Christmas Madness

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This bit of mental floss was inspired by a friend who likes stories where incest is a kind of compulsion that comes out of nowhere, a temporary madness that must be fed, the consequences be damned, where feelings and what not are left to be examined later.

In short, this is a fantasy without a single realistic element, no character development and not a whiff of forethought on the part of these two lust-filled figments of my imagination.

To my friend: thanks for the inspiration. And the pics!


As he watched her interact with their guests at the Christmas party, Nathan marvelled at the transformation in his mother. She’d told him that she started a new diet and exercise routine to take her mind off “empty nest syndrome” when he’d left at the beginning of his first semester at State.

Honestly, he hadn’t given it a second thought, so wrapped up in his own change in circumstances. They talked a couple of times a week, exchanged a text here and there, but he was completely immersed in college life and mostly just mumbled an “uh huh” and “hmmm” when Susan started in about low carbs and squats. He’d been wholly unprepared for the attractive 45-year-old woman who’d thrown her arms around his neck and smothered his face with kisses when he walked through the front door of his childhood home.

Now, for the last three days he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her. The new highlights in her hair, the sparkle in her blue eyes, the defined shoulders and arms in her sleeveless tops. And, yes, the breasts that were now so noticeable because of her slimmed down belly, and the taut ass that seductively filled the yoga pants she’d taken to wearing around the house.

It didn’t help that the dress she’d chosen for the party hugged her every curve. The scoop neckline showed off deep cleavage, and the spray of light freckles were a tantalizing effect. The hemline fell about mid-thigh, and the sheer black stockings she wore complemented her toned thighs and calves perfectly. Her toenails, fingernails and even her full lips were the exact shade of red as her dress, and her lustrous auburn hair fell in ringlets that framed her beautiful face.

Why Bycasino had he never noticed that his mother was a MILF?

Unfortunately, the metamorphosis seemed to be lost on his father. He was the same dullard he’d always been, and if he noticed that his wife was now a stone-cold fox, he didn’t seem to be paying her any more attention or affection than before.

However – Nathan thought with some annoyance – every other red-blooded male scattered around his house was certainly being attentive. And true to her nature as the perfect hostess, Susan was catering to their every whim. Still, Nathan was surprised to feel a stab of jealousy when he saw her casually touch a neighbor on the arm, laugh at a lame joke from one of Dad’s colleagues or wink conspiratorially at someone else.

Susan moved across the room and stood in front of Nathan, and he was flustered for a moment at the notion that she was reading his thoughts. But she just smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder and spoke.

“Sweetie, could you help me for a quick sec? I need a couple more bottles of wine from downstairs,” she said brightly.

“Um, sure, mom, tell me what you need, and I’ll grab it,” he replied. “But why’s it in the basement?”

“Oh! You’ve been home three days, and I haven’t even shown you!” she exclaimed. “One of my projects since you’ve been gone is a wine cellar! C’mon!”

She grabbed Nathan by the hand and led him through the crowd to the door to the basement, which had previously held some old barbells and a ping pong table. That was all still here as they reached the bottom of the stairs, but to the left, Nathan noticed a small new room had been constructed. Through a glass door, he saw floor-to-ceiling racks on either side of the narrow room, separated by about five or six feet. When Susan pushed the door open, Nathan saw that about half the shelves contained bottles.

“It’s way too big,” Susan said. “But don’t you love it?”

“Wow, mom, this is impressive! How’d you get the old man to spring for this?” he asked good naturedly.

Susan laughed brightly and turned toward one of the racks, looking to the top shelf. When she turned, she brushed against Nathan every so slightly, but he still felt a flush at her proximity. Bycasino giriş She stood on her tiptoes, reaching for a bottle just out of reach.

“Darn it, I’ve got one of those library ladder thingies ordered, but it hasn’t arrived yet,” she grumbled.

“I got it, mom,” Nathan said and moved directly behind her. He reached over her and easily pulled the bottle she’d been trying to reach from the rack. She took it from him, but instead of moving away, Nathan placed his hands on his mom’s shoulders.

“Mom, I’m really impressed with all the changes you’ve made since I left,” he said. “You, this – everything looks great.”

“Oh, sweetie, I missed you so much, I just had to do something with all this energy,” Susan replied.

Without thinking, Nathan swept her hair to run side and planted a soft kiss on the side of his mom’s neck.

An electric jolt pulsed through Susan at the touch of her son’s lips. It was intimate, but not at all sexual – surely he hadn’t intended that – but she still let out a soft moan.

Mesmerized, Nathan moved his lips a couple of inches and kissed the back of her neck. Instinctively, Susan reached back and grasped the back of his head, her own falling forward as she let out a sharp breath that urged Nathan on.

Suddenly, Susan turned to face her son, and without a second thought, their mouths came together. Nathan’s hands fell to her hips even as Susan draped her arms over his shoulders and tangled her hands in his hair, pulling him closer.

Nathan parted his mother’s lips with his tongue, and she opened her mouth to welcome it. She sucked lustfully on her son’s tongue as he pressed against her and Susan felt his hardness pushing against her belly.

Nathan’s hands wandered down to cup his mother’s ass, and she ground against him lewdly. Their wanton kiss continued until she finally tore her lips from his.

At first, Nathan took the end of the kiss for reluctance.

“Mom, I’m sor–,” he began, but Susan silenced him as she buried her face in his shoulder and nipped playfully at his ear before swirling her tongue over it.

They both knew this was insane – there’d never been even a hint of anything inappropriate between the two of them, but it was as if they’d Bycasino güncel giriş been dosed with some invisible aphrodisiac and were being consumed by lust.

Nathan pawed at his mother’s ass even as she ran her hands down his body and began fumbling with his belt. She finally got her hand inside his pants and grasped his throbbing shaft. It was alive in her hand, hot to the touch, and she stroked him roughly.

Following suit, Nathan found his mother’s hemline and pushed her dress up. He was surprised to encounter bare skin, and a quick glance down showed him a milky thigh and a red lace garter holding up her silk stockings. He could feel the heat coming off of her as he fumbled to slide a finger into her panties.

“Oh, god, Mom,” Nathan started again, but was again silenced as Susan crushed her mouth to his and rolled her tongue over his own. She was pushing his pants and underwear down until finally they were at his feet. She leaned back ever so slightly, and holding her son’s thick cock in her hand, she murmured:

“Fuck me.”

Nathan let out a growl as he cupped her ass and lifted her. Susan pulled her panties to one side with one hand even as the other pulled her son’s shaft to her entrance. With a groan, he pushed himself inside her, then felt a sharp pain as Susan bit down on his shoulder to stifle a scream.

The two forbidden lovers quickly found a rhythm as Susan placed her feet against the opposite shelf and Nathan stroked furiously in and out of this mother’s slick core. Bottles rattled in their racks, and the glass door fogged over from their labored breathing.

Nathan was at the perfect angle to both stimulate his mother’s clit and fill her gloriously with each thrust. Susan’s mouth against his ear urged him on lewdly.

“Yes, oh, yes, baby, baby, fuck me…oh god, Nathan, fuck me baby make me cum cum inside me, fuck fuck fuck fuck,” she babbled almost incoherently.

She began to shiver uncontrollably and moan as the dam holding back her orgasm broke, and Nathan felt his balls first swell and then begin to pulse as he shot a load deep inside his own mother. He pumped until he thought his legs would collapse, and Susan was covering his face with kisses, running her hands through his hair and murmuring “love you love you” over and over.

Nathan finally pulled back enough to look into his mother’s eyes, unsure what he might find there. But a smile lit up her beautiful face, and a single word came from her mouth before she again pressed her lips to his.


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