Crowded Cabin Ch. 01


Lilly Huff began pulling her clothes out of her suitcase and putting them in the small dresser that sat by the door in the cramped room. Lilly had decided at the last minute to come along with her parents to the ski lodge up in northern Vermont. She was 21 years old and hadn’t been on vacation with her parents in several years.

The college student’s winter vacation plans had been screwed up when she broke up with her boyfriend, Sam, two nights before vacation. When Lilly had accepted her parents invitation she had not realized her mother’s brother and wife would be there with their daughter, Angela. Angela was a year older than Lilly and they had been close when they were little. Things between them had changed dramatically as they approached their teens. They had barely been able to be in the same room together for the past ten years. Lilly planned to keep as far away from the nasty little preppy bitch as she could.

“This was a bad idea,” Lilly muttered to herself. The only good thing that she could think of was that it was a big resort and her cousin Angela and her parents had a separate cabin.

After Lilly finished her unpacking she threw on the baggy, brightly colored sweater that she had set aside. When Lilly walked back in the living room her mother was waiting there for her. Lilly and her mother, Beth, looked quite similar. They both had long auburn tresses and cleanly beautiful faces that needed no makeup. Lilly stood several inches over her mother at 5′ 8″ and had a modest chest compared to her mother’s generous breasts.

“Honey, when your cousin gets here later I would really like you to make an effort to get along with her. I know she’s a little different from you. My brother and I have quite a few differences but we manage to get along,” Lilly’s mother pleaded with her.

Lilly’s green eyes glinted at the mention of Angela. “I tried to be civil last time. She called me a ‘dirty hippy’ last time we had a family gathering.”

“I know it will be hard, just try. It’s a big resort so you shouldn’t have to see her too much. It’s your winter vacation you should be relaxing not arguing,” Lilly’s mother finished up with a pleading smile.

Lilly took a deep breath and responded with a mumbled “I’ll try.”

“You could always knock her down from behind on the slopes,” joked Lilly’s father, Nick, as he exited her parents room. The comment drew a reproachful look from Lilly’s mother.

“I’m trying to get them to play nice here, Nicholas,” Beth said testily.

“OK, OK. I’m gonna go hit the slopes. I’ll see you guys at dinner time.” Lilly grabbed her snowboard and headed out the door into the blinding sun.


Lilly’s cheeks were red and stinging and her muscles were very sore but she had a great day on the mountain. The stress of the school year seemed a distant memory now and she had even met a cute guy who she was going to meet for drinks later. Walking into the house Lilly could barely see anything coming from the bright sunlight into the dark cabin. She did make out her mother siting on the floral patterned couch over to her right.

“Hey mom,” Lilly called as she headed towards her room to grab some dry clothes.

“Hi honey,” a mocking voice replied. As soon as she heard the voice Lilly swore under her breath and stopped dead in her tracks. Turning around slowly Lilly eyes had adjusted enough to recognize that it was her cousin Angela sitting on the couch. Lilly was surprised to see her but even more surprised at what her cousin looked like. Angela had always dressed preppy and had long brown hair. She now had on tight jeans that were so low slung that Lilly was sure she had to do some strategic shaving to wear them, her shirt was bright red and tight, while it was long sleeved escort bayan it left a good portion of her stomach bare. Angela’s hair was now bleach blonde and shoulder length.

“Hey Lilly. What brings you over to our cabin?” Lilly asked, trying to keep her voice pleasant for her mother’s sake. As she asked the question a vicious ruby smile spread over Angela’s face. “Oh, didn’t you hear the great news? We get to share this cabin for the week. The resort screwed up the booking.” Lilly’s mood got darker with each word. She was sure Angela was not happy about the arrangement either but she seemed to enjoy breaking the news to Lilly.

A few seconds later a terrible thought crept into Lilly’s mind. She looked around at the small cabin that had two bedrooms and the small living room that had a pull out sofa.

Angela seemed to realize what Lilly was thinking and chimed in with “Yup, we get to be roomies. My parents are going to take the pull out in here.” Lilly tried to force a smile onto her face but it came off rather tremulously. This was an absolute nightmare for Lilly. This vacation that had started off so well was going down hill rather rapidly.

Excusing herself Lilly went into her, or now their, room to change. Her temper did not improve when she noticed that some of the clothes she had put in the dresser had been removed to make room for Angela’s stuff.

The rest of the day went down from there. The whole family went out for dinner and Angela did nothing but make snide comments disparaging Lilly’s appearance and taste’s.

Lilly went out for drinks with Kyle which turned out to be a mistake. Kyle was pompous and obnoxious, the only reason Lilly didn’t leave after the first drink was that she didn’t want to go back to the crowded cabin.


Lilly stumbled into her room a few minutes after midnight. Angela was not in thankfully and Lilly quickly shed her clothes and underwear and put on the very long white T-shirt that she wore to bed.

Lilly was quickly asleep and didn’t awake until the first rays of dawn shined into the room. When she came back to concousnous she thought she was in bed with her boyfriend. She had her hand on his stomach and she could feel the warm flesh on his leg resting on top of hers. Lilly began running her hand up his stomach until she ran into a heavy unclad breast. Lilly’s eyes shot open and she realized where she was and who she was with. Her cousin Angela lay sleeping next to her wearing only a pair of tiny black panties. Lilly’s hand was still resting on the large breast and for some reason she couldn’t seem to move it. Lilly lifted her head and looked down at their somewhat entwined bodies. She was shocked to see that her long shirt had ridden up and her pussy was completely exposed. One of Angela’s long tanned legs laid on top of Lilly’s bare legs. The sexuality of the situation overwhelmed Lilly and a knot of nervous excitement built in her stomach. Lilly had never been attracted to women before but something new stirred in her and she had never felt so aroused. Lilly finally moved her hand but only to lightly slide it over Angela’s large breast she had just touched her nipple when Angela stirred slightly. Lilly quickly pulled her hand away and closed her eyes.

Angela seemed to be slowly coming awake. She began stretch and her leg that was on top on Lilly. Angela’s leg ran over the coarse hair of Lilly’s pussy and she had to stifle a moan. Lilly was disappointed when Angela pulled her leg off her. Her face began to flush as a thought finally got past the lust and Lilly realized she was exposed to her hated cousin. Lilly quickly pretended she was waking up and pulled her shirt back down over her aching pussy. The aroused young woman looked over and saw her altıparmak escort bayan cousin’s large green eyes staring at her.

“Morning,” she mumbled to the mostly naked blonde. Lilly let out a grunt as she stretched her legs and realized how sore they were. This was the first time she had been snow boarding this year and she was quite sore.

“What’s wrong?” Inquired an unusually pleasant sounding Angela.

“My legs are absolutely killing me,” Lilly replied trying not to stare at her cousin’s ample and very naked tits.

“Let me help you out there Lill. I give a great massage.” Angela didn’t wait for a reply and sat up quickly on the bed and pulled Lilly so she was laying on her stomach.

Lilly was confused by how friendly her cousin was being and her own excitement at the thought of being touched by her. She didn’t struggle at all as Angela pulled her onto her stomach and then climbed on top of her. A shiver ran through Lilly’s entire body as the mostly naked blonde’s long red finger nails scratched lightly up her thighs. She then felt warm hands begin to massage her calve muscles and slowly work their way up her leg. Angela had wonderful feeling hands and Lilly had to fight to control her breathing so that the other girl wouldn’t realize how excited she was. As those silky hands reached the top of Lilly’s firm thigh’s she couldn’t stop the small gasps that came out every time they reached to the inner parts of her thighs. Just as she was sure the hands were going to come in contact with her sopping pussy they disappeared. Lilly almost cried out in frustration.

“Turn over, I need to do the tops,” purred Angela as she swung herself off of the quivering auburn haired beauty. Lilly automatically turned herself over onto her back and saw those wonderful bouncing globes as her cousin climbed back onto her. As Angela began to massage her once again Lilly stared at the naked arched back of her cousin down to her barely covered ass which was right on top of her stomach. Angela had an intricate Keltic knot on the small of her back. Lilly soon realized that her shirt was riding up slightly and that her cousin probably had a perfect view of her glistening pussy. Lilly became very embarrassed when she realized she had been thrusting herself slightly towards her cousin’s hands. Lilly tried to even out her breathing and get control back over her body.

What was she thinking? This was a girl she hated and her cousin to boot, she should not be having sexual thoughts about her. She thought the massage was done when she felt Angela climbing off her but then she felt her climbing right back on. Lilly opened her eyes and saw that Angela was now sitting on top of her and facing her. Angela’s pussy which was only clad in a tiny black pair of underwear was resting on top of Lilly’s. Angela reached down and began stroking Lilly’s firm stomach. Lilly’s mind was totally muddled and she could not look up into the mischievously smiling face of her cousin.

Suddenly she felt hands snake under her shirt and those burning hands slide up her whole front right between her breasts. Angela slid her hands up between Lilly’s tits several more times before she grabbed them firmly. The palms of the blonde’s hands were pressed firmly against Lilly’s rock hard nipples.

“What… you think you’re doing,” whispering the confused young woman. Lilly had been very excited but the straight forward action brought her back to reality and she got very uncomfortable. Those hands stayed still on her breasts seemingly frozen in their grasp.

“Well since you got to feel mine I figured I deserved the chance to feel your little titties,” as Angela said this her right hand began pinching the nipple of the captive nilüfer eskort breast.

“Please stop. We shouldn’t be doing this,” whimpered Lilly as she felt guilty about enjoying her cousin playing with her nipple. Lilly still hadn’t looked at Angela but had locked her eyes onto the floral print pillow next to her. This was getting out of control quickly.

“It seems to me that you’re enjoying it, so why don’t you just relax,” cooed Angela as she scooted up on Lilly’s stomach. Lilly suddenly realized that her arms were now pinned under her cousin’s knees and she struggled to free them.

“OK. This isn’t fun anymore, let me up you skank,” growled Lilly as she realized she couldn’t free her hands. The otherside of her found this lack of control arousing and felt a couple of drops run from her pussy down to the crack of her tight little ass.

“I thought you hippies were into ‘free love’,” said Angela in a dripping sweet voice. “Let me see one thing and then maybe I’ll let you up.” Lilly open her mouth to tell the crazy bitch to let her up again but only a gasp came out as Angela reached behind herself and plunged a finger into her moist pussy. A triumphant smile splayed across the blonde’s face as she worked her finger slowly. Lilly she was very wet down there and she could no longer stifle her moans.

“It seems to me that you don’t mind this very much at all. You are a dirty little hippy, aren’t you.” crowed Angela as she slipped another finger into the moaning girl. Lilly let out continuos high pitched moans as her cousin rode her plunging several fingers into her with one hand and alternately pinching her nipples with the other. Lilly had never been with a girl before and the feeling of those long red nails inside of her was an amazingly wanton feeling. Angela was squeezing Lilly’s right rigid nipple to the point of pain which seemed to send jolts of electricity throughout her body. As Angela pressed a third finger into the other girls slick lower lips the pinned down girl began bucking so strongly that her captor was bouncing up several inches.

Lilly was overtaken by an incredible orgasm quicker than she had ever been. As the orgasm began she was dimly aware of a hand over her mouth to muffle the sound. That was the last semblance of thought for several minutes.

As Lilly became aware of her surroundings again she realized two things, first was that Angela was no longer on top of her, second was that her hands were now tied above her with her own scarf. Angela appeared above her leaning over with her heavy breasts swinging erotically. Angela’s wet lips planted several lingering kisses on Lilly’s neck before she swung her leg over Lilly bringing her pussy within several inches of the bound girl’s face. Lilly saw that Angela’s panties were gone and she could smell her musky scent.

Angela didn’t say a word just thrust her hips forward bringing her swollen clit to Lilly’s mouth. Lilly surprised herself by lapping at Angela’s nub and into her slit without a second thought. It was the most erotic seen she had ever experienced. Angela loomed above her rubbing her own nipples with her blonde hair in disarray. Lilly hummed into Angela’s pussy, a trick she had loved with her last boyfriend, and the blonde haired girl went into a frenzy. Angela grabbed Lilly’s hair on the sides of her head and pulled her up hard into her pussy. Lilly could feel the bone of her jaw pressing almost painfully into Angela’s pelvic bone. Lilly wished her hands were free so she could grab those amazing globes gyrating above her. Lilly was not being touched at all and yet she felt on the edge of another orgasm. As Lilly plunged her long tongue into Angela the sweating blonde girl went stiff as a board and a growl escaped her clenched teeth. Angela’s muscles contracted so much that it forced Lilly’s tongue out. Angela’s body relaxed and she slid down so she was laying on top of Lilly slick with sweat. The intensely erotic blonde was collapsed on top of her tied up cousin letting her tongue trail around Lilly’s ear.

To Be Continued…

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