Clearing in the Woods

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A big thank you to my editor for his kindness and his time, and especially for keeping me on my toes.


They begin their day together by walking hand in hand through a park next to a lake, crunching fallen leaves beneath their feet, and watching birds gather for their long flight south. A blustery wind blows off the water sending a chill through her thin sweater and raising goose flesh on her body. He puts his arm around her shoulders to share the warmth of his body with her, protecting her from the elements.

Off the path is a quaint coffee shop. They enter, and find a small group of patrons seated in front of a raised platform where a poet is sharing his latest efforts. Words written from his imagination are melodic and spellbinding. All eyes are upon him as he spins a tale of love found and lost, only to be found again.

The pitter patter of a sudden and unexpected rainfall can be heard on the tin roof of the little shop.

The poet, a master story teller with the gift of rhyme, lifts his head and smiles at the people whose rapt attention he possesses, and he speaks.

“The Rain Murmurs Upon the Roof

The rain murmurs upon the roof.
Pure water sliding down the glass
Of the window panes of our heart.
Cleansing us of the broken pieces
That thus far, have refused to part.

I hear it whisper in the trees outside.
A kaleidoscope of sun and clouds and
Droplets of color bending and blending
To send forth a rainbow to brighten
The skies and give us hope.”

Walking through the park after leaving the coffee shop, the older woman and younger man decide to take a detour off the beaten path through the woods that surrounds the park. The woods is surprisingly dry after the rain, the canopy of trees acting as an umbrella to protect the floor of beautiful leaves that have drifted upon the wind, and fallen softly to the ground. After a short walk they come upon a circular clearing in the woods, almost as if the world has given them a private stage. The clearing is covered with soft, downy, still green grass. The sun has poked its brilliant face out from behind the clouds, warming the air, its shinning rays filtering through leaves still left on the tall trees that surround the clearing. Its beauty is haunting; with the only sound that of a lone songbird, serenading them with a pure sweet melody. Nature has given them an enchanted forest and antep escort they are speechless.

Holding hands, they turn in a circle taking in the magic of the moment. She faces him and smiles, her radiance piercing his heart. The young man gently wraps his arms around her gathering her to himself, his face buried in her hair, her breasts soft against his chest, her hands caressing his back. Never had his arms felt so perfect around anyone. He pulls slightly away and using his index finger, slowly lifts her chin so he can gaze upon her face. Her eyes sparkle like moonbeams bouncing silver off the sea, and he lowers his head to taste her soft succulent lips.

Their lips melt into each other from the sheer heat of passion in life’s rare gift of kindred spirits connecting and building emotional bonds. The chemistry between them is explosive and all consuming, taking them by surprise. His cock instantly springs to life, and her vulva swells with desire, her nipples hard as steel nubs pressing against his chest.

The world has disappeared and time is no more. The lone bird has stopped its serenade. There is only the two of them facing each other in the sun drenched circle of enchantment, each finding in himself a need for the other, a thirst of two souls sensing their communion of hearts.

She steps back out of arm’s reach, and looking into his eyes, removes her sweater and lets it fall to the carpet of grass. His cock is aching as he watches her delicate fingers slowly unbutton the first button of her blouse, then the second, and third, and fourth. With the unleashing of each button, more of her creamy skin is revealed as the material falls away. At last the final button is unfastened and her blouse joins her sweater on the downy grass. Braless, her full perfect breasts are exposed to the warm sun and to his rapturous gaze.

She watches as he hurriedly removes his shirt from his wide shoulders and muscular arms, and throws it to the side. The black hair on his chest tapers to a thin line running down his six pack abdomen and disappears into his pants. Her gaze is transfixed on the long thick bulge straining against the denim of his blue jeans. He unbuttons the single button at the waistband and begins to unzip them, but stops. She looks at him with a question on her face and sees him smile as he raises one eyebrow and glances at her jeans.

They remove their jeans together, his falling to the ground and kicked aside, his cock springing free. Her jeans slowly gliding over the soft curve of her hips, down her shapely legs and off her feet. Stepping out of them, she slowly and deliberately turns around, offering him a visual tour of her voluptuous body. Her long slim torso tapers to a narrow waist which widens nicely to feminine hips suggesting the classic valentine buttocks that his hands ache to hold. She turns facing him and his eyes drop to a bushy patch of pubic hair, his imagination seeing the delicate flower that lies beneath, covered with the dew of desire. She takes the pins from her hair, shaking it loose, and letting it fall across her shoulders and down her back. The sun dances golden off her hair bathing her skin in the soft glow of amber and shadow.

The sight of this beautiful naked woman is a feast for his eyes and leaves him breathless. He swallows hard, his cock throbbing. For all the money in the world, he would not trade this moment. Nothing more than knowing she is near him is needed to make him feel peace and a need for it to never end. His mind tells him she is a goddess shrouded in sunlight and kissed by the breeze, but his body is telling him he must possess this incredible creature.

Their yearnings grow as they realize their hands are mutually outstretched in common hunger. His hunger for her kiss is the focus of his consciousness. She comes to him, her mouth as hungry as his own, ripping his thoughts from all else with each kiss, making him anything but sane. Only the sight and smell of her can ever matter. The feel of her warm hand caressing his neck leaves him breathless.

He feels the lushness of her breasts, weighing them in his hands, and he can no longer refrain from taking her nipples between his fingers and gently but firmly tweak and pull them. Her breasts rising as she deeply sucks in her breath at the heat rising in her loins. She stands still, her arms at her sides as if in a trance, while he makes love to her breasts with his hands and his mouth. Her eyes close as his greedy suckling tells her of his deep desire. He ravishes her breasts like a hungry babe. Her knees begin to weaken.

Sensing her weakness, he wraps his arm around her waist and draws her to him, his throbbing cock hard against her stomach. He devours her mouth with his lips and his tongue. His breath catches in his throat when he feels her warm hand grasp his cock. Pre-come drips from its head lubricating her hand as she begins to stroke him. Knowing he won’t last long with her sweet hands working their magic, he lifts her in his strong arms and lays her on the soft carpet of grass, the rainbow of leaves caressing her hair.

She lies there so sweetly warm, eyes closed, arms above her head, and legs splayed and so deliciously welcoming. He knows new hunger for her taste as her skin and thighs pass along the fragrance of her musk. The sweet sheen of wetness is everywhere on her womanhood. It stirs his senses and his groin aches to penetrate her. But, not yet, not until he tastes every part of her.

Her hips begin to move in anticipation of being orally ravished as he licks and sucks her toes, slowly kissing and dragging his tongue up her leg and across her thighs, closer and closer to her growing need. He places his face between her thighs, his nose brushing her pubic hair just above her slit, deeply inhaling her essence and feeling the moisture and heat escaping her body.

Her aroma is intoxicating and he can no longer wait to taste her. Using his thumbs, he gently separates her outer lips, exposing the delicate flower within and the bud from which it springs. She’s as beautiful to him as any painting an artist has deemed to be his masterpiece. He uses his tongue like an artist uses a brush to paint a canvas, using soft strokes of his tongue up and down her delicate tissue, into every nook and cranny, savoring her juices and devouring her sweetness.

He continues to eat her like a hungry animal, unable to get enough of her, licking and nipping, and pulling, and sucking her hard nub. He feels it throbbing in his mouth and he hears her moans and whimpers as her hips gyrate to a primal rhythm. His lust and focus is intense, as if he were a mad man. There is no other existence for him, but this woman and her wonderful taste, no other existence for him but giving her pleasure and taking pleasure from her.

Her cries of pure pleasure pierce the silence of the forest. The trees witness her body writhing, her breasts heaving, fully erect nipples reaching toward the cerulean sky. Her lovely body convulses in the ancient dance of those in the throes of ecstasy. How lovely she looks to him now, her body bathed in the rays of the sun, head thrown back, mouth open, face and chest flushed with the blush of desire and fulfillment Yet, never would he learn to satisfy her as much as he wanted to. He could only be a student of great devotion.

Part 2 to follow

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