Come Out and Play

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Big Tits

It was early morning at NAFCO headquarters and everyone was at their stations. The smell of coffee and assorted teas tickled the nose of whoever entered the room. No one seemed happy about being back at their jobs. That is, no one except Rika and Jessie, two lovely women; I am about to tell you their story.

This is not a story about romance. It’s not about some wild goose chase as someone tries to figure out what happened to someone who went missing or was murdered. It’s just a story to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. I for one hope it does just that.

This is a story about two lovers, women, who take on a serious problem. Their co-worker, Dorian, is way too shy in their opinion. Will they bring him out of his shell, or will he surprise them both entirely?

Yours Truly,

Author Airi

* * * * *

The two women sat at desks that had been adjoined by request. They could not work alone, not these two. You could say they were like twins, functioning on the same molecular level as women who had been born in the same womb. But they were not like identical twins. Although, they did have a lot in common, there were also many differences that separated these two imps from each other.

Rika had always been the more plump and juicy of the two women. She had long red-brown hair that was silky and straight. Her breasts were full and round, nearly spilling out of their restraints. Her hips were curvy to the point that you might have thought they belonged on someone else. Her eyes seemed to go on forever, their many shades of green swirling around and around.

Always the more daring of the two; she wore bright colors, tight short skirts, and low dipping tops. There wasn’t a day in the history of her life in which she hadn’t been caught flirting with someone, it was expected of her. But no one dared call her a whore. She had her limits, and she never went to bed with anyone whom she hadn’t known as a friend.

Now, Jessie,… Hmmm. You could say Jessie was the all around elegant type. Skinny as a rail, she had on numerous occasions been told she needed to eat something more and to gain weight. Yet she wasn’t the skinny that people called anorexic. Jessie was the shorter of the two women at five feet and four inches. Her breasts were only the size of one’s palm, perky and delicate. Her hair was the color of the sun, blonde with different shades of gold as it spiraled down in waves over her shoulders. Her eyes were a color that was always changing; from deep blue to the color of a cloudy sky, they never stayed the same shade of blue.

Jessie’s preference in clothes was like her body, enchanting and elegant in every way. She wore deep, lush colors that skimmed her body like a silky blanket. Her tops were always the highest fashion, hinting at her cleavage but never giving full view; and her bottoms were always silky and black. Whether she wore a skirt, dress, or pants her clothes always went with her mood. Today, though, she wore a full skirted, halter dress with a slit to show off her lovely new stockings.

Rika and Jessie had always been best friends, since the age of five years old. They had been neighbors neither and had ever seen a single day without the other. They had planned on going to the exact same college and graduating with the same degree as the other. It hadn’t been until their College days, however that they began experimenting on themselves. Now they worked as secretaries within the many walls of NAFCO. They absolutely loved their jobs, and even more, they loved what came after the busy work days when they got to go home for the night.

It was a quiet day at NAFCO head quarters in Los Angeles as Rika’s eyes stared blankly at the computer screen in front of her. It was full of all of the previous court case files that had been finished. Only being half awake after last nights ventures, she deleted every last file.

“Bye-bye files!” She laughed almost hysterically. It was only when she began to really think that she stopped laughing and sat up in her chair. “Wait a second…” She paused. “Jessie!” cried Rika “I did something stupid!”

Jessie got up and rushed over to her friend’s desk, only to shake her hips and bite down a laugh. “Oh that’s no problem to retrieve.” She quickly checked the recycle bin and got everything out. “Why didn’t you take the ginseng? You silly girl!”

Rika shrugged her shoulders and sat up with composure. Ever since Jessie could remember, Rika had been a ditz. She had always wondered if the forces had accidentally switched up their hair color. Perhaps it wasn’t the blonds who were ditzy by nature, though. Perhaps it was the nature of redheads. Who knew?

Their day went by just like any other, filling out case files and other kinds of paperwork, trying to calm down irate customers on the phone, and helping their boss figure out how to manage things without driving him crazy. In Jessie’s opinion their boss was a perfectionist. If everything was not running smoothly, he had a panic attack antep escort over it. Hours later they were walking side by side down the main hallway, glad to be done for the day and looking forward to the evening ahead.

“So, did you give Dorian the instructions to our house and how he would have to ‘ahem’, take care of our pets?” asked Jessie, removing her keys from her purse.

Dorian was one of their co-workers whom Jessie and Rika thought needed some work in the love department. They were fond of him, in a friendly sort of way, and planned on getting him into action. They knew he had a crush on another woman, Cassy Delocroix. They discovered it when they both caught him in the bathroom one day, masturbating and moaning out her name.

“Mhmm!” Rika nodded excitedly.” I asked him at lunch to do it for me and he blushed and said he would be happy to do it.” The blonde smiled softly.

“What time did you tell him to be at our house?” Jessie asked her lover, and looked at the clock and then back to Rika.

Rika thought long and hard for a few moments, having to flip through a mind that was already set on sleep mode.

“I believe I told him to be there at around seven PM.”

Rika yawned and took an energy drink out of their personal fridge when they walked by it, drinking it quickly. This triggered her sleepy mind.

“Oh god… it’s six thirty-five!”

Jessie gasped before hurrying over to the main desk and getting both of their cards stamped, almost running out the door after.

“Rika, quit standing there and staring! We’re making a run for it!”

Rika hastened to do Jessie’s bidding the moment she reprimanded her, quickening her pace so she caught up with the blond as they ran for the car. Rika opened the door for both of them and got inside, clicking her seatbelt and straightening out her tight blouse.

“How do I look?” Jessie asked, posing for her best friend’s scrutiny. God knew that Jessie was the best for seduction purposes, and tonight she had dressed accordingly.

Rika tilted her head, looking her up and down She made an adjustment to Jessie’s silk halter, then smoothed out the hair that had gotten messed up from running. “Perfect!”

Rika crooned over her make up as Jessie drove like a maniac to get to their house. If someone ever said she didn’t know how to control her car though, she would have had to point them to Rika. Lord only knew Rika couldn’t tell the difference between slow and fast. It was always ‘High Speed’ for her.

Luckily, they arrived before Dorian even pulled in to the street that they lived on. Sneaking inside the house they only put on one lamp as they opened a curtain to stare out the window, watching for any signs of the man’s car.

Rika giggled uncontrollably, “This is gonna be so much fun!” A hand quickly covered her mouth. “Sorry,…” she mumbled.

“It’s fine.” Jessie whispered as they both sat on the couch, the curtain still pulled slightly. Their gaze continued to look for the sign of bright headlights pulling into their driveway.

“Uhm… Jessie?” Rika looked at her lover, “What is he going to do when he sees the car?” All was silent for a few moments as Jessie slowly looked at Rika.

“You,…” Jessie said after a moment, grabbing the keys again.

“Just stay here and look cute. I’m going to go and park it next door at the apartments.”

She snuck out the side door to go hide the car, leaving Rika to play with her hair as she waited for Jessie to come back.

Jessie didn’t take very long to take care of business. She ran back into the house and shut the door, taking a seat beside Rika. The blonde wiped her forehead with relief.

“Okay,” she said, sinking into the soft cushion of the couch. “Now, we wait.” Their eyes focused upon the thin curtained windows, checking for absolutely any sign of high beams.

About five minutes after seven o clock their man arrived in the driveway pulling up and parking his car before slowly coming to the door. Both Rika and Jessie took to either side of the door; Jessie with the black silk head bag, and Rika with her real silver handcuffs as she struggled to contain her giggling.

Dorian’s voice called from outside the door “Is anyone in there?” his voice a beautiful baritone as he slowly inched open the door from outside, taking one hesitant step onto the threshold, head peering through the crack.

“Get him!” Jessie called jumping to the door and throwing it open completely. Rika had already grasped hold of Dorian’s hands and cuffed them behind him before Jessie placed the bag over his head, clasping the silver chain snug around his neck.

“Hey!” Dorian’s yell was muffled by the silk as he flailed wildly, squirming and trying to get free. He knew they had gotten him, though, having swooped in when he had least expected them to do so. He was frightened and didn’t know what to do. He had never had any woman trap him like this.

“To the laboratory!” Rika exclaimed getting popped in the back of the head, “Okay… the basement…” She helped Jessie push him down there, his hefty size making it somewhat difficult to maneuver.

The basement was a sexual torture chamber within what seemed to be the normal home of two best friends. There were shackles hanging from the wall, blood red candles on all of the walls just ready to be dumped onto soft nipples, leather whips, a small fridge with God knows what in it, and a section with nothing but strap-ons, dildos, and the occasional vibrator. Everything down there they had acquired over the many years since they graduated high school. The room, having a gothic feel to it, was definitely a nymphomaniac’s dream.

“Where am I?” Dorian cried out, rather disoriented as the two girls got him hung up onto the wall. He looked like a fish on a hook, his feet dangling about a foot above the floor.

They laughed maniacally as Jessie ripped the head bag off of him. He couldn’t believe his eyes as they adjusted to the dim light of the room. This was… It was amazing, yet terrifying. He couldn’t believe his sweet co-workers had planned this all along. What did they have in store for him now?

“You’re…” Rika was instantly cut off by Jessie before she could finish her sentence.

“You’re in our sexual torture chamber!” exclaimed Jessie.

Dorian whimpered a bit, squirming. Did they plan on using him for their own naughty fantasy? He didn’t know if he liked the thought or not. Right now his adrenaline rush was telling him to run for the hills. Unfortunately, he was tied up and at their mercy.

“But why did you bring me here?”

Rika watched as Jessie drew up a long leather whip, snapping it into his face but not close enough to hit the skin.

“So we can torment you out of that ridiculously shy demeanor.” Jessie replied with a mischievous grin.

His face turned a hot red as she reached in to wrap her hand tightly around his neck, kissing him quickly but nonetheless, with finesse. He was breathless as he felt his cock stir with new excitement.

Rika grinned softly as she grabbed hold of the blonde’s shoulder, tossing aside the whip and pulling her to their plush bed. The bed was as soft as a cloud it’s sheets a candy red and it was piled with a ton of pillows. They tumbled to the bed in a pile of arms and legs, quickly beginning a fierce kiss that seemed to last for an eternity.

Dorian whined as he watched with round eyes. They surely looked like they were having a time of it, Jessie’s hands on Rika’s chest, and Rika’s hands on Jessie’s ass. He squirmed against the wall, his breath coming in little gasps of air.

He really was a beautiful man when it came down to it. Muscles rippled throughout his body, covered in his dress pants and white cuffed shirt, his tie loose; blonde highlighted, dirt brown hair, disoriented from his struggle, dusted his temples; blue-green eyes glittered in the light of the red candles.

“Mmmm,” murmured Jessie as the kiss ended. She slowly unbuttoned each button on her lover’s jacket, tossing it aside to work on the pink tank top next. Soon Rika’s unbound breasts spilled freely and she took one into her mouth to suckle, fingering the other eagerly.

Rika moaned, watching as the blond made love to her chest, shoving her hands into the silky golden strands as she shuddered and arched her back.

Dorian gasped loudly, staring at Rika’s voluptuous breasts and tightening pink nipples as he were mesmerized by them. He squirmed as his cock became erect and hard, jutting against his pants as if it demanded freedom.

Jessie brought their lips together again, only briefly though, as her tongue trailed down Rika’s chin and neck to suckle gently on her breasts. After a moment or two, she stopped her attack on Rika’s tits and moved back to pull down her short skirt.

“Ohhh, Rika,… you naughty girl. Did you forget to put on underwear again?” asked Jessie as she ran her fingers through the brown curls at the juncture of her lover’s thighs.

Rika moaned out, arching her back as she felt the fingers run over her erect little nub. “Mmmm.. I was anticipating what we’re… Ohh!” she paused and nearly jumped off the bed when Jessie pumped two fingers into her slick cunt. “What we’re doing to Dorian.” she panted.

Jessie smirked and took a glance at him before looking back down to Rika. “Well, right now I’m having my way with you, not Dorian.” she purred.

Dorian was still trying to get free. More importantly, he wanted,… no, he needed, to get his cock free from his pants. He was deftly afraid he’d ‘wet his panties’, as the saying went. He hadn’t even touched himself and he felt like he was nearly bursting with cum. The little imps were going to pay for this torture, he thought vaguely, still staring at them.

When Jessie stopped the teasing of her clit, Rika sat up slightly and stared at her friend. Jessie slowly removed her French, silk red halter topped dress over her head, slipping off her long black skirt. What she had on underneath was definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Her hair cascaded in golden rays of silken curls, it fell down to the waist of her black and red silk corset. The corset was tummy-less, which revealed a lovely sculpted belly, a shiny silver tear drop hanging down in the ravine of her belly button. A matching garter belt hung low on her hips, helping her thigh high lacey stockings stay up on her legs. Her high heels also gave her the illusion of long legs.

Rika gasped eyes going wide before she grabbed her lover and pulled her down to the bed. “Don’t you look sexy?”

“All for you and our guest,” Jessie purred, winking over at Dorian before wrapping her legs about Rika and pulling her into a kiss.

He was close to bursting! Dorian’s entire body grew hot with need as he stared at the hottie that was Jessie. Who knew that underneath, the elegant co-worker had the body of a temptress, especially with those stockings? He couldn’t help it as his mouth hung open, his gaze stared at the stocking encased feet and then at her lovely corset. It was all he could do not to yell out in agony.

Rika took to fondling Jessie’s nude pussy, her hand becoming soaked with feminine cum.

“You’re so hot,” she whispered, trailing her lips down her lover’s neck and her collar bone. Her other hand went to the clasps at the back of Jessie’s corset, unsnapping it and tossing the lovely bit of material carelessly onto the floor.

Rika gasped as the blonde’s fingers went to her pussy, thrusting into her tight channel with relish and making her whimper and writhe above her arching back. She took to placing her hot mouth over the blonde’s breast, sucking the entire thing into her mouth and tormenting it relentlessly as she rode onto the fingers inside of her.

Meanwhile, Dorian was crazed with lust and need as he forcefully tugged on his restraints, growling in frustration, his bulge so hard it was to the point of pure agonizing pain.

“Please, let me out of here!” he half yelled, half growled, sweat melting on his brows and upper lip.

“Mmm,…… Rika! You naughty little cum slut! You’re so wet… so ready…” Jessie murmured against the auburn haired woman’s skin, lapping at the pebbly nipples as her fingers explored the folds of sweet pussy, delving inside and caressing her thumb against the hard nub of a clit. She suddenly rolled Rika over so that her lover lay on her back before she got up off the bed and went to the wall of goodies.

Dorian watched as the half nude blond walked over to the wall of strap-ons and dildos, grabbing a large dildo that had a head on either end. He couldn’t help it any more, he really couldn’t. His hands kept fisting against the cuffs, and he almost choked on his words. He was crazed with lust and need as he forcefully tugged on his restraints, growling in frustration, his bulge so hard it was to the point of pure agonizing pain.

“Please, let me out of here!” he half yelled, half growled, sweat melting on his brows and upper lip.

“Ah, ah.” Rika tisked at him, turning to look at him and lick her lips sensuously. “We’re not finished playing! You’ll get yours once we’ve had our fun!” she giggled and leaned back against the pile of pillows.

He whimpered helplessly as Jessie walked in front of him, tapping one end of the dildo in her hand. “Mmmm,….. Let us lovers play and we’ll let you down when we deem it fitting,” she said, leaning in to kiss his cheek before sauntering off towards the bed, hips swaying.

Jessie crawled onto the bed beside Rika, pulling her sideways so that her pussy was just in front of her face before placing the dildo beside them on the bed.

Dorian got a full share of Jessie’s taut ass as she arched her back, kneeling between Rika’s thighs, the material of her garter exposing glimpses here and there of how truly wet her little pussy was. He was out of it completely, writhing against the wall, nearly about to cream himself just from watching them. The blond lapped at Rika’s pussy, making her moan and gasp with every thrust of her tongue inside the swollen lips. Jessie’s ass swayed side to side in his view, tempting him to try and touch it, but he couldn’t escape his prison.

Jessie suckled at the swollen nub, dipping her fingers into the tight channel and wiggling them around inside the auburn haired woman’s pussy.

Rika gasped and writhed on the mattress, her breathing harsh and ragged as she felt her climax heighten. Rika’s moans filled the air as soft fingers wriggled inside her. Her deep emerald eyes snapped shut, as her own finger tips rubbed softly against Jessie’s slit, teasing it slowly. She pressed two digits in, moving them about as she whined and whimpered with pleasure.

Before Rika could cum, Jessie suddenly lifted her mouth from her feast and pulled Rika up higher on the bed. Grabbing the double ended dildo, she thrust one end of it into Rika’s tight cunt, earning another moan for her actions. Jessie laid herself beneath Rika, sliding her pussy in between the auburn haired woman’s legs before impaling herself onto the double ended dildo.

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