Captive Virgin

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Barbie Bergen drove her Toyota slowly through the howling blizzard, on her way to a Christian Youth Camp. The rest of her friends were already there, gathered for a weekend ski trip at a nearby resort. The weather had turned bad very suddenly, the temperature dropping precipitously, and Barbie had soon lost her way, having left the main road over an hour before. She peered through the icy windshield, trying to see any signs or markers that would help her find the camp.

Barbie was a senior in high school, just short of her 18th birthday. She was a cheerleader and had been named a Homecoming Princess that year, along with various academic awards. Next year, she hoped to go away to college. Through it all, she had jealously guarded her virginity, wanting to save herself for the man she married. She knew it was an old-fashioned idea, and her girlfriends sometimes teased her about her persistent chastity. The guys who had gone out with her were even more insistent, especially the football players, who seemed to expect the girls they hooked up with to have sex with them, or at least suck them off. Barbie was a beautiful girl, with silky blonde hair and a curvaceous body, and guys were constantly telling her that it was a crying shame to let that lush body go to waste. She had allowed some of them to fondle her large breasts, and twice she had gone so far as to give guys hand jobs in their cars. She had done it more out of curiosity than anything else, wanting to see what it was like when a man came. But she adamantly refused to go further, true to her devout Christian upbringing. It wasn’t that she was immune to the urgings of her body. She was, in fact, just as subject to raging hormones as anyone else her age, and perhaps more so.

She had discovered the pleasure her body could give her a few years before, while rinsing the soap from her pussy with a detachable showerhead. The pulsing action of the water against her sensitive clitoris had driven her to a stupendous climax, leaving her thrashing and gasping in the tub full of bubble bath. Since then, she had made herself come with regularity, a guilty pleasure that she nevertheless considered her fair and just reward for her steadfast refusal to have sex with anyone else.

Suddenly, without warning, the engine of the Toyota coughed and died. She turned the key, cranking the engine, but it refused to start again. The snow fell in huge flakes, slowly obliterating any sign of the road ahead. Fear began to creep into Barbie’s brain as she continued her futile attempts to start the car, the battery becoming weaker with each try. She took her cell phone out of her car and turned it on. No service. She had no idea how far she was from anything, a cabin or a store or gas station. She knew for sure that she hadn’t past anything in quite awhile, and she was afraid to leave the car to walk out into the raging snowstorm. She decided to wait there until another car came by.

Hours passed, the snow continued to fall heavily, and the bitter cold crept into the car where Barbie shivered in her ski jacket. She had not seen any other cars on the narrow dirt road, and she was becoming truly alarmed about her situation. Nobody would miss her until at least the next day, and there was no help on the way.

As she shivered in the cold of the car, her thoughts turned to sex. How ironic, she thought, that she had guarded her precious virginity so zealously for all this time, and now she might die here alone in the forest, without ever experiencing sex with a man. She might never feel the hard thrust of a penis into the depths of her vagina, might never feel the warm flood of his semen inside her. She began to regret her steadfast rigidity, her closed-mindedness.

As night began to descend, Barbie began to panic. She finally resolved to leave the car and walk, hoping to find a cabin with lights on. She began to trudge through the deepening snow, trying to follow the dirt road, but unsure even of that. She saw no signs of life, no cabins, no lights. Soon she was hopelessly lost, her face and feet almost frozen from the cold. She struggled on, as her feet became numb, gradually losing hope of being saved. She felt herself becoming sleepy, and fought it off desperately, knowing that if she slept, she might not wake up. Finally, she stumbled over a snag and fell in the snow, sobbing with fear and praying for her rescue.

Strangely, once again her thoughts turned to sex. She began to talk aloud, her mind swirling in confusion as the cold gradually took possession of her body. It was as if she was speaking to someone else, using words she had never before uttered in public. “My God, I’m almost 18 years old, and now I’m going to die, and I’ve never been FUCKED! I’ve never felt a man’s cock inside me, and I never, ever will! Why did I say no all those times? WHY??”

And then she felt herself drifting off into a tortured but strangely peaceful sleep. She wasn’t sure whether she actually said the last thing that came into her mind, or just thought it. “Please, God, if I’m saved, I’ll never say no to a man again.”

Ten minutes later, several arms lifted her out of the snow, as she mumbled softly, again and again: “Never say no again…”


When Barbie awakened, she found herself warm and dry, lying on a plush carpet in a large mountain cabin with log walls. A crackling fire burned in the stone fireplace. Outside the large windows, the blizzard raged on. As she felt the warmth from the fire on her skin, she realized with a sudden shock that she was naked, except for the small gold cross hanging from her necklace, and that she was confined. Her wrists and ankles were bound with soft leather straps to rings in the floor. Her legs were spread wide, her knees bent, completely exposing her sex. Several pillows were under her head, allowing her to comfortably see the great room and it’s occupants. There were six other people in the room, all of them naked, sitting around and talking casually, wine glasses in their hands. Oh my God, she thought quickly, embarrassed that they could see every inch of her body. Who are these people?? What do they want from me?

Her questions were soon answered by a statuesque, regal-looking blonde woman in her late thirties. She glanced over at Barbie and noticed that she had regained consciousness. “Well, well, look who’s awake!” she said, smiling. “Good morning, sweetie. Did you have a nice nap?”

“Who are you?” Barbie demanded angrily, struggling against her straps. “Where are my clothes? Why am I tied up?”

“Shhhh, all in good time, Barbie. Some thanks might be in order. After all, we DID save your life, you know.”

“How do you know my name?” said Barbie, increasingly alarmed.

“Tsk, tsk. Such ingratitude. From your driver’s license, of course,” said the blonde woman casually. “Barbie Bergen, seventeen years old, five-foot-six, 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes. .My name is Jessica, and this is my husband Frank.” She proceeded with the introductions. “And that’s Jerry and his wife Tanya, and Tyrone and his girlfriend Luann.” Frank was a distinguished-looking man in his forties, probably a businessman of some kind. Jerry was tall and Nordic-looking, slim and blue-eyed. His wife Tanya was a petite but busty brunette, no more than five feet tall. Tyrone and Luann were both African-American, obviously the youngest members of the group, both in their early twenties. Tyrone was a tall, powerfully-built man, while Luann was an athletic-looking girl with small, firm breasts, about 5’4” in height, her hair in beaded corn rows.

Barbie sensed something ominous in Jessica’s manner. For the first time, Barbie’s anger began to be supplanted by fear. “What do you want with me?”

“Oh, I’m so glad you asked me that, Barbie,” said Jessica, standing up and walking over to Barbie, completely unashamed of her nakedness. Her body was magnificent for a woman her age. “You see, Frank and I are…well, I’d guess you’d say we’re swingers. We like to get together with like-minded friends and have sex. Lots and lots of sex. We came up here for a week, and you just kind of fell into your hands by accident. How very fortunate for us! And for you, I might add. After all, you might have died out there in the snow.”

Barbie gazed up in shock at Jessica, her awareness growing quickly regarding the likely reason she was being held captive. Her mind raced, seeking an escape. “Look…I appreciate that you saved my life. And I don’t care what you people do here. It’s none of my business. I promise I won’t tell. Just let me go and I won’t cause any trouble.”

Jessica laughed. “Oh, sweetie, you don’t understand. You see, now that you’re here, we have big plans for you. You’re going to be the star attraction at our little party.”

Fear stabbed through Barbie as she realized her peril. “You won’t get away with this! People will be looking for me! This is kidnapping!”

“Oh, I don’t think they’ll find you. We’re miles from where your car stopped, and the blizzard has covered your tracks by now.”

Confronted with Jessica’s determination, Barbie made a last, desperate plea. “Please…don’t do this. I’m a virgin!”

Jessica’s eyes widened in surprise. “A VIRGIN?” she repeated, laughing again. “Oh, Frank, this is simply too good to be true! You’re going to get to deflower a virgin and introduce her to the joys of fucking!”

Barbie trembled in fear and outrage, no longer in doubt about the group’s intentions. “NO! You can’t!! It’s rape!!”

Jessica chuckled. “Oh, don’t worry, sweetie, we don’t plan on raping you. That isn’t our style. No, I think it would be much more fun if you willingly offered to have sex with us. I don’t know how a pretty girl like you has stayed a virgin for so long anyway. It’s just not natural!”

Barbie shook her head, not believing what she had just heard. “You can’t be serious!! I won’t do it! You can’t make me!! I’m a Christian!”

“Of course you will,” said Jessica, exuding confidence as she got down on her knees next to Barbie, and placed her lips close to her ear. “Barbie, listen to me carefully,” she crooned softly, as her hand slid between Barbie’s legs. She lightly teased the young girl’s clit with her fingertip as she continued. “You’re going to do anything I want you to do. When I get done with you, you’ll crawl on your knees to each of us in turn, eager to do anything and everything to please us. You’ll suck on the men’s cocks until they flood your mouth with hot, pulsing come. You’ll lick and suck our juicy pussies and lick our clits and stick your tongue inside us until we come all over it. And then you’ll beg us all to fuck you in that sweet, virginal, Christian pussy of yours, in your tight little ass, in your mouth, or all three at once. And then you’ll beg for more. You’re going to be my greatest creation, Barbie, an insatiable fucking machine who won’t know how to stop, and won’t want to stop. Not ever.”

Barbie turned her head and stared at the beautiful, depraved woman in disbelief, bolts of pleasure emanating from her clit despite herself. Her pussy was wet. “No! No matter what terrible things you do to me, you’ll never get me to beg. Never!” Even as she said it, though, uncertainty crept into her brain, and she remembered her frantic, desperate words in the frigid snow.

“I think we will,” said Jessica matter-of-factly, standing up. “These are the rules of our game, Barbie. Until you beg us, you won’t be fucked, and we won’t let you come. For now, though, I think we’ll just let you watch for awhile, so that you can get some idea of the basic principles involved. Somehow I suspect that your education has been seriously neglected up until now.” She turned to her husband. “Tanya, why don’t you demonstrate for our little virginal friend the proper way to suck Frank’s cock? And Jerry, while she’s doing that, maybe you can lick and suck on Luann’s luscious pussy and see if you can make her come that way, while Tyrone and I watch and become better acquainted.”

Barbie stared in disbelief as the people in the room immediately rearranged themselves to comply with Jessica’s wishes. Jerry got up, his long cock dangling between his legs, and walked over to where Luann was sitting next to her boyfriend, and nestled between her casually parted legs, scooting her firm ass down to the edge of the couch cushion. Without hesitation, Jerry moved forward and began slowly lapping at Luann’s shaved cleft, parting her folds with his tongue to reveal and taste the coral flesh inside. She watched him with interest, blissfully aware of the other pairs of eyes watching Jerry make love to her pussy, sighing happily as his tongue slid up and caressed her clit. After a few moments, she reached up and captured her small, brown nipples between her fingers, pinching them roughly as Jerry feasted hungrily on her sex.

Meanwhile, Frank had stood up and walked over to the other couch where Tanya was sitting, and sat down next to her, his cock already rising as blood surged into it. Tanya watched for a moment as her husband enthusiastically lapped at the black girl’s pussy, and without further prompting, got up on her knees and reached out to encircle Frank’s engorged shaft with her fingers. She was unable to reach all the way around it with her small hand, but nevertheless immediately lowered her head and took the helmeted head between her full lips. Frank groaned with pleasure as she bathed his cockhead with her saliva, caressing it with her tongue. Soon Tanya was bobbing her head, sucking him in a slow, patient rhythm, making soft slurping noises. Her bobbed, almost boyish dark hair did nothing to hide the view of her sucking to the others, including Barbie. Frank idly fondled her big breasts as her lips slid wetly up and down the shaft of his glistening, wet penis.

Tyrone, having watched Jerry licking his girlfriend’s juicy pussy for a few minutes, got up and walked over to Jessica and sat down next to her. Both of them watched the other two couples, as Jessica moved her hand over and began slowly stroking the thick, semi-hard shaft of his truly awe-inspiring cock, moving the supple skin up and down with her fingers. She had noticed Tyrone at one of her husband’s work-related functions, and had prevailed on Frank to invite him up to the cabin for the week, having first determined that he had a girlfriend and that both of them were of the adventurous sort, sexually speaking. Now his cock came alive in the knowing grip of his boss’s beautiful blonde wife, and she sneaked admiring peeks at it as they watched the others. “Mmmm, you sure didn’t get cheated,” she murmured, enjoying the way his cock filled her hand.

Barbie, bound helplessly on the floor, watched the proceedings with a combination of fear and guilty fascination. She had never in her life watched people have sex, and never dreamed that six people could so casually do so in her presence. Despite herself, she found herself becoming aroused, and she prayed fervently that Jessica could not see that her nakedly exposed pussy was wet. She watched Tanya, imagining her own lips around Frank’s thick cock, wondering if she could ever succeed in taking him into her mouth. Then she turned and watched Jerry’s tongue as it flicked lightly against Luann’s protruding clit, wondering what his tongue would feel like caressing her own engorged bud. I have to stop thinking of it, she poker oyna said to herself, closing her eyes and praying silently. Soon, though, the innocent teenager opened them again, unable to overcome her burgeoning curiosity about sex.

After several minutes, Luann’s moans reached a crescendo, and she reached out and forced Jerry’s face hard against her wet pussy, crying and sobbing as she reached an intense, shuddering climax. Her body tensed, her breath caught in her chest, as she shook violently from the fury of her orgasm, Jerry lapping at her clit as she came. As if taking his cue from Luann, Frank groaned suddenly, and Tanya quickly raised her head until the head of his throbbing cock slipped out. Tanya stroked the shaft faster, watching intently, until a viscous rope of Frank’s semen erupted upward, covering Tanya’s parted lips and then dropping back down onto his cock head. Then a second, more voluminous spurt bathed her intent face, and a third, and a fourth, his come bursting against her lips, and then oozing down and covering his cock and her fingers as she stroked him in rhythm with his voluminous pulses. Finally, she plunged her head down and took him back into her mouth, sucking him hungrily as he finished coming in her welcoming mouth. She pursed her lips around him and sucked it gently until he finished, humming happily as her lips and tongue caressed his sensitive penile flesh.

Barbie stared, astonished, her eyes darting from Tanya to Luann and back again. Her vagina spasmed wetly at the sight of Luann’s body frantically convulsing, driven to orgasm by Jerry’s lips and tongue. And then, she felt it bathed with a sudden delicious warmth as Frank pumped out his come all over Tanya’s pretty face. To Barbie, it was like his come erupted in ultra-slow motion, splattering frame by frame against her lips. Unconsciously, her tongue slipped forward and she traced her lips wetly with it, imagining Frank’s gushing sperm on them, wondering what it tasted like. Her actions were not lost on Jessica, who glanced over and witnessed her teenage captive’s tongue slowly moistening her lips. Jessica couldn’t resist a secret little smile of triumph.

“Okay, gang,” said Jessica, as Luann and Frank regained their breath. “Let’s take a little break for refreshments. But before we do that, I think each of us should give Barbie’s cute little virgin pussy a nice little kiss hello. You can lick her if you want, but just a little. We don’t want make her come. At least, not yet.”

With that, Jessica let go of Tyrone’s big cock, got up and knelt between Barbie’s parted legs. Barbie was helpless to get away from her, and she braced herself for the degrading humiliation Jessica seemed determined to subject her to. Closing her eyes, she told herself not to enjoy it, to be repulsed by it. She had never even considered the possibility of having sex with a woman…and now, just like that, this woman was about to lick and kiss her between her legs as if such things happened every day.

Jessica bent forward and extended her tongue, barely touching the outer, fluted edges of Barbie’s labia with the tip, and letting it glide upward. Pleasure suddenly surged powerfully through Barbie’s body, and she stifled an unwanted moan in her throat as Jessica’s tongue caressed her, slowly parting the petals of her innocent pussy. Now Jessica could taste her wetness, her arousal. She stopped for a moment and looked up into Barbie’s face. Barbie opened her eyes, suddenly wondering why Jessica had withdrawn her tongue. She had never felt such an awesome surge of pleasure in her life, even when she had masturbated.

“Mmmm, our little Barbie-doll can deny it all she likes, but she’s as hot as a pistol!” said Jessica, smiling. “Sweetie, you taste positively scrumptious!” Then she bent down again and licked the length of Barbie’s glistening pussy, her tongue glancing against her clit. Barbie’s breath caught, and she fought back another moan as Julia softly kissed the tiny protuberance. Instantly, another powerful burst of pleasure slammed through her.

One by one, the other five took their turn, licking and kissing her nakedly exposed sex. Barbie whimpered softly, struggling against her straps, feeling her body’s arousal surging upward with each tongue-caress, each pair of lips touching her, sucking her. She yearned fervently for them to finish what they had started and make her come, but she dared not provide even the subtlest hint of her desire, determined as she was to deny Jessica the triumph of her surrender.

Tanya was the last to caress her pussy with her tongue, wiggling it against her clit in a way that almost drove Barbie insane with pleasure. Then Tanya moved up and whispered in Jessica’s ear, her fingers rubbing Barbie’s pussy as she spoke. “Barbie, sweetie, give in. There’s no point in fighting her. Give in, and you’ll experience pleasure like you never dreamed possible.” Barbie shook her head, stubbornly refusing to cooperate, despite the undeniable powerful sensations stirring between her legs.

Eventually, they finished with her, and went to another room to nosh and drink. Barbie could hear them laughing and talking. She wondered idly what sort of new humiliation Jessica would now think up to visit upon her.

After an hour or so, during which it sounded like all three couples took showers upstairs, her captors came back into the great room, still naked, and resumed their places on the couches, this time sitting at random. Jessica, as she always did, immediately took charge of things. “Jerry, I think maybe Tanya’s given our friend Barbie enough of a lesson on the rudiments of cocksucking that she might be ready to practice on yours. Of course, for all I know, she’s probably sucked off every boy in her high school, knowing how things are with kids these days.”

Barbie stared at Jessica, her eyes wide, her face flushed, as Jerry got to his feet and walked toward her. Oh my God, she thought, she’s wants me to suck his cock!! In actual fact, Barbie had never done this before, although lots of guys had begged her to and most of her girlfriends had told her they do it routinely. “NO!” she cried. “I won’t do it! You can’t make me!”

“Sweetie, I thought I explained, your resistance is futile. You might as well just relax and enjoy yourself. It’ll be ever so much easier and more pleasant for you.”

Barbie glared at her. “You’ll never break me. No matter what filthy things you make me do!”

Jessica maintained her characteristic look of absolute confidence. “Oh, I think we will,” she said. “And Barbie…you just might find that you like sucking Jerry’s cock.”

Jerry, meanwhile, had straddled Barbie’s chest, sitting on her firm, budding breasts, his long, slim cock throbbing with excitement at the thought of having the young virgin sucking on his dick.

Barbie turned her head, keeping her lips firmly closed as Jerry tried to guide the head of his cock to them. Noticing her resistance, Jessica walked over quickly and kneeled next to her, reaching out and slapping her face with her open hand. Barbie looked at her in shock, her face stinging. Jessica looked at her sternly. “We’re not kidding around here, Barbie-doll. Please don’t make me do that again. Now be a good girl and suck his cock.”

Chastened by the slap, and a victim of her own sexual curiosity, Barbie relented and let her full lips part. Jerry immediately slid the head of his cock between them, and her lips pursed around the shaft as her tongue experimentally touched the underside.

“Yeahhh, that’s it, baby…” said Jerry. “Suck on it. Use your tongue.”

Barbie found herself torn by contradictory impulses. On the one hand, she didn’t want to cooperate at all with Jessica and her friends. On the other, she was curious about what it was like to have a cock in her mouth, having watched Tanya so obviously enjoy herself with Frank’s even bigger cock. And after all, she WAS being forced to do this. She wrestled with herself for several seconds, and then resigned herself to sucking on the throbbing penis in her mouth. Maybe if she did what he wanted, he’d reach orgasm and then it would be over sooner. Tentatively, her tongue began to swirl around the sensitive head and the underside as he withdrew. Her lips ovaled tightly around the shaft, and she felt her mouth fill with saliva. And then he thrust his cock back against her throat, as she struggled to accept his length.

“Damn, she’s getting the hang of it,” murmured Jerry. He raised himself into position over her, resting on his hands and feet, and began to slowly saw his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Ooooh, yeah, baby, that’s it, fuck her mouth,” said Tanya, watching eagerly. “God, she looks so hot!”

Barbie, secretly thrilled by Jerry and Tanya’s praise, and proud of how quickly she’d learned the basics of cocksucking, began to slurp enthusiastically on the rigid cock in her mouth, relaxing her throat to accept it deeper. She tried to keep her teeth from touching the stiff shaft as he thrust in and out of her relentlessly. Soon, sensing the growing urgency in Jerry’s thrusts, the thought penetrated Barbie’s brain that he was on the verge of spewing his hot, pulsing semen into her mouth, just as Frank had done with Tanya. Oh my god, she thought, he’s going to come, right into my mouth!

At the moment the realization of Jerry’s impending orgasm penetrated her brain, Jerry groaned out loud, and his cock began to spurt thick jets of come into her now-eager mouth. “Ohhhh, FUUUUUCCCKKK!!! SUCK IT!!”

Barbie, initially repulsed by the thought of having her mouth filled with his semen, nevertheless tightened her lips around the spasming shaft and sucked him hard, until his copious sperm forced her to gulp it down to keep from drowning in it. Surprised to find the taste inoffensive, she slid her tongue along the underside as he pumped more and more of it down her throat.

At last, his balls were empty, and he slowly withdrew, his cock slipping out from between her pursed lips, trailing a thick strand of come. Barbie licked her lips with her tongue, getting used to the taste, as Jerry sat back, gasping for air.

Barbie lay back, secretly proud of herself and excited by what she had done, struggling to keep an expression of disgust on her face. She could not let them know how close she was to surrendering. Jessica, however, was undaunted. “Barbie, you looked just like an angel when you drank his come. I really think you’re getting the hang of our little game. It’s going to be so exciting when you finally beg us to fuck you.”

“It was awful!” said Barbie, fighting the good fight despite the powerful yearning between her legs. “You can make me do these disgusting things, but you can’t make me like them. You can’t get inside my head. You can’t make me beg.”

“We’ll see, sweetie, we’ll see. We have all the time in the world.” Jessica turned to the others in the great room. “Okay, kids, it’s recess time!”

Quickly, the three couples paired off. Frank, thoroughly turned on by watching Barbie’s fellatio exhibition, pushed Luann back on the couch and guided his cock between the smooth, slippery lips of her pussy, sliding it slowly inside as she moaned excitedly and wrapped her firm legs around his ass. Jessica straddled Tyrone, facing his legs, and slid down on his massive cock, sighing happily as he penetrated her. Tanya quickly descended to the floor, crawled over and began to lick and suck on the black man’s big, sperm-bloated balls as Jessica moved slowly up and down on the thick shaft. Jerry moved up behind his wife and guided his resurgent cock into her glistening wet pussy, and began to thrust slowly in and out of her as she released Tyrone’s balls and lapped at Jessica’s exposed clit.

Barbie watched the orgy from the floor, feeling her arousal surge higher as her six captors fucked each other with growing abandon. She watched as Frank’s cock slid easily in and out of Luann’s welcoming pussy, glistening with her flowing wetness. She saw Jerry fucking his cock in and out of his wife, her firm ass jiggling with each hard thrust, as she alternately licked and sucked at Tyrone’s sperm-filled balls and then teased Jessica’s clit with her tongue. Barbie struggled again to free herself, wishing fervently that her hands were free so that she could touch herself, rub herself, without drawing the attention of Jessica, who was lost in her own world, totally focused on the big black cock buried in her pussy. Barbie had masturbated many times to sooth the insistent fires in her body, but she had never in her life been so desperate to make herself come as she was at this moment.

A little later, as Barbie writhed against her leather straps, Jessica cried out as her orgasm overwhelmed her. “Oh, god, yes, FUCK me, I’m COMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!” Tanya fastened her lips on the blonde woman’s clit and sucked it, lashing it with her tongue as she, too, erupted in an orgasmic fury. A few seconds later, Jerry grimaced, pulling his cock out of his wife’s pussy and sliding it between the lush cheeks of her ass. In a moment, he was spewing spurt after spurt of his come upward, cascading down onto her back and covering it with white pools of semen.

Luann, too, screamed as her body convulsed, arching upward with surprising strength and lifting Frank along with it. “OHH!!! OHHH!!! UHHH!!!! YESSS!!!! NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!”

Frank rammed his cock into her spasming pussy to his balls, flung his head back and growled like a wild animal, unleashing a hot, thick torrent of sperm into the black girl’s depths, the muscles of her tight cunt grasping his cock and milking the spurting come from his balls as her hips gyrated against his cock.

Finally, Tyrone couldn’t hold back, groaning as his balls contracted in Tanya’s eagerly sucking mouth, and sending hard pulses of his syrupy come into Jessica’s deliciously stretched pussy. “Ohhh, FUCK YEAHH, TAKE IT, BITCH!!!” he moaned as he pumped her full.

Barbie watched them come, her hips unconsciously rising and falling, her pussy flooded with wetness, imagining that she was the recipient of the three flourishing cocks, that they were all fucking her in turn, ramming their cocks past the tattered remnant of her virginity, and spewing their pent-up sperm into her. Her nipples were stiff and protruding, completing the utter betrayal of her body. Yet, even now, she was determined not to give in.

After a few minutes, the six swingers fell back, exhausted from their hard fucking, trying to regain their breath. When she had begun to recover, Jessica looked over at Barbie and smiled. “Did you enjoy that, sweetie? Did it make you wet?”

Barbie ignored the taunting question. “I need to go to the bathroom,” she said, in a tiny voice, thinking that if she could be alone, even just for a few minutes, she could rub her pussy and quench the mounting fire that was consuming her body.

“Certainly, sweetie,” said Jessica, getting up and walking over to her. She unfastened the straps and helped Barbie unsteadily to her feet. “Of course, I’ll have to accompany you.”

Barbie heart sank, but she tried to hide her disappointment with outrage. “What, I can’t have any privacy, even in the bathroom?”

Jessica smiled sympathetically. “Silly girl. Barbie, love, if I left you alone in the bathroom, or in the shower, it might occur to you to make yourself come, and then where would we be? No, I think canlı poker oyna someone will have to stay with you at all times when you’re not confined.”

Barbie looked at her in disbelief, incredulous that this evil woman was not only going to torture her, stimulating her body until it cried out for release, but was going to deny her that release until she begged for it! Crestfallen and defeated, she followed Jessica to the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, with the door closed, Jessica quickly bent down and, without warning, kissed her on the lips. Barbie tried to resist for a moment, but found herself melting against the older woman, her soft lips parting. As their tongues touched, caressing each other, Julia’s hand slid down between Barbie’s legs and gently stroked her pussy, her fingers easing between the girl’s drenched folds. She broke their kiss then, whispering as she massaged Barbie’s quivering clit. “Mmmmmmm, sweetie, you’re so WET! I’ll bet you’d love it if I got you off, right here, on my fingers. Would you like that, Barbie?”

Barbie felt her knees weaken, her orgasm so close, lurking just barely out of her reach. “Yeeesssss!!” she breathed urgently. “Please, Jessica…just a little more! I’m so close, I can’t stand it any more! Make me come!”

“No, I don’t think so, love,” said Jessica, easing her fingers from the young girl’s pussy. “You know, it doesn’t count if you beg me here. You have to beg ALL of us, where we can all see and hear you. Then we’ll make you come.”

Barbie moaned as she realized that Jessica was still bent on toying with her. “Please! Don’t torture me any more!”

“It’s up to you, Barbie,” said Jessica, smiling. “You have the power to stop this any time you want to. You know you do.”

Barbie shook her head, gathering what was left of her resolve. “Never…” she murmured.

“Suit yourself, sweetie,” said Jessica cheerfully. “Now, go to the bathroom and then we’ll rejoin the others.”

Barbie’s ordeal continued through the evening. The three couples fucked in every imaginable combination, seeming to be insatiable, inexhaustible. Toward the end of the evening, Jessica had offered Tyrone the opportunity to have his cock sucked by Barbie. He had gratefully complied, straddling her and feeding her his gleaming black cock. Barbie had been scared of it at first because of it’s size, but she soon found that she could accommodate the head and a few inches of the shaft, as Tyrone slowly stroked his cock, jerking himself off into her mouth, her lips stretched taut around the thick tube of flesh. After several minutes, during which she sucked him with growing eagerness, he pumped out a huge load of come into her mouth, which she gulped down as fast as she could, some of it escaping and oozing down her cheek. As he finally withdrew his flagging cock, Barbie’s lips had clung to it, not wanting to let him escape from her mouth. She lad even extended her tongue and licked around the head as he held it there for her, forcing out a last ooze of sperm onto her tongue with his fingers. Then he had gathered the stray rivulet of come from her cheek, and held it in front of her lips so that she could lick it off.

Toward midnight, for the day’s finale, Jessica suggested that Luann sit on Barbie’s face and allow the captive teenager to lick her to orgasm. Luann’s pussy was by this time filled to overflowing with the sperm of all three men. Barbie was past caring, though, and willingly lapped at Luann’s sopping labia as the accumulated come flowed down into her mouth. Soon, Barbie’s avid tongue drove Luann to the edge of orgasm, driving up into her oozing vagina, fucking slowly in and out, and then caressing and lashing at the black girl’s sensitive clit. Luann rocked her hips, rubbing her drenched cleft on Barbie’s face, her hands squeezing her breasts hard, until she gasped out her throbbing orgasm, trembling on Barbie’s face as she came.

At last, the orgy was over for the night. Jessica turned on the huge plasma TV at the end of the room and put some DVD’s in the player, telling Barbie that she might like some entertainment during the night. As the opening sequence started, the three couples gathered themselves up and left for their bedrooms.

Barbie lay back, exhausted. The first DVD began to play, and Barbie’s heart sank when she realized that it was a pornographic movie. There was to be no relief from her ordeal. She watched as the actors and actresses began to fuck and suck each other with reckless, obscene abandon. Sperm flew everywhere, erupting from gargantuan cocks, covering the girls’ eager faces, flooding their pussies and assholes, girls no older than her. She had never seen such awful things, couldn’t imagine people doing things like that for money. Desperately she tried to block it out of her mind and sleep. But the sounds of the movies penetrated her brain even when she closed her eyes, and she kept opening them to satisfy her curiosity about the films. Her mind was drenched with sex – she could think of nothing else. When she finally slept, it was a fitful slumber, her dreams filled with fucking, and sucking, and coming.


At about 9:00 the next morning, Julia roused Barbie from her sleep, unfastened her straps and took her to the bathroom, and then to the shower, joining her inside the large tiled enclosure. Once again, Julia kissed her, and this time Barbie returned the kiss eagerly, thrusting her tongue into Julia’s mouth as their breasts pressed together wetly. When they finally broke their kiss, Julia began to bathe Barbie, soaping her body thoroughly, paying special attention to her pussy and ass. As she ran the slippery bar of soap along the cleft between Barbie’s labia, sliding over her ultra-sensitive clit, Barbie once again pleaded with Jessica to make her come, offering to lick her pussy too if she would only end her torment. And once again, Jessica brought her to the brink of orgasm, putting the soap down and sliding her fingertips a little way into both her pussy and her asshole, fucking them slowly in and out. She seemed to know exactly how for she could go without tipping Barbie’s tortured, lust-ravaged body over the brink, and then stopping. Barbie moaned in an agony of frustration as Jessica eased her fingers out of her, led her out of the shower and helped her dry off.

After being given her breakfast, watched like a hawk by Jessica, Barbie was led back to the great room, fastened to the floor, and her sexual ordeal began anew. The three couples, fresh and rejuvenated, once again commenced their leisurely, unhurried orgy. Jessica got between Barbie’s legs and began lightly licking her pussy, careful not to exert too much pressure, just teasing her, as Jerry covered Jessica’s ass and his cock with AstroGlide. Oh my God, Barbie thought to herself, he’s going to fuck her in her ass!! Looking straight into Barbie’s eyes, grinning evilly at her as if reading the girl’s thoughts, Jerry slowly forced his cock into Jessica’s tight ass. He thrust in and out slowly as Jessica moaned and lapped gently at Barbie’s clit, once again causing Barbie to ascend so tantalizingly close to her climax that she could almost taste it. “My God, she’s LOVING it!” thought Barbie, vividly remembering the sensations Jessica’s finger had aroused in her own virginal asshole.

Frank, meanwhile, sawed his big cock in and out of Tanya’s pussy on one of the couches, her legs resting on his shoulders. Luann sat behind him, reaching between his legs to fondle and caress his balls as he slowly fucked in and out of Tanya. Tyrone stood over Luann on the couch and fed his monstrous cock into her willing mouth, her full lips surrounding him deliciously as her tongue caressed the sensitive underside. Tyrone began to fuck her face, her corn rows swaying wildly with each thrust of his cock into her throat.

As Barbie hovered on the brink of her climax, Jerry cried out and began pumping his first come of the morning into Jessica’s tightly clenched ass. She wriggled back against him, wanting to maximize his pleasure as he emptied his sperm in her.

Frank quickly took his cue from Jerry, his cock erupting deep inside Tanya’s tight little pussy as Luann rhythmically squeezed his balls, coaxing the pent-up come from them with her fingers.

Tyrone suddenly groaned and began to pump out his come, furiously stroking the thick shaft of his cock with his encircling fingers, jerking off into his girlfriend’s mouth as Luann sucked him hard. His come oozed down her chin, dangling there and finally snapping off and draping itself over her dark brown nipple as she struggled to keep as much of it in her mouth as she could.

By now, Barbie’s nerves were worn to the breaking point, her desperate need to come overwhelming all other thoughts and emotions. Several times she caught herself about to give in, to plead with them to fuck her, to pluck her virginity from her and cast it aside forever. But still she held back, out of sheer stubbornness. She simply could not, would not give Jessica the satisfaction of breaking her.

The fuck-fest continued all that day as the blizzard continued to howl outside. They interrupted their sex marathon only for meals, showers and other breaks. Sometimes the three couples spent an hour or so just sitting around, fondling each other casually, keeping themselves in a state of low-level arousal while sipping their wine, telling sex stories, or watching porn films on the big-screen television. Other times they played sex games, like truth or dare. They even had a kind of a card game, in which they took turns drawing cards from a deck that depicted various sexual positions, and then acted them out. Through it all, Barbie watched, her body aching to be fucked. There were times when she thought she could almost will herself to come, using only her mind. But still she held out, praying for release.

At one point in the afternoon, they unfastened Barbie and turned her over on her hands and knees, again fastening the leather straps on her wrists and ankles. Now, however, they had the ability to lick her sensitive, virginal asshole. Barbie, initially shocked and repulsed by the mere thought of it, soon found herself mewling with pleasure as Tyrone stiffened his tongue and slowly forced it past the resisting muscle, finally skewering in and out of her ass as she writhed against it. Meanwhile, Jessica slid beneath the girl’s face and invited her to lick her pussy, which she dutifully did. One by one, the others licked her drenched asshole and stuck their tongues inside her, until she found herself wishing fervently that one of her captors would shove his cock into her ass and be done with it.

Late that evening, with Barbie once again lying on her back, Jessica and Luann enjoyed a pleasant 69 interlude together, languorously licking each other’s pussies, their fingers stuck in each other’s assholes. Meanwhile, Tanya sucked on Tyrone’s ebony cock while Jerry slowly fucked his in and out of her tiny asshole. Frank, seeing an opportunity to be alone with Barbie, walked over and sat upright so that his big, stiff cock was poised at the entrance to Barbie’s drenched pussy. Smiling at her, resting on one hand, he slowly guided the bulbous head of his cock up and down the wet folds of her sopping cleft, rubbing it against her clit each time, his gaze drifting up to her beautiful pink-tipped breasts.

Barbie nearly fainted with her aching need. God, if only he would shove his cock inside her, past her maidenhead, and put an end to this at last! She knew he must be dying to do exactly that. And yet, somehow she knew that this man would not defy his wife, this woman who had helped procure for him all the eager young pussy he could ever want.

Finally, the pressure of his cock head inside the entrance to her vagina, the powerful jolts of pleasure emanating from her clit each time his cock touched it, were too much for her to bear. She gazed into Frank’s eyes, feeling her resolve crumble to dust. She whispered urgently to him, hoping the others could not hear her. “Frank….please…do it! Please, I can’t take any more. I have to COME!”

Frank grinned at her in triumph, his cock sliding a little further inside her, bumping against the barrier to the depths of her vagina. “Hey Jessica!” he called over his shoulder. “I think our little girl has finally reached the breaking point!”

Jessica and Luann, by this time, had brought each other to a shuddering mutual climax, and Jerry and Tyrone had both pumped their sperm into Tanya’s welcoming body, driving her, too, into a an orgasmic paroxysm.

Jessica disentangled herself from Luann and crawled over to Barbie and Frank. “Is this true, sweetie? Are you ready to be fucked?”

“No!” said Barbie, furious at Frank’s betrayal. “I won’t beg you!”

Jessica looked at Frank, then back to Barbie. “That’s fine, Barbie. Like I said, we have time. Frank, you really should get your cock out of her. Her little pussy is so sweet, you might be too tempted to fuck her.” Frank immediately complied, easing out of her entrance.

Barbie moaned in agony as Jessica arranged the television for her to endure another night of porn films. Once again, the three couples took turns kissing her pussy goodnight, and once again, they licked her until she thought her body would explode. This time, though, it was Luann who bent down to whisper in Barbie’s ear, sliding her wet tongue inside playfully.

“Barbie, darling, just do as she says. It’s just your virginity. It’s nothing. Surrender, and a whole new world will open up, all for you.”

Barbie burst into tears as Luann stood and followed the rest of them out of the room. She fell back on the pillows and watched a young college coed on the giant TV screen being gang-fucked at a fraternity party, wishing the entire time that it was her.


Day Three of Barbie’s captivity began like Day Two, with Jessica taking her to the bathroom, to the shower, and then feeding her breakfast. Once again, in the shower, Barbie begged Jessica to end her torture, to make her come. Jessica had held her tightly, her knee sliding between Barbie’s parted legs, rubbing against her pussy, and had bend to whisper in her ear. “Sweetie, you don’t know how much I’ve been dying to do exactly that. But our game has its rules, and you know what they are. It’s all up to you.”

Confined again in the great room, the orgy began anew. This time, a show had been arranged, with Luann as today’s center of attention. Tyrone lay on his back, with his cock sticking straight up, while Luann straddled him and guided it into her pussy. She rose and fell on him for a few minutes, fucking herself on his monstrous cock as if it were a giant dildo. And then Jerry moved up behind Luann and slowly forced his slim cock into the black girl’s tightly puckered asshole. She moaned aloud as the two men began to slowly fuck her, both of them skewering into her holes at once, their cocks separated by the thinnest of membranes. Finally, Frank stood before Luann and she eagerly engulfed his cock with her mouth. Frank held her head, fucking his cock in and out of her throat, as Barbie watched in astonishment. How could she DO it? How could she take three cocks into her body, and seem to love it so???

Suddenly, Barbie became aware that Jessica and Tanya were on either side of her, bending down to suck on her turgid nipples. Tanya reached between her legs and gently stroked internet casino her pussy with her fingers as they suckled her. After a few minutes, as the triple-fucking of Luann went on and on, Jessica released Barbie’s nipple and placed her lips at the girl’s ear. “Sweetie…that could be you, you know. You could be full of cock that way, fucking you until your body explodes. Until they flood you with come, everywhere. That’s what you’re missing, love.”

Barbie moaned, so close to the breaking point that she could almost feel the three cocks buried to the hilt inside her welcoming body, giving her orgasm after orgasm as they pumped sperm into her. She bit her lip, sobbing quietly as she watched.

Jessica stood up. “It’s up to you, Barbie. We have three more days. And then two other couples will be joining Frank and I.”

Barbie gasped in anguish. Three more DAYS!!! She would DIE if she didn’t come soon! All of her thoughts slammed through her brain at once, crashing against one another. Of her years of fighting off boys, denying her own body what it craved, as well as theirs. Her fervent plea as the blizzard overcame her. And above all, the almost constant over-stimulation of her body since she’d been taken captive.

Suddenly, the men in the room cried out as all three of them began to pump their hot sperm into the willing receptacle that was Luann’s lithe body. Barbie gazed at them, tears streaming down her face, imagining their hot come erupting inside her own mouth, her pussy, her ass, imagined her prodigious, wrenching orgasm.

Finally, it was over. The four people in the room fell to the carpet, panting, as come oozed from Luann’s thoroughly-fucked body. Silence enveloped the room for a few moments.

And then, a quiet, soft, strained voice was heard, almost a whisper.

“Fuck me.”

Jessica looked over at Barbie, suddenly alert. “What did you say, sweetie?”

“Please!” Barbie pleaded, her voice rising as the words tumbled out of her in a rush. “I can’t stand it any more. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll suck all of your cocks. I’ll lick all of your pussies. Just fuck me! Make me COME!!” And then she was screaming and crying piteously, releasing three days worth of pent-up frustration, all of it welling up inside her and bursting out all at once. “FUCK ME!!! PLEASE, SOMEBODY FUCK ME!!!”

Jessica smiled triumphantly at Frank. “You see!? She’s ours!”

“A damned good thing, too!” said Frank, admiring his wife’s handiwork. “Because I couldn’t have held out much longer.”

“Me either,” said Jessica, getting up to unfasten Barbie’s straps for the last time. “Barbie, before we have Frank pop your sweet little cherry, I think you should fulfill your promise to everyone. How about we all get on the couches, and you can show us all that you’ve learned.”

Barbie moaned in frustration, but she knew her long ordeal was about to end, and it gave her strength. She crawled on her hands and knees to Jessica, who had seated herself on one of the couches with her legs apart. Barbie slid her hands up under Jessica’s thighs and pressed her lugs upward, bending the older woman almost double. Leaning forward, Barbie obediently began to lick Jessica’s pussy in long, lazy strokes of her tongue. The corrupted virgin licked all along Jessica’s wet cleft, even letting her tongue slip down and tease her asshole, licking it eagerly as Jessica sighed happily, proud of her prodigy.

After Barbie feasted on Jessica hungrily for a few minutes, Jessica suddenly arched upward, trembling against the girl’s mouth as her body convulsed in a tumultuous climax. She shivered deliciously as Barbie continued to lap at her clit, her tongue fluttering like a butterfly. Finally, Jessica reached down and raised her head with both hands, her face flushed. “Thank you, Barbie-doll. I just knew you were a natural. Now I think you should move on to my husband.”

Quickly, Barbie moved to Frank, sitting next to Jessica, and began to lick up and down the reawakening shaft of his cock. She gazed up into his grey eyes as she bathed his cock with her tongue, then moved down to lick and suck on his balls, tracing them with her tongue until they were sopping wet. Then she moved up and took his cock into her mouth, sucking hungrily on it, imagining it thrusting deep into her virginal young pussy, while she stroked the base with her encircling fingers.

And so on, down the line of people, Barbie serviced them, one by one, almost worshiping their cocks, their cunts, even their assholes. She brought each of the women to shattering orgasms, while the men held back, thinking of better places to deposit their come.

At last, Barbie completed her task, and sat up expectantly, hopefully. Frank stood up, walked to her, and helped her to her feet, bending her body over the back of the couch. Barbie braced herself as he guided his aching penis to the entrance to her vagina, nudging the head between her labia. He paused there, savoring the moment. Barbie, though, had waited long enough. Turning her head, she gazed up at him out of the corner of her eye, and hissed the words. “Fuck me now!”

Frank clenched his teeth, and with a single, powerful lunge, he sank his cock into her, ripping through what was left of her virginity and burying his fat cock in her to the balls. Barbie gasped in unbridled, wanton ecstasy, her vaginal muscles grasping his cock tightly, welcoming him inside her, her pussy stretching deliciously to accommodate the thick organ. There was no pain. Slowly, Frank began to fuck in and out of her, his balls smacking against her quivering clit as his hard thrusts jolted her body rhythmically, her ass cheeks quivering. Within a few strokes, Barbie felt her arousal soaring upward toward a shattering orgasm that had eluded her during her long days and nights of agony. She cried out, her voice rising to a soprano squeal as she neared the point of no return, her words punctuated by his hard, quickening thrusts.


Barbie screamed as her body convulsed in an explosive climax, trembling violently as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her like a tsunami. She gasped and sobbed as her body shook, tears streaming down her face.

Frank, however, was not about to let it end so fast. He paused for a few moments, then slid out of her, picked her up and deposited her on the couch. Before Barbie could react, he slammed his cock into her once again. She groaned as he his cock drove into her, her mind reeling as she gratefully accepted him into her depths, wrapping her legs around his ass and gazing up at him worshipfully. “UHHHhhhhh, yes!!! Give it to me, Frank! FUCK me! Don’t ever stop!”

Jessica sat down next to Barbie and held her in her arms, kissing her as Frank relentlessly pounded his cock into her eager cunt, fucking her in a driving rhythm that sent Barbie into an endless sequence of orgasms, one flowing in the next. When Jessica finally broke their kiss, Barbie squealed as she gave birth to yet another furious climax.


Barbie’s anguished, lust-crazed cry was too much for Frank. He had waited for over two days to fill the virginal cunt of this luscious, teenaged cheerleader full of his sperm, and now nothing could stop him from doing it. His words were forced out of his lungs in a strangled groan as his balls spasmed violently. “OHHHHFUUUUUCK!!!”

Frank’s swollen cock flourished again and again, filling her wildly-clasping vagina with his sperm, the first man ever to do so in her young life. Barbie, meanwhile, shuddered into a last, colossal climax as he emptied his soothing hot come in her, feeling fulfilled as she had never been before. She shook and sobbed into Jessica’s big breasts as the older woman held her, murmuring softly through her sobs that she’d never come so hard in her life.

The others had watched in awe as Frank had deflowered the young Christian girl, watched as her body had erupted in multiple, tumultuous orgasms, until she quivered in Jessica’s arms from the uncontrollable power of her new-found lust. As Frank finally slid out of her, his cock shrinking as he lay back on the couch, they heard Barbie’s soft voice again.

“More,” she whimpered piteously. “Give me more!”

Tyrone was more than happy to oblige the newly-fucked teenager. He quickly slid between her parted thighs and guided his massive black member into Barbie’s sperm-drenched cunt. Slowly, he stuffed it inside, stretching her beyond belief. She looked up at him gratefully, flexing her vaginal muscles in an effort to grip his huge dick. “Ohhhhhh, yesss, Tyrone, fuck me with your big cock!” she begged him. “Don’t ever stop fucking me.”

“Oooh, yeah, fuck her, Tyrone,” said Tanya from the other couch, where Luann was lapping at her pussy. “Give her what she needs.”

Tyrone began to thrust easily in and out, his ebony cock bathed in her essence and Frank’s sperm as he fucked her in a slow, steady cadence. Barbie’s legs slid up his hips, bending herself almost double. Tyrone hooked his arms around her legs and forced them back still further as he introduced her to the pleasure of a slow, wet fuck with a big cock completely filling her. This was not the frenzied coupling she had experienced with Frank. That had been incredibly hot, but this slow, steady fucking opened up another new world for Barbie. Within moments, she was coming again, her pussy clinging to his relentlessly thrusting cock. They fucked that way for what seemed an eternity, Barbie shivering through multiple climaxes as he kept up the same incessant rhythm.

Finally, Jerry tapped Tyrone on the shoulder. “Turn her over, man. There’s one place she’s still a virgin.”

Tyrone rolled to the side, bringing Barbie with him, until she straddled him with his cock still buried deep inside her. She was dimly aware of Jerry smearing lubricant on her exposed asshole, easing a finger into her and sliding it in and out for a few strokes, then two fingers, twisting inside her ass. Barbie moaned as he realized what he was about to do, and then, unexpectedly, she found herself wanting this final defilement more than anything else. “Yesssssss,” she said through clenched teeth. “Do it, Jerry! Fuck me in my ass!!”

Jerry guided the head of his cock to her anal entry and pushed slowly forward, forcing it against the resisting muscle. Jessica, still sitting close to Barbie, leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Take a big deep breath, sweetie…real fast.”

Barbie quickly sucked in her breath, and then gasped as Jerry’s flared cock head popped suddenly inside her ass. The pain was intense at first, but Barbie soon became accustomed to the obscene penetration of her ass by Jerry’s cock. Her mind was filled by one overwhelming thought that drove her yet again to the brink of orgasm. She had done it! She had taken two cocks into her body, and both of them would fuck her now!

“Ohhh, god,” she moaned. “Both of you fuck me! Make me come again!! I want to be full of cock, forever!”

Slowly, Tyrone and Jerry began to fuck her in unison, burying their cocks in her at the same time, then withdrawing and thrusting into her again, using her willing body as a receptacle for their lust. The pain had vanished, and now Barbie was totally lost in the joy of being fucked. There was no god here, no love, no divine purpose. This was just dirty sex, just hard, thrusting cocks, just fucking for the sheer, nasty pleasure of it. Barbie knew, as they drove her to yet another pulsating orgasm, the cross bouncing between her breasts, that she would never return to her old life. From now on, she would do this. She would fuck.

As the obscene, salacious thought enveloped her brain, both Tyrone and Jerry began to spew their syrupy cum into her, flooding her pussy and ass with it’s soothing, creamy warmth. And as they emptied their balls into her, she collapsed, exhausted, basking in the glow of her multiple orgasms, and happier than she had ever been in her life.


Barbie drove along the mountain road in her new convertible, a BMW roadster that had been given her by Frank and Jessica. It has been several months since Barbie’s snowbound initiation. It was a warm summer day, and Barbie wore only a tiny string bikini top and denim short-shorts.

After her ordeal in the blizzard, Barbie had gone home only long enough to pack her things, while her parents were out. She had left them a note, telling them not to worry about her, but not telling them where to find her. Then she had simply disappeared. The case made headlines, and her picture was on Fox News for weeks, but the police had pretty much written the case off early on. Teenage girls ran away all the time. Besides, she had recently turned 18.

Barbie had moved in with Frank and Jessica, changed her last name, and had readily immersed herself in their hedonistic lifestyle. They had lavished gifts on her, taken her on expensive trips, and treated her like they would have treated their own daughter, the only difference being that Barbie had willingly plunged into the couple’s frequent sex parties.

For Jessica had been right. Barbie, in the space of three days, had become an insatiable sex machine, her switch permanently in the “on” position. She simply could not get enough fucking. She had even done a porn film, which had not yet been released. Frank had introduced her to a producer friend of his, and he had made the necessary arrangements to include her in a feature entitled “Barely 18”. She had loved every minute of it, despite the bright lights and the constant interruptions.

Rounding a bend, Barbie came upon a small SUV, off the road in the pine needles. A boy and a girl were standing next to it, both of whom appeared to be high school students. She screeched to a stop next to them.

“You guys need a ride someplace?” asked Barbie. The boy was well-built and muscular, with a shock of brown hair. The girl was a little younger, maybe 16, with very fair skin, red hair and freckles. She was wearing shorts and a tiny top that showed off the aggressive thrust of her eager young breasts.

“Yeah, maybe to a phone,” said the boy, sneaking clandestine peeks at Barbie’s barely concealed titties. “We were going up to the Christian Youth Camp at Pine Creek.”

Barbie smiled at the irony of it. These kids were ripe for the plucking. “There’s no store or anything for miles,” said Barbie. “Listen, my folks’ cabin is just up the road a little ways. Why don’t you hop in and I’ll take you there? You can use the phone, and stay for the night, and tomorrow you can get your car fixed.”

“Sounds good,” the boy said. “My name’s Jimmy,” he said, climbing up on the back of the roadster. “And this is Jennifer.” The girl said hello and slid into the bucket seat.

“I’m Barbie. Nice to meet you,” said Barbie, not bothering to hide her admiration of Jennifer’s luscious young body. Frank is going to just love you, sweetie, Barbie thought to herself. “I hope you like parties, because we’re having one at the cabin tonight. Just my parents and a few of their friends.”

“We love parties,” said Jimmy, his eyes drawn to Barbie’s smooth thighs, his youthful cock giving an involuntary lurch in his pants. Barbie stepped on the accelerator and sped away, entertaining herself with vividly obscene thoughts of the evening ahead.

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