Calling Her Bluff Ch. 1


Don and Cindy have been together for 18 years and were very close. They trusted each other very much and knew they could tell each other anything. Therefore they loved to talk about their fantasies while they made love to each other. They talked a lot about swinging with a third person and also with another couple. One of Cindy’s biggest fantasies was to watch her husband fucking another woman in front of her. And ever since Don took the big chance and told his wife about how he use to play around with his buddies when they were very young, she also had fantasy’s of watching Don and another guy together as they sucked on each other’s cock, and maybe even take each other deep in the ass for a good hard fuck! And Don was all for that! After all…he hadn’t been with another guy in over ten years because he did not want to cheat on his lovely wife and it took a good ten years for him to trust their relationship enough to tell her of his yearnings for another guy’s cock and how much he liked to swallow another guy’s hot cum. Even though Don and his young male friends did a lot of cock sucking and swapping sperm, he never took another guy’s hard cock up his ass, but always wanted to. The thought of doing it for the first time, and having his wife witness it was a huge turn-on to them both!

Don had been keeping in touch with Steve, a Bi-sexual guy he met on the Internet. They talked about their fantasies and Don decided to call Cindy’s Bluff to see if she could really go through with their fantasy about Don being with another guy. He knew that if she decided it was really not what she expected, that she would not be upset with Don or hold it against him, and they simply would just not try it again. Don and Steve made arrangements for the three of them to meet. Don wanted to keep it a secret from Cindy until the night they met, as he knew if they talked about it and planned it, that Cindy would back out because she was very shy and for her…she had to have a good buzz going, and it would “just have to happen”. Don surprised Cindy with a weekend get-away to Wisconsin Dells. It was a nice cool October weekend, a few weeks after the kids went back to school, so the area was very quiet. He got a really cool Log cabin for them. When they got there, they both got very horny just being in the cabin, as it gave off such a romantic atmosphere! After they got settled in, they took a walk down to the Bar/restaurant down on the corner. It was a really nice place and was also a Log cabin. There were quite a lot of people inside and everyone was having a good time.

Don had made plans for Steve to meet them there, that way Cindy would think it was not set up and she would be a lot more relaxed. Don and Cindy were there for about two hours when Steve finally walked in the door. Don and Steve looked at each other and new right away who each other was due to a facial pic exchange on the Internet. Steve made his way over as close as he could to Don and Cindy as the bar chairs were still kind of full. He sat about two chairs down from Cindy. Soon they struck up a conversation with each other, and introductions were made. They talked and drank for quite a while and everyone seemed to be getting along pretty well. Good! Don thought. End of phase one! Don told Cindy to order up some more drinks and then made his way to the bathroom. About a minute later, Steve came in. Don looked over at Steve and said, “Well? What do you think so far?” “I think this is going to be a great night! Your wife is really pretty” Steve replied. Don said, “Thanks. I think it’s going to be a great night too!”

They made there way back out by Cindy and sat down to have some more drinks and talk some more. Before they knew it, the bartender called out “Last Call!” Don whispered to his wife, “Do you think we should invite Steve back to our cabin for some more drinks?”

She looked at him and said, “It’s up to you.” So Don looked over at Steve and said, “Hey bud…if you want to walk up to our cabin and have a few more drinks, you’re more than welcome.” “Sure!” Steve said. “I’d love to!” They all made their way out the door and up the road toward Don and Cindy’s cabin. They told jokes and laughed all the way there. Once they were at the cabin, they made their selves comfortable and lit a fire in the fireplace. Don and Cindy slipped into güvenilir bahis some more comfortable clothes. Steve asked if it would be ok if he ran out and got his bag cause it had more comfortable clothes in it for him. “You sure can” Cindy replied. When he went out the door Don asked Cindy what she thought of him. She said, “I like him…He’s nice but do you think he’ll want to fool around? And do you think he’s Bi?” Don reached over and grabbed her tit and said, “I guess we’ll find out! I really want to see you suck on his cock!” Before she could say anything, Steve walked back into the door.

Steve went into the bedroom and slipped into a pair of workout shorts, and a T-shirt. They drank for another couple hours and were getting kind of plastered. Soon the conversation turned to sex. They took turns telling each other about their experiences and even their fantasy’s! Cindy almost shit her pants when Steve piped up and said, “My favorite fantasy is to be with another couple where the Guy is Bi-sexual. I always wanted to suck another guy’s cock and have him suck mine in front of his wife!” Don said, “That is also one of our fantasy’s!” Don got up and went into the bedroom and grabbed the Swinger’s magazines they brought up and brought them out for everybody to read. “Here, let’s check out some of the swingers ad’s. There fun to read!” They took turns reading the ads out loud and all three of them were getting very turned on. Finally Steve said, “Cindy…I can’t take it any longer! Do you mind if I suck Don’s cock for a while?” Cindy looked over at her husband and Don just smiled at her. “Well…I think I’d like to see Don suck you first!” She replied. Steve said, “Sounds good to me!”

Steve stood up and walked over and stood in front of Don. From the bulge in Steve’s shorts, they could tell he was built pretty good! Don looked over at his wife and she smiled and gave him a sassy look. “Well?” Cindy said. “Go ahead. Take his cock out and suck on it. You know you want to!” With that, Don reached out and pulled down on Steve’s shorts. His semi erect cock sprang out right in front of Don’s face. His cock was about 8” long, and had a nice mushroom shaped head. Since it was only semi-erect, it curved downward like a Banana. Don grabbed hold of it and slowly began to stroke it as he again looked over at his wife. She gave him the look that he new meant, “Everything is ok!” Don ran his tongue all around the mushroom shaped head as he licked away at the cock. Then he opened his lips and took the head of Steve’s cock into his mouth. He closed his mouth around the cock and began to suck on him. He glanced over at Cindy to see how she was doing. She seemed to be shaking with excitement. Her hands were feeling and grabbing at her own tit’s as she watched her husband giving another guy a blowjob right in front of her for the first time! She was more turned on than she thought she would be in watching two guys together! She stared as Don took more and more of the stranger’s cock into his mouth, and watched as it grew even bigger!

Don sucked greedily at the cock and masturbated it with his right hand. He looked over at his wife and their eye’s met. She smiled and said, “You like sucking his big cock don’t you?” Don replied by closing his eyes and sucking even harder on the huge penis in his mouth. By now, Steve’s cock was at full attention. Cindy noticed that his cock was very big. It had to be about 10” long, and very thick. Her fingers moved faster in and out of her pussy as she continued to watch her husband sucking another guy off. “That’s it baby, suck that big cock! Suck him off in front of me!” Cindy said. Don could tell Steve was about to cum, so he slowed his sucking and pulled Steve’s big cock out of his mouth. He looked at his wife and said, “How about taking over for a while? There’s a lot of cock here for both of us!” Cindy pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sat up on the couch. Don aimed Steve’s cock at her mouth as she opened her lips.

Steve pushed forward and Don watched his wife as she began to suck another guy’s cock in front of him for the first time. He knew he would get off on watching it…but he never thought he would be THIS turned on!!! Steve’s large mushroom head disappeared into her mouth as she closed her lips around it. Steve gently held her türkçe bahis head as he pushed deeper and deeper into Cindy’s hot mouth. He had over half of his huge cock in her as he then began to slowly pump his thick meat in and out of her throat. Don watched as his wife’s mouth was stretched around the thick cock. He was so turned on that he knew if he even touched his cock, that he would blow his cumload right away! Steve said, “Let’s change positions so I can suck your husband’s cock!” Cindy didn’t want to stop sucking on him, but she slowly pulled her mouth from Steve’s massive pole. Steve lay down on the couch as his cock pointed toward the ceiling like a flagpole! Cindy knelt down next to the couch as she once again took the cock in her hand and wrapped her hot lips around the big mushroom head. She loved the way the cock head felt like velvet on her tongue.

Soon she was moving her head up and down as she continued to suck her new lover’s cock. Don walked over to them and Steve grabbed him by the cock and pulled him over towards his mouth. Don was not built as big as Steve, But he still had a good thick 6 ½” to play with. Steve opened his mouth and took Don’s very hard cock all the way into his mouth. He just held Don’s cock in his mouth all the way to his balls while Cindy continued to suck Steve off as she watched her husband’s cock disappear. Cindy could not believe this was going on, and neither could Don! They played like this for about five minutes. Then Don said, “Ok hon…its time to give us some pussy!” She looked at her husband and he said, “Sit on his big cock for me babe! Take him in your pussy! She looked kind of scared, because she didn’t know if she could take such a large cock in her tight little pussy like that. Don said, “Don’t worry Hon…if you sit on top of him, you can go as slow as you want.” Cindy pulled her panty’s off, stood up and straddled Steve. Don pulled his cock from Steve’s mouth to go help his wife out. He went around behind his wife and grabbed hold of Steve’s thick cock. “Ok now Babe…slowly start to sit down and I will guide him into you”. Cindy did as she was told and Don knelt down to get a better view. He had such a good view, that Steve’s cock was only a few inch’s away from his face!

Don noticed a drop of pre-cum coming from Steve’s cock and just had to taste it before he guided it into his wife’s waiting cunt. Steve’s cum was sweet as he licked what was leaking out of the end. He put the cock into his mouth and gave it one last hard suck. Then he reluctantly pulled it from his mouth and pointed it towards Cindy’s very wet hot cunt. Her body shook as she lowered down onto the head. Don rubbed it back and forth at her opening as she continued to lower herself onto Steve’s cock. All of a sudden, the mushroom shaped head popped into her cunt! All three of them almost came! Don let go of the cock and rubbed Steve’s balls as he watched his wife slowly take more and more of her new lover’s cock into her shaved little pussy. Deeper and deeper he went. Don loved the way her pussy looked as it was being stretched by Steve’s massive cock. And so did Cindy! She slowly moved up and down now as they began to fuck each other. “That’s it baby…take that big cock deep in your hot cunt for me!” Don said. “Oh Hon…it looks so fucking great!” “How doe’s it feel to have a big strange cock fucking you?” Cindy look back at her husband. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out! He smiled at her and said, “I’ll take that as a positive feeling!”

Don then moved up and straddled Steve. He was going to put his cock into his wife’s ass…but then got a better idea! He looked at Steve’s ass witch was very wet from the pussy juice flowing from Cindy. Don placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Steve’s ass and held it there. He looked around his bouncing wife at Steve as to ask him if he could fuck him in the ass. And before Don could say anything, Steve said, “What are you waiting for? Fuck my ass while I’m fucking your wife!” With that…Don pushed forward until the head of his cock slipped into Steve’s ass. Steve said, “Holy shit that feels great! Push it all the way in and fuck me man!” “Fuck me while I fuck your beautiful wife! Don pushed forward all the way into Steve’s ass and began to fuck him.

Don reached around Cindy to grab her tits, güvenilir bahis siteleri but found that Steve already had them well covered. So Don reached down to play with her clit. Don whispered into Cindy’s ear, “I’m fucking his ass Hon! I’m fucking him while his big cock is fucking you!” By now Cindy was moaning and moved even faster on Steve’s cock. All of a sudden Cindy stopped and held Steve’s cock deep inside her. She shook and Don and Steve realized she was having a huge Orgasm! Steve held his cocks deep inside her while Cindy continued to cum hard. “That’s my girl! Cum all over his cock babe!” Don said. Then he couldn’t hold back and started to shoot his load into Steve’s ass. “Oh Baby”. Don said. “I’m cumming in his ass!” Don pumped hard as he emptied his ball’s deep in Steve’s tight ass. He shot quite a load as he held his wife tight! As he finished, Cindy also finally slowed down. She looked at Steve and said, “Don’t cum in me Steve…I want to watch my husband suck you off and swallow your cum. She looked back at Don and said, “That’s what you want, isn’t it?” “You want to suck his big cock in front of your wife and swallow all of his cum…don’t you?” Don smiled at her and said, “Do you want me to? I’ll do it if you want me too”. “And to answer your question…YES. I want to suck him off until he cums in my throat! And I want to do it while you watch me!”

Don pulled out of Steve’s ass and said, “Take your time pulling that big cock out of my wife! I’ll go wash up a bit.” He walked to the bathroom as Cindy slowly stood up. As Steve’s cock was sliding out of her tight pussy, Steve said, “Boy…I sure wanted to cum in you!” Cindy said, don’t worry…we have all night. And by the way…Donny wants you to fill me with a load of cum also! Then he wants to eat it out of me! That has been one of his biggest fantasy’s is to eat another guy’s thick cum from my pussy right after I’ve been fucked!”

Don came back out of the bathroom just as the head of Steve’s cock popped out of his wife. “So did you like fucking that big cock?” Don asked. “Oh yes! He’s got a beautiful cock, and he’s a good fuck!” Cindy replied. “Now get on your knee’s and take his big cock in your mouth right now!” She put her hand on Don’s shoulder and slowly pushed him onto his knee’s. Steve got up from the couch and stood in front of him. Cindy knelt down by her husband and grabbed Steve’s hard cock with her hand. She pointed it toward Don’s mouth as she took her other hand and put it on the back of Don’s head. Then she pushed his head forward forcing him to open his mouth and take Steve’s cock into his mouth. Then she took her other hand off of Steve’s cock and put it on his ass. She was so excited as she began pushing the two together! Don reached up and wrapped his hand around Steve’s cock so he didn’t get too much forced into his throat and choke. He knew he would not be able to take Steve’s huge cock into his throat, as it was so big. After a while Cindy let them go at it at their own pace. Don was fulfilling one of his biggest fantasy’s…sucking a huge cock in front of his wife! And soon he would be fulfilling a second one by taking a hot load of cum deep into his throat!

He sucked hard and fast as Steve grabbed Don by the head and began to fuck his mouth like it was a pussy! Cindy loved it! Don looked over at her and as their eye’s met, they could feel the deep love that they had for each other! Steve cried out, “I’m gonna cum Man!!! I’m gonna cum in your mouth!” Steve began to unload his cum as Don pulled the big cock out of his mouth just enough for Cindy to see the big cock head shooting thick loads of cum into her husband’s mouth. Then Steve pushed his cock back into Don’s mouth and continued to cum! All the while Don and Cindy’s eyes were together. Which made it all the more exciting! Then Don closed his eyes as he swallowed Steve’s cum as fast as he could. Cindy watched Steve’s cock pulsing as he shot load after load into her husband’s mouth. Steve’s cum finally stopped flowing into Don. He did not take his mouth off of the cock until he knew Steve was completely drained!

Steve pulled his cock out of Don’s mouth and fell back onto the couch. Don moved toward his wife and kissed her deep. She could taste Steve’s cum on her husband’s tongue. “Man!” Steve said. “That was the greatest blowjob I ever had!” Cindy and Don looked at each other and smiled…

Cindy whispered in Don’s ear…“Now I want to call YOU’R bluff and see you take a real cock up you ass!”…But that’s another story…

The end of chapter 1

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