and so is my ass.” Julie replied.

With that, I ever so slowly sank my cock into her no longer virgin asshole. A couple of quivers and a grimace or two were the only adverse reactions Julie had to the invasion of her ass.

When my cock was fully lodged in her shitter, I held still until she relaxed a little. The stroking began slowly at first. As I sped up, Julie was enjoying the new sensations more and more. She was grunting and moaning with each drive into her ass. She pulled her legs up further. That let me get even deeper into her ass.

She released her knees, grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them wide, and yelled. “Yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass! Oh God! I’m cuming again!”

As Julie came, so did I. It felt like I gave her the biggest load of cum I’d ever produced. I seemed to cum and cum.

When we both settled down, I pulled out of her ass. I noticed her asshole was still slightly open with a single drop of cum dribbling out. I reentered her pussy gave her a few more strokes there. She laid almost motionless and was still holding her legs up and panting. Slowly, she lowered her legs and wrapped her arms around me.

After resting, talking, and cuddling a while, we shared a shower and dressed. Julie told me she didn’t know it was possible to cum so hard, so many times, in so many ways.

I told her. “Baby, having the right partner makes it easy. And you are the right partner.”

After we showered and dressed, I got Julie home about an hour before Mike was due.

Unfortunately, I never saw Julie, or Mike, again. When I called a couple of weeks later, their phone had been disconnected. Mike had quit his job a week earlier, and no one knew where they had gone. I wondered how long it would be before Julie insisted someone eat her pussy or fuck her in the ass again. I wish her the best.

To Mike, and all the other men who ignore their wives: If you don’t take care of them, someone else will. It doesn’t matter if they’re young and gorgeous like Julie, or an average, middle-aged, housewife. She is appealing to someone. Maybe me!

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