Cousins’ Love Runs Deep Pt. 01

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I had already been waiting at the airport for two hours when my cousin’s plane finally landed. She was coming home to celebrate her 18th birthday, which had been a week ago, with the family and I had volunteered to pick her up. We had been close as kids but hadn’t seen each other in years since her mom moved her to California. A moment or two after the flight landed all the passengers came rushing through the gates. At first, I couldn’t see Emma but when a small group moved to the side, I saw her.

To say she had changed would be putting it lightly. She had grown her blond hair out past her shoulders and tied it in a ponytail. She had grown tall and lean like a runner. Her skin had a tan from the California sun and she was showing it off. She had jean short shorts on that showed off more than just her legs and a crop top tied up showing her stomach. She had also matured since I had last seen her. Her crop top struggled to stay in one piece, her large voluptuous new breasts fighting against its seams. She turned a one eighty looking for me and my eyes drifted to her ass, large and firm, with her cheeks almost completely revealed by her shorts.

She turned back around looking up and she saw me. She bounded over to me, her breasts bouncing threatening to pop out of her shirt. When she got to me, she threw her arms around me and I wrapped mine around her lifting her off the ground. As we hugged all I could think about was how her breasts were pushing against my own chest and how if I were to move my hands down only a little, they would be resting on her nice ass. These thoughts raced through my mind and I felt a familiar heat in my crotch. I separated myself from Emma and felt a moment of panic where I thought she had felt my erection but it past when she gave me a beaming smile.

“So,” I said “ready to go?”

“Yup,” she replied “let’s go home.”

We left the airport and after getting lost in the parking garage twice we were on our way home. It was a relatively short drive and the first few minutes passed silently. I glanced over at my little cousin and saw her looking at me.

“What?” I asked.


“If you say so.”

“It`s just, well, you’ve changed.”

I knew what she meant. When she had left, I had been out of shape and overweight. The last couple of years I had started working out and had lost the extra pounds. I had also toned out so I wasn’t bulging with muscles but I did have well defined abs.

“Yeah, well you aren’t exactly the same cute little girl I used to know.”

“Aww, you don’t think I’m cute?” She pouted with puppy dog eyes.

“No of course I do.” As I say this, I find my eyes drifting subconsciously to her chest. She sees this and her lips turn up in an elfish smile.

“Yeah, I guess I have changed quite a bit but I think it was for the better.”

“I agree there.” My eyes don’t move from her breasts this entire güvenilir bahis time and it seems she doesn’t notice until her next comment.

“I see you’re admiring one of my more dramatic changes. Personally, I think that they are a little too big but most the guys seem to love them. What do you think cuz?”

I don’t know what to say and stammer like an idiot. Emma laughs lightly and pushes me jokingly on the shoulder.

“Don’t be so nervous it’s just me. If you want you can feel them, I really don’t mind. I did ask what you thought and how can you tell me without holding them. Plus, who knows, maybe we will both enjoy it.”

Slowly I smile forms on my own face.

“Oh yeah, you think so?”

“Only one way to find out.”

“If you say so.”

By now I have reached our grandparents house where we are both staying and parked in the driveway. I lean toward her and she leans to me. I slowly reached out my hand and cupped her right breast. It was firm yet soft and I could feel her warmth even through her shirt. When I grab her tit harder, I notice than she doesn’t have a bra on and I can feel her nipples becoming hard underneath my grasp. I pull my hand away and begin to slide it up her stomach, as I move under the bottom of her shirt my fingertips stroke the bottom of her bare breast. I begin to move higher than the front door opens and I move away from her as my grandmother comes out the door. We share one last knowing glance and get out of the car to go in.

When we get inside the house everyone else from the family has already arrived. Emma starts making her rounds, giving everyone hugs and starting to catch up with everyone. The rest of the day passed in this fashion, Emma moving from one family member, talking for a bit, then moving to another. After a few hours people started leaving and soon it was only the people who were staying at the house during their visit which included me.

The house was large but uncles, and aunts filled a lot of the extra rooms. That left one empty which me and Emma would have to share. The room had two twin beds but the room itself was so small the beds were only an inch or two apart. I got ready for bed and laid down in the one closest the door. A minute or so passed before the door opened. My little cousin walked in with light, nearly see through, pajamas on. She shut the door.

“Hay,” I said “happy to be home and see everyone?”

“Sure, but there was one person I would have liked to see more of.” She responded looking at me pointedly.

“Oh yeah, well I’m sure you’ll see plenty of them tomorrow. We better get some rest.”

“I hope your right but they sure do keep it warm in the house I think I need to shed a layer. Come help me.”

I remained in my bed for a moment longer and she gave me a look then raised her arms above her head. I stumble quickly out of bed and over to her. We look each other in the türkçe bahis eyes and we both know what we want. I smile and place my hands on her hips slowly moving them up her sides letting the shirt get caught by my thumbs and move with my hands. I pull it off and toss it to the floor.

“Thanks.” She says and slides her hands under her pants waist line pushing them to her ankles and kicking them off.

I step back partly in surprise but mostly so I can truly admire how beautiful my little cousin’s body is. Her entire body has that Californian tan even her breasts which should have raised some questions but I was too busy drinking in her perfection. When my eyes had trailed down her body to her waist my eyes were robbed of what they truly sought. She still had on some thin pink panties that covered her cherry. My smile turned to a frown. Emma reached out and closed my mouth, which had apparently been hanging open, and raised my head so my eyes met hers.

“Don’t look so sad, those will come off too, just not yet.” She paused. “Well, don’t you want to cool down a little too?”

My smile returned. “Of course.” I pulled of my shirt and dropped my shorts.

Emma admired my body for a moment then began to trace my abs with her finger. Soon she was at my waist and my boner made my dick head visible through the worn-out boxers I had on. She began to pull those off when I said something, I regretted immediately thinking it may stop her.

“How come you get to see my dick and I don’t get to see your pussy?”

“Because, ladies first. And I plan to do more than look.”

With that she dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers down. My package sprang free and hit her jaw.

“Oh. Wow. Its brilliant. Biggest I’ve seen.”

“Thanks, but how many have you seen? Who’s been fucking my little cousin?”

“To answer the second question, soon- you and as for the other… well you want me to answer that or use my mouth for something a little more fun?”

“I’m all about fun.”

She began to stroke my cock with her hands then brought her mouth close. She wet her lips then stuck out her tongue and ran it round my head. After a minute like this she put my dick in her mouth and I groaned lightly in pleasure. Her mouth was warm and moist and her tongue was running up and down the sides of my shaft rhythmically. My hands dropped to the back of her head and tangled in her hair. I pushed her slightly and she pushed her head toward my crotch so her lips were at the very base of my appendage. I felt my head slide down her throat and she gagged. It was the best sound I had ever heard and she continued to choke herself with me. Soon I was about to empty my load.

“I’m going to cum.”

She moved her head back and forth bringing me deeper in her mouth each time. I didn’t stand a chance. I blew my load inside my cousin’s mouth. She pulled her head away and as my dick came güvenilir bahis siteleri out of her mouth it made a satisfying `pop. `

Emma leans her hand back and smiles. I pull her to her feet so we are face to face. I grabbed her jaw and made her open her mouth. It was coated in my juice and a pool of it was forming on her tongue. I closed her mouth and gave her a command.


She did as she was told and reopened her mouth now empty. I rested my hands on her chest one hand on each breast with her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers squeezing them slightly. She brought her mouth towards my own and we started making out passionately. When we separated for air, she moved my hands from her tits and lied down on the bed behind her. She gestured me over to her. I climbed on to the bed staying over her on my hands and knees.

“My turn.” She said.

I realized what she meant and a smile spread across my face. I kissed her again on the lips then on her neck moving to her chest then her stomach. Soon my trail of kisses had led me to her waist line. I saw her panties had been soaked through from how wet she was. I bit the elastic band between my teeth and moved even further down her body until they were around her ankles. I leaned back kneeling at the foot of the bed and admired her sweet V. She kicked the panties off onto the floor with the rest of our clothing then wrapped her legs around my neck and brought my head close to her pussy.

“Eat.” She instructed.

I had fucked a lot of girls before but they always did what I told them, never instructing me what to do. I was always in charge for and this had led to me never going down on any of them for it seemed like relinquishing power. I was surprised already by how I had found myself at her feet and now she was commanding me to do something I had never done before. Soon I had hesitated too long and Emma pushed my face into her sex.

I was freezing in shock for a second. I noticed she had no smell which I hadn’t expected and I wanted, needed, to know how she tasted. Tentatively I stuck out my tongue and made contact with a moist stiff bulb of flesh. I moved lower and my tongue sank inside my cousin as it found her slit. Upon my entry I heard a sweet moan. I made a spoon shape with my tongue and pulled in along the top of her vagina back into my mouth. Her groans told me I had done something right so I repeated the motion faster and with more pressure. Her thighs squeezed my head tightly and suddenly I was met with a flood of juices. I drank them in then pulled back my head.

“Open up.” Emma said.

I opened my mouth but there was nothing for her to see. I had already swallowed her juices. She gave me a smug smile before saying anything else.

“Tell me, how do I taste?”

“You tasted delicious cousin.”

“I’m glad you think so.” She was silent for a moment. “Well, goodnight, have sweet dreams.” She climbed under the sheets and promptly fell asleep.

After I over came my surprise at the sudden end to our activities I went over to my bed and I too fell asleep. That night my dreams were indeed sweet.

~~~More soon!

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