Collette’s V Auction Fulfillment


Thursday morning I was so nervous, I couldn’t masturbate. But, I was so excited about what was to come, I really, really wanted to. My virginity auction hit $930,000, and half would be mine by the end of the day. I didn’t mind the other half going to the Club; after all, they were the reason this was an option in the first place.

I had picked my de-virginizer (de-flowerer? Maidenhead removal service?…?) at random when I fell asleep at my desk and my head hit the keyboard. Sir Harold Bixby was English, had the look of a swimmer’s build, and blind. I’d never thought a knight would be my first, but I hoped he wouldn’t be too chivalrous.

A driver picked me up from home to take me to the hotel on Saint Petersburg Beach. It was Thanksgiving, so traffic was light. He passed my bag to the bellhop and told me to go to the seafood restaurant of the hotel. The concierge directed me, and the hostess helped me find my date.

He was much better looking than his photo. He stood, when the hostess brought me to the table, and his crisp white button down with camel colored linen slacks was flattering on his trim build. Too young to be a silver fox, I guessed he was around 46 or 47. His eyes looked normal and were a nice shade of blue. A faint scar ran from the side of his face toward his right eye, went across the bridge of his nose, and one which came down from the outer corner of his left eye, almost like a slight tear.

I wouldn’t have noticed it right off normally, but I studied at his eyes carefully. I stuck my hand out to shake his, and I realized how ludicrous that was. Before I withdrew it, he took my hand and smiled. “I’m Harold.”

“Collette Hemming. It’s nice to meet you,” I said.

His smile immediately put me at ease, as we sat. “I trust you had a pleasant ride?”

“Yes, the driver was very safe.”

“Excellent. Are you hungry?”

“I have to be honest, I’m a little too nervous to be hungry at the moment. Can we just talk, maybe get a drink?”

“Of course,” he ordered a Bombay and tonic, and I ordered the same. “What would you like to talk about?”

“I have some questions. Understand, I have no idea what’s appropriate to ask under these circumstances, so I apologize in advance if I am uncouth. I’m simply unsure of what advice Emily Post would give me, so I may misstep.”

“For someone as purportedly nervous as you, it is impressive that you managed that mouthful of words.”

“I’m very impressive when my mouth is full.”

He blushed slightly, and said, “Oh, I like you.”

I giggled. I’d never seen a man blush before. “First question, how did you know where my hand was when I went to shake your hand?”

“I felt the air move near my face and took a shot in the dark.”

“Shot in the dark?”

He grinned again, and I laughed. He was good at putting me at ease.

The drinks came, we sipped, and the interrogation went on. “Were you born a ‘Sir’?”

“I was knighted for my service in the Gulf War in 1991. I headed up a rescue mission for an important official and her family.”

“Hmm. So, how did you get to be in a position to buy virginities?”

“After the war, I came back without my sight to a wife who couldn’t deal with my new circumstances. I had to relearn so much, and a part of what helped me get my life back together was computers. I got in on the ground floor of a few tech companies and developed Nevşehir Escort a lot of ways to make computing better for the blind. We branched out into other technologies for other disabilities, electric wheelchairs with better ergonomics, that sort of thing. Now, we are at the forefront of 3D printed prosthetics. It’s changed so much since the first Gulf War.”

“Wow.” The longer the sentence, the more pronounced his accent got. Never had a thing for an English accent till him.

“I’m sorry, the gin is going straight to my head, and I am rambling. Is it alright if we order an appetizer?” We ordered oysters and caviar. I hoped oysters were as magical for guys as they say.

I had more questions as we ate, “So, you’re a good looking, successful guy with loads of money, why would you resort to this sort of arrangement?”

He countered, “Why did you? My adviser says you’re a very attractive 20-year-old, I’m sure you could have your pick of men for this. So, why did you resort to this sort of arrangement?”

“Cards on the table, the money is going to be quite helpful.”

He smirked a little, “But, is that the only reason?”

I took a deep breath and admitted out loud what I’d been thinking, “I’d be lying if I said money was the only reason. It turns me on to think that a man would give up some of his fortune just to buy my virginity.”

He leaned forward, smiled, and conspiratorially said, “And it turns me on to do such things. Virginity is merely one state of being, but it can be so much more. It is a temporary status which truly only exists in our minds, yet the event of changing that status stays with a person forever, for better or worse. I believe every person should have good memory about it, which is part of why I have bought so many. Was it my letters of recommendation from the other girls which swung the vote my way?”

“In all truth, no. I didn’t read the letters. I didn’t want someone else’s opinion to sway my decision.”

“That makes sense. What do you expect from me on my end of the bargain?”

“I’m not entirely certain what to expect, aside from what was listed on the contract.” I didn’t know how to answer his question, other than the obvious.

He thought as he ate an oyster. “After dessert, I would like to walk with you on the beach for a little while. I would like to kiss you under the stars. Then, I want to take you upstairs to my suite. I want to undress you, and kiss your skin, and caress you. And when you tell me to, I want to make love to you, in whatever manner you desire.” The end of his sentence was the beginning of my breath.

It took me a moment to find my words. “I find your terms agreeable.”

He laughed out loud and finished his G&T. “That’s a new one on me.” We ordered a lemon tart to share, and I thought, “One item checked off on his to-do list.” Afterwards, he took my arm, and I led him outside. We strolled onto the beach, and it was a gorgeous night with loads of stars. There was no moon out. Before we hit the water, he rolled his linen pants up, and looked even sexier. He held my hand, which was only the second time a guy had done that. Our feet were barely in the warm water, when he turned me to kiss him. “I’m afraid I need you to take the lead, Collette. I’d hate to land on your nose.” I smiled, took his face in my hands, and brought him down to my lips. Once he landed, Bixby put his arms Nevşehir Escort Bayan around me. He had a strong build, and I felt totally safe in those arms. We kissed for what seemed like a really long time, and I didn’t want it to end. He tasted like gin and lemon, and was an excellent kisser. I got that pleasant dizzy feeling, and he said, “If you’re ready, would you like to go upstairs?”


We went back to the hotel, and once we were in the elevator, I couldn’t wait. I pinned him against the wall and kissed him fiercely. He let his hand drift to my lower back, but no lower. Even though we were headed to hook up, he didn’t grope me or press his luck.

Once we were safely ensconced in the suite, he put on some music, and sat on the edge of the bed. He crooked his finger and motioned for me to join him. I slid out of my shoes and went to him, then stood between his feet and faced him. He put his hands on my shoulders to suss out the style of my dress. Then Bixby took his right hand and used the right side of the neckline to guide his fingers. He hunted for a zipper or buttons, I presumed. Then, he followed the swoop of the neckline and eventually found the wrap dress’ tie on my left hip. He deftly untied it with his right hand, and helped me out of the dress with his left hand. I stood in my bra and panties in front of him, and he lightly traced from my sternum to my navel with his fingertips. I got the shivers. “Are you cold?”


A corner of his mouth tightened into a smirk. Then, he kissed my navel and stood in front of me, still dressed.

I reached out and unbuttoned his shirt. I followed his lead and slid it off his shoulders. I grabbed the button on his pants, flicked it open and unzipped them. He wore no underwear and his pants glided to the ground to reveal his naked body. He was hard, and his cock was 6 inches long, as big around as a diner salt shaker. I was neither intimidated, nor disappointed by the size. I kissed him, and he held me close.

He pulled my bra straps down my shoulders and felt around my back. When he didn’t find the clasp, he came around to the front. The man knew his way around women’s clothes. Bixby lightly touched the top of my breasts with both hands, and I heard a low moan come from him. Then he found the clasp and managed to work it just fine. He pulled my bra off and felt me up. His hands were soft and large, and his touch was incredible. Bixby understood that nipples are not the only parts of boobs and bent down to kiss and lick the skin all over my breasts.

I moaned and held the back of his head to press his face against me harder. Then he carefully nibbled, and when I groaned, he took that for encouragement and massaged my other breast with his hand. His hands drifted down my side. I was lost in the ecstasy of his mouth and touch, and had forgotten I was still wearing panties. He put fingertips in the waistband, pulled them down. And we were both nude.

He stood again and kissed me deeply as he stroked my hair. He was so sweet and tender with me, it made me want to jump him. I was out of breath when I muttered my last concern for the evening, “I have to know something.”

“Yes,” he responded, equally breathless.

“What do you want me to call you, because I keep thinking of you as Bixby, but I don’t know what you’d like me to call you?”

“Bixby, Harold, Sir Harold Escort Nevşehir Bixby, I don’t care,” he kissed the inside of my wrist as he got on his knees, “Whatever you say sounds sexy in your Southern mouth.”

I forgot I had an accent to his ear.

He kissed my navel again, as he cupped my ass. He waved his hands around me like he was trying to find something and said, “Will you guide me to the bed? I’m still getting my bearings in the room, and I have become slightly lost.” He was just a foot away from the bed, and I guided his hand to it. He stood, pulled the sheets open, and laid down. “Join me?” he asked, and I did.

He was on his back, and I climbed up him. I kissed him and fondled his cock a little. He moaned at my touch, and his every moan got me wetter. He nuzzled into my shoulder for a moment, then rolled me onto my back, got on top of me and kissed my breasts. I felt his left hand trail down from my sternum to my navel, and I thought, “He made a map of my body in his head.”

Bixby’s hand reached my pussy, and a moan flew from my mouth as my back arched. He came back up to my face and kissed me harder, as he used his whole hand to massage the outside of my wet slit. I felt hot inside my chest, almost like I had a fever.

He kissed my lips, my neck, and his hand worked outside me until I said, “Bixby, you can put your fingers in me.” He groaned, and one slid in me. I gasped, and he looked pleased with himself. He hit my G spot right away, and my hips followed his every movement. He added a finger, and used them together inside me. The best of me throbbed, and I knew I was ready. “Bixby?”


“Fuck me.”

He gently pulled his fingers out of me, found a condom from under the pillows, and put it on. “You’re absolutely certain?”

“Say my name,” I demanded and didn’t know where that came from, but I needed to hear him say it.

He laid on top of me and wedged himself between my legs without entering me. Then, he got his face near my right ear and said, “Collette, tell me what to do.”

“Bixby, fuck me.” And with that, he thrust his cock into me, and I was no longer a virgin. I groaned, and my back arched hard again. His body stretched mine to accommodate him, and the sensation intoxicated me. I tilted my hips up to meet his. Fuck, this felt good. He slowly pulled back out and pushed back in just as slowly.

“Are you okay?”

“God yes, don’t stop!”

He responded by fucking me a little faster. Oh my fuck, why the Hell hadn’t I done this before? I felt my pussy tense up in a new way, and I found I could flex her with him in me. When I did, he groaned. Making him groan got me hotter, and I put my hands on his firm ass, so I could pull him tighter to me.

His breathing started to become ragged, and I felt he was close to cumming, and that thought got me very close. I grinded against him and angled myself under him. My hands were locked onto his ass. My pussy spasmed hard against his dick. I moaned, and it turned into a scream and I came hard on his cock. My body rocked back and forth under him.

He kissed my mouth and gradually stopped thrusting but didn’t pull out. I was lost in my orgasm, but his lips brought me back to Earth. When I started to kiss him back, he began thrusting again. The world throbbed in time with us, as he fucked me. I put my arms around his neck and smelled his scent. I kissed him with whatever energy I had left after that. He broke the kiss to say, “I’m going to cum,” then he pulled out and his right hand went to his dick. He moaned and yelped. Then he rolled over onto his back and panted. We were both sweaty and out of breath and it was glorious.

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