Daddy’s Little Muffin

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The only time I spent the night in jail was over my Maddie. She was my angel, my sweet girl, my spitting image. Her mother made the mistake of pulling her from my arms while my girl was screaming and crying my name.

I had never known fury or strength like I did then. I rammed the door with my shoulder so that it shuddered. It was a trash trailer door and when I rammed it again the lock snapped.

My ex wife looked at me with terror and rage. But I wasn’t paying attention. All I could see was Maddie. She held her hands out for me still and there was nothing but adoration and helpless need in those little angel eyes. I sang to her, softly, and she smiled in relief.

That smile was worth the night in the jail cell. I’ve always said it. My Maddie brought out the best and the worst of me.

After that I threw myself into my life. I had screwed up my first chance at school, my first chance at everything. But then Maddie was born. It’s hard to believe now but when her mother came to me and told me I would be a father, I fought it. She was having sex with at least two others, my promiscuous and bipolar ex wife. I said that she wasn’t mine. I said it right up until my Maddie was born.

And then I saw her eyes. There was no denying it anymore. Those were my eyes. I fell in love like I had never loved her mother or anyone else before her.

And there was no failure for an option. I served my marine corps and used it for a college fund, where I studied computer sciences. The years were torture. Maddie’s mother had custody of her and she moved around a lot, switching from boy to boy. I hated it. The thought of Maddie in unsteady environments made me sick. I looked forward to every weekend I had custody of her and kept her in my dorm room when I was in college and she was a toddler. I didn’t get many dates with Maddie. But I didn’t want them anyway, not after what her mother had put me through. I wanted nothing besides my Maddie. And my end goal was an environment so steady and smooth that I could fight for custody of her. I kept every text, every email, every record of her mother’s inadequacy for proof on the day I would need it. My brother in law was a wonderful lawyer who was willing to help since I had proven myself. I won him over with my marine service.

But it didn’t matter. The year after I graduated her mother approached me without a fight. I had always been wonderful with computer sciences and my job opportunities were beautiful in their steadiness. I wouldn’t call them lavish but they were certainly more than I could have hoped for.

And her mother had heard. So she offered to sign Maddie over to me if I continued to pay her child support and raised my daughter. In effect, she sold our daughter to me.

I didn’t hesitate. I took her in an instant, knowing that there was no place in the world better for my daughter than by side. I was a man possessed over her. She was too quiet when I first got her and it upset me to see the insecurities of an unstable home in her eyes at first. So I homeschooled her. I refused to give my little girl back to the world. She was mine and she would live like a princess. I bought her stuffed animals and dresses. I bought her nail polishes and makeup and glitter and ribbons. I raised her in a castle of a bedroom with a princess canopy and butterflies decorating everything. Oh she had her teenage rebellions, but overall she was a wonderful child.

Maddie has always brought out the worst and the best in me.

After her 18th birthday and graduation I persuaded her to take a year off school to decide what she wished to do with her life. Maddie was indecisive at the best of times and she loved to learn. The problem was that she loved to learn everything and couldn’t choose a favorite area of study. She grinned at me shyly when I suggested it. “You… you wouldn’t be disappointed in me for taking a year, Daddy?”

“Of course not, Muffin. All I ask is that you help me with my own work at times. Is that in agreement?”

“Yes, Daddy, of course. Daddy, there’s this boy at the book store sometimes and a movie comes out Friday that I want-“

“No. I will take you.” The words were a snap out of my mouth. The thought of a boy with my daughter filled me with rage. She’d been through enough. I would not see her heart broken as well.

Her lip quivered. “But, daddy… I… I want to be held and… stuff.”

I looked around her room, where we both sat on the edge of the bed. It had never really changed. Stuffed animals covered her bed and the butterflies glittered down at me happily. I looked at Maddie. “Muffin, no. I will hold you and keep you company.”

Tears welled in her eyes and I hated myself, but I would not back down. She was mine. And I would not give her away. “D-daddy there are other… other things. I… I don’t really understand them but I… I want… I hurt sometimes.”

I disliked the thought of her suffering. I lay down on her bed and tucked her gently into my arms, spooning her close to me and kissing her cheek. ” Maddie, dearest… Daddy’s got you.”

She escort kızılay turned around in my arms, cuddling closer to my chest and burying her nose in my shirt. “Will you pet me daddy?”

“Sure, Muffin.” And I did. I stroked her long hair from her crown down her back in long, soothing strokes. I rubbed gentle circles on her shoulders and held her safely in my arms.

Maddie’s hand moved lower from where she held me. She stroked my side and nuzzled my chest. For a moment, I didn’t even realize quite what she was doing. She was so slow and steady. She moved her hand in matching circles to mine and stroked her way down my side. Down to my thigh…

“Muffin!” I grasped her hand, shocked, and met her innocent wide eyes. She froze when I grabbed her hand, staring at me.

“Did I do something wrong, Daddy?”

I held her hand for a while longer before deciding to let go and not draw attention to her actions. “No, princess. Come here. Cuddle with me some more.”

Had she meant to do what I thought? Or was it me who was interested in her and had misinterpreted? As I cradled little Maddie, I wasn’t sure. She had turned to a lovely young lady and I was possessive over her, it was true. I had always had fetishes and it had always made me question myself.

As I cradled Maddie, I decided that maybe it had just been a while since I found a playmate. I never dated after divorcing her mother, but I had needs, it was true. And I had more specific needs than most, but I had used discretion in finding partners for those desires and always treated them politely. There were a few playmates I could get hold of.

I decided to call one that night and have a date. That must have been it. I just needed to clear my head.

I cradled Maddie and watched a movie with her until she went to sleep and then I made my call. The girl was eager to play and home alone on a Friday night.

It was so easy to leave quietly and leave my lovely daughter to her night time dreams.

“Oh, daddy, yes. That feels so good. I’m sorry I was bad.”

Her name was Sylvie. She was smaller in stature and downright cute in her submission. She also had a mouthy streak that I found needed correcting every time we first met up with each other again. At the moment I pet her drenched little pussy after giving her paddling. “I can tell that feels good. You’re dripping, Muffin. Good girls don’t have such foul mouths. I should clean your mouth with soap, but you took your paddling quite well. Why don’t you wash your mouth with daddy’s cum instead and we’ll call it even?”

“Oh, yes, daddy! Thank you for teaching me, daddy.” I smiled while Sylvie knelt in front of me. She didn’t just start sucking my cock. She started slowly, worshiping it in her apology.

I groaned. “Oh, yes. That’s a good girl. Let my cock know how grateful you are too, sweet girl.”

“Oh, yes, daddy.” I threw my head back, gritting my teeth as my cock swelled in her mouth. I throbbed in need and part of me wanted to fuck her sweet little throat, but…

If I were honest with myself? I always held myself back in these little sessions. It was nothing against Sylvie at all, but it wasn’t her throat I wanted to use so viciously.

Sylvie nursed on my cock, sucking like an angel, and I thought of the real Muffin, the one I’d left at home, sleeping on the couch where she’d fallen asleep. These fantasies filled me with guilt but I couldn’t stop myself. She was a beautiful girl and she was vibrant with the life I had given her. It had always just been Maddie and I and our relationship was special. She looked to me for everything and I? I wanted to give her everything, even this.

I grabbed the back of Sylvie’s head, threading my hands in her hair, unable to take any more. I thrust myself into her mouth in a few short strokes and cursed when pleasure built in my cock and hot cum pumped into Sylvie’s mouth. She moaned in the back of her throat, the sound vibrating across my head as I continued thrusting with a gasp. I twitched in Sylvie’s mouth with the last few bursts of cum.

“Maddie,” I whispered, so low that Sylvie wouldn’t hear.

“Daddy, that was a lot of cum!”

I brought myself back to the moment and smiled down at her, pleasure infusing my features. “It was a lot of cum, wasn’t it, sweet girl? I’ve needed that for a long time. And now, you deserve a very big reward. Remember to watch your mouth, yes?”

“Oh, yes, daddy! Anything you say.”

God, she was good, little Sylvie. And she was a perfect playmate for me. She had no desire for a lasting relationship and every night we left on cordial terms that could easily be cut loose if we both decided to. And she played her part for a night at a time with ease. The only problem was I knew the real Sylvie too. She wasn’t nice at all. This was just the stress relief of a stone cold bitch who made too many decisions in her day to day life.

She wasn’t the one I truly desired.

When I got home, I meant to walk to bed with my toy bag and shower quickly so as escort kolej not to wake Maddie. But the light in my living room snapped on before I could disappear down the hallway to the bedrooms. Maddie rounded the corner, an odd look on her face, one I hadn’t really seen before and couldn’t place.

“You were gone, daddy,” she said softly.

I smiled. “I’m back, Muffin. It’s alright. It’s past bed time now. Let’s go to sleep, love.”

She didn’t move. She crossed her arms across her stomach. “You had a date, didn’t you?”

“Yes. I had a date. Muffin, don’t question.” I said it gently, an easy reminder. That was generally all it took.

“Fuck you.”

She walked past me down the hallway to our bedrooms and I was so stunned that it took me a moment to catch up to her and grab her wrist. “Excuse me, Maddison?”

She turned with anger in her eyes. “I didn’t fucking stutter.”

I couldn’t believe it. She was never like this, never outright disrespectful. I tightened my grip on her wrist in controlled anger. Instead of her room I yanked her into the closer bathroom and turned on the lights, forcing her inside.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Instead of answering I grabbed the bar soap from the counter and turned to her with it. She laughed. “You’re not serious right n-“

I cut her off by grabbing her jaw in a vice grip and forcing the soap bar between her teeth. Her eyes went wide in shock. I halfway expected her to spit it right back out in defiance, but it seemed that the shock won. She held the soap in her mouth.

I wasn’t satisfied. I placed her hands on the bathroom counter. “If you fight me or move, this will turn a lot worse and a lot more painful.” She nodded, her eyes wide with fear and her mouth stretched around the soap. I pulled her cute little pajama shorts down to her knees and braced my arm on her lower back, slapping my palm hard on her ass. She squealed around the soap, but she didn’t dare drop it. She held it clamped in her teeth.

I slapped her ass three more times, hard and quick, disciplined anger at her defiance.

The arousal was worse. It didn’t escape me how much this was like the fantasies I played out. How could it?

I slapped her ass twice more, turning it red and listening to Maddie whimper. Tears formed in her eyes in the bathroom mirror. Silently I spanked her harder, four more times.

She didn’t struggle at all when I undid my belt and folded it. She just jumped when it struck and her yelp turned louder. She shifted from foot to foot and snorted through her nose, sobbing now.

I slapped her twice more with the belt and it seemed to take an eternity. Despite my night, my cock raged with a hard on and I tried everything in my power to ignore it beneath my basketball shorts.

I set the belt down and grabbed Maddie’s jaw, forcing her to meet my eyes. Hers were wide. It was all I could do to not smile gently at the shock and reassure her that all was alright. “You are a lady. Those words do not belong in your mouth and they certainly do not belong in it while directed at me. Do you understand, Maddison Claire?” She nodded fervently and I grabbed the soap bar from between her teeth. Only then did she open her mouth and release. There were teeth marks in the soap where she’d held it in such fear. “Apologize for your disrespect. No, don’t look down. You know what you did. Look me in the eye when you own up to your mistakes.”

She had to force herself to meet my eye and her voice was almost inaudible with remorse. “I’m sorry I back talked and said such words and disrespected you, Daddy.”

I stared at her a moment longer before I allowed myself to smile. “It’s alright. I don’t know what came over you, but I don’t want to see it again, Muffin. Now, brush your teeth, there’s a good girl.”

She did it quietly, her eyes darting to mine in the mirror. They were still wide and dilated. With fear? I hoped not. I hadn’t wished to frighten her so badly.

She kept her head bowed while I tucked her in. And when she rolled over for bed, I had to scold her. “Now, Muffin. That’s not how you say goodnight to daddy. Don’t disrespect me after punishment.”

Immediately she turned and hugged me tight. She kissed my cheek near the corner of my lips. “Yes, daddy. Of course not. Sleep well, daddy.”

I chuckled and pat her head. “There’s a good girl. Let’s start off better tomorrow, yes?”

I woke in the night like I often did, in need of water. I didn’t know when the habit had started but it was almost a nightly ritual. In fact, it was almost relaxing anymore. I stood up from bed and walked down the hall, not bothering with the hallway light. In the dark I noticed something though. I had forgotten all about my toy bag after the incident with my rebellious daughter.

It was open.

There was a soft mouse like sound from the living room. I would have had to walk through there to get to my kitchen anyway, but now I turned on the light.

Maddie lay on the sofa, her legs spread wide and her shorts thrown to escort maltepe the ground. The sound was of her whimpers from where she fucked her tight little pussy open with the handle of my paddle. The words “daddy’s girl” shown on the side of the paddle as she pumped her cunt hard and fast. With her other hand she stroked her ass where I had spanked her.

When the lights came on her eyes snapped open and she met my gaze. “Daddy, I- Oh god!” The last was a shout and she shoved the paddle handle hard, arching to the ceiling in her orgasm at the mere site of me.

She quivered on the couch and stared at me at the end, terror in her eyes. “D-daddy. I- I can explain. Please don’t punish me. I’m sorry I went through your bag but I was curious. I didn’t mean… I didn’t-“

I cut her off. “I won’t punish you.” It was the only thing I could think of. And I wouldn’t punish her. God knows I wouldn’t do that. I wanted to encourage her. I wanted to see more of her. I wanted to tell her how much of a good little daddy’s girl she was to enjoy the punishment from her father’s hand. My cock was rock hard at the sight of her. I hadn’t alleviated anything after punishing her, instead just showering and falling to bed. It tormented me now with a vengeance. So I crossed a line. I told her a little bit of what I so badly wanted to.

“No, Muffin. I won’t punish you. It’s alright to feel such pleasure at having been disciplined. Your body knows you were bad and needed it. Of course I won’t punish you.”

“What do you mean, daddy?” She grabbed her shorts and put them on. I didn’t stop her, but I did walk to the couch to sit next to her. I picked up the paddle by the wide end, the unfucked end, studying the handle. She had made a mess over it.

I looked at her. “I mean that sometimes your body knows that your punishment was good for you. You know you were wrong to be so disrespectful to daddy, don’t you? You’re such a good girl for feeling pleasure at your punishment, Maddie.”

She smiled shyly. “I… I like that I’m a good girl.”

I smiled. “You should.” I held up the paddle, showing her all the cum on the handle. I wanted to hold it up to my nose and inhale, show her how much I would love her scent, show her how much I would love how wet she was after a punishment. I wanted to show her how wonderful of a girl she was by burying my nose between her slender thighs and taking nice deep breaths right by her clit. My fantasies ran rampant and my cock throbbed.

Instead, I let her see her own cum. “That’s for good girls, sweetheart.”

She bit her lip. “What if I wanted… more?”

I chuckled. “That’s not unusual. Many good girls require daily spankings to keep them happy. It’s alright, Muffin. Come. Would it reassure you to sleep by daddy tonight?”

She beamed and hugged me. “Oh, yes daddy. I’m nervous now. I’m sorry. I believe you, I promise. I would just like cuddles right now too.”

I lifted her easily into my arms. “Good girls can have anything they wish, my love. And you are a very good girl.” I left the paddle on the table, glistening with my daughter’s girl cum. “Muffin, have you been playing with yourself for a while now?”

She hid her face in my chest, but not before I could see the blush spread across her freckled face. “Not very long, daddy. A year or two. How come?”

“No questioning, Muffin,” I said gently. “And I just wondered if you had bled any while playing with yourself. Unusually bright blood.”

She lifted her face, her eyes wide. “Daddy, is there something wrong with me?” The look on her face was more terrified than when I’d spanked her.

I rubbed her back. “I take it that you did. And not at all. It’s perfectly normal. It just means that your body is physically, technically, not virginal anymore. Although, most people consider virginity actual sex with another person.” I kissed her forehead. “Did it hurt Muffin?”

I laid her in my bed and curled up beside her. She snuggled down against my side, laying her head on my shoulder. “Yes, daddy. It just felt… raw though. Everything sort of hurt. I didn’t pay much attention until I saw the blood actually. It felt so raw but there were other pleasures. It was strange.”

“I imagine it was. I just wondered. I’m sorry it caused you pain. Be careful, Muffin. That’s all I ask.”

“Of course, daddy.” For a long while she was silent. And then she whispered. “It tastes good. It tastes strange, but good. When I’m… when I’m a good girl I mean and my body likes it.”

Damn it. I closed my eyes and breathed evenly. “I imagine it does, Muffin. That’s because whenever you please yourself like you did tonight, you’re supposed to be a tidy girl and clean up after yourself. Your body will like it when you lick your toys clean.”

Jesus, the line was gone now, but I’d said the words so many times in my games and in fantasy that they felt so right. They flowed together when I spoke them.

“Oh! Oh daddy, I’m sorry. I’ll clean up now.”

Before I could stop her she unfurled herself and hopped out of bed, padding down the hallway. I tried to force myself to stay put, to wait for her. But I wasn’t content in just imagining her. I wanted to see it. Would she lick the paddle handle? The kitchen sink was just a room over if she so wished. I got up and followed her after a few seconds of a lost internal war.

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