Camelot Apartments Ch. 03

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After Candy’s date with Mr. Anderson at his class reunion, Ron Morgan couldn’t wait to take the little slut to his own reunion. He planned to use a different approach than Anderson. Anderson wanted her to dress rather conservatively whereas Ron planned to have her pull out all the stops and be the slut that she truly is.

After they finished fucking, he decided to broach the subject with her. “Candy, did you have fun with Mr. Anderson in Philadelphia?”

“Oh yes, Mr. Morgan. We had fun at his reunion. I wasn’t sure if I would like it since everyone would be so much older than me but they were all really nice. Then he took me out to eat the next night and we had a good time.”

“That’s good, Candy,” Ron said, “because in a couple of weeks, I want you to go to my 50th reunion with me.”

Candy smiled ear-to-ear and said, “That’s great, Mr. Morgan. I’m looking forward to it.”

Ron said, “I don’t want you to dress like an old lady when you go with me, Candy. I want you to show a lot of skin. I want my classmates to envy me for being with such a hot little slut.”

“That’s me, a little slut,” Candy laughed. “Do you want to check my closet or do you want to go shopping to find an outfit for me?”

Ron said, “I’ll check your closet first, and if you don’t have something that screams ‘I’m a slut and I want fucked,’ then we’ll go shopping.”

Candy laughed, “That sounds good Mr. Morgan. You know I’ll wear whatever you want me to wear.”

“I know you will, Candy, because if you didn’t, I might have to withhold my cock from you.”

“Oh no, Mr. Morgan. Don’t even kid around like that. You know I would miss your cock. It would drive me crazy.”

Two days later, Candy invited Ron for dinner and to check out her closet. She made spaghetti. After dinner, Ron looked through all of her clothes and even had Candy try on a few outfits. Finally he said, “Let’s go shopping this weekend. You have some hot outfits that show off your cute chubby little body, but I want a slut with a capital ‘S.'” Candy giggled. “Now Honey, why don’t you take off your clothes so we can spend a little time in your bed?” Candy giggled again, stripped and dropped to her knees in front of Ron. He smiled at the little slut in front of him who knew her place – on her knees worshipping his cock.

Ron pounded his chubby little slut, making her scream and beg for more. He smiled to himself thinking how fortunate he had been when he answered the ad for a maintenance man all those years ago. Fucking this little bitch’s mother for years while Candy was young, and then turning Candy into his own little bitch to use as he wanted, once she became old enough. Damn, life was good!

When the weekend came, Ron took Candy to a sex shop in a nearby town. After perusing the slutty dresses and skirts, Ron finally selected a short tight black dress with laces up both sides. The gaps between the front and back panels were about six inches, and it showed a great deal of cleavage in the front. Then he selected a pair of five inch heels. Candy thought that this outfit looked more like it belonged in a porn film or an adults only Halloween party. She knew that her body would stretch this dress to the max, and hoped that she’d be able to breathe in it.

When they got back to Candy’s apartment, Ron told her to try on her knew outfit. When Candy walked into the room, she looked down and watched Ron get an immediate hard-on. She smiled, lifted the dress over her head and crawled over to him. She unzipped his pants and put his cock into her mouth. As Candy worked on his cock, Ron smiled at the obedient little slut on her knees in front of him. After fucking her in the ass, he told her to suck his cock so he could cum on her face. “OK,” she said, “but I want to swallow it so don’t be squirting it all over my hair.” Ron blew his load all over her face and then scooped it up with his cock and shoved it in to her waiting mouth. “Mmmm,” she moaned. “I love the taste of your cum.”

The next two weeks passed quickly. Candy continued to service Ron and Howard several days each week. Usually if she went longer than two days without getting laid, she would show up at one of their doors with a plate of homemade cookies, look at them as innocently as she could and say, “If I give you these cookies, will you fuck me? Please?”

Finally it was the reunion weekend, and Ron told Candy to be at his apartment with her suitcase and dressed in her shortest shorts, tank top and no underwear at 4:00 for the two hour drive to Springfield. On the way, Ron fingered her pussy and had Candy suck his cock. After checking in to their room, Ron stripped and ass fucked her. “I just love to fuck your hot fat ass, Candy.”

She giggled and said, “Thanks Mr. Morgan. It feels good.”

They dressed and took the elevator downstairs to the small ballroom where the reunion was being held. He instructed her to hang on to him like she loved him. “But I do love you Mr. Morgan, “she said.

“I know you do,” he said. “And I want you to güvenilir bahis be all over me tonight.” Candy just giggled and snuggled up closer pressing her breasts to his arm and letting his hand squeeze her ass. As they entered the room, every eye in the place was on Candy. The women were disgusted. “Look at that slut with that old man Ron.” “She looks like a whore. I bet he hired her for the evening.”

The men were drooling. “Wow, look at that hot little bitch.” “How did Ron ever get something like that?” “She has to be a hooker.”

Over the next few hours, Ron openly felt every part of Candy’s body in front of his classmates. On more than one occasion, Candy asked if they could leave and go to his room and make love. She usually asked when a few of his classmates were within hearing range. He had her bend over a few times showing the bottom of her ass cheeks to the men nearby. Twice while they were dancing, Ron lifted the back of her dress to display her ass to the men gathered near the bar. When the dance was over, they walked to the bar with his arm over her shoulder and his hand squeezing her breast. Most of the men had erections. Ron said, “My wife has the nicest tits I’ve felt in years. Here, Tom, take a feel.”

“Wha . . what?” Tom asked.

“I said have a feel. Here.” Ron reached over and took Tom’s hand and rested it on Candy’s right breast. “Give it a squeeze, Tom. Larry, hold the other one if you want.” The two men stood at the bar feeling Candy’s breasts while Ron stood back smiling. “What do you think?” Ron asked.

“I haven’t felt such nice tits in years,” Larry said.

Ron said, “Slide your hands inside her top and feel those babies.”

The men didn’t need a second invitation. Both hands slid inside the top of her dress and began squeezing her breasts. Candy moaned and the men tweaked her hard nipples and continued massaging her breasts.

Ron said, “Let’s go out on the balcony. I’ll bet you guys can make her cum just by squeezing her tits. What do you think, Candy? Are you game?”

“Oh yes,” she breathed heavily. “I’m game.”

The men remove their hands from inside her top and the four of them drifted through the door onto the balcony. Once outside the hands were back inside her top squeezing Candy’s breasts. As the men worked on Candy’s tits, Ron slid the spaghetti straps down her shoulders and pulled the top of her dress down below her breasts. The men continued to massage tweak and kiss her breasts. In less than three minutes, Candy had an orgasm and both men had to hold her up so she wouldn’t collapse.

“Try to make her cum again,” Ron said. “Her tits are really sensitive. Is that OK with you, Honey?”

“Oh . .Oh . . Yesss-sss! Please don’t stop.”

The men worked on Candy’s breasts for the next 10 minutes bringing her to three more climaxes. Finally, Tom asked, “Hey Ron, I have to ask. Is this hot babe really your wife or did you hire her?”

Ron looked at Candy and she leaned over putting her bare breasts against Ron’s arm and said, “He’s my honey and I love him. From the first time he fu . . screwed me with that beautiful cock, I was hooked. I’d do anything for him.”

“You are one lucky son of a bitch, Ron.” Larry said. “How is she in bed?

Ron laughed and said, “You wouldn’t believe it. Think of the nastiest thing you can and she’s done it with me.”

“Damn!” Larry said. “Is he bullshitting us, Candy?”

“No Larry. He’s not bullshitting you. We have a wonderful sex life and Ron is the most creative person I’ve ever known in bed. Or against a tree. Or bent over the hood of a car. Or anywhere he wants.”

Ron was thinking that Candy was really going above and beyond the call of duty and he would reward her with his cock when they got back to the room. “Hey Honey, pull up your top. I think these guys have seen enough of your tits,” Ron said.

“OK baby,” she said. “Just let me know when you’re ready to go back to the room. I’m getting horny.”

“You got it Baby. Let’s go,” said Ron.

“W-wait guys,” Tom pleaded. “You don’t have to leave do you?”

“Yeah,” Ron said. “This little minx can’t wait. Check this out.” As they began walking away, Ron lifted the back of her dress to the middle of her back putting her naked ass on display for Larry and Tom.

Candy and Ron only smiled, but Larry and Tom both said, “Holy Shit! Would you look at that fat ass.”

As they entered the ballroom, Candy pulled her skirt down and they continued through the ballroom under the frowns of Ron’s female classmates and the drools of his male classmates. When they got on the elevator, she turned to Ron, pulled him close and before kissing him said, “I want your cock, Mr. Morgan.” Ron smiled at her and kissed her while pulling her dress up to her breasts. When they reached their floor, Ron slipped her dress over her head and put his hand on her ass as they walked to the room. As soon as they entered the room, Candy looked up at Ron and pleaded, “Please fuck me, Mr. Morgan. I want your cock so badly.”

Ron türkçe bahis laughed and said, “Pull out my cock and suck me, my little slut.”

As she unzipped his pants, Candy said, “I like being your little slut, Mr. Morgan.”

They spent the night sucking and fucking in as many positions as they could devise until Ron finally fell asleep. Candy curled up next to him and eventually dozed off. The next morning, Ron woke up to find his cock in Candy’s mouth as her head bobbed up and down on it. After he blew his first load of the day down her throat, they ordered breakfast from room service and then started for home.

As they were nearing home, Ron pulled to the side of the road and looked at Candy. “Honey,” he said. “Last night was fantastic. My classmates think I’m a real stud to have bagged a hot little thing like you. Thank you, Candy. I really appreciate it.”

Candy giggled and said, “I had a lot of fun. Nobody ever showed off my body like that in public or let strangers feel me up. It was kind of a turn on.”

“Well, Candy, I didn’t think you would mind having your body put on display in front of strangers. And you seemed to enjoy getting your tits felt up. You are turning in to a real slut.”

Candy giggled again. “Oh Mr. Morgan. You know I am a real slut for your cock.”

“Well, maybe I should just start calling you ‘Slut’ instead of Candy.”

Candy giggled and said, “You can call me whatever you want Mr. Morgan as long as you keep giving me your big cock. Can I suck you one more time before we get back home?”

Ron unzipped his pants and pulled down his zipper. Candy sucked his cock until he blasted more cum down her throat. When they were finished, Ron said, “Now let’s go home.”

For the next few weeks, Candy serviced Howard and Ron on a regular basis. One evening while Howard was visiting Candy Ron attended his local men’s hunting club meeting. The club was made up of about 30 men, all between the ages of 50 and 75 with an interest in hunting. Ron had always wanted to be the president of the club, but he knew that he had no chance of getting elected since most of the men just tolerated him and had no desire for him to lead the club. As they were sitting around drinking beer, Ron asked, “Come on guys, what would I have to do to be president of the club?”

He was met with comments like, “No way will you ever be president” or “You’re too much of an ass hole.” But one loan member said, “Get us all laid by a hot babe, and we’ll think about it.”

Ron grinned at the men and said, “Are you serious? If I get you all laid by some young slut, you’ll elect me president?” All of the men laughed and said, “Yeah Ron. We’ll elect you if you get us laid. Hell, we’d even pay you $50 each to get some young pussy”

The next afternoon, Ron found Candy pulling weeds near her building. “Hey Candy, what’s up?”

“Hey Mr. Morgan. Are you finished working for the day? Are we still on for tonight? I’ve been thinking about your beautiful cock all day.”

Ron laughed and said, “Yeah. Come on over at 5:30 and I’ll feed you dinner before I feed you my cock.” Candy giggled and nodded her head, “OK, see you then.”

After dinner that evening, Candy reached over and began rubbing Ron’s cock. He looked at her and said, “Candy, I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything Mr. Morgan. What do you need?”

“Well, I belong to a club of old men, like me. ” Candy giggled again. “And this group hasn’t seen a hot young babe like you in a long time. So I told them that I thought you might be willing to come to the club on Tuesday and be a stripper for the evening. You’ve got a hot little body and you would drive them crazy.”

“I don’t know Mr. Morgan. I’ve never done anything like that. I’ve never danced like a stripper before. Do you think I could do it?”

“Oh, I know you could, Candy. And if you let them touch your ass and breasts, they wouldn’t care whether you could dance or not.”

“OK, I’ll do it,” she said. “Do you think they’ll think my butt is too big?”

“No Candy. Just let them touch and feel it a little and they’ll love it. I’ll go find you a stripper outfit to wear this week.”

When the big day came, Candy came to Ron’s apartment and said, “I’m really nervous, Mr. Morgan. Are you sure they’ll like me? Are you sure my butt isn’t too fat?”

“You look great, Candy. Here, have a drink and get changed.” Before they left, Ron had poured three strong rum & Cokes into Candy. When they reached the club, Ron gave her another strong drink and then set up the music for Candy. He looked around and counted 24 members waiting for Candy’s performance. One of the members walked up to him and said, “We didn’t think you could do it, Ron.” He handed Ron $1,200 and asked, “How long do we get to keep her?”

Ron smiled and said, “Let her go through her routine and then spend a little time touching her ass and tits. She likes that. Give her another rum & Coke and then have at her. I’m going home to take a nap. Just güvenilir bahis siteleri give me a call when you’re finished. OK?”

Ron turned on the music and walked out the door. Candy let the music play for a couple of minutes until she heard the men start to get restless. When she stepped out to begin her dance, she saw more than 20 men waiting in anticipation. Since there was no stage, Candy slowly danced and took off her clothes while moving between the seated men, who squeezed her ass and breasts as she danced near them.

When she was finally naked, she danced near one of the more bold members who reached out and pulled her on to his lap. “Did you guys check out her fat ass? It’s gonna take a lot of cocks before the night’s over.” he said. He kissed her and quickly inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. She gasped and attempted to pull away, but he held the kiss and inserted another finger and began pumping in and out of her pussy. Another man was behind her massaging her tits and pinching her hard nipples. She stopped trying to pull away and moaned. The fourth finger went into her pussy and she moaned loudly. “This slut is ours now, boys,” the man working on her pussy claimed.

From 8:30 until after 2:00 am, the 24 men worked on Candy. They each fucked all of her holes. She was DP’d and then fucked with two cocks in her pussy and one in her ass while two more were in her mouth. Then she had two in her ass and one in her pussy. They scooped cum out of her ass and pussy and made her swallow it. A couple of times, they forced her to lick cum off the floor. Fourteen of the men made her lick their ass holes. Several men came and pissed into a glass and forced her to drink it. They slapped her tits, her face and her ass and called her slut, whore, cum dump, worthless cunt and any other derogatory name they thought of. By 1:15, she had passed out. At that point, the men treated her much rougher and slapped her much harder.

A few minutes before 2:00, they had finished with her. She was dragged, by her hair, outside and thrown on to a pile of garbage. She was still unconscious as the grease and oil form the restaurant next door’s kitchen, spilled beer, old paper towels and other debris poured over her body. The men stood back and laughed at her and then pissed all over her body. When they were finished, they went back inside to end the evening with a nightcap and discuss the destruction of Ron’s young whore.

Ron had fallen asleep after drinking a few beers at his apartment. When he woke up and looked at the clock, he saw that it was a little after six in the morning. “Holy shit,” he said. “I hope I didn’t sleep through the call from the lodge. Maybe they brought her home.” Ron dressed and walked over to Candy’s apartment where he discovered that she wasn’t home. “Dammit! Where in the hell is that little slut? I’ll bet she got so drunk that they just let her sleep at the club.” Ron got in his truck and drove to the club. He checked the front door, and saw that it was locked. He knocked, but there was no answer.

Ron walked around back to try the back door, and noticed a naked body lying in the garbage. When he walked over, he saw that it was Candy and she was unconscious and covered with cum, grease, piss, stale beer and wine and flies. “Oh shit,” he said.

Candy’s body was so disgusting and smelly that Ron walked back to his truck and brought it back to the trash pile. He lifted Candy into the back of the truck and covered her with an old tarp and drove her home. He wrapped the tarp around her and carried her into her apartment and put her in the shower. He shook his head in disgust and turned on the water. Candy was drifting in and out of consciousness as Ron scrubbed her body with a long handled back brush. When she was reasonably clean, he dried her off and threw her on the bed and left.

Ron went about his daily chores and at 5:30, he returned to Candy’s apartment with some chicken noodle soup and homemade bread. Candy was sitting up in her bed quietly crying. When Ron came in to the room, Candy looked at him and said, “Why did you leave me Mr. Morgan? Those men hurt me.”

“Oh, come on Candy. You’ll be OK. And your pussy probably got the best workout it’s ever had,” he said.

“I-I don’t ever want to do that again, Mr. Morgan. I don’t even remember most of what happened. They were all pawing me and waving their cocks at me. They treated me like a common street whore.” She continued crying.

Ron leaned over and held her for a few minutes and then said, “Have some soup, Candy. It will make you feel better.” Candy slowly are the soup and when she was finished, Ron told her to lay back down and go to sleep.

When Ron got home, he called one of the club members to find out what happened and why that hadn’t called when they finished with Candy. Before he could begin, the member said, “Ron, I gotta hand it to ya. That whore was good. We all fucked her and she was game for anything. If you can work it out for her to come to the club once a month, we’d give you $50 a piece to fuck her. I love the way her ass jiggles when I ram my cock up her shitter from behind. Tomorrow is our club election for president. If you can work this out, you would be one of the best club presidents ever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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