My wife’s face is a luminescent oval surrounded by shining dark brown hair and set with large brown eyes that glisten, as if she is ever on the verge of a cry. It is a face both sad and compassionate. And when she smiles, the expression lifts my heart, melts my will. It is a magic she has worked since we met. And so when Claire suggested that she might be ready to start a family — her eyes bright, her smile just a little wicked — I was readily enthusiastic for reasons that I could feel more than understand.

We approached our effort to have children with the passion that colored other aspects of our life together. Our lovemaking in those first few months was more intense and focused than ever. Claire took to murmuring erotically throughout, expressing thoughts and images as they played in her mind — her love for me, her desire to be made pregnant and feel the subsequent changes to her body, her mental image of her womb, my cock, and the “seed” in my balls. Her low, gentle voice seemed to coax us both into a trancelike state that prolonged our lovemaking to dreamlike reverie.

But we were unsuccessful in making the images a reality. After a year or so using various therapies, and with no small amount of strain on our magic, we ventured into experimental territory. I had read on the web about a few chemical approaches to fertility that had not yet been approved for use legally. I shared my research with Claire, and after an exhausting near-tears discussion, we agreed to try one.

The bottle of little blue pills arrived a few weeks later. It was enclosed with a single sheet of paper that must have been a third or fourth generation photocopy. The blurred text only briefly described the pills themselves as a drug that acted on several levels, including influencing sex- and reproduction-related hormones. Side effects were described as possibly enough to impair judgement, with the usual admonition about driving, and so on. The instructions stated that we were each to take one prior to having intercourse.

That evening without fanfare, Claire and I undressed and each took one of the tiny pills, washing it down with a shared glass of wine. Excitement at trying something so new had already stiffened my cock. Claire took my hand and pulled me to the bed, where we knelt facing one another. As I reached out to caress Claire’s sweet face, I felt my own face become warm with an unexpected blush. The sensation moved downward through my body, a creeping warmth. I watched my fingers play over Claire’s soft cheek, watched her take my thumb into her mouth. I felt a strange detachment, as if I were examining her from a distance. I noticed with renewed intensity how lovely and full her mouth was around my thumb, the grace in her long neck and slender shoulders. But as I scanned downward over her breasts, over her waist, her hips, I felt my heart begin to race. The sight of Claire’s body commanded my attention as it never had before, provoking a kind of fever that had my cock aching.

Through a growing haze of desire, I heard Claire’s voice groan. I felt it resonate through her lips, tenderly gripping my thumb. Looking back at her face, I saw her eyes shut tightly in what looked like a wince. My gaze drifted again to her body as my head filled with a warm fog that started to make coherent thought elusive. I wondered briefly if I should be concerned about what appeared to be dramatic side effects. Was it the wine? But before I could act on the thought my caution vanished, chased away by a vivid, visceral awareness of the nearness of Claire’s body. I moved closer to her.

I wanted to take her and pull her body against mine. But at that moment she cried out in a muffled groan. Her hands flew up to sieze my extended arm. Her lips pulled at my thumb, her teeth suddenly bearing down. Another groan rose more loudly, low in her throat.

She shuddered in a way that shook her entire body. My earlier vague concern about side effects returned as I worried that Claire might be in pain. My hazy sensibilities were barely able, and barely willing, to sort it out.

As her body quieted, she released my thumb and opened her eyes to look into mine. She parted her lips, panting, and nodded almost imperceptibly, an affirmation, her eyes fluttering. Then she opened her mouth for yet another scream-like groan. She found each of my hands with hers, gripped them tightly, then suddenly bent at the waist and lurched forward to slam her head into my chest. With her dark hair against my chin, I could feel her gasping open-mouthed against my left nipple. Then I felt her tongue brush it softly.

“It’s okay… I’m okay,” she said against my nipple. She seemed to struggle for breath.

But I barely heard her: the sensation of our bodies finally so close had quickened my own breathing. My heart pounded. I felt as if in a fever. My cock and balls were enormous in my mind’s eye.

Claire slipped slowly downward, shaking, her face and hair sliding over my chest Nevşehir Escort to my flat belly, then down to my crotch. I felt her nose push into the hair at the base of my cock, her hands still squeezing mine. Looking down over her curves, I fought a growing desire to shake my hands free of hers and reach out for her ass. I knew one thing: she would not suck my cock to orgasm; I would not allow it. I knew that when I came my cock would be thrust deep inside her, completely inside her, my cum flooding her womb.

Claire seemed to be snuffling at my crotch, whimpering and nuzzling in a way that caused my shaft to bounce about against her neck and shoulder. Then she began to shake again, at first softly, but then in convulsions that had her hips undulating beneath my fixed gaze. I felt her mouth open wide against my cock’s base, her lips wet against me, and she began to cry in a pulsing, guttural groan.

“Aagghhhh… it’s okay…” she panted. “It’s… oh… dear god… it feels good…”

I bent over her body, held her hands as she shook. I didn’t know what was happening to Claire, and what was left of my intellect seemed unable to pursue the question. I was pushed completely into the moment. My brain filled with desires sent to it by my body. And my body screamed a desire to fuck Claire.

So I barely blinked when I thought I saw, amid Claire’s convulsions, that the muscles of her ass had begun to ripple beneath her skin. They seemed to be flexing in undulations that swept up from the backs of her thighs over her hips, crashing like tiny waves against her waist.

“Oh god!” I heard her cry against my cock. “It’s happening! I can feel it!”

Claire’s hands tightened on mine painfully. Her gasps had become grunts punctuating her moans. And as I watched, Claire’s hips began to slowly widen. She jerked her ass back and upward, arching her back. Her hips stretched slowly outward, her ass growing fuller and rounder. The image of the change seemed to send bolts of arousal straight to my own hips, my cock, my balls. I found myself involuntarily thrusting, sliding my cock subtly against Claire’s face. Claire’s nearness prompted my body to seek more of her. But she did not take my cock in her mouth, instead allowing it to slide against her hair.

Finally, her shaking seemed to subside. After a few moments she became quiet, panting softly. She lifted her head. Her eyes were wet and dazed, but there was a curious half-smile on her lips. She sat up on her heels and we both looked down at her body. Her 24-inch waist now flared downward and out to deliciously curved hips that were inches broader than her shoulders. Her smile widened. She pulled my hand toward her until my fingertips rested on her right hip. I rubbed gently, enjoying her fullness, and she watched my smile grow.

Then her breathing began to quicken again. She freed her other hand from mine and placed her fingers gently over one of her small breasts. She gasped softly, then leaned in to whisper to me.

“I… I don’t think I’m quite finished yet,” she said, her eyes fluttering closed.

I looked down at where her hand rested on her breast. I saw her fingers spread slowly, and I watched as her nipple swelled and lengthened between them. Both of her nipples grew and hardened until they appeared to be about an inch long. Claire looked down at herself, caressed one swollen nipple. Her smile told me that she enjoyed what was happening. But there was something else. She seemed to understand it in a way I did not. For myself, I could only dimly sense an internal struggle between my remaining shreds of concern for her well-being and a primal, unreasoning desire to get my cock into her. And the desire to fuck her was winning.

Then she lowered her hand and cupped her breast from the bottom. I lifted my hand from her hip with and moved it up to her other breast. I closed my hand over her, my thumb stroking her enlarged nipple. She made a little cry. Then I heard her gasp as both of her breasts began to get heavier. They grew larger, filling outward and downward, pushing into our hands.

Claire moaned and whispered to me as her breasts slowly got bigger. “Ohhh… it feels so nice, David. Feel them. I can feel them filling inside.”

My hand filled with Claire’s swelling breast. I felt my cock ache. I felt my balls burn in their sac. Claire shuddered softly, whimpering in low tones. In my ears her voice was like an animal’s, blurred to a kind of growl. Animal cries in my animal ears, increasing my animal cock’s need to sheath itself in her animal cunt. My hips bucked gently, bobbing my bone-stiff cock in the air between us.

Claire’s breasts filled and grew until they were massive compared with their original size. They were like two big, soft, teardrop-shaped bags of skin that had been held too long at a tap. They swayed and bobbled heavily as she shook from her transformation. Her eyes fluttered, seeing me and then losing me, then Nevşehir Escort Bayan seeing me again. Her breasts hung nearly to her belly button. Full, fat, bloated, beautiful.

She grunted suddenly and dropped to her hands and knees on the bed before me. She positioned herself with her ass pointing upward and her teat-like nipples hanging to the sheet. My dick throbbed in her face like a finger whacked with a hammer.

Claire’s eyes were wide, fixed on my cock. She brought her face near to my shaft, snuffling along its length, then pressing her nose into the hair at its base. I watched her face disappear as her own dark hair fell forward. I felt her nose and lips nuzzle my groin, rooting into my curls, the base of my shaft, my balls. I leaned over her to slide my hands along the curve of her waist, then out around her wide hips to her butt. I felt Claire’s tongue begin to lap at my shaft. I started to knead her enlarged ass, pushing my hands to the backs of her thighs. I found the lips of her pussy, swollen and wet, even as I felt her mouth engulf me hungrily.

My senses swam, dazed. My fingers found Claire’s clit, or what I guessed was her clit, a slick knob the size of my thumb’s end jutting from her folds. At my cock I felt Claire attempt a long low wail, her cry stifled by my shaft. But the vibration of her voice took me to the edge. A delirium overtook me more quickly than I could react. My thoughts of pulling away were washed to oblivion by the warmth of her mouth. I tried to keep a gentle stroking motion at Claire’s bulbous clit even as my hips began thrusting involuntarily, shoving my cock into her throat. Claire whimpered, gasping through her nose. But I barely heard her. Instead, I heard myself grunting as I thrust again. Then I felt a burning sensation begin at the base of my cock. I groaned as the burning grew, filling my cock and balls. As the pain became more intense, a part of me panicked, needing to see the cause. I straightened and pulled my cock from Claire’s mouth.

As my cock slid out of Claire’s mouth, my body was wracked by an intense orgasm. I looked down at my cock hovering over Claire’s upturned, reddened face. Her lips were open and swollen and wet, panting. My cock started to pulse and I aimed it so that my cum wouldn’t land in her eyes. But the cum never appeared. Instead we watched as my cock swelled larger with each pulse. Claire chortled in a kind of wicked laugh. Her mouth gaped and then she closed her eyes and extended her tongue. My chest was heaving as waves of pleasure and agony shook me. Groaning in pain and desire, I watched my cock grow thicker and longer against Claire’s sweet face, the head pushing up and over her nose, past her eyes, her forehead.

Claire’s eyes shone as she looked up past the cock elongating against her face.

“Yess,” she whispered hoarsely. “Just look at it. Feel your cock getting so big and heavy, like my tits.”

I could only nod, wincing. My voice bubbled through my throat in grunts amid my gasps. She knelt there, her face expectant, her mammoth tits swaying beneath her as she moved.

“Yess. Look what you’re becoming, sweetheart,” she said, her voice husky, pleased. “You’re going to be my bull, David. You’re going to mount me and fuck me and fill me with all of your of seed.”

Her tender hand slid up and down along my shaft. As my orgasm and growth subsided, Claire licked the underside of my now enormous cock. Her eyes were closed, her tongue methodical, like one animal bathing, preparing another. She moved her mouth down and under to my balls, which now hung in a sac the size of a cantaloupe.

“Come on, David,” she said, her lips pressed against my bloated sac. “Fuck me. Breed your bitch. God… I’m so in heat for you.”

On her hands and knees, she shuffled completely around so that her ass was before me. She dropped her torso to the bed, and I saw her mammoth breasts spread from her sides. Her pussy lips were swollen, dripping, her clit jutting out red and wet like the end of a pointed tongue. I bent and lapped at her pussy, flicking her clit with my tongue.

“Ahhh… no no no no… mount me, David!” she whimpered. “Fuck me! God, I need you to fuck me. I need to be bred with your seed!”

What we were about to do wasn’t about love, or even pleasure. It was about biology. As I moved quickly in behind her, looking down at her prone body — her dark hair scattered across her shoulders, her lovely wide ass thust up at me, supporting my enormous shaft, her fingers splayed out against the sheets, preparing for my assault — I knew and she knew that this was about my pushing my cock in as far as it would go and stabbing her with it until my body reacted by pumping the contents of my seed-laden balls into her. Her belly full of me, the rest would be beyond our control as sperm invaded egg with another penetration, and together they grew inside her. This was, at the moment, the sole purpose of our lives.

I Escort Nevşehir mounted her. In my mind’s eye, I was one animal atop another. My cock parted the swollen lips of her pussy and I watched her folds stretch and drip as I pushed the head into her. Claire grunted, cried out.

“Unnhhh! Yes, push it!”

She shuddered, stiffened as I gripped her tightly, one hand at her shoulder and the other at her waist: I didn’t want the female going anywhere until I had emptied myself inside her. Claire gasped, her mouth wide, panting. Inch after inch of me slid impossibly, thickly into her. My hips bucked against her tightness, pushing my thickness through her stretched lips. She was impaled so very far… my cock must have stretched nearly to her lungs.

“Feel it,” I hissed through clenched teeth, leaning over her body. “I’m going to breed you now. Just like a bitch in heat!”

She grunted loudly and pushed back into me, sheathing herself over me.

Her groans filled the air. I gripped her ass roughly and struggled to get myself in all the way with urgent thrusts. Her bleating urged me onward. She raised her ass higher. Her engorged breasts spread fatly against the sheets. I started to fuck her faster. My balls swung forward with each thrust to fly through her spread thighs. I pulled her back onto me. And then my groin was slapping her ass, rippling her muscled cheeks.

As I fucked her, I was dimly aware of Claire’s arms stretching out before her. Her hands gripped the sheets. She pulled the material into deep pleats with her fingers. She shrieked in pulsing cries muffled by the bed. Her pussy gushed, drenching my cock with hot liquid. She was cumming.

My body seemed beyond my control. I started to shake. My thrust-grunts were loud now, as if to tell the bitch I had found what I was about to do, that she was about to be bred. My chest heaved and I shoved my cock in all the way and held it there. My humanity fled as my cock pulsed and thickened even larger inside her. Then it erupted.

Long, surging jets of my cum shot into my bitch’s body. The pulsing blasts were steady, unrelenting. I held her ass tightly to me as my cock pumped like the extension of some machine, injecting her with a torrent of seed. My cum’s warmth filled my bitch’s belly and I felt it swirl inside her and around my cock until finally it began to seep past the seal my shaft made against her lips.

I seemed to empty into her for over a minute, and after the pulsing had subsided, I pulled out of her and watched her pussy close tightly to hold in my seed. The bed at her knees was a wet mess, viscous with my cum and hers. She dropped to her side and I fell to lay facing her.

We lay there for a while, dozing. Claire lay on her side facing me, her massive breasts spilling out between her arms. Waking, I looked over at her legs, long and lovely, bent together at the knees, then allowed my eyes to scan up to her hips. Although her legs were still slim, the curve from her knees over her hips created a slope that dove with a steep descent into the valley of her waist. The expanse of skin across her hips was punctuated by a modest triangle of hair that pointed toward a small gap where dim light passed between her thighs.

My gaze traveled to Claire’s breasts, which hung nearly obscuring her navel, as if they had been filling continuously since they’d begun to grow. They were set with swollen areolas whose nipples were larger than the last two digits on my little finger, thicker than thimbles. Her nipples and areolas were much darker than before, and I found myself staring.

“They ache, David,” Claire’s voice whispered hoarsely.

I started, feeling as though she had caught me.

“Look what you’ve done to me,” she whispered, smiling softly. She took one of my hands in hers and brought it to one of her breasts. I caressed her fullness, tugging gently at her nipple.

“Ohhhhh,” she groaned. “They’re so full. Can you feel it?”

I massaged her nipple, pressing my fingers into her flesh. I told her yes, I could feel it, feel the milk in her. And as I pulled, I could feel Claire’s nipples swell into my fingers. Her nipples grew larger and thicker as I massaged them. Claire watched my hands working and I heard her gasp as she noticed what as happening.

“My god,” she said. “Oh my god.”

She slowly lifted her body up so that she was on all fours again. Her immense breasts hung beneath her, swinging into my hands. I kept massaging and pulling, my mouth open and dry. Claire repreated “Oh god” again, then again, half in a whisper. Then she merely whimpered, watching her nipples lengthen. And then her voice became a curiously guttural moan.

“Ummm,” she groaned, her head lowered to watch me play with her teats.

Again I squeezed and listened to her groan. I took one nipple in each hand. I tugged downward on one, then the other.

“Mm-hmmm,” came her groan, a bit louder, then a small gasp.

I began to massage her bloated nipples slowly, pulling one and then the other, then the first again. Her humming and moaning continued, lowered, and became louder. At last I heard Claire sigh loudly, and I saw droplets appear at the end of each nipple. Claire raised her face to look back at me, grinning.

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