Coast to Coast Pt. 01


Ok, I had closed my flat on the West Coast and after getting the key to my landlord, I was to return to my hometown on the other side of the country. Last weeks were kind of brutal, lost a job, lost a boyfriend, plan a relocation, plan the trip, but now I was in my car, finally heading out of that city.

Lucky for me, I’ve always been a squirrel, so I have enough money in my account to take things lightly, and since I do not like to travel alone, I’ve logged up on an app to share the trip with other travellers.

This is simple, I had to describe my journey, to filter the kind of people I was willing to pick up (I’m a girl so I chose only girls) and finally tell the cost to share, keeping in account toll, fuel and car usage.

The app collects Id information from me and my passengers, and deals with credit card payments, so that I can collect the money before they even jump on my car. Easy, no?

By the way, my name is Monica, until three weeks ago I was working in an IT company, as a server load balancing supervisor. We were victims of a credit card scam, that emptied the company funds, and we were bought by another company that let the majority of employees lose their jobs. So much for gratitude.

And so I sent most of my things packing to my parents’ house and with just a trolley full of clothes, I started to bring my car home by road. Regarding the boyfriend, he was an asshole, so leave it at that.

I looked in my phone for the first passenger details, she was waiting for me in the outskirts of town.

I followed the indications on the app and found Gretchen. She is a college student that took a job in Vegas for the summer. Well, not my choice, but whatever. She was carrying a couple of trolleys, that went nicely in the trunk along my own baggage. Next stop was in a city an hour off, where I had to pick up another woman.

The trip was pleasant, while driving I chatted with Gretchen, she is studying English Literature, and she found a job in a hotel in Las Vegas to teach English to children of rich tourists from abroad. First I thought she would have to work on the play floor (perhaps selling cigarettes, my imagination is wild sometimes!), and I told her that her actual job was way better.

She laughed at my imagination and told me: “They do not sell cigarettes anymore, it was Bugsy’s times!!”

Then we stopped in the center of a little town near Los Angeles, where we were greeted by Sarah, a teacher returning to Las Vegas as well. She got a course at Las Vegas University, and she had just passed a week with her boyfriend. Actually, he was there with her and even helped to get her backpack in the trunk. Seemed a nice guy, California style…

Just one stop and we would be ready to leave California.

My last passenger I had to collect near the Airport, in a hotel.

As I approached the curb, I realize that there would be a problem.

From the app, her name was Dawn, tall, black hair, she was wearing a dress and high heels. Sure not a dress for the trip, but that really was not the problem, which instead was the trunk that she had beside the trolley.

The latter I could fit in the car, but the other, there was no way we could shrink it in the car, it was a three feet by two thingy.

Beside her looks, Dawn seemed like a very down to earth girl, and she also immediately realized that there was a problem, and a big one from her point of view, since she had to carry that trunk in Vegas for the next day.

“Ok, I know I’m asking a lot, but, what if I pay for your dinner here at the hotel, while I address this whole mess?”

We looked at each other, but I have to say that she was gracious in her offer, and once we were seated in the hotel restaurant, she left us to phone for arrangements.

While eating, the three of us, chatted about Dawn. She was obviously a model of sorts, but despite her looks, she acted very kind, and also she had been very nice to offer us lunch.

We were finishing our meal as she returned. She had puffy eyes, as if she had cried or screamed, or both. She had changed her outfit to a black loose tunic dress, and there was something in her demeanor that changed from before, but I could not place it.

As she got to the table, she beamed a smile and told:

“Ok, all set. My large trunk has been shipped. So, is there still some space for this?”

Her cabin size trolley would have no trouble fitting in the car.

She took some bread from the table, nibbled some dessert and after that she told us that she was ready to go. We were still startled by her behaviour, but the meal had quenched most of our doubts.

We all jumped into the car, and I took the first leg of the journey and to keep myself awake I started the conversation. The main topic was, obviously, was Dawn. Her entrance has done really a splash.

“What is your job?” I asked, just to start something.

She was in her own thoughts, so she took her time to understand the question.

“Oh… well… I work as a model for some industry. I’m going to Las Vegas, because we have a Pendik Escort convention and I was to carry a special item to the venue.”

“The one you shipped?”

“Yes? Yes… yes. It is a prototype…” there was a doubt in her voice, something that would make a lot of sense later on.

“Can you tell us anything?” Gretchen asked.

“It’s a really specialty item… Very technical. Sorry, girls, I’ve a NDA. What if some of you is a spy?” She quipped with a laugh.

We all laughed with her and then she asked Sarah what kind of courses she was teaching at University.

The first couple of hours were full of laughs and chatter, and we were reaching the state border as I decided to stop for fuel and to take a walk, and also a trip to the bathroom. It was a little town in the middle of the mountain and as I saw Sarah and Gretchen literally jumping out of the car, Dawn instead was mainly controlled with her movement, stiff.

She did took a walk around the station and she was the last to go to the bathroom.

As we were returning to the car, Gretchen was asking me if I was all right to continue driving. And Dawn told me: “Do you want a change? Just to keep me busy?”

Well, I needed some rest, but since we were scheduled to pass the night in a motel in a couple of hours, I had not thought to ask. Yet I accepted, and looked as Dawn climbed into the car and adjusted the seat and the rearview mirror.

I noted that her back was very straight and with it and the heels she had to get more space to sit comfortably.

We were again on the road and she was a very quiet driver, not too speedy but sure and very attentive. She seemed to be so concentrated on the road that she was taking very little part in the discussions.

Sometimes she was looking at her phone but since part of the road was going through the mountains we all did not have a signal to connect most of the time.

I was seated at her side and I could see that her dress was somewhat bothering her, but I kept it to myself.

We arrived at the motel, in the middle of the mountains. The season was not so busy, so we did not need to book our rooms. Turned out that there were just two double rooms that we could occupy. Even if she tried to hide it behind a poker face, I could see that this news had some kind of effect on Dawn. So Gretchen and Sarah offered to share, leaving me and Dawn the other one.

We went to get your baggage down and then directly to eat. I was starving and I wanted to lay down in bed.

After the meal, we had a drink in the motel bar, and Gretchen and Sarah went to their room to sleep. I told Dawn that I was planning to get an early bedtime, and she told me that she would stay a little more, since there was a wifi connection in the bar and she had to sort some things out before going to sleep.

Once in the room, I showered and went directly under the covers.

Even if I went deep in my sleep, I got the clear sense of someone entering the room and sneaking in the bathroom. This was enough to wake me up a little, but hearing some lamentations from there, led me to be full awake.

I stumbled out of the bed and approached the door, after all I was in a motel room with a stranger, so there was the chance that something very wrong was going on.

It was closed, and when I knocked, I heard a surprised yelp from inside.

“Dawn, are you ok?”

“Monica? Please, do not come in.”

“Ok, but are you ok?”


“Please, tell me. Come on.”

“It’s a long story, go back to sleep.”

Now I was growing stubborn, all sleep out from my system.

“Listen, right now, I will get some clothes and I will wait for you in the cafeteria. You do what you have, and come down there to tell your story to me.”

Silence from inside the bathroom.

“Or else I will leave you in this godforsaken place.”

Silence again and then “Give me ten minutes.”

I was completely awake by then as I got out a jumpsuit from my trolley and as I closed the door walking to the cafeteria.

It was well after 1 am, and it was completely empty, there were some tables, and some vending machines for coffee, drinks or snacks.

After fifteen minutes I saw Dawn approaching. She had another dress, that went under her knees, she had a pair of six inches shoes, she had redone her makeup, but under that I could see that she had cried her eyes out.

Her demeanour was still very erect and stiff and she seated in front of me, with the same sequence of movements that she had done while entering the car.

She seated sideways and then she rotated keeping her legs together.

I wondered what kind of pajamas can a person like this use during the night. The comparison between me and her was stunning. A jeans jumpsuit and a dress, what a pair.

“So…” I started to let her know that I meant business.

“So, I’m in trouble.”

“Ok, let’s start from the beginning… What kind of job do you do? Are you an escort? Are you fleeing from someone? If it is something against the law, I Kurtköy Escort want no part of it”

It was her turn to laugh.

“Oh God, no. Nothing like that. Let’s see… I told you that I work like a model. One of my clients, my main client, is a company that deals with specialty items. And that is true. The problem is really another one.”

“What kind of specialty?”

“Well, Markus, the owner, is a metal worker and he specialises in custom made special jewelry. More on the kinky side, I should say.”

“Give me some examples.”

“Well, if in a movie you see someone restrained with a peculiar pair of metal cuffs, chances are that these were designed by Markus.”

“Handcuffs, bondage items…”

“Well, yes and more. He deals with permanent jewelry, the one that once put you have to destroy, custom steel dildoes, chastity belt and so on.”

It was my time to keep silent. It was a little too much to digest in an empty cafeteria, in the middle of the night. So I got up and poured a cup of coffee for both of us.

Dawn, meanwhile, has got some traction with her story.

“I have to be in Las Vegas by tomorrow night, because this weekend there is a fetish convention in a hotel, and I will show some of his creations to the public. Sometimes he shows some prototypes, mock ups, but most of the time these are the real things, so in these occasions, if you happen to see me tied up or restrained in some ways, I’m definitely tied and I do not have the key. This brings me to the trunk I was carrying this morning.”

She sipped a bit of coffee, I was jumping from the curiosity, and yet I could sense that there was more to the whole situation and that I had to give her space to tell the story.

“Last year, Markus got a very special order from a Eastern sheik. He wanted one of his wives to remain chaste and he ordered what I can describe as a chastity armor.”

“What… And she accepted? What is a chastity armor?”

“Well, is a kind of leotard in metal, a cross between a steel brief and a bra, all connected.”

“Oh, god.”

“From what I understand, she did accept the solution, because she was more than willing to satisfy him, in exchange for a really luxurious lifestyle. So Markus got to work and he enrolled me to prepare a prototype and to help him resolve the kinks of the setup. The result was, well, is amazing. I’ve worn my share of metal restraints, and even if I judged it to be a little bit extreme, I can appreciate its technology value. So, last month, he finally produced two models, one with my measurements and one with the sheik’s wife measures. We are similar in shape and size, but there were differences. While mine was done for the purpose of showcasing the final product, hers was designed for long term.”

“Long term?”

“Yes, she had to wear it for long stretches of time, because her husband is often abroad on business, and wanted to be sure that she is faithful and chaste.”

“Oh, dear. And, if you can, what kind of arrangements?”

“Well, she has to wear a steel dildo in her vagina that was made as an exact replica of her husband penis, and there is a butt plug in her anus through which she can do her business and she had to open with a key.”

I was shocked that someone could propose this to a woman, that a woman could accept, and that someone could design such a device. I could not decide what shocked me more.

“But … but… How long is it possible to keep a person in this device?”

“We did some tests, and I could endure a whole day. But my model was without those … enhancements.” She sipped her coffee, as I was digesting her story.

“Another big enhancement was that the whole armor, imagine it like a steel torso cage, was to be closed with a magnetic lock.”

“I heard of those. They say they are very secure.”

“Well, Markus found a military grade mechanism. The key is basically a steel cylinder with a nano magnet at one end. The nano magnet is done in a way that only one magnet can open a lock, because of the disposition of the magnet on the steel surface. At least, this is what I know.”

“Yes, Dawn. I have seen a demonstration. It was a lock for a high security lock. Quite impressive, and secure.”

“I know.”

I looked at her, there was obviously more.

“And so, the model for the sheik’s wife was sent on the other side of the Ocean, and mine was to be shipped with all the things at the convention. But, there was a mix up, and to make a long story short, the one for the customer ended at the airport in LA.”

“Where we picked you up.”


“So that’s what was in your trunk. The one that you shipped to Las Vegas.”

“Yes… and No.”

“No, what do you mean no?”

“Well, when you showed up and told me there were no space in the car for it, I knew that I would meet with Markus when I got in Las Vegas, but as I looked into the trunk, I see that there was no key for the thing. As I called him, he told me that in New York, he has a copy of the key and that he could bring that to the Maltepe Escort convention. So, I took one for the company, and asked the hotel for a courtesy room, while you were eating.”

“Oh, god.”

“I opened the trunk and there was a torso cage and a pair of thigh cuffs. The beautiful thing is that he has designed some indentures on the latches so that if you can insert directly chain links, and there is no need for locks and padlocks. The torso cage is composed of two parts, the front and the rear, they hinge at the crotch. So first you have to sit on the rear inserting the butt plug, then, you place the dildo and finally you pick up the front to close it like a clam. Before closing you trap the chain in the indentures and you click it shut.”

“And you did it?” Those were the only words I could muster to say.

“What choice I had? It is a very special item, the sheik asked Markus to put diamonds and gold insert on it. It’s clearly something that I did not want to leave out of my sight.”

“And now, you are wearing it?” I was really shocked.


“Until we arrive in Vegas?”

“I wish. I got in contact with Markus tonight. On the way to the airport, in New York, he got caught in an accident. So right now he is in a hospital bed with both his legs broken.”

I was speechless. It took me a minute to ask.

“And the key?”

“It is in New York, in his baggage, at the hospital.”

“Oh my…”

“And he asked me to man his shop at the convention, and then, once all is packed to return, head back to New York to get the key.”

“How long?”

“Three convention days, one for packing and then the trip back home. Obviously not by plane. There is no way I can pass airport security with all the metal I have on me.”

I was dizzy from all those information, it was a surreal situation and I did not have any clue on what to do next. Dawn spoke, for the immediate future.

“Well, look at the time, tomorrow morning, later today, we have a trip to do.”

It was a quarter to three, and she was right. She seemed relieved as she got up to go back to the room. Then I was checking her out, to try and see what she had under the dress, just out of curiosity.

As wé returned to the room, I proceed to return to the bed to get a little sleep, but first there was something that was bugging me.


She was collecting something from her baggage.


“Can I see it?”

Silence, she was obviously thinking about it. After all, I was still a stranger to her. Sure, a stranger with whom she had disclosed a big secret, but nonetheless a stranger.

Without saying a word, she put her hands on the hem of the dress and with a smooth move, she took it off by her head.

My face must have been something, because she was surprised by my reaction.

The suit is something that I was not prepared for. All her torso is covered by a web of metal bars, that underlines her beautiful figure. At the waist, it is shaped like a corset that enhances her natural hourglass shape.

There are two domes, shaped like tits, complete with nipples, covering her breasts completed, and when my eyes went to her crotch, I could see that her sex is completely sealed by a metal sheet. She paraded for me and I could see that this shied extends also on the rear and is shaped to reflect the curves of her ass following her crack deeply.

Then I saw the tight cuffs, suspended by chains five inches over her knees. These are linked one another inside her legs, and I realize that she cannot open them more that seven or eight inches.

On the metal, there are diamonds embedded and the nipples on the domes are in gold, as is part of the crotch piece.

There is no apparent way for her to reach her nether regions, or her breasts. At her sides the bars connected seamlessy as if fused together.

I could only say: “Wow, it is beautiful.”

“You think?”

“It’s fantastic, yet terrible. How can anyone accept to be locked in this for an indefinite amount of time?”

“Hello?” Dawn waved her hand jokingly.

The pun helped getting me out of that reverie and I looked as she put an oversized shirt on her and then turned to bed as well.

Poor soul, she must have been exhausted because she was fast asleep, and hearing her gentle snoring, I had trouble to find myself a fitful slumber. I was taking in what I had just seen, this kind of thing, perversions, were something that I had never ever imagined, to that point, and it stirred up some kind of emotion in my mind that I could not yet name.

The way in which that metal was shaping and yet following her curves was tantalizing and erotic in a sense that I could not express, on top of it, the situation she was in, not able to access some parts of her body, was definitely something that could drive me crazy with desire and lust.

I found my sleep at the first light of the day, thinking that today I would let the others take their turn at the wheel, choosing to recover in the rear seat.

So, when we woke up to get to breakfast we were a little groggy for the previous night’s chat.

While she was preparing for the day, I had another glimpse to Dawn’s contraption and I was surprised how at ease she seemed to be. Yet, I knew she had to endure some struggles and complications.

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