Continuing the Cuckolding of Daddy


As time goes by Daddy is reverting to his old ways of preferring to be submissive, specifically cuckolding. Although this is not my favorite kink I love my daddy more than life itself so I want to do what I can to make him happy. I find it best to try to keep it in the family so I enlisted the aid of my brother and although we have had our ups and downs he agreed to help me cuckold our dad.

Robby had a week off of work and his lover, our mom couldn’t get time off so he came to visit us for the week.

Even though I knew that Robby would be fucking me hard and deep all week long I decided not to go on the pill for the week. Daddy was long ago fixed so I don’t need birth control when it’s just us. Secretly deep down I want my brother’s baby growing inside of me so I hoped that he would breed me during our week long cuckolding of dear old dad.

Robby arrived and daddy was prepared, totally shaved, makeup on and wig, panties, knee highs and his fuck me pumps. He knew his role and was prepared to spend the week on his knees fluffing Robbie’s huge cock and cleaning us both up.

We wasted no time getting down to business and daddy knelt by as Robby and I shared deep long wet kisses, his hands groping my body while we took turns insulting daddy. Daddy’s tiny dick was stiff as hell proving once again that his role in life was meant to be servicing couples.

“Suck my cock old man” barked Robby. “Get me nice and hard so I can fuck the shit out of your little princess you faggot!” He continued.

Daddy jumped at his cue and quickly was bobbing up and down on Robby’s full girth getting him hard and wet in preparation of him slipping his cock deep inside of his sister.

Daddy then took his spot laying on the bed while I straddled his face and Robby spearing my pussy with his hard cock while daddy watched him impale his little girl. I was having multiple orgasms as Robby rammed me hard and long.

“Fill my pussy with your sperm brother!” I yelled.

“Put a baby inside of me” I pleaded.

Robby aimed to please and he finally started to spurt his baby juice deep inside of me. He finally pulled out and shoved his cock into daddy’s mouth for clean up. Daddy did an excellent job sucking the mixture of his cum and my juices off of his still erect cock.

Robby then adjusted my flexible body and without notice he jammed his still hard cock into my ass.

I winced but was soon riding his cock as he rammed me in and out like a jack rabbit. Having just shot his load Robby was able to last a long while fucking my ass for all he was worth. His original load was dripping from my pussy directly into daddy’s bursa eskort bayan mouth and he didn’t miss a drop, swallowing his jism and wanting some more.

Finally Robby started to alternate between my ass and daddy’s mouth going ass to mouth as daddy continued to suck him like the true cuckold that he was. I was staring at the pre cum oozing out of daddy’s stiff but small cock so I decided that I wanted to get some semen for myself. I began to suck off my father who didn’t last very long before he filled my mouth with his goo and I swallowed it all and kept sucking him until he went soft.

After about twenty minutes Robby was spent and he managed to shoot another load directly into my ass before pulling out and shoving his messy cock back into daddy’s eager mouth. Daddy cleaned him up properly and then concentrated on cleaning my pussy.

“Eat all his cum daddy!” I demanded. “You will be raising his baby otherwise” I teased.

My father spent the next half hour cleaning my pussy but I’m sure he wasn’t able to get it all. I hoped that he wasn’t and that I had some sperm fighting over my current month’s egg as I was ovulating and was in serious heat for a fertilization.

After dinner the scene repeated and we ended up falling asleep in each others arms kissing deeply like two lovers who couldn’t get enough of each other. Daddy watched from beside the bed knowing that he would be expected to perform oral on us both first thing in the morning.

Morning came and I did several times as daddy ate my pussy with gusto. Robby declined a morning blowjob as his cock was still sore from the extended reaming of my tight asshole the night before. Daddy had breakfast made for us and as we ate we decided it would be fun to make daddy drink our first morning piss. We had never did this before and our father was more than willing to drink two large glasses of dark stinky piss from his children.

Daddy was a humiliation slut and continued to prove it to his children. Anything we tossed at him he complied without hesitation and did his best to please us.

Still sore Robby decided he needed a break from having his dick ravaged. He made a suggestion that neither daddy or I could refuse. He said that we should go to Detroit and spend the afternoon at an adult book store manning a glory hole booth, sucking off as many anonymous cocks as we could get through the holes.

Robby enjoyed watching me suck cock even if it wasn’t his own so we packed up and headed out to the nearest abs which is located on the famous Eight Mile Road. We didn’t make daddy dress like the sissy he is for the trip but were confident bursa merkez escort that it wouldn’t matter as daddy would have his fair share of cock to suck.

Robby had a full charge on his iPhone and daddy and I found a booth with one glory hole on each side. We had fifty dollars on our card and plugged it into the machine bringing up several channels of porn which keeps the establishment happy and minding their own business.

Daddy and I both stripped naked once inside the booth so that we wouldn’t trash out our clothes plus it looks better on film. We knelt down at our prospective holes and before long we both had cocks sticking through the holes and we got to work.

Robby filmed us both as we sucked cock after cock making sure that he got close ups as the strangers on the other side of the wall dumped load after load of cum directly into our mouths. We did the typical porn shot of showing the full mouth of cum, then a big swallow, finally showing the empty mouth proving we had just swallowed a strangers sperm.

We were almost even going cock for cock. A few of them pulled out prematurely and bailed not wanting to cum yet. I was lucky and got more of the black cocks but daddy had some pretty good sized white cocks thru his hole.

We agreed that we would suck until the card ran out of money and whoever had swallowed the most semen would be the winner and would be able to make the “loser” do whatever the “winner” wanted for the rest of the day. This was quite an incentive as we are both depraved and can thing of some awful things for the other to do to amuse ourselves.

Our quest began shortly after noon and it was almost four pm before our card ran out of money. Obviously word had gotten out among the cruisers at the shop and we had very little down time at our respective holes. We even had some repeat customers who were on poppers which kept bringing them back for more but unfortunately this did not necessarily bring us more loads of cum.

Robby had drained his phones’ battery and proceeded to use our phones as well to get as many of the blowjobs and cum shots on film as he could. With the average load of cum containing several million sperm it was determined that we had both swallowed several billion sperm which explained the result of us both being cum drunk.

Both of us had torn up knees from kneeling for hours on the hard floor, even though we tried to use our clothes for padding, not like they were pillows. Both of our throats also were pretty sore as I’m sure that this is more cocks than either of us have ever sucked off, even on those long nights bursa sınırsız escort bayan at the sex clubs of Chicago we used to frequent.

As we dressed and stretched burping cum bubbles as the semen splashed around in our tummies it was determined that daddy actually swallowed more loads of cum than I did by four loads. I was not happy as I tried to look as normal as I could even though I had dried cum all over my face and in my hair. I also smelled of urine as one asshole decided to empty his bladder in my mouth. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem as I love the taste of urine but I was not prepared and ended up wearing a good deal of the piss down my chest, belly and pussy before it soaked my top and shorts which I was using for a knee pad. So I had a semi still wet top and shorts that looked like I had a neck leak.

We passed up the invitation to the main theater as we would have been the center of attention but our bodies and throats hurt too bad. We made it to the car and then daddy announced that as the loser I would be doing “community service” for the next several hours.

I knew what that meant. He had made me do community service before. We spent the next several hours cruising the hood in Detroit and I was forced to perform oral sex on several homeless people. Thanks dad. Love you too.

It’s bad enough having to suck filthy smelly cocks and swallowing blue ball loads of rancid sperm but what’s even worse is having to eat nasty old hairy old ladies’ pussy. I did my duty and although it was gross I still got off as deep down I am a true humiliation slut. Later that night I was still picking pubic hair out of my teeth and gagging on the ones that got lodged in my throat. What could be worse?

Never ask what could be worse. Evidently Robby had decided that I was such a whore that he turned on me and decided to make my night worse.

“Gosh you are such a whore” he yelled at me. He then threw me on the bed and forcibly took me invading all of my holes without permission. I was too weak to fight him off and daddy didn’t do anything to try to stop him. He ruthlessly fucked me going ass to mouth although he knew it was not my cup of tea.

After brutally throat fucking me he shot his wad all over my face and then spit on me before slapping me silly, knocking me dizzy and almost out. He dragged me by the hair to the bathroom and forced me to scrub the vile off of my body with Lava soap and a scrub brush. He then took the toilet brush and reamed both my pussy and my still gaping asshole before forcing it down my throat gagging me.

He then kicked me square in the groin before grabbing his things and abruptly leaving without a further word. Daddy wept as he tried to comfort me and helped to try and tend to my cuts and bruises. What the hell happened? Was all that I could wonder.

Now a month later and guess what? Yep, missed my period. Heading to the drug store to get a pregnancy test. Stay tuned.

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