Daddy, I Need Your Help

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Hi, well, this is a good one and please…use your imagination to finish it the way you like. You can do it!


Max just pulled into his favorite restaurant, when his phone rang. “Hello,” he said and hoped it wasn’t a business call. He was starving to death and he was ready to eat.

“Hey there handsome, how’s my darling man on this beautiful, spring day?” a sweet and very sexy voice asked.

“Why do you always sound so good?” he asked her as he shifted his growing cock. “I’m fine.”

“I always love talking to you this way. Don’t you like it anymore?”

“Yes, I love it, but…” he paused, trying to think of a polite way to tell her that she gave him a massive erection, but he didn’t know how to say it.

“But, um…what?” she teased and could feel her pussy starting to moisten and she hoped he was getting hard.

“Never mind,” he just laughed and thought of showing her one day soon.

“So, where are you?” she asked as her nipples grew from his words and the warm sun shining on her very, thin blouse.

“About to have lunch, you should come and join me,” he said and hoped she would. They hadn’t had lunch in weeks and he missed seeing her.

“Should I even ask where that is?” she teased and knew where he would be, but she had to ask.

He just smiled, told her and sat waiting for her in the parking lot. The sun was shining down as he sat there, thinking of her full C cups, her thin waist and that perfect little ass.

“I’d fuck her in a heart-beat!” he moaned as he thought of her short, dark brown hair, matching brown eyes and the face of an angel.

His cock starting to fill with blood and on this day, he did not care. He loved her slender neck, the small piercing on the right side of her nose and he wondered if her nipples were also pierced. When she wore thin blouses, it seemed like there were little bumps around her nipples and if she had them, Max would love to see them.

It was spring, mating time and he was in the mood too. “Damn, I sure do wish I could fuck her for an hour or two,” he said with a frown and didn’t notice that someone was standing right next to him.

“Who do you wish you could fuck, maybe I could help,” she smiled and had to laugh when he jumped. “Dang, you were miles away!” she laughed harder and wondered if he was thinking about her.

He came close to jumping out of his pants and wanted to bend the tall beauty over his knee. “I should spank you little ass!” he said looking to her pretty face and the light, blue sunglasses she was wearing. “Damn, you look good today!” he winked and watched her face turning a warm shade of pink.

“Thank you,” she blushed as he jumped from his truck and something caught her eye. He was as hard as a rock. “You’re not lookin’ to bad yourself!” she said lifting her eyebrows at him and she tried her best not to look at his swollen cock.

He looked over her, the tight pink blouse she was wearing, and her puffy, C cups under it. “If I was Bob, your ass would never get out of bed!” he said looking at her swollen nipples and he was so glad that she didn’t mind him looking at her this way. He even thought she liked it.

“To bad that he doesn’t think like you do.”

He looked over her skin-tight, white jeans and felt his cock growing again. Her nice, tight ass and hips looked so good it them, he wanted to cum. “Well, we both know that he’s a fucking retard!” he said couldn’t help but laughing.

“Stop picking on my husband! He can’t help it if he’s a dip-shit!” she giggled and could not hold out any longer. She reached and hugged him with all of her might and she did not care who saw it.

“I love it when we’re together, Daddy,” she moaned and loved the feel of him against her lonely, lonely body.

“I love being with you too, Annie,” he smiled and hugged her very tight and he didn’t care if she felt his hardness or not. She was a big girl now and she was the one that made him this way.

“Are you just glad to see me or is that a baseball down your jeans?” she asked and started to back up, but he held her tight. “This isn’t fair, plus it’s kinda the reason I needed to see you.” Annie said with a little pain in her voice and it wasn’t because of hugging her Dad, it was because of his massive cock.

He took a step back and he was ready to hurt Annie’s sissy husband. “What did he do to you?” he asked through his teeth, but when she started laughing, he figured it was something else.

“You’ve got it all backwards…it’s what he ‘hasn’t’ done.” Annie said and she loved the confused look on her tall, handsome Daddy’s face. “I know we can talk about anything, but this one is a little tough for me,” she added motioning to go inside.

“Well, give me a hint or something.” Max said opening the door for her and he waiting for her to talk, but he could see that she was really bothered.

“Wait ’til we sit down,” she whispered and Annie knew he was going to shit, when she did tell him. He paid, they got their things and she walked to the farthest end bostancı escort of the place.

“This should do just fine.” Annie smiled and she couldn’t wait to see the look on her Dad’s face. “Let’s get some food first; I can’t have you starving to death on me, can I?” she smiled and couldn’t help running her right hand over his thick, hairy chest.


“Ok, start talkin’ or I’m pullin’ down those fuckin’ sexy jeans and I’m goin’ to…” he started saying, but then she burst into tears. He quickly stood and rushed around to hold her sobbing body to his. “It’s ok, baby. I got you,” he whispered and gently rocked her back and forth.

“Daddy…” she sniffed, looking into his dark, sexy eyes and she knew that he could quickly fix all that ailed her. “He…he…won’t…love me anymore,” she said and started crying harder than ever, but Annie knew her sweet Daddy, would make it better or he’d kill Bob.

He just sat on his knees looking at her and Max could not believe this. “Are you for real? He won’t fu…love you?” he said with shock. Max knew Bob looked gay, but any guy that wouldn’t mount Annie, was surely a snake charmer.

“He hasn’t did it to me in a year, Daddy.” Annie said as she wiped her eyes and she loved the look on Daddy’s face. “Do you think he’s a queer?”

Max got up from the floor and he could not believe this one. “Baby girl, any guy that wouldn’t do it to you,” he paused to reach down and shift his cock. “Yes he is!”

She just smiled at him and giggled. “Is something wrong down there?”

“There was a little one, but now it’s really big!”

“Poor Daddy!” she giggled again and she wished she could help him with it and they both would get what they wanted.

“If we don’t change the subject, it really will be,” he said thinking of blowing a load in his pants.

“I’m leaving him and I need a big favor from you.”

“You know damn well you don’t have to ask me to help you move.”

“Well, it’s not that. I was hoping that I could move back into the house…with you.”

Hell, he didn’t mind at all. It would be fun having her back, plus she could cook a lot better than he could. “You do the cooking and I’ll think about it.”

What if I promise to suck and fuck you…any time you wanted? She thought, wondering what he would say, if she had the nerve to ask. “What if I promise to…do all the house work too?” she said, but it wasn’t what Annie wanted to say, but maybe, she would soon.

“Will you dress like you did before you moved out?” he asked with a big smile and he loved how quickly her face turned red with embarrassment. “You enjoyed teasing me just as much as I enjoyed looking, girl!” he laughed and Max couldn’t wait to get her back home. But, that little hint of incest that had haunted his mind when she was younger was coming back.

“That I did.” Annie said with a low voice and she saw something in his eyes, it looked like he wanted to fuck her. She knew he had the same thought when she was going to high school and it came close to happening, but the fucking doorbell ended it as quickly as it started.

“See, you should do it again and make an old man happy.”

“You’re not old and you know I’ll do it. I love turnin’ on my handsome Daddy!”

“You nasty girl!” he winked, stood to hug her again and he loved the way Annie jumped up and into his arms. “Mmm, you feel so fucking good!” he moaned as he squeezed and caressed her sweet, 36-inch ass.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” she moaned and made sure to move her flat tummy against his growing cock. “When was the last time you fed this thing?” Annie said as she looked up to his face and she saw his eyes were squeezed shut.

Poor Daddy. She thought and hoped that just maybe, she would get the chance to help him. I’ll help you very, very soon, my sweet Daddy! Annie moaned to herself as she thought of his long and very thick cock sliding into her mouth and down her silky throat.

He laughed at Annie’s words and he tried to remember when his last time was. “It’s been about six months.”

“Ouch, no wonder why he’s trying to stab me!” Annie giggled and knew they better stop. “We better eat um…before things get any worse than they already are,” she panted as they pulled apart and she looked down to her Daddy’s big cock and smiled. “What do you feed him?” Annie asked with a smile, wondering if Daddy still had a taste for young girls’.

He sat down, stirred his potatoes and laughed at her. “Well, you and your horny friends have made it difficult for me to get what I ‘really’ like.”

Annie lifted her glass of sweet-tea and she knew what he was going to say. “Oh really?” Annie smiled at him as she thought of all the times that her and her friends drove him crazing, running around more than half-naked.

“There’s not many teenage girls’ that want to do it with a forty-five year old man.”

Annie put her lower lip out and she felt bad. “They’re too dumb to know what they’re missing out on, but…I know,” she cooed as she licked ümraniye escort bayan her lips and slowly took a bite of her food.

“I bet you do.”

“What horny girl in her right mind would turn away a nice guy like you? I know that I wouldn’t,” she said with a big, sexy smile. In fact…I wouldn’t even care if you were my Daddy or not, I’d fuck you! Annie thought, wishing that he’d get the hint that she wanted him to fuck her until she died in his arms.

Max looked at Annie and she looked like a bitch in heat. “Damn girl, you’re killing me,” he moaned as he took another big bite of his food, wondering if Annie had her sights set on him.

It would be any guys dream. Fucking a hot girl like you and his daughter at the same time! He thought as his cock grew out of control, just thinking about something so nasty.

“I’ll be sure and make it up to you tonight. How does that sound to you?” Annie whispered with a mix of lust and pure need in her soft, loving voice.

He looked at her and when he heard Annie, Max knew for sure. “Be careful what you say, because I may just take you up on that.”

“I’m twenty and a big girl now. I think I could handle it.”

You fuckin’ tease! We’ll see if you can later tonight. He thought and started eating, before he jerked Annie up and fucked her right on the table.


Later that night, after three truck loads of Annie’s things, they were in her room and she had to ask him something, even though, she already knew the answer.

Annie made sure to stay as close to him as she could get and she made sure to brush against him as often as possible. “Daddy, what’s the one thing you love a girl to do for you?” she asked, biting her lower lip and she couldn’t wait to hear him say it.

He knew this going to be very toughest thing he’d ever have to do in his life. She was a fucking nympho and his daughter. He hadn’t had a good piece of ass in months. How was he ever going to resist her?

“Are you out to kill me or what?” he asked as she bent straight over in front of him, showing him her fine, little ass. Max loved the roses that were tattooed across her lower back and he also saw that Annie was wearing a very, small pair of white panties.

She slowly stood, turned him and saw his eyes glued to her butt. “No, I just want to know what you like.” Annie replied, hoping that he still had the same thoughts as he did earlier in the day, if so, Annie was more than willing to make them come true.

He sat on the side of her bed; looked over Annie’s beautiful body and he figured, why not. “I’m sure your horny ass already knows this but, I love it when a young lady sucks me until I give her warm treat,” he said wide a little grin and Max loved her blushing.

“Bad Daddy, making me get embarrassed and all excited at the same time!” Annie said as her blood began to boil. She could make that happen. Annie loved sucking cock anyhow and as big as Daddy was, she would suck him anytime he wanted her to.

“I’m sure you like it. Hey, you said you’d dress real sexy for me…so get to it woman!” he said with a commanding tone, watching her face light up.

“Ahhh, yes!” Annie moaned as if she’d just came in her pants. “I love it when my man orders me around like that!” she purred with a soft and very sensual voice. “You can feel free to do that more…if your so inclined,” she whispered, moving against him and knew that their love for each other, was about to turn down a new, unexplored road.

He hugged her and hoped that this wasn’t a mistake. He loved his daughter so much and Max would die if anything fucked up that love. “You go shower, dress up and I’ll get us something it eat,” he said looking up between her big breasts and he hoped to be sucking them before the night was over. He stood, gave her ass a smack and he quickly left her room.


He was in the kitchen, making a snack for them and he thought of all the times they had flirted and all but screwed each other. And he knew if this was going to happen, Max wanted it nice. She was his baby, the little girl he’d raised and cared for all of her life. She deserved only the best and he was going to romance her until she exploded in his arms.

“Hey Daddy, what ya makin’?” she asked, strolling into the kitchen wearing her smallest and shortest, black dress. She also had black stockings, which she knew he dearly loved and a pair of black, four-inch heels.

He turned to look and he knew that Annie was trying to kill him. “Dang girl!” Max said as he looked to Annie’s face. Her makeup was perfect, dark blue eye shadow, red lipstick and a tight, gold necklace around her neck.

“You said you wanted me to look good for you…so, here I am,” she smiled at the way he was looking over her body and her long legs. Annie felt her tiny pussy starting to drip, hoping that Daddy wouldn’t wait to take her. She needed him tonight. Enjoy me Daddy…I’m all yours now! Annie thought as he continued to look at her.

His eyes slid down her body, to her full kartal escort breasts and he loved the way her nipples were pushing against the thin dress, it looked as if they were trying to escape or something. “Are you cold or are you just glad to see me?” he asked with a little wink and watched her face turning red.

“I’m not cold so…”

He just smiled and continued looking her over. Her legs looked so good in the sheer stockings and he couldn’t believe just how short her dress was. He could easily see more than halfway up her slender thighs and he could feel his cock starting to grow.

“I’m very glad to see you as well!” he smiled again and watched her pretty eyes fixed on his growing shaft. See what you do to me? I always get this hard wherever you’re near me or when I think of you. He thought as a smile covered his face, thinking of being inside Annie’s wonderful body, loving her into the night.

“You really need to get that thing fed, before it hurts somebody,” she giggled, knowing her face had to be red, but it wasn’t from her words, it was because she hoped he would let her help with its feeding.

“I’m working on it as we speak!” Max said with a grin and her face was bright red now.

“I hope its someone that loves and really cares for you.” Annie replied as her heart pounded in her chest, thinking of her handsome Daddy’s sweet words and the thought of him loving her, but she wanted it to be special.

He kept working and he smiled. She’s very special and I love her so much. “I think she is.” Max replied as he cut the last of the meat, turned and he saw a sweet look on Annie’s face. It looked like she was in heaven.

“I’m glad, because…you need someone that will love you and never let you down.” Annie said as he walked to the table and set down a large plate of sliced meats and cheese. “Very nice! You must be out to really get that girl,” she cooed at him and if she didn’t need romanced, Daddy would be in her mouth and all the way down her throat.

He just returned her smile and said. “Well, she’s been with some jerk for the last two years and I found out today, that he hasn’t loved her in a year,” he said looking into her dark eyes and hoped that she liked this game as much as he did.

Her face wrinkled and pretended she didn’t know who he was talking about. They played this game when Annie was young and she always liked it. “Ahhh, that poor thing, I bet she hurts from head to toe.” Annie replied as her sexy, lower lip came out and she knew that Daddy loved that.

“Going that long without a man to hold, love and ease that burning…she must be insane with need!” she moaned as her pussy grew wetter and it was starting to burn.

“Yeah, she stayed with the jerk, when she should have gone back to the man that ‘really’ loved and wanted her,” he said and watched her eyes start to fill with tears, but a loving smile covered her face.

“I’m sure that she was afraid too. It’s not every day that a girl goes home to her Daddy, asking him to be her lover. I know that it would have scared me too.”

“I plan on fixing it all tonight and come morning, she’ll never be lonely as long as I’m breathing.” Max said and watching the tears in her eyes break free and they slowly ran down her beautiful face. He reached to hold Annie’s trembling hands and he asked. “Do you think she’d like that?”

Annie wanted to run and jump into his arms, but she also knew it would be so much better if they took this slow. “I think that she’ll be the happiest woman in the world and…she’ll make sure that you never want for anything.”

“Good, I can’t wait until tonight. I’m going to show her just how much I love her and she’ll finally see how much she excites me.”

“I’m sure that she already knows, but I’m very positive she’s going to love seeing and…enjoying it.” Annie said with love and she knew that her makeup had to be a mess by now. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to go make some repairs!” she laughed, stood and quickly raced to her bathroom. “Oh Daddy, I’m so happy!” she whispered as tears poured from her eyes and down her face. At long last, she was going to get the man she loved.


About ten minutes later, Annie returned with her makeup fixed and she said as she walked towards him. “Hey, while I was fixing myself, I had a wonderful idea,” she smiled and slowly sat on his lap.

“Since you haven’t been on a date in so long…maybe I should pretend I’m her and,” she halfway moaned as her fingers ran through his dark hair and she felt him growing hard.

“Well, you get the idea.” Annie whispered the last four words as she gently kissed him. Not the kind of kiss a daughter would give her father, but the kind a woman would give the man that was about to love her.

“That’s not a bad idea,” he moaned as he returned her kiss.

“Yeah and when you get to her…you’d be nice and,” she paused and couldn’t help but moaning as he held the sides of her face and forced her to kiss him again.

“Wow! Where was I?” Annie giggled as she tried to recover from the wonderful kiss he just forced on her. “You’ll be very, very ‘ready’ for her. What do you think?” Annie said, feeling his massive cock growing under her ass, wondering what something so long and so thick was going to feel like when he took her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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