Chocolate Fondue

Aaliyah Love

Rupesh tore the shirt open with the hunger of a child on Christmas morning. Chocolate fondue! Rich, smooth and dark, glistening with a light perspiration, skin pouring forth from the opening he’d made. Not an ounce of fat to spoil his lean holiday treat.

The decorative party ribbons that bound Ahmad’s hands behind the chair forced the prisoner’s succulent flesh to thrust forward as though welcoming the intrusion. The lust in Rupesh’s eyes could barely be concealed in the dim candle light.

Two nipples peaked out from the edges of the jaggered opening like tasty M&Ms just waiting to be sucked. Rupesh licked his lips involuntarily and slowly extended a trembling hand to touch the object of his desire. As his fingertips connected with Ahmad’s torso, Rupesh barely heard his captive gasp through the roar of electricity that jolted up his arm and made his heart skip a beat.

“You… are… be-utiful…” Rupesh whispered.

Ahmad smiled, his white teeth like beacons in the night against his jet black skin. Rupesh had been hesitant to tie him up initially, but Ahmad had insisted he live out his fantasy. Ahmad may be bound, but he knew he was the one with the power, and after a lifetime of victimisation before fleeing Sudan, it was an intoxicating sensation.

Rupesh would never understand such logic, having left his native India voluntary to study here before receiving his permanent residency. But it didn’t matter to Rupesh, whose mind, right now, was fighting to hold him back and take it slow. Until Ahmad had come into his life last weekend, Rupesh’s only fetish was for Caucasians. He didn’t even find other Indian guys attractive. But now, suddenly, he had a new appreciation for all things exotic. Well… one thing, at least.

For a moment, he lost the battle for control and dove forward, locking lips with Ahmad as he held the man’s head firmly in his hands. His tongue probed deep and frantic, muffled groans of delight escaping from both of them as Rupesh straddled Ahmad’s lap.

“Mmm… mmm… mmm… oh!” Rupesh jumped back, pulling himself away before he lost control completely. He stood back panting, wiping the traces of saliva from around his mouth with the back of his sleeve. He looked Ahmad over and felt a sudden need to dive back in again. Somehow, the rise and fall of Ahmad’s exposed chest and the sound of his heavy breathing made him all the more irresistible.

“Why you stop?” Ahmad asked, his deep accented voice as smooth as his skin.

“Because…” but Rupesh couldn’t finish the sentence. There was no sane reason to stop, except to prolong the torturous pleasure for both of them.

He pulled his eyes off the prize and kept looking away until he’d circled around behind the chair. He waited only a moment before stepping in and running his fingers over Ahmad’s short curly hair then let his fingers gentle slide down behind the ears and the length of exposed neck. Ahmad shuddered, his shoulders tensing momentarily, but Rupesh felt them relax again as he peeled the shirt back to expose them fully.

He bent down and kissed the bony shoulders, once each, then opened his mouth wide to such gently on Ahmad’s neck. Ahmad gasped, his head falling to one side, allowing the kiss to go deeper into his erogenous zone.

Rupesh let his palms slide down Ahmad’s chest now, pushing the shirt fully open. His fingers massaged the ripples in Ahmad’s stomach before rising up to massage his pecs; all the while drowning in the sweet taste of Ahmad’s neck.

His fingers worked their magic, deliberately avoiding the nipples despite Ahmad’s increasing squirms to let them make contact.

Ahmad pushed his head back to look up at Rupesh, who willing accepted the open mouth into his own. With his shoulder now a headrest, Rupesh slid his corresponding arm across Ahmad’s chest to wrapped it gentle across his prisoner’s throat. He squeezed just lightly enough for the pressure to be felt with no consequence and Ahmad’s head sunk back further with a gasp.

More than anything, Rupesh wanted to ride Ahmad now; to hurl them both into a screaming climax wild enough to jettison them into the new year. But his fear of this moment ending was enough to hold him back… for now.

Breaking bursa otele gelen escort their passionate kiss once more, Rupesh planted an affectionate peck on Ahmad’s cheek, then stepped around to the front again, his fingers trailing around the back of Ahmad’s neck so he never broke contact.

He pushed Ahmad’s legs apart and lowered himself to his knees. Even the rough fabric of Ahmad’s Levis made Rupesh hard right now! With his palms pressing into Ahmad’s thighs, Rupesh leaned forward and kissed Ahmad’s stomach, feeling the tremble that vibrated through the six pack. He extended his tongue and, with deliberate slowness, ran it up Ahmad’s expectant torso, from stomach to chest, through the valley between Ahmad’s pecs. He rose higher, leaving a moist vertical trail that extended over Ahmad’s throat to end in a playful bite on Ahmad’s chin.

He chuckled and pulled away when Ahmad’s smile turned into an attempt to kiss him again.

“Ah-ah!” Rupesh admonished playfully and sunk part way down to blow softly on Ahmad’s chest. He blew in a figure-8, making wide circles around Ahmad’s pecs, bringing the air flow closer to the nipples with each sweep.

Ahmad’s breathing was heavy and a smile formed on Rupesh’s lips as he glanced up to seen Ahmad’s head thrown backwards again, lost in the sensations he was creating.

At length, the circles of breath narrowed to the very edges of the dark, erect nipples and Rupesh concentrated on just one, bringing a finger into play to trace the edges just as his breath was.

The moan that escaped Ahmad was deep and guttural. Rupesh kissed the nipple with a quick, unexpected peck, and Ahmad’s whole body spasmed, choking whatever sound had been about to escape from him.

Satisfied at the effect, Rupesh rose to full height and straddled Ahmad, forcing his legs together again. Ahmad looked at him, eye’s at chest height, glazed in disbelief.

“My turn,” Rupesh smiled and started unbuttoning his own shirt. Unlike the smooth God beneath him, Repesh’s brown torso was coated in a thick, wiry forest that immediately caught Ahmad’s attention.

With the shirt only half unbuttoned, Rupesh leaned forward and pressed Ahmad’s face into his chest. Ahmad knew what to do. Moist lips and tongue entwined themselves in Rupesh’s chest hair, hungrily exploring for a nipple.


Rupesh sighed and began unbuttoning the rest of his shirt with his free hand before releasing Ahmad’s head to strip the shirt off completely. He used two hands now to guide Ahmad over his upper torso, pleasuring himself by keeping control.

Ahmad pulled playfully on the chest hair with his teeth until Rupesh stopped him with a kiss. He peeled Ahmad’s shirt down as far as it would go, then sat on Ahmad’s lap, pressing his chest into his mate’s.

His arms wrapped around Ahmad’s waist, finding space between the arch of his back and the chair. With lips locked and chests scrapping over each other in a mutual squirm, Rupesh now began massaging Ahmad’s back too, firm fingers circling into the firm back muscles.

Ahmad let out a series of short grunts, born from an overdoes of sensation. Rupesh hugged him now, stilling their bodies in a tight hug as their mouths fell to each other’s necks. Rupesh let Ahmad suck his collar as he lavished kisses on his shoulder.

He reached through the slats in the chair and fumbled with the ribbons, releasing their hold on Ahmad’s hands. He longed to feel the man’s arms around him; to complete the embrace in a mutual cuddle. What he got, was the tribal passion of a man released.

Ahmad sprung forward, catching Rupesh in his strong arms as he fell backwards off the lap. Rupesh cried out in surprise as Ahmad lowered him to the cold floor before ripping his own shirt off completely.

Ahmad loomed over Rupesh, sending a cautious thrill through the Indian. Rupesh reached up only to have his wrists snatched and forced to the ground. Ahmad kissed him with a fiery passion he’d never experienced. He strained up, but he was no match for Ahmad, especially in such a heightened state.

Arched up, Rupesh felt Ahmad’s body pressed down on him, and soon he was blanketed completed bursa eve gelen eskort by his lover, crushed erotically between the warm, writhing body and cold, hard floor.

He groaned as Ahmad’s lips left his mouth gaping and gasping, and worked their way down his torso. He felt frantic fingers working his belt, and soon his pants were free, ripped violently from him, leaving only his cotton briefs with the dark, wet stain on front.

Ahmad kissed the patch and Rupesh arched up, gagging at the sensation of having his cock sucked through the cotton. He reached down to grab Ahmad’s hair and hold him there. To his surprise, Ahmad let him. The black brute poked at Rupesh’s erect shaft with his tongue and pressed into it with most lips before grasping his underpants with his teeth and freeing the dancing cock.

Another gasp escaped Rupesh’s lips as he now felt the moist lips make contact, swallowing him whole in long, deliberate strokes. He was ready to explode almost immediately, but sensing the urgency, Ahmad stopped, slapping Rupesh’s hand away when he went to finish it himself.

Rupesh watched through half-closed eyes as Ahmad stood, towering above him like a tall, lean giant. He watched as Ahmad stepped out of his jeans and released his long, thin spear. Rupesh’s eyes widened at the sight of the 8.5 inches, and he swallowed, partly in fear, as Ahmad sat on his chest, letting his enormous cock bounce above his face.

Rupesh knew what was expected. He strained up and kissed the erect monster, prompting Ahmad to slide further up his chest. He let Ahmad guide things as he wrapped his lips around the tip of Ahmad’s cock and prepared to slide it in. Ahmad couldn’t wait though and thrust forward unexpectedly, causing Rupesh to gag as the tip hammered the back of his throat.

Ahmad pulled back to let Rupesh catch his breath, but he held fast to either side of Rupesh’s head, sending a shudder of fear through the trapped Indian. How had the tides turned so quickly? he wondered.

He was more prepared the second time, but Ahmad also eased up and let Rupesh take as much as he could. Long, moist strides up and down the full length of Ahmad’s cock just wasn’t humanly possible, so Rupesh sucked on three quarters of it, fondling the deepest quarter with his fingers to make up for it.

The power of Ahmad, combined with the size of his manhood made Rupesh feel inadequate. He gone from master to slave in a matter of seconds, and now that they were naked, he knew there was no reversing their roles. He just couldn’t compare to the majesty of his African idol. Since moving to this country, he’d heard it said that Indian men are weak of spirit; that it’s the women who are the strong ones of the family, and no time more than now did Rupesh feel that weakness.

Rupesh raised his free arm awkwardly around Ahmad’s knee so he could fondle Ahmad’s tit, giving it the attention it deserved. The thrill of it made Ahmad thrust harder and faster, cumming suddenly in Rupesh’s mouth.

“Arghh!!!” Ahmad gargled a gasp as his body convulsed.

Rupesh tried to pull away but Ahmad forced his arms down, pinning them above his head again, leaning his groin into Rupesh’s face so his mouth stayed locked around the throbbing penis.

Ahmad fired his warm, white liquid down Rupesh’s throat. Rupesh choked; his mouth and throat filling with the liquid gold. His entire body shuddering with the urge to gag as Ahmad’s body rocked with thrill of ejaculation.

As the short burst of euphoria ceased, Ahmad fell sideways, sliding off the cushion of Rupesh’s chest. He lay on his back breathing heavily as Rupesh spat out the bulk of the semen and swallowed the rest.

Ahmad lay by his side, satisfied as Rupesh lay there waiting for his reward. But it was a reward that wasn’t to come and he soon realised Ahmad had used him for a one way trip to nirvana. He rolled over on top of Ahmad, instantly feeling the rise and fall of the heavy breathing against him.

“Don’t forget me,” Rupesh whispered, half jokingly. To his horror, Ahmad pushed him off.

“I’m too tired now,” Ahmad mumbled in that infuriatingly sexy accent of his.

Rupesh lay beside the African bayan escort bursa in disbelief. Could it be that this black beauty wasn’t prepared to satisfy him now that he’d satisfied himself? Indian pride stepped up. Rupesh rolled back on top of Ahmad and looked him straight in the eye.

“It is my turn now,” he insisted. His chest puffed out in defiance, pushing down harder against Ahmad’s.

“No,” Ahmad mumbled, making a feeble attempt to brush Rupesh off as though he were a fly.

Rupesh snatched Ahmad’s wrists and forced them down.

“My turn,” he insisted.

“You want a turn?” Ahmad asked and arched up, using his torso and legs to toss Rupesh over. He pinned Rupesh with ease and sucked hard on a nipple, causing Rupesh to cry out.

“Is that a good turn?” Ahmad teased, grinning. Rupesh squirmed as Kesep’s moist lips wrapped around the same nipple again and sucked harder, straddling the line between pleasure and pain.

“Ahhhh!” Rupesh shrieked. He jerked his nipple away from Ahmad’s mouth and yanked one pinned hand down, changing grip so he could twist it behind his tormentor’s back.

Ahmad grunted and tried to pull the hand free, but Rupesh tightened his grip. One arm was still pinned by his ear but his other was now in control. They were in a stalemate, with Ahmad on top but Rupesh determined to take charge. He lifted his groin, rubbing it against’ Ahmad’s then lowered and lifted it again.

The thrilled was unexpected, Ahmad lay over him, pinned as much as he was pinning, but he wasn’t trying to break free. The tight hold Rupesh held him in kept their sweaty bodies entwined. And a simple thrust let his cock rub into Ahmad’s; the body weight pressing down on him ensuring that his hard shaft got rubbed hard and tight.

He thrust again and again while Ahmad breathed steadily on his neck. For Rupesh, the sensation was almost like he was thrusting his cock deep inside the African champion. He thrust harder and harder.

He felt Ahmad’s mouth open. The hot breath suddenly moistened as wet lips locked around his neck, sucking like a seductive vampire.

Rupesh took Ahmad’s actions as a sign of acceptance. He tightened his grip on Ahmed’s pinned arm, forcing their chests to press tighter together. He thrust harder, rubbing his rigid cock faster and faster against Ahmed’s groin.

Little grunts escaped from Rupesh with each thrust. The sweat forming on his chest lubricated their bodies, helping their torsos to slide with the rhythm, nipple over nipple, pec on pec.

His legs spread wider, reader for the inevitable. Ahmad moved his lips from Rupesh’s neck to mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside Rupesh’s welcoming gob.

The pressure build and Rupesh kissed harder and faster, forcing his own tongue deep inside Ahmad’s mouth as he drove his groin harder and faster in sync. His ears rang with the building pressure. The light, muscular brawn of Ahmad now slid violently up and down him over a sea of sweat as their nether-regions climbed to utopia.

Their mouths separated, letting the animalistic sounds fill the air. Rupesh felt Ahmad try to pull his arm free so he twisted it harder, brining the shoulder to breaking point.

Ahmad cried out and arched up and at that very moment, Rupesh spewed forth every white, creamy desire he’d harboured for his captive.

The white froth hit the barrier of clothing and reflected back on itself, smothering Rupesh’s thick, desperate manhood like a head job and forcing the ejaculation to spasm even form. He cried out, unable to contain the full-body spasm and enveloped him and sent Ahmad into a second round of spasm too.

The duo shuddered and gagged, bodies reverberating against each other as they both came uncontrollably, soiling inside and out of Rupesh’s jeans.

“Ganesha, be praised!” Rupesh exclaimed in a high pitched voice, unbecoming of his dark good looks.

He felt Ahmad’s body slump against him, spend twice and completely exhausted. Rupesh released Ahmad’s pinned arm and wrapped both his own arms around Ahmad in a loving embrace.

They lay in silence, letting their heavy breathing tell the tale of how they were feeling. In the mayhem of his mind, Rupesh heard the tune to “Come all ye faithful” and he couldn’t help but chuckle. Ahmad pulled back to look him in the face, but he took Ahmad’s head and guided it back down to his shoulder; no explanation forthcoming.

They lay there hugging; warm and content in the flickering candle light. Tomorrow was Christmas Day but he’d already received more than he could have wished for.

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