Christening the Couch Ch. 01


Laying in his bed, engrossed in his favorite daydream about his roommate, Trey, Tye felt his cock begin to swell; reaching for it, he wrapped his fist around the thickening shaft and set up a friction that matched the intensity of his thoughts which began with slow, erotic visions.

Envisioning Trey’s smooth, naked body in the shower with the steaming water and soap lather sluicing down the defined muscles of his back, down, further down over his rock hard ass, Tye reached out his hands following the path of the water, feeling Trey’s muscles ripple and flex as he arched into the caress, gasping as he felt Tye’s fingers trail down his spine and slip briefly into the crack of his ass. Tye’s hands moved faster on his dick as he pictured rubbing his finger around the rim of Trey’s hole, circling it again and again, feeling him shiver in ecstasy as he leaned his forehead against the wall, fingers clutching at it as he gave himself up to the sensations caused by his roommate’s finger.

Tye reached around and ran his palm over Trey’s rock hard cock and down over his balls, the water slickening his touch and earning a moan of desperation from Trey who, ever so slightly, thrust his hips backward in a silent plea. Unable to wait any longer, Tye took the bar of soap and inserted it between Trey’s cheeks, rubbing it up and down his crack, being aided by the desperate rocking of Trey’s hips. Putting the soap back, Tye stepped closer to Trey and put his plum-sized cock head to Trey’s crack, barely touching and teasing him with it.

“Oh god, Tye…just fuck me dammit…” Trey moaned, truly desperate now, he needed Tye’s dick up his ass and now. Tye could wait no longer and began to part Trey’s cheeks, barely touching his hole. Gripping Trey’s hips, he began to push forward—

A loud crash from the living room brutally jerked Tye out of his daydream and sent him scrambling for his boxers. Putting them on, he went to investigate the noise, and upon opening his bedroom door, discovered what it was: Trey coming home from a kegger completely shit-faced and almost passed out on the floor.

“Fuck!” Tye said to himself, his dick still as hard as concrete and thinking, “I was about this close to fucking him in my dream and what happens? The fucking asshole had to fuck it up!” Walking to his drunken roommate, Tye checked to make sure he was alive and picked him up and half-carried him to the couch by the front door.

Closing the door bursa otele gelen eskort (Trey forgot apparently), Tye leaned him against it, stripped him to his boxer-briefs (usual roommate courtesy for the drunken counterpart whichever one it may be at that time) and went to take the cushions off the couch and fold out the hide-a-bed. However, before he could get to the front of the couch, Trey fell forward and fell ass over head on the arm of the couch, his head resting comfortably on the cushions. Moving to lean him against the door again, Tye stopped when Trey was vertical again.

“Howcumu won’give me a blow job Janie? I’m good to you, aren’t I?” Tye was shocked when Trey grabbed his hand and rubbed it against the growing bulge in his underwear until he belatedly realized that Trey must think he was his girlfriend, Janie.

Taking care of his roommate (out of fantasy context) had allowed his dick to deflate a little, but it shot right back up again as his roommate used Tye’s hand to rub his dick. Not realizing Trey had let go, Tye kept rubbing, his brain still trying to catch up with the sudden shortage of blood circulating there, until he saw Trey taking his boxer-briefs off, saying, “Ohh yeah…that’s a good girl, Janie, yeah…stroke my dick. Come on baby, you wanna suck it doncha? Yeah you do.” And with that, he began to push Tye’s head down to his dick, telling “her” to suck it.

This was the first time Tye had been this close to another guy’s dick and hesitated for a couple seconds before the persistent prodding of Trey’s hands and words got him to take a tentative lick, then another. He licked Trey’s dick like a lollipop; up and down the shaft in long firm strokes of his tongue and then swirling it all around the sides and top of the head, dipping into the slit for the tiny drops of precum forming there. “Yeah, that’s a good girl Janie, suck it now…,” Trey pushed his dick into Tye’s mouth until it his the back of his throat. Eagerly, Tye bobbed his head up and down the shaft as Trey gently fucked his mouth, mumbling incoherently about Janie all the while.

Tye pulled his mouth off Trey’s dick and very gently nibbled is way around the rim of the head and down the ridge toward his balls where he began to suck them into his mouth, laving them with his tongue. As he licked his way back up the shaft, Trey suddenly gripped his hair and thrust his cock into his mouth, ramming bursa eve gelen escort bayan it down his throat. Tye could hardly breathe as Trey began to fuck his mouth harder and faster; he could tell Trey was close. He fell into a rhythm with Trey’s thrusts that allowed him to breathe easier and massaged Trey’s balls as he sucked more eagerly, wanting to taste his roommate’s spooge on his tongue.

Trey’s balls began to rise and Tye pulled Trey’s dick out of his mouth so that only the head remained in and jacked the shaft with his hand. Seconds later, he was rewarded with a loud cry of ecstasy from Trey and several spurts of his hot, spicy, salty cum on his tongue; there was a lot of it and he had to keep swallowing as fast as he could so that none would be lost. As the spasms running through Trey’s body came to a rest, his fists let go of Tye’s hair and he collapsed against the door, panting out, “Ooohhh…god Janie, that was nice…”

Tye’s dick was painfully hard and dripping now and he was determined to have his roommate one way or another. He started rubbing Trey’s cock until it began to grow again and just as Trey was starting to get into it (still thinking it was Janie), Tye tipped him over the arm of the couch so that his ass was at just the right height and his head was again resting on the cushion. “Huh…Janie? Whateryou doin’?” Trey asked, confused.

“Sssshh…Trey…its ok…it’s me, Tye. Everything’s going to be ok, I’m gonna take care of you now…you do trust me, right?” Tye asked soothingly as his hands wandered over Trey’s muscular back, massaging gently.

“Yeah…I trust Tye, Tye take careame…feels good Tye…” He slurred sleepily.

“Good boy. I’m going to make you feel even better,” Tye half whispered into his roommate’s ear, soothingly running his hands down Trey’s back and ass, spreading his cheeks. Placing a glob of spit right on his hole, preparing him for what was to come.

“Why you touchin’ myass Tye? You shouldn’t touch my ass Tye.” He began to lift himself off the couch to look at Tye who was getting ready to fit his dick to Trey’s hole.

“I told you, I’m gonna make you feel good, Trey. You said you trusted me…was that a lie?” He said disapprovingly as he started rubbing Trey’s dick again.

“N-n-noooo lie…mmm…oooohhh…” Trey moaned, totally at the mercy of his body as his hips thrusting against the couch arm.

“Then just bayan eskort bursa go with it…no one has to know…no one…” Tye whispered as the pad of his finger circled Trey’s hole firmly, sending shivers of delight through his body making him gasp into the cushion.

“No one know…,” Trey sighed and gave himself up to the sensations his roommate was wreaking on him.

As he continued to stroke Trey’s dick, Tye used is other hand to continue rimming his hole, watching it wink at him in response. Every few circles, he would dip his finger in slightly and pull out, teasing him, watching Trey’s hips lift up, following his fingers each time. Tye was waiting to hear him beg; he could see a trail of precum go down the side of the couch, puddling at the floor and knew Trey was getting desperate.

“P’ease Tye, fuck me…no one know…fuck me, no one know…,” he begged looking back at Tye, his eyes pleading and on fire with lust.

Unable to resist any longer, Tye spit in his hand and lubed up his very painfully hard cock and spread Trey’s cheeks. Gripping his shaft, Tye fitted his head to Trey’s hole and slowly pushed forward, watching the hole slowly expand around his cock. He heard Trey moaning in pleasure and pain as his hole stretched around his dick but he couldn’t stop; he had wanted this for so long and it was finally happening. He forged ahead slowly but couldn’t stop, shushing Trey’s cries of pain and pleas to pull it out. Reaching down, he stroked Trey’s dick, eliciting moans of pleasure to mingle with the pain and told Trey to relax and allow his cock to slide in. Finally, after several minutes, Tye’s dick was buried to the hilt in Trey’s ass.

Gripping Trey’s hips, he slowly pulled out a couple inches and slid back in, hearing a shocked sound of pleasure from Trey. “Dozat again,” Trey ordered. Tye made a longer, slower thrust this time, sliding over the same spot as before. “Oh god yes…more, faster!” Trey was a bitch in heat now, begging to be fucked and loving it. Tye pulled out so that only head remained and rammed it back in hard; upon hearing a grunt of delight from Trey, he began to thrust faster, and harder knowing Trey was loving every bit of it.

To thrust harder, Tye pulled Trey’s hair, arching him back with one hand and grabbing onto his shoulder with the other, now getting moans of pleasure with each thrust. Noticing their reflection in the window, Tye turned Trey’s head to look and as Trey looked at himself getting fucked and the look on his face, he tensed up and shot his load all over the couch arm. Seconds later, Tye thrust for the last time and rammed his dick deeper into Trey’s ass than ever before, shooting his spooge into his tight, hot depths shouting, “MINE!,” before collapsing exhaustedly onto Trey’s back.

As they rested, Trey whispered, “yours.”

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