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The adversity of puberty and over active testosterone level, the search for my own identity, this was my struggle with my own ‘modern’ morality, my own created theory of what is good and what is bad. ‘When we are happy, we are always good, when we are good, we are not always happy. To be good is to be in harmony with one’s self; forced harmony with others, results in discord. The result is that pleasure is the only thing worth having a theory about’.

I cannot claim this theory as my own. A more educated person than I wrote this. He also claimed it belonged to Nature. ‘Pleasure is Natures test’, he wrote, ‘her sign of approval’.

Living in a house with my two sisters and the adjustment to invite a new stepfather into my own private sanctum, was somewhat problematic. His futile attempt to act like a father was more a performance to satisfy my mothers’ hopes of having a real ‘Brady Bunch’ type of family environment; it grew to be slightly pathetic. I transformed into a mutineer as the months went by, making live unbearable for the whole household. Revolting against any authority has caused our already fragile father-son relationship a serious setback. It has put a lot of stress on my college work and sadly, on his relationship with my mother.

I felt it to be an invasion of my so-called manhood, my kingdom. My increased teenage obsession with sex exacerbated the situation as my own stubborn pride prevented me to approach him on the subject. In some good way, it forced me to hunt for the printed word, which I read with fascination, especially literature produced by the likes of ‘Masters and Johnson’. I started experimenting with masturbation at the age of 16, reading the odd girlie magazine, which I managed to get from my friends in the neighbourhood. Still, this did not satisfy my quest for more knowledge and of course practise of this mysterious subject matter, my own secrets which I indulged in the safety of my own created fantasy world, silently thirsting for more.

It was in the beginning of summer when my mother, sapped from the tension, approached me with an alternative and asked if I would like to live with my Grandma, whom was looking after my two cousins at the time. A responsibility she took on after their father disappeared many years ago following their mother’s death. The thought of no stepfather whom will invade my territory, a place where I can find my own identity, seemed very appealing.

Justine at 19 was the oldest and in her final year of college studying Computer Science, coincidently the same as I was, which meant we would attend the same classes. She was a quiet, soft-spoken girl, often ridiculed for her shyness. At college she was playfully taunted as a ‘Mrs. Goody-two-shoes’, but was secretly admired by her friends and teachers for her moral fibre. I used to refer to her as ‘Mother Theresa’ and was sure she would become a nun one day. It would seem a great pity, as she excelled in sports and academically she was top of her class. Her body was lean and wispy with her long legs exaggerated by their thinness. Her waist long, fiery red hair and green eyes, gave her that elegant aristocratic look. She was the envy of just about all the girls in college and the desire of many a prick-carrier.

Tanya on the other hand, a year younger than us, was more of a rebel and always up to a challenge. Her short ash blonde hair just touching her shoulders complemented her petite little body. Her hazel eyes and the faint freckles on her nose, gave her that wilful, challenging look.

We got on a quite well. Tanya was more audacious, short skirts, tight jeans around her sexy little arse, mostly wearing no brassiere under her tight blouses. She had the normal teenage fascination towards dancing, singing and modelling. There was no end to the supply of entertainment she used to provide us by mimicking her favourites, her hips gyrating in mock seductiveness. Obviously in the absence of our conservative Grandma, for she had a real Victorian attitude to anything relating to the sinful pleasures of the flesh. She would definitely condemn Tanya to lifelong enrolment in a convent if she ever found out.

Whenever we visited, I always tried to position myself in such a way where I can sneak a peak up either of my two cousins’ milky-white thighs, trying to get a glimpse at their panty-covered crotches. An act, automated as if drawn to it by a magnet. They never caught on due to their innocents; both of them were blossoming into sexy little crumpets. I suppose, deep down they had their own struggle with their identities of becoming women, noticing the changes in their bodies, confused about these new desires welling up inside of them.

Unfortunately, for them, the mention of sex towards our grandma was a taboo subject, with one exception; they had been using oral contraceptives with her approval, a practise frowned upon by the rest of the family.

My two cousins were quite thrilled to have a change, a man about the house. We developed a special görükle escort bayan bond between us, especially with Tanya because of the unruly mischief we used to get up-to. We would often just cuddle up on the coach while watching a scary movie. While she is in full concentration, I would secretly fantasize about her body, feeling the shameless desire burning between my legs. Her arms holding on to me, squashing her pert breasts against my chest, her innocent touch of my thigh when she awaits a tense moment in a scene. I would respond by holding her tighter, furtively slide my hand down her back to feel her rounded arse through her satin pyjamas.

Several times we would wrestle, playing, ‘Who’s the King’, mostly initiated by me when she is in her short regulation college dress. With our arms tightly around each other, my hand ‘misguidedly’ brushing against her breasts, our legs entwined in battle, letting my upper thigh ground between her legs, sometimes wondering if she feels the same excitement as I do. At times, I thought I could feel a hint of wetness transpiring from the heat, not sure and with no confirmed revelation from her. This would make me end it quickly to go and jerk off to relieve the boiling frustration of desire, also, making a mental note to get hold of those panties to confirm my suspicion.

It was on this one day after college that we were alone at home. Justine was still at college playing tennis. Tanya was standing in the kitchen in her short college dress and bare feet, busy making something to eat.

Sneaking up behind her, I said, “Tanya, are you going to make your ‘old cousin’ something to eat as well?”

“No,” she answered in her usual defiance.

“Please,” I said, “I will do anything.”

“Really,” she said mockingly, “What precisely?”

As I circled my arms around her waist, I replied, “Well, we let the forces of nature decide by playing, ‘Who is the King’ and if I win, you will do my chores for two days. If you win I will do yours.”

“No, you always win and I will only feel…never mind,” she sighed.

“Well, you have no choice,” I said as I picked her up and carried her to the settee.

“Put me down, put me down!” she hissed through mocked anger.

“No, not until you give in or until I am satisfied that I am truly your King,” I said deviously.

“Okay, you are the King, really, you are,” she said through fits of laughter.

“I don’t believe you. I am going to have to devour you to satisfy my hunger.” I said as I pinned her arms above her head and leaning forward, “The menu indicates that I start at your neck first as an appetizer, then your sides.”

She shrieked helplessly as I force my face between her head and shoulder. I opened my mouth wide and took a slight bite. I hear a sigh as she pushes her hips up against me. As I continue to take smaller bites down the nape of her neck, I suddenly sensed her resistance waning slightly, her hysterical laughter, replaced by her quickening breath. Is it my imagination or what? She almost willingly offers her neck to me. I can feel my mouth going dry and an increased stirring in my shorts as my dick starts to swell inside my grey knitted shorts.

I pulled away and looked down at Tanya. Her cheeks flushed red and a hint of perspiration filtered across her forehead. Her now glazed eyes are half shut, her tongue caress her own parted dry lips caused by her rapid breathing. Her eyes opened more, a daring glint shot straight at me as if saying, “Come on, you started it, how far would you go?” A shy smile swept across her face. I looked down at the swell of her breasts. Two tiny little pink peaks, straining against her white college blouse.

“Hey, you little tart,” I said, “You are not wearing a bra; don’t tell me you went to college like that?”

“No…” she answered, “I removed it when I got home, I hate wearing one, and only sometimes I don’t wear one to college.”

“That’s very appalling. As your King I would have to punish you, what will the boys think of you at college?” I said as I lowered my head down.

Before she could answer, I leaned forward and started to nibble her breast playfully through the thin cotton blouse. A high-pitched sigh escaped through her lips as she pushed her hips upwards against my painfully hard cock.

“No, please don’t, if Justine…she will be home soon.” She said breathlessly.

Justine? Is that what bothered her? There must be more to her statement. Justine had joined in the fun on numerous occasions whenever we wrestled. Is she experiencing more than just the usual playful or innocent excitement? I felt a rush of pleasure shoot through my body as I decided to continue this playful torture. I needed to know, I must know if she feels the same.

“Mm, this taste delicious,” I said ignoring the faint pleading in her voice.

“Please stop, it is…,” she whispered.

“I will stop if you make me something to eat,” I said, as I moved my one hand to cup underneath altıparmak eskort her breast, squeezing upwards.

“No,” came her nervous answer as she started to thrash about again, with no intend to let this up.

“Well, I will then just have to punish you for your disobedience to ‘The King’,” I said with wicked voice.

“You’re too weak for a King,” she said laughingly. Pushing me back, she arched her hips and threw me on to the floor. Before I could regain my balance, she was up and running down the corridor with a hysterical laughter.

Softly, I crawl until I reached her open bedroom door, listening for any giveaway of sound. I heard a restrained giggle emanating behind the door.

“Where are you, you disobedient tart?” I said with a stern voice.

Hearing her desperately trying to suppress her giggle, I jumped around the door, startling her. She was sitting on her haunches with her eyes closed, laughing uncontrollably.

“I’ve got you,” I shouted. She remained completely paralyzed in her hunched position, her tiny fists buried into her eyes. Another glimpse of her light blue panties caught my eyes. I stared lustfully at the bulge of her pussy, exacerbated by her kneeling position.

Bending down I noticed the scarves and two robes hanging on the hooks behind the door. I grabbed the scarves and two cotton belts and tossed them on the bed. Finding her too weak to resist, I bend down and pulled her up as she continued her fits of laughter. Pulling both her arms behind her back, I pushed her onto the bed so that she was lying on her stomach.

“Now, I’ve got you and you will pay for your insubordination,” I said as I pinned her arms to her sides with my knees. I took one of the scarves and tied her hands firmly behind her back. Swivelling around, I tied the robe-belts around her feet. Bending forward, I fed them around the foot of the bed until I ended up with the two ends in my hand. Leaning back, I started to pull the ends, watching as her legs spread slowly. Once satisfied, I tied them around her ankles. Her skirt rode up; exposing her panty-clad arse as her feet reached the foot-end of the bed,

Sensing her sudden vulnerability, she asked in a weak voice, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I am just preparing you for your punishment,” I said as I pushed my fingertips playfully against her sides.

This caused her to burst out laughing uncontrollably, her body tensing with each unbearable touch.

“I am going to torture you so slowly,” I said as I poked her first on one side of her ribs then the other, “I am going to find each and every sensitive spot.”

I pulled the collar of her blouse back and started to nibble her neck. I felt her buttocks lifting from the bed as her head rolled from side to side. Continuing her anguish, I pulled her white blouse up to under her arms and letting the tips of my fingers glide down her sides. Moving away from her neck, I started to nip at the white soft skin down her spine. She moaned, her body squirmed, imitating that of a cat.

I surreptitiously circled my arms around her waist, searching for the buttons of her blouse. Slowly I started to unbutton them, one by one. Involuntarily she strained up as I moved to the last two in the proximity of her breasts. Pulling her blouse away, I heard her gasp as my hand brushed against her breasts. Slowly I pulled her blouse down, exposing her naked shoulders. I wait a while, watching her chest rise in a slow rhythm on the bed. Reaching out, I ran my fingertips along her sides to under her now relaxed arms. Her body shuddered as she tried to avoid my teasing fingers.

With my knees supporting my weight, I started again, this time sliding my hands under her stomach. She arched her torso from the bed, allowing me more access. Keeping her lower back arched, I softly caressed her tensed flat stomach, running my fingertips teasingly up and down. Her waist curved upwards as I reached the edge of her skirt. I felt the material hanging invitingly loose as she pulled her stomach in, silently encouraging me to go further. Her breathing increased rapidly as I slid my hands down past the entrance of the loose material until I reached the edge of her panties. A soft moan escaped her lips as I ran my fingertips under the waistband, taunting the receptive skin, creating a mysterious yearning of desire within her reckless mind.

“Hey, you are not supposed to enjoy this,” I said with a slight tremble in my voice. I retreat my hands upwards again.

A disappointing sigh escaped her lips as she relaxed her hips.

“Well, not yet anyway,” I said as I began to feel more daring. I slid my hands upwards until I felt the smooth silkiness of her breasts.

She pushed her head downwards onto the bed in an attempt to arc her upper body upwards to allow me more freedom. Taking advantage of this brief gesture, I slid my hands over the warm soft skin of her firm breasts, encompassing them gently at first. nilüfer escort I started to massage them lightly. Her body writhed around like a snake, begging to have more of this unknown sensations coursing through her body.

As the pleasure spread down her spine, she arc her hips, pushing against my painful erection. Her mind goes into turmoil as she senses a surge of bliss extending down her spine, amplifying the strange wetness in her pussy. I ran my thumbs across her now peaked nipple, enticing another moan out of her. Taking each one between my fingers and squeezed them, causing her to groan outwardly, tossing her head backwards.

“Ah please, I can’t stand it…,” she gasped through rapid breathing.

“This is only the beginning, I haven’t even started yet.” I interrupted her. I roll her inflamed nipples between my fingers again.

“Okay, Okay!” she gasps through a faked, nervous laugh, “You’re The King. I will do as you command.”

“You will?” I ask.

“Yes, whatever you say,” she said eagerly.

“Okay, I want you to be very quiet. Do not speak unless I tell you to. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head vehemently. Releasing her breasts, I moved so that I could sit next to her. Gently I slid my one hand underneath her stomach. Her body arched slightly. I felt her stomach pulling in as far as she could manage, inviting me into the depths of her hidden treasure. While I caress her teasingly under the edge of her now relaxed panty-waistband, I carefully started to unbutton her kilt-type skirt along the side, gradually, not to raise any suspicion.

As soon as I finished, I reached out to touch the back of her knee, slowly drawing tiny circles with my fingertips. Her hips started to move, confusion flooded her mind, uncertain as what to do as the sensation shot up her leg. Pushing my fingertips further under the elastic band of her panties, I felt a whisper of soft pubic hair. Continuing my caresses, I gently exposed one cheek of her ass. Returning my hand back, I glided my fingertips along the inside of her thigh, stopping just short of her crotch.

Testing her response further, I placed my fingertips on her lower back, running them across the cheek down to her knee again. I did this a couple of times, each time getting closer and closer to the valley of her arse. She groaned as I brushed my fingers quickly along her crevice. The muscles in her cute bottom contracted; and then released each time I ran my finger through the cleft of her arse.

Exposing her panty-covered arse fully now, I leaned down to see her mound forming notably against the thin, stained material of her panties. As I continued to caress above the soft tufts of pubic hair with my one hand, dancing my fingers up along the inside of her thigh, a hairbreadth away from her jutting pussy, feeling the heat radiating from her.

Gently, I caressed the inside of both thighs, stopping each time just a fraction away from her engorged pussy, testing, teasing. Each time her hips arc and rotate upwards, searching for my elusive fingers, begging to be ravished. With her legs spread, she lifted her hips off the bed, resting awkwardly on her upper body.

Now, I thought, carefully, as I ever so lightly caressed along the edge of one pussy lip. She moaned audibly. I felt a hint of moisture, which has filtered through her panties. With her hips straining up in the air, I ran my fingertips up and down the slit of her protruding pussy. Her juices are spreading more and more, creating a bigger and bigger stain as her panties absorb it. I slid my other hand out under her hips towards the waistband around her hips. Slowly I pulled them down inch by inch as I continue my agonising attack on her pussy.

“Oh my King,” she moaned, “That feels so good, please don’t stop.”

“Okay, I am going to untie one leg my Little Slave, but, if you misbehave, I will stop.” I warned, “You must not move an inch, understand?”

“I will behave. I promise.” she said almost begging.

Not leaving her pussy, I managed to untie one leg. Pulling her panties further down her arse, I leaned forward and with the tip of my tongue, I started to probe her arse teasingly.

“Oh my god…oh…” she utters uncontrollably. “That feels so good.”

Removing my hand from her heated pussy, I pulled her panties down to her ankles. Once there, I untied her other ankle so that I can remove her soaked panties. She voluntarily assumed the original position, with her arse in the air.

“No, turn onto your back”, I ordered.

“I’m shy,” she said hesitantly, “I have never gone this far before.”

Removing the scarf from her hands, I said with an assuring voice, “Don’t worry, I will blindfold you first, then you will not see me looking at you.”

I wrapped the scarf around her head and tied it lightly. “Now, turn around.”

Slowly she turned onto her back. Her face has turned a crimson red. Little beads of moisture have formed on her forehead. Her legs, clamped tightly against each other.

“Just relax,” I said softly, “I want you to take a couple of deep breaths.”

As she followed my advice willingly, I reached out and covered her breast with my one hand, massaging firmly. She responded by exhaling sharply, placing her hand on my thigh.

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