BtB: The Pickup

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I was sitting at home one Friday evening, watching the local news, waiting for Ashley to get home from work. Usually, she didn’t work late, but there was a message waiting for me at home that said she would be late because one of the other workers had called in sick two days running and they had to pick up the slack.

The sports guy was just starting when the phone rang. I picked it up from the coffee table and looked at the caller ID. It was Ashley calling from her cell phone.

“Hey, babe. What’s up?”

“Hey, honey. I need a favor.”

“Sure,” I answered. “Anything. What do you need?”

“Well, today went really badly. Mr. Blackwell was a complete ass, doubling my workload so he could take the new secretary into his office for more ‘training.'” I could hear the quotation marks. “I just missed my bus to get home and another one won’t be by for another thirty to forty-five minutes. Think you could come get me?”

“Sure thing, babe. Tell you what. You wait up in your office. I don’t want you waiting outside where it’s dark. I’ll call you when I get downstairs.”

“Okay, honey. Thanks.”

I hung up the phone and grabbed my keys when I stopped. She had sounded really down. I should do something to cheer her up. Stopping to get flowers or chocolate would take too long. Besides, she needed to laugh. I snapped my fingers and ran upstairs. I hit the bedroom and peeled off my pants in a hurry. I tossed my boxers on the bed and rifled through Ashley’s underwear drawer, looking for something that might fit. I tried on a couple of pairs but realized none of them would fit. I was just too much bigger than she was. Becca’s on the other hand…

I ran to Becca’s room and opened her underwear drawer, everything folded and stacked in neat little piles. She was funny that way. I pulled out a dark blue silk thong and pulled it on and because of her wider hips, they fit. Not the best fit in the world, but they would work.

I hustled back to our bedroom and pulled on some sweat pants, easier to pull down to show her the thong. I ran downstairs and grabbed a sweatshirt, since it was cold, and my keys and hurried out the door.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I move in my seat a lot when I drive. I’m always looking around and shifting, trying to make sure I’m okay. Well, it was a totally different experience wearing silk panties under sweatpants. It felt a little funny at first, but as I kept driving, the fabric moving around in my sweats, I have to admit I was getting turned on with the soft fabric sliding across my cock with each movement. Luckily, I made most of the lights and traffic wasn’t too bad as it neared seven o’clock. I pulled into the parking garage under Ashley’s building and parked on the first level, right next to the elevator. I got out and, not usually wearing a thong, I had to adjust everything.

As soon as my hand hit my cock, I moaned loud enough for me to look around to see if anyone heard me. I moved everything around as fast as I could and pulled out my cell phone to tell Ashley I was downstairs. Wouldn’t you know that I couldn’t get reception under a few tons of concrete? I sighed and walked to the elevator, hitting the button.

I eskort bursa waited for about one minute for the elevator and then stepped on, hitting the button for Ashley’s floor. I figured that this might be easier anyway, since this way I could help her down to the car. I whistled along with the bad muzak version of something I knew but couldn’t recognize. Probably ‘The Girl From Ipanema.’ That’s what they always play in elevators.

The elevator chimed and I stepped off, looking around but not seeing anyone. The doors shut quietly behind me and I took a step forward, still looking. Still nothing.

“Ashley! Where are you?”

From across the room, I heard “Christ! You said you were going to call! What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack? Fuck!”

I had started to smile and walk towards her, but when I heard her say ‘Fuck’ I knew she was in a bad mood. I moved slowly across the room, only to find her leaning over her desk, her head in her hands.

“Ashley! Babe, what’s wrong?”

Between sobs, she said, “I’m just so stressed out and feeling out of control. Mr. Blackwell says he needs all this by the end of the week and I can’t get it all done. I feel like things are spinning out of control.”

I knelt down next to her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her head onto my shoulder. “It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.” She cried on my shoulder for another couple of minutes before pulling her head away, her makeup disarrayed from crying. “Is there anything I can do, babe?”

“Shoot Mr. Blackwell.” I chuckled. “I don’t know. I just feel so helpless.”

I stood up. “Here. Maybe this will help.” I quickly turned around and pulled down my sweat, showing off the dark blue silk thong I was wearing. I started shaking my ass at Ashley, smiling as she burst into laughter.

“What the hell,” she asked between laughing fits.

“Well, I thought you could use some cheering up, so…”

She shook her head and kept laughing, more tears running down her face. It seemed like all of her emotions were hitting at one time. I started to turn to comfort her again, only to get caught up in my lowered sweat pants and falling flat on the floor, the air rushing out of me.

Ashley started to get up to help but laughter overcame her again and she fell back into her chair holding her sides. I wasn’t hurt, so I rolled over onto my back and looked up at her, joining in her laughter.

“Wow,” she said. “Apparently, you were enjoying that thong.”

I followed her gaze down to my crotch, which was still hard. I moved to cover myself up, rearrange or pull up my pants, but I couldn’t because of laughing too hard.

Ashley looked down at me, her red hair falling to cover her face. “I love you, you know?”

I nodded, still chuckling. I took a deep breath, trying to get myself under control and sat up, this time successfully. I grabbed the edge of Ashley’s desk and pulled myself up, knees still trapped by my pants. I was trying to lean over and fix then, but my feet kept getting caught.

Finally, Ashley stopped outright laughing and said, “Here. Let me help.” I stood up, letting go of my pants, feeling like an idiot for not being able bursa ucuz eskort bayan to straighten myself out. I expected Ashley to straighten out my pants and pull them up, but instead, she grabbed my silk encased cock and started stroking it. I groaned aloud, just like I had in the parking garage, leaning back against Ashley’s desk.

“Mmmm,” she purred into my ear. “You really seem to like that. Maybe we should get you some of your own.”

I couldn’t even answer. All I could do was breathe fast and let my eyes roll back in my head. This was like nothing I had ever felt. What started as a joke was turning into one of the most incredible handjobs I had ever had. I had to force myself to take deep breaths the pleasure was so great.

Ashley kept stroking me, her left hand rubbing my balls through the silk, making them tighten even further. When I thought I couldn’t take any more, she stopped her motions and released me entirely. My eyes flew open and I started breathing through my nose.

“Now, this is control,” she said, putting her hand on my chest and holding me against her desk. She kissed me hard and then dropped to her knees, pulling the thong down, making me groan as the soft fabric shifted over my shaft.

She uncovered only a couple of inches of my cock, letting the waistband rest against my shaft. She started by licking around the edge of my cock, ticking my belly with her tongue. She turned her head sideways and took only the head into her mouth and bobbed slightly, the combination almost setting me off them.

Ashley moaned around me and I could feel her tongue working around my head. As she moved up and down, she twisted her head slightly, adding a third level of excruciating pleasure. I groaned, knowing I was going to explode at any second when she stopped again.

She pulled me away from the desk spun me around, planting her behind against the desk. “Come here and fuck me.” Like I need any further inspiration. I pulled my sweatshirt off and tossed it on her chair, kicking off the sweat pants. But as I reached to take off the thong, my wife, like she usually does, surprised me. “Leave it on. I want you to hump me with it on.” I blinked a couple of times and pulled the thong all the way up so that it was covering my cock. Ashley reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off and leaned back against he desk, hiking up her skirt. “Give me that cock,” she ordered. “I want to feel you rubbing up and down my slit.”

I leaned against her and moved my hips up and down, rubbing the length of my covered shaft along her lips, my balls, tight against my body, bumping into her clit as I reached the top. Ashley groaned and arched her back, tilting herself and spreading her legs.

“Harder,” she whispered. “I want it harder.” I leaned into her, pushing harder against her lips, feeling her wetness mixing with my precum at the tip of my cock through the panties. She leaned up and grabbed my neck, pulling me into a deep kiss and moaning into my mouth every time I rubbed my silk-covered cock across her clit. “Now. I need that cock in me. Fuck me. Now.”

I grabbed the thong and pushed it down and grabbed bursa merkez eskort my cock, stroking it and squeezing hard, turning it purple. Ashley smacked my hand away and grabbed my shaft, pulling me to her and pushing the tip into her. “I said fuck me now.” She said it quietly, knowing she was in control of everything now. I shoved hard into her, burying myself in her pussy, listening to her growl in my ear, which only served to increase my speed. She bit my ear hard and I thought she was going to draw blood. I hissed through clenched teeth as she walked that fine line between painful pleasure and real pain.

Ashley grabbed my head in her hands and glared into my eyes. “Make me cum, bitch. I want to cum on your big, thick cock.” I groaned and pumped harder still, tilting my hips and drove against her. She planted her hands on the desk behind her and raised her hips, letting me drive my full length into her. I started rubbing her clit quickly, pushing it against my rapidly moving shaft. She closed her eyes and started to growl loudly, suddenly gripping me with her pussy muscles and screaming as she tumbled over the edge.

She leaned up and bit my neck hard. Again, I thought she might break the skin in her orgasm, but she relented and breathed quickly against my neck, finally coming down from her high and kissing me deeply, holding the back of my head. I was breathing just as hard, my cock still rock hard inside her. She looked down and grinned, pushing me away from her and sliding off the desk, turning me around and leaning me against the desk again.

“We don’t want to leave you like that, do we,” she asked innocently. She pulled the thong up over my cock again, her juices and my precum soaking through the thin fabric. She moved her hand up and down on the silk, stroking me through it. I felt my breath catch in my throat at the sensation, gripping the edge of the desk. In no time at all, I shot my load into the thong, making inarticulate grunting noises as I did. It lasted for what felt like an hour. Her hand finally moved away and I stayed there breathing hard, feeling small tremors shaking through my abdomen. Ashley led me to the bathroom so I could clean up.

When I came out, Ashley was waiting for me by the elevator. She stabbed the button as I came out and we climbed in when it arrived. She leaned over to me and kissed my cheek and whispered ‘Thank you’ in my ear. “What far,” I asked, honestly not sure what she meant.

“For being a dork who knows what I need as well as being a good husband.” She kissed me again and I turned to kiss her back. I would have liked to do more, but we were in the elevator and God only knew if security was going to see what we had already done. We didn’t care, though. If they saw it, I hoped they enjoyed it. We got to the car and drove home, Ashley dozing a little bit since she had worked an extra long day. I pulled into the driveway and grabbed Ashley’s bag, since I was such a good husband. We walked in and heard Becca complaining from upstairs.

“Becks,” I called up the stairs. “You okay up there?”

“Yes, ” she hollered back. “I can’t find something I’m looking for.”

I started up the stairs. “What are you looking for?”

“My blue silk thong! It was here when I left this morning! I was going to go out tonight and wear that but I can’t find it.”

I turned and looked at Ashley and we both started laughing. Becca came to the top of the stairs and looked down at us.

“Um, Becks? I have something to tell you…”

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