Camping – A Magic Waterfall


Ross had told Jonni of a “magical spot” nearby that they should visit. It was a small creek that had over the years, carved a gash through the cliffs in a 200′ plunge to the lake. The cascading waters have created Fletcher Falls. There was a constant mist in the air no matter what season and those mists promoted the growth of huge ferns, clumps of moss and hanging vines that supported many pretty wild flowers in the summer season.

If those flowers were orchids, the MOST SEXUAL of all plants with its labia like petals and clitoral-like stamen, Ross had often thought the place would be perfect. Nevertheless, it was a place where “you would expect to see a Hobbit or two hunkered down from the spray under a fern frond,” and Ross wanted to show this spot to her.

For the first time since they started dating though, Ross realized that in spite of the attractive pluckiness that Jonni had in such great amounts, it would be a very difficult job to get from the nearest road down to the beach if one was navigating the trail with only one leg. His solution was to rent a boat. It would be available in the nearby town and he had charged Jonni with the task of getting some picnic goodies in town while he checked the boat arrangements.

They actually awoke early this day in spite of continuing their passionate appreciation of each others minds and bodies until well past 1:00AM last night. Ross got some coffee brewing and woke Jonni with some sweet touches and kisses to her face and neck and hair. And instead of stimulating what was becoming her number one sexual “button”, Ross only whispered in her ear how much he AND she enjoyed the feeling of his man-soft-large hands cupping the end of her severed leg and massaging, all the while, using a finger to titillate and stimulate her dripping womanhood. But there was a “program” for the day and Ross promised Jonni that she would enjoy what was in store for the rest of the day AT LEAST as much, if NOT MORE, than what she was enjoying now.

After crutching to the washroom and enjoying a light breakfast together, Jonni sent Ross away while she got dressed for the day. In anticipation of a sunny day and some swimming, she wore a two piece swimming suit and decided to dress over in a silk, very loose, Asian style blouse that could be tied at the waist. She was thus able to accentuate her sweet, supple breasts that were, according to Ross, “the perfect shape and size for a female’s breast to be” (and according to her, becoming firmer, rounder and more sensual because of the upper body exercise she regularly gets as an amputee and a full-time crutch walker). Down below, she chose a pair of tight-white-low-riding-jeans that she had previously altered by stitching in a snug stump pocket. For now, she slipped into a white summer sandal with modest heel; just enough height to ensure that the calf muscle in her remaining leg pushed curvaceously on the jean. The effect both accentuated her stunning, long, right leg AND the existence of her stump that she was becoming more and more proud to display. She was pretty sure that when she opened the van doors and hopped out she would be “very pleasurable” to Ross’ eyes.

And she was right. Ross actually dropped the hatchet and walked instantly into her arms. He engulfed her in that enjoyable soft-bear-hug that he did so well. It made Jonni feel secure and safe, to feel desirable and horny and to feel weak and strong all at Onwin the same time. She cooed with pleasure and the sound melted together with Ross’ deep rumblings of contentment.

Main Street in Fletcher is only 2 blocks long and the Marina is at the east end of the street. Ross parked centrally. Jonni knew what she wanted for the picnic and Ross had shown her the stores. What she needed to buy would fit into the backpack that she swung into after Ross helped her hop down from the van. Jonni didn’t even reflect on the fact that she was stepping out into a totally strange situation, looking knock down drag ’em out gorgeous, on only one leg and crutches, in a place where she didn’t know a soul other than Ross, and she felt marvelous. She felt so good that she felt urgings in her crotch as she crutched off to the Bakery and Ross let out a soft wolf whistle that she heard and that for sure created some urgings in her crotch.

As arranged, Ross was waiting with the van at Jonni’s last stop. The boat was ready; Jonni had the picnic and was certainly ready to go for a magical boat ride. Ross was just happy to see this spectacular woman who had chosen him to become so personal with. “The stage was set”, they say, “for a fine day!”

As the two of them pulled out of the bay, Ross was able to show Jonni their destination off in the far distance. But he got Jonni in the Captain’s seat and directed her on a leisurely cruise past some lakeshore sights. The lake had a just noticeable gentle swell that acted as a relaxing massage. It certainly contributed to the sexual excitement that was in the air by getting Jonni and Ross even more into a mood of physical SENSATION.

Ross showed Jonni how to approach the creek-mouth from the north where there was a secluded small beach and a bit of shade. It was also just a few feet from the trail that Ross wanted to walk on with Jonni to the waterfall chasm, and magic. Lake level was about 200′ below a rugged trail down from the upper car park. That’s why Ross knew that having Jonni drive into this spot in a boat would be more meaningful, and enjoyable, than having her hike one legged down a mountain trail even though he believed she would have willingly attempted it.

She carefully guided the boat in and Ross jumped off the bow with a line. In seconds he secured the boat and was wading, waist deep, back to the boat. Jonni had grabbed her crutches and the beach bag and had seated herself on the gunwale and was waiting for Ross to help her swing out and off of the boat. He stood about waist deep in the water so his face was about level with Jonni’s tightly clad, beautiful crotch and leg. She lifted her stump and gently poked it into his chin before she swung her long leg in an exaggerated manner over top of his head and brought it to rest on his shoulder. He probably caught a scent of the womanhood that she was emitting.

Not being a shy one either, Ross quickly snatched and playfully ravaged her velvet mound with his mouth an impossible feat if she had two long legs. Raising his head from her crotch, he smiled and laughed and lifted her high, swinging her gently away from the boat and into the water. She gasped as the cool lake momentarily quenched her love fires.

Ross reached back to grab her crutches and bag, then he grabbed Jonni tight around the right side and hopped her into shore. He threw down the blanket while Jonni shook like a cat and water Onwin giriş poured from both the hem of her right leg and the bottom of the pant “pocket” that clung to her stump. With a pouty look, one of a person who is most used to high maintenance and finds oneself in a situation of complete and utter unpleasantness, Jonni put her hands on her hips as she hopped to balance and “scolded” Ross for having now made her “get out of these wet jeans mucho-fast or they would dry so tight they’ll never come off, and then where would we be?”

In the time it took Ross to do a few security things with the boat and to bring the picnic basket ashore, Jonni had shed the wet jeans and the wet-droopy-blouse and stripped to her shiny-racy-white-bikini with gold and black embroidery. She had “posed” herself in the sun, on the blanket, leaning back on her right arm, with her long-slender right leg stretching forever south. That leg was then “crowned” with a sexy, small foot and five stunningly-red-toes. If Jonni had had two legs, to achieve the look Ross was presently savoring, she would have had her left leg spread wide, in the “other direction.” That image is not as pretty for sure as looking at Jonni’s tanned nub of a stump, seemingly stretched, as wide for sure, perhaps even wider, but without another leg to spoil the view.

She looked unbelievably classy! Her dark summer tan created a magnificent contrast to her swimming suit. Adding to the perfect image before him was the fact that even her short stump was tanned. The Doctors had done a great job in removing any ugliness from an ugly situation and had created a perfectly round tipped stump. It hung, loose and unsupported from her hip and jiggled when she moved. It also seemed to sway in the breeze and of course it occasionally moved of its own volition like some sort of appendage seeking a meaning and a use. Jonni and Ross were certainly finding out on this camping trip the many uses to which her stump could be put. Her stretched out right leg looked even longer and more elegant than a normal leg because by comparison, it was totally unique and totally without comparison. It seemed so lithe, so silky and soft, so strong, so long, so curvaceous, and so desirous. Ross was awed by the beauty before him and his swollen shorts hurt badly!

Ross was still in his shorts!

He had fallen far behind her and he desperately needed to rectify the situation. But Jonni grabbed his leg and pulled him down beside her right side where she began to undress him. With one hand she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it off his back. With the other hand she slowly began massaging his cock and loosening the zipper in a slow tease. When the moment came that she could insert her hands into Ross’ shorts, she was surprised to find that Ross was not wearing any underwear! (Maybe he hadn’t fallen so far behind after all!)

She gently squeezed with glee his engorged manhood and then began a gentle tickling motion of his balls as she continued to remove his shorts. With Ross now down beside her, Jonni turned on her right side, nuzzling her face close to her work at hand, and as she dropped Ross’ shorts, she swallowed his manhood.

She massaged his cock with her tongue and pursed her lips so gently around his penis while she sucked up and down on his cock. For a moment she wondered if Ross got as much pleasure sucking her stump as she got sucking his “stump.” Ross lurched in pleasure and collapsed his mouth on Jonni’s stump and began chewing and sucking and kneading down with his tongue to where he could feel the short stub of bone left from her amputation.

It was now Jonni’s turn to lurch in pleasure. She shuddered and turned her face to Ross’s and pulled him to her into a deep, passionate, bone-sucking kiss. They were literally slobbering kisses over each other. Without losing a moment’s passion, Ross raised Jonni to a sitting position and he sat beside her until they broke for a gasp of air. Each shuddered! And at that moment, Jonni came!

Ross quickly massaged his hand into the space between her slender thigh and stubby and squeezed. She came hot and wet into his hand for what seemed like minutes.

“Oh my God, that’s better than all, and there have been lots of orgasms in the last month or so”, she thought.

The two of them were entwined in the arms of total physical pleasure and exhaustion.

Perhaps they dozed off. But the sun had noticeably moved to a shadier aspect when Jonni opened her eyes and began nudging her stump into Ross’ thigh.

“You’ve said this was a magical place with Elves and stuff,” she whispered into his ear. “Well, dear Sir, I am ready to see some more magic.

Needing nothing more than a sock and boot for Jonni’s right leg, the two of them somewhat slowly got it together to venture off to “Hobbit Land.” The sandy beach for the first few yards caused a bit of problem as Jonni’s crutches sank when she placed her full weight on the handles. The trail when they reached it was solid and mostly free of hazards other than an occasional tree root that could snag a crutch or trip a passerby. Even though the trail was wide enough for two side-by-side-walkers, Jonni felt better knowing Ross was inches behind her in case she slipped.

But she didn’t slip and the walk was only a couple of hundred yards anyways. As they walked up the canyon, the temperature dropped, the colors got greener, browner and richer and a damp, cool mist started to envelope them. Both felt elated, like their senses were anesthetized and their torrid composures began to cool down. At that moment, Ross stopped Jonni at the beginning of her leg-swing-through and whispered, “perhaps we should see if OUR PASSION could turn all this coolness to steam!” That cracked them both up as they rounded the last bend and ……………. there was the grotto.

Jonni stopped short. This “allowed” Ross to “crash” into her pert bottom. He reached around and down below her breasts and under her crutches and squeezed her. Softly, but STRONG! Her leg actually gave a small shudder (again! already!). Ross gently glided the two of them to a ledge just a few feet away on the right and they sat on the cool damp rock. They were both awed at the spectacle of the cascading waters, the flying mists and the COMPLETE SENSOUSNESS of the spot that they were a part of.

In silence, Ross began nudging and rubbing Jonni’s neck with his nose. Jonni’s back arched allowing an opportunity for Ross to gently grab her breasts and begin speaking love to this “perfect” female. The crispness of the cool mists and the torrid warmth coming from their pleasure surrounded both of the lovers in another passionate moment of “connection”.

When they got back to the blanket, Jonni cooed to Ross that “the kisses in the grotto, my sweet man, were “magic.” I now believe in magic because I really don’t remember crutching back here with you.”

“You didn’t sweet Jonni; I carried you back here to the blanket! I love you!”

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