Christmas Lights

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Marion sat upright on the bus seat, knees together, shoulder bag on her lap. She watched the dark streets pass by through her reflection in the window. Christmas lights shot their electric streams of coloured energy through the blackness, creating islands of cheer in the gloom. Some streets the bus passed through were more affluent, with lots of competing displays, making a cheerful vista to walk arm in arm through. She and Jack would have to do that some night. Other streets, poorer and darker, only had a solitary string of lights, palely stitched along a gutter or around a window. The bus entered the downtown area of the small town she and Jack had moved to for his job, managing a small book store. The city financed Christmas decorations were on every light pole, giant phallic candy canes thrusting into the night sky at the open, yawning vaginal wreaths.

She could feel her own yawning vagina aching between her bare thighs. Damp and fertile, ready like moist earth for planting with Jack’s seed.

God, she was horny.

Jack was working a lot of long days during the Christmas season and coming home tired. But they wanted another baby. Eleanor was almost two, it was time to make a second. But toddlers did kill the mood at the most inopportune times. She had monitored her temperature and body and like the Magi studying the stars millennia ago she had determined that it was time.

She rang the bell for her stop. Carefully stepping down from the bus a chill draft curled around her knee high boots and wafted up between her spread thighs, tickling the wetness at her naked pussy. She strolled casually along the main street, looking into windows, like any other Christmas shopper out late on a week night. Her long black wool coat swept over her curving thighs to past her knees, meeting her high ‘fuck me’ boots. If anyone saw her leg they just caught a flash of the red stockings worn as a concession to the cold.

A light snow fell, settling on her cloche hat and the faux fur collar that wreathed her face in a soft warmth. The coat swayed as she walked, the lining brushing against her bare bottom creating a delicious thrill. Her naked breasts pushed against the front of her coat. Her bare nipples teased to firmness by the movement of the fabric against them adding another thrill. She could feel the heat from her pussy coursing through her body, filling it with desire, joining the tingle of naked bottom and bare nipples to fill her to bursting with a delicious sense of wanton lust.

A beat cop strolled by, nodding at her with a charming smile. For a brief second of alarm she felt like he could see under her coat and was gazing upon her nakedness. She felt her whole body flush. God he was handsome! What if she just opened her coat and let him take her right there on the sidewalk? Just lie back in the snow and let him fill her with a massive hard cock while everyone watched admiringly? She smiled back and closed her eyes when he passed, sighing with the delicious fantasy, glad that her blush was disguised by the red glow of Christmas lights. She squeezed her thighs together, putting some exquisite pressure on her clitoris. “Ohhhh…” she moaned quietly to herself.

She looked in the windows of the shops, pondering and dreaming. Running the store didn’t make much, but she was frugal and they got by in the anticipation of someday. They had agreed to spend most of their small Christmas budget on Eleanor and the food. The food was important to both of them. It just didn’t feel like Christmas without a special meal. Presents for each other were to be small. “Wrap a bow around yourself,” Jack had said flippantly. “You’re all I want.”

Candlelit love making under the tree was going to be problematic with a toddler in their small apartment, so she had asked her friend from the down the hall to watch Eleanor while “she helped Jack at the store.” She would watch Lynn’s c***d some other time in trade.

Slowly Marion walked along the sidewalk, squeezing her thighs together at each step, sending tingles of delight through her body to blend with the sensation of nipples and bottom rubbing against the liner of her coat. She was breathing heavily, flushed with desire and lust. Shoppers on the streets were few now, it was close to closing time for all of the shops. She reached the front of the store, admiring the decorations she and Jack had put up at the start of the season one Sunday afternoon with Eleanor supervising from her stroller. The garland of greenery sparkled with the intertwined string of multi-coloured Christmas lights, flashing on and off, twinkling in changing patterns. Between the frost and displays in the window you couldn’t see much of the inside of the store. A large wreath on the door had a card “Come in we’re OPEN!” sign in the middle of it. She opened the door, the overhead bell jangling loudly. Fortunately, the store was empty as she’d expected this late on a weeknight.

Marion turned the OPEN sign to “Sorry we’re CLOSED” and turned the lock behind her back with an audible click. Jack came up from the back of the store, some books in his hands. “Hello! Be with you in a min…” He stopped short, seeing her at the door.

“Oh hi Sweetie! Whatcha doing here?”

Marion clicked off the overhead lights, leaving the Christmas lights outside and on the tree in the Christmas display burning brightly. She began unbuttoning her long black coat. “I thought I’d bring you an early Christmas present,” she said smiling. She stood by the Christmas tree, its lights bathing her in flecks of fairy light, and opened her coat wide. “Do you like it?” She let her coat slide to the floor. “Would you like to unwrap it now?”

“Oh…” Jack gasped in wonder and desire. His wife stood naked before him. A broad red ribbon wrapped under armpits and was tied in a big bow under her breasts, the two tails hung down her belly to end at the dark triangle of her bush. She bent one knee coyly as she stood in her high heeled ‘Fuck Me Boots’. “Well?” she asked lightly.

“I’ve always liked those boots” Jack replied. He moved a little closer, but he was enjoying just gazing upon her naked body bathed in the Christmas lights.

Marion stood still, waiting, anticipating. Letting her lover come to her. She could see the shadow of the occasional pedestrian pass by the window, only a few feet away. Jack reached out to her and put his warm hands on her hips. “Mmmm” he growled appreciatively. “I like my present a lot.”

“Wouldn’t you like to play with it?” Marion asked softly.

Jack kissed her, lips moist and parted slightly. His arms pulled her closer. His lips traveled to kiss her under the ear, on her throat. “Oh yes!” he gasped. Marion stood still, letting him do as he wanted to her, thrilling in the butterfly touch of his lips on her body as they explored her neck and shoulders, her chest, the tops, sides and bottoms of each breast, circling inwards to light upon her nipples where lips gave way to tongue as Jack licked and sucked on each in turn.

Hurriedly his fingers pulled at the ribbon, letting it fall to the floor, then he continued kissing downwards. Slowly he sank to his knees, his hands caressing her naked bottom as his lips kissed her belly and pelvis and thighs, working inwards to her center. Finally he buried his nose in the soft triangle of her bush, inhaling delightedly. Marion put her hands on his head in benediction, arching her back and closing her eyes as she sighed with desire.

“Oh yes” she whispered.

She pushed her hips forward, tilting her pussy towards his eager waiting mouth. Jack flicked his tongue out, touching her clitoris lightly. “Oh God yes!” she gasped more loudly.

Jack opened his mouth to take her in, sucking and licking at her open center, trying to pull her into himself with his tongue. His fingers tightened on her buttocks. She gripped his hair, pulling on it in her ecstasy. “Oh…. fuck….yes!”

Jack looked up at her adoringly from his knees. “I really like this present!” He pushed his face into her pussy again while starting to undo his pants. “I have a present for you too” Jack said pushing his pants down to let his stiff cock free. “Do you want it?”

Marion nodded with an inarticulate whimper of desire. Quickly she spread her coat out on the floor beneath the Christmas tree and lay down on it, her legs wide, her arms out reaching for him. “Please,” she pleaded in her lust.

Jack quickly pulled the rest of his clothing off and leaned over her, his thick cock aimed at her belly. “Please” Marion whispered again. She grabbed his thick shaft in eager fingers to guide him in. Jack slid into her warm, amazingly wet pussy easily, sliding to his full depth in the first stroke. Marion tilted her head back with a sigh. “Oh God yes! That’s what mommy wants!”

Jack took his time, making long slow strokes. He gazed upon her face in the coloured Christmas lights. Marion smiled at him, her eyes twinkling. She moved her hands down to grip his bottom. She loved caressing his small hairy bum. She knew it excited him. He bent down to kiss her. She met his mouth eagerly, open lipped. As he thrust he bent again to lick her nipples, she tilted her head and moaned in pleasure. She wished they could stay like this, wrapped in the Christmas lights, locked in their own private world of red and green and blue sparks as he slid inside of her and his lips searched her breasts.

Marion could feel his cock thickening, his thrusts quickened, his breath came more raggedly. He locked eyes with her. “I love you” he said hoarsely.

“I love you too” she replied.

With a final grunt he plunged as deeply as he could, pushing the head of his cock right to her cervix and Marion felt the warm flood of his semen fill her again. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him down on top of her, holding him inside her as long as she could.

Jack kissed her behind her ear. “I love you so much” he whispered. “I really like my present.”

“Mmmmm” Marion laughed. “I’m glad. Hopefully we’ll get to see your present to me in about nine months.”

“That’d be nice” Jack said contentedly. “Just in case, maybe we can play this game again Christmas Eve under our own tree?”

Marion laughed again. “We’ll see what Eleanor has to say about that. But maybe. Some sherry and shortbread would go nicely with it.”

Jack sat up. “What did you do with Eleanor anyway?”

“Lynn’s watching her for a few hours. I told her you needed ‘some help’ at the store.”

“Lynn? That’s nice. Eleanor likes her.”

“Yeah, Lynn’s great. Who do you think helped me tie the bow?” Marion smiled at him, the Christmas lights sparkling in her beautiful eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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