Cynthia Seduces a Student


Cynthia had started teaching mostly as a service to the community. As a chief scientist at a prestigious company, she did not need the money from teaching. She also didn’t want all of the faculty drama that came with even adjunct professorships at a big-name school.

Instead, she opted to teach at a local community college. Her father would have approved. It was he, after all, that had encouraged her to get a Ph.D. in theoretical physics because science was a noble calling.

“But girls don’t become scientists” she remembered telling him.

“Girls can grow up to be anyone or do anything that they want,” he replied with a smile laden with sadness.

School had been difficult for her. Not because of the material. No, that part had been easy. Her professors regularly commended her on how she was a natural at physics – she was born for this.

Instead, it was what seemed deceptively-simple: adjusting to college life. She was always the only woman in her class. Her classmates were always men; her professors too. She had no one to relate to, no one to lean on…but her father. He pushed her and pushed her, assuring her that she would get through it, she would do great things.

Her worst moment in college had been one of her best – at least at first. She had always been a very sexual girl – she wasn’t raised with any inhibitions. She had lost her virginity young, and had no regrets about it.

Indeed, it had been her that walked to her boyfriend’s house in the middle of the night and snuck in through the window. She had woken that night from an intense wet dream and had to sate her hunger. Her tap on his window had woken him, and he rubbed his eyes as much from sleep as if to make certain it wasn’t a dream. It was a sweet memory – she remembered placing her finger on her lips to signal to him to not make a sound (she didn’t want to wake his parents).

They had kissed before, but she wanted more that night. She took off her clothes quickly (and quietly) while her boyfriend did the same. At first, it was more fumbling than passion. He was unsure, but when his fingers slid inside of her, it had felt amazing nonetheless. She had never felt anything like it before (besides maybe her own fingers), and she quickly asked him to put on a condom.

She still remembered – fondly – her boyfriend’s very-red, very-blushed cheeks as he slipped the condom on and entered her for the first time. They had to be quiet, but even so, it had been a passionate affair. That was, until her boyfriend came quickly. It had not been like she imagined, nor did he last very long before cumming…but she had enjoyed it. She remembered wondering intensely then how it would have felt if he had not worn a condom.

Since then, she became even more bold. She liked sex, and since then, she hunted for sexual experiences – with both girls and boys.

As soon as she got into college, she immediately noticed all of the handsome boys on campus. She was exhilarated by them all, but especially the football players. Athletic and muscular, she lusted over them the most. When she was invited to one of their frat parties, she eagerly accepted.

The frat party was an excuse for debauchery: drunken hookups and uninhibited sexuality – she loved it. She found herself in a threesome with two particularly-muscular football players almost as soon as she had arrived.

She still found herself getting turned on by the memory of it. Both had been muscular with sizzling hot bodies. She still remembered vividly the god-like body of the one whom she had taken in her mouth. Even while bobbing her head back and forth with his girth in her mouth, she admired the deep cut of muscle that led from just above his hip bone down to his pelvis. All of this of course while the other stud filled her from behind. Remembering his hands on her waist as he pounded her always got her a little wet.

Cynthia also remembered vividly the taste of the cum in her mouth when the one in her mouth had finished. She liked the salty-sweet taste, and smiled up at him as he came. His hands had held her head with a gentle urgency. She had even liked when the stud pounding her from behind had finished by pulling out and cumming on her tailbone. When she felt the sticky warmth of his juices on her, she had rubbed herself to orgasm.

What was less pleasant to remember was the aftermath. An uninhibited free spirit who thought only in logical terms, she had found nothing wrong or shameful about it. And yet, days later, she had found out that the two football players had taken pictures of their fling and shared it with their friends to slut-shame her. It was an alien concept to her at the time, but she remembered calling home crying when the teasing started.

When Cynthia called home looking for some comfort, she didn’t explain specifics to her father… but he probably knew. She had simply told him that had no friends, no one she could trust, and that college was not the place she thought it would be. antep escort

With a hint of sadness in his voice, he comforted her over the phone. He reminded her that she was a trailblazer, and that the path would oftentimes be rough for a woman like her. The world had two standards: one for women, one for men. It wasn’t fair, but she could help change that. He also said that small-minded people will always be trapped by the prejudices of their days – physicists were of a different cut, though.

She had been devastated when the cancer took him. At least he had gotten to see her graduate with her bachelor’s. It took her many more years to earn her Ph.D., but she suspected that her father knew she would arrive there eventually.

After earning her Ph.D. she had enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks at a prestigious company to become chief scientist. She had been told that she made it look easy. It didn’t seem like work to her – science was a way of life. Her father had called it a noble calling.

That’s why she decided to teach part-time at a local community college. Science was noble; it was important. She had hoped to inspire kids who hadn’t gotten into prestigious universities to nonetheless pursue scientific careers. She hoped that she could encourage them to use community college as a springboard to university. Undoubtedly, her her father would approve.

Cynthia found that many of the students struggled in her physics courses. She understood few of them had had the advantages she did, so she took it upon herself to personally tutor students who needed it. Steve was one such student.

Steve struggled mightily in her course. Clearly a bright kid, she assumed he had distractions that made it hard to study. Work? Home life maybe? Cynthia did not need to know the specifics. She saw in Steve a bright young student with potential. It didn’t hurt he was also quite handsome…

Whenever Steve was in her classes, she would admire his handsome face. He was 19 and still had the slender frame of that age. He certainly did not have the muscular frame of a football player…but perhaps that was a good thing. Cynthia assumed that her gazing went unnoticed by him. Such a sweet boy – and somewhat shy – he probably thought her ancient by his standard.

Cynthia was now closer to 40 than 30, but fit. She had always been active having done sports and jogging her whole life. Recently, though, she had taken up cross-fit and yoga. In her late 30’s, she had felt better than in her 20’s. Perhaps it was a byproduct of how hard she studied in her 20’s, though. Nonetheless, she doubted young men Steve’s age even noticed her anymore.

Had Steve not been one of her students, she likely would have tried seducing him. She had never actually tried seducing a student. The thought was simultaneously intriguing and taboo.

Sweet and shy, Steve was unlikely to pull a maneuver like the football players of her college days. Since that event, she had been much more careful about whom she was intimate with. Sometimes she wanted passionate romance, sometimes she wanted a truly carnal fuck…and sometimes even a threesome. But in every case, she made certain that she wouldn’t be humiliated again. She mostly chose older men, or very young men. Never men in their prime years who had the swagger to match. No, she purposefully chose sweet men, or responsible men. Preferably both.

Alas, Steve was a student. It would not have been proper to seduce him. Still, that didn’t stop her from admiring his boyish-good looks and chiseled cheekbones…or from fantasizing about him in her more private moments. She often imagined how good he would be at licking her between her legs – she imagined it would be slow, sweet, and orgasmic.

Part of her hoped Steve would text her, or email her… or find some excuse to initiate a private conversation with her. If she found private time with him, she wasn’t sure she would be able to keep from seducing him. She wanted it so badly. His youth and sweet demeanor turned her on so…

But yet, his struggling performance would likely require some tutoring. She told herself that it wasn’t a pretense for some private time with Steve…but she wasn’t sure. Lust aside, Steve probably should spend some tutoring time with her.

Cynthia normally didn’t dress sexy for classes she taught, but she did so the next time she taught Steve’s class. Unless Steve did poorly on tonight’s quiz, she wasn’t quite ready to ask Steve to come in for tutoring. But, she did want to see if perhaps she could catch a glint of lust in his eyes when she dressed up.

God help her, but she felt like a teenage girl the day of class. After work – and before class – she took her usual shower. This time, though, she got an extra-smooth shave on her legs – she even shaved clean all of her pubic hairs (which were kept trim, anyways.) She was as smooth as could be. Men these days preferred clean-shaven mounds, right? Steve was young – he probably did.

She chose a tight-fitting white dress and cream-colored heels. The dress accentuated her form, and the heels made her calves and butt more noticeable. While not a plunging neckline, the dress’s cut was…rather daring, revealing a fair amount of her smallish-yet-firm cleavage.

Cynthia opted to wear a bra, but no panties. Somehow, that made her feel powerful, daring, and erotic. Part of her hoped that Steve would catch a glimpse of her fresh shave at some point tonight as her dress terminated a good length above her knees. Lastly, she applied her makeup, did her hair, and sprayed on some perfume. Just in case, she dabbed a drop of perfume right on the lips between her legs.

She felt like such a woman as she drove to class! With sexual fantasies filling her thoughts, she did have to remind herself that this class was only a few weeks before mid-terms – it was an important class. The quiz in class tonight would dictate who would need tutoring help moving into that mid-term. Perhaps Steve would be so kind as to do poorly on it, and require some tutoring…

Readying for class as students streamed in, she noticed that several of the boys gave her prolonged glances. Those were glances of lust, she knew. When she found Steve’s lusty glance, though…her heart fluttered a bit. Turns out these young boys notice her, after all…

During the quiz, she sat at her desk, cross-legged, watching the students. Only occasionally would she swivel in her chair and open her legs ever-so-slightly. She doubted that Steve ever did see the shave which she was so proud of, but she liked to think that he did. When quizzes were over, she smiled. Fortunately for her – and unfortunately for Steve – Steve had done somewhat poorly.

Releasing everyone for class but Steve, she walked – professionally – over to Steve’s desk. “Steve, I wanted to speak to you privately about your performance in the course.” She purposefully angled her dress to give him an ample view of her cleavage. His look at then was part frightened animal, part deviant.

“Mrs. Patterson, I’m sorry. It’s just…” She found his stammering endearing.

“Look. It’s okay. These quizzes and homework don’t mean much – it’s mostly the mid-term and final. You can still pass with flying colors if you do well on those.”

“Okay, I guess I really need to buckle down,” he admitted.

“Look, I know you’ve probably got stuff going on. So I’ll tell you what, I take it personally when students of mine don’t do well. That’s why I always personally tutor students like yourself. I’ve never had a student fail whom I’ve tutored. I’ve had to tutor a few students, it happens. Smart ones, too. It’s hard material.” His look was that of slight embarrassment. He knew he was capable, he just wasn’t performing.

After some thought, he looked up to her from his desk (after a quick glance at the side-boob she was purposefully luring in front of him), and told her “Okay. I don’t want to fail the course.”

Yes, she thought. She couldn’t help herself. She had resigned herself to what she always knew – she was going to seduce Steve.

“When do you want to meet up for tutoring?” She inquired.

“I work Fridays and weekends. So I guess any day Monday through Thursday?” She had suspected his weekends were full of work. A responsible kid, she reflected.

“Okay, well how about this. It’s Monday now. Let’s meet Tuesdays and Thursdays between now and the final, okay?”

“Okay. Where should we meet? Here?”

“There are classes in here those days”, she lied, “and the tutoring rooms are already taken.” Lying again, she said “You’re not the only student I’ve asked to do this with, but this semester’s scheduling conflicts have forced me to find alternatives. I have been inviting students over for tutoring at my house.” For a moment, she saw a look flash across his face. He suspects…and he wants me, too. His look was followed up with a more-bold look at her cleavage. She felt a blush come over her.

She walked over to the desk and sat down, purposefully swiveling the chair with legs open. She had no doubt that the twinkle in his eye as he looked between her legs was that of lust. “How does tomorrow at 6 sound for our first tutoring session?”

“Okay. That works.” He nodded, smiled shyly, almost fell out of his chair when he stood up, and bounded off.

Her eyes followed him as he walked out. She noted that she had grown slightly-wet…his glances had been turning her on. But that was for tomorrow night. She had to go to work in the morning. Cynthia gathered her things and the students’ quizzes.

Arriving at home, she unceremoniously dumped the quizzes on her office desk. Normally, she would probably record grades after a class, but she was worn out…and she had other things on her mind. Walking to the shower, she remembered the lusty glances Steve had shot her way.

Cynthia turned on the shower, and took off her shoes. As she slipped her dress off, she imagined how it would feel to instead slip out of her dress while Steve watched. There was something intensely erotic about having a younger man under her power – it was intoxicating.

As she slipped into the shower, the warm water embraced her. No sooner had she gotten in than the water began to melt her muscles – she had forgotten that it had been such a long day. Almost subconsciously, a hand reached between her legs and began to rub her clit in a soft, circular motion.

Her fresh shave felt silky and smooth under her touch as she thought of Steve. At first she imagined taking off his shirt – how his slender frame would look under the pawing of her hands. And then she imagined riding him, looking down at him as she showed him how a woman takes her pleasure. Perhaps it was the warm rivulets of water trailing down, or maybe it was simply that she was very turned on…but an orgasm took her suddenly and without warning.

Afterwards, relieved from her orgasm, Cynthia laid in bed. She thought of her job, of her father. Of her hopes and dreams, and what was next for her. What is next after chief scientist? Perhaps I should apply for a full professorship…She drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The following day was much the same as before. Normally, today would have been her workout day, but tonight she had other plans. Like the day before, she worked, she went home. She spent much of her day preoccupied with thoughts of Steve. During the day, she had formulated a plan to seduce him – she was looking forward to it.

Like the day before, when Cynthia got home, she immediately got into the shower. Again, she shaved. She didn’t want Steve distracted by an ounce of stubble – anywhere.

As she dried herself off after the shower, she reflected that she still didn’t know what to wear. Surely, something seductive – but what? Her yoga pants? A dress like yesterday? And should she wear panties? She imagined that it would be sexy to have Steve take off her panties.

She opted to wear a daring black dress. Cut low in the back and short on the slides – with quite a plunging neckline, she knew it was the sort of dress that would get a man’s heart pumping. It left little to the imagination from the sides, and required only slightly more imagination when seen from the front. It was also short, terminating mid-thigh from the front but sloping upwards to reveal her thighs. She completed it with black heels. Men seemed to love heels.

Reversing yesterday’s decision, she opted to wear a sheer black thong but no bra. With satisfaction, she noted that her nipples protruded slightly under the garment of her dress. She was dressed with intent.

With only a few minutes remaining until Steve was supposed to show up, she finished off her outfit by applying her makeup and teasing her dark hair into a shoulder-length bounce. Additionally, she dabbed some of her favorite perfume on her neck and wrists. With a wicked smile, she also dabbed some perfume on her breasts, and a dab on the lips between her legs. The cool, tingling sensation offset well with the heat building there.

Sure enough, the knock came shortly after. Steve had arrived. Flirtily opening the door, she saw that he was dressed as he normally was for class. But the look he gave was unlike any she had seen in class.

He gave her a hungry, lustful glance. His glance started at her face, but scanned downwards to her plunging neckline… and to the nipples subtly protruding through her dress. She bent a knee playfully to give him a view of her thigh, and his eyes betrayed that he had taken the bait.

Looking at her thigh, “Umm” was all he could stammer before she cut him off. “It’s okay, come on in. Make yourself comfortable. I like to dress like this when I’m at home. Makes me feel…” Flashing a devious smile, she finished with “…good.”

With a saunter intentionally exaggerating her form, she showed Steve to the couch. The thought of him drinking her in from behind turned her on – she hoped he was feasting his eyes.

Doubtlessly, Steve knew the deal by now. He may have been shy – as some men are at his age – but he wasn’t stupid. As she motioned to the couch, he sat down. His cheeks were blushed, and she noted that he already had an erection showing from the inside of his jeans.

She again sauntered over to the table where she had a part of her lesson plan. Grabbing the class textbook, she said “Alright, on the quiz, you seemed to struggle with magnetic flux, amongst other topics. So that’s what we’re going to cover first. Some of the general principles we discuss tonight should help in the other topics.” With some amusement, she noted that upon hearing about magnetic flux, he seemed to sink back into the couch, disappointed.

From his backpack, he produced a notebook and pencil and prepared to write notes. “Here, let me see your notes on magnetic flux” she said, as she walked over to the couch and sat on the couch arm beside Steve. She leaned intentionally close to Steve – close enough for him to smell the perfume she had dabbed on her breasts.

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