Daddy’s Wife

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Big Tits

Weeks of watching, lights out every night, just sound. The sound of her fingers sloshing in that cunt. What was the point of putting in this hidden camera if she always has the lights off? Maddening when all I can think about is ramming my cock in her twat. So what she’s my stepmother. Awful cocktease, rubbing up against my dick when she sits on my lap, wiggles around, trying to get me to playfight and tickle her. That night she got all scared in the shower and came running out with just her towel on and jumped on my lap. Sitting there without my pants on, was getting ready for bed, cock just flopping around under the hem of my long tee shirt. Sweet soft pussy flesh just sucked at it through the thin fabric of the shirt. Felt her lips start spreading around my dick. All moist and warm from the shower. Feel her rubbing that little gooey twat over my knob, giving her hips a grind, then jumping up and running to her room, crying, like I’d hurt her. Afraid Dad will find out. Man plows her rotten every other weekend when he’s home. Does her in the dark, can’t get them on tape, just hear her moaning and squealing, skin slapping skin, wet slurping sounds as he drives his cock into her pussy. Envy him something awful. I want her.

Like clockwork, Dad comes home from business trips every Friday night, comes in late, usually stinking of booze and cheap perfume. Stumbles into their room, into the bed, hear them argue, all in the dark. Her crying, him grunting excuses, slapping noises, then they’re suddenly fucking. Dad’s not a gentle man, he likes to hurt her. Think she gets off on it, but I’m not sure. She always stays in bed all Saturday. Dad does her again that night, usually more violent. When he leaves Sunday morning, she comes out of the room finally, eyes all swollen and red. Sometimes there’s bruises. Always real nice to her, try to make her feel better. Says she feels safe with me around when Dad’s gone. Not sure what she means.

Dad called and said he’d be home Saturday instead of Friday. I took the call. Didn’t give her the message. Opportunity?

Late that Friday night, she was already in bed. Sniffling in there, could hear her from the hidden camera. Sitting here staring at that black screen that should have been my window, but cruelly was not. Heard the clock ring midnight, when Dad usually staggers through the door. Waited a few more minutes, then made my way down the hall to her room. Quietly went in, shut the door behind me quickly, then stripped off my clothes. As I approached the bed she spoke.

“Please don’t.” There was a note of desperation in her voice.

How many times had I heard her cry those words to my father? Still, I was unsure, did she know it was me? Felt around for the blankets and lifted them, climbing in beside her. She shrank away, trembling.

“Please, Gary.” She whispered, a catch in her throat.

Good, she still thought it was him. Reached over and slid my hand up and down her thigh, so soft and gentle. She was frozen, her body rigid. Gripped her leg and pulled her toward me, forcing my hand between her thighs. She gave, letting her body relax, afraid bostancı escort to fight. Limp as I ran the tips of my fingers up and down her slit, parting her labia slightly to dip my fingers in and gather moisture. She shivered and took a deep, slow breath in, holding it as I tried to finger her. She was dry.

“The Slippery Stuff is in the drawer.” She choked out.

Grunting in disgust, I worked myself between her thighs, keeping as much of my body off her as possible. She would notice the difference if she wasn’t so scared. Moved myself down until my face was even with her cunt. She jerked, trying to close her legs and reaching down to push me away.

“What are you doing, Gary?” Frightened, unsure.

Held her hands down gently, didn’t let go until she’d given up all resistance. Then began the exploration. Held her labia wide open, trying, in vain, to see it in the dark. Inhaled deeply that clean musk. Lowered my face, flickering my tongue up and down her twat, digging at her hole with the tip of my tongue. She was still shaking, but the muscles in her thighs were twitching, jerking her hips up involuntarily. Getting wet.

“Please.” Tears in her voice.

Steady lapping at her clit, rubbing her entrance persistently with the tips of my fingers, barely penetrating her. Wetness seeping out now, coating my fingers, my chin. Her moans growing louder and more abandoned. Sucked her clit hard then, and pulled away just as I felt her orgasm start. Quickly pulled myself up and guided my throbbing cock to her gaping labia, nudging her entrance with the head. She cried out in frustration, reaching out and getting handfuls of my hair, pulling me on top of her. My shaft sunk into her slowly. Her pussy was much tighter than I thought it would be, and it was heaven. Her vaginal walls squeezed in a rhythm I’d never felt with any of my other sex partners. Massaging, caressing my cock, all hot and slippery.

“Oh God!” She groaned, “Fuck me!”

She threw her hips up as I thrust hard down into her. She matched my every stroke with a violent upward jerk, grinding her clit into my pubic bone. I squirmed my hands under her ass and flipped us both over, her body coming to rest on top of mine. Her hands found my chest. which I’d carefully kept from coming in contact with her body, and she froze. After a moment, she cupped my breasts in her hands, feeling them curiously.

Grasped her hips and started pounding my swollen cock up into her pussy, knowing that if I gave her time to consider it, she’d put a stop to all this. She gasped and gave a sweet little cry of pleasure, this time her hands gripped my breasts possessively, and soon I felt her warm, wet mouth close around my nipple. It was too much, I hadn’t expected that. Knew I was about to explode. Wrapped my arms around her and flipped her onto her back again, sliding my hands up and cradling her head in my hands, my body fully resting on hers.

Her hands came up, fingers snaking through my hair, pulling my head down, pressing my lips to hers, her mouth open, her tongue filling my mouth, tasting herself on my tongue. As ümraniye escort bayan the kiss deepened, I bucked my hips, ramming my pubic bone against her clit. Again, she met me on every thrust, a strange noise coming from her throat, keening, wailing, as we worked toward climax. Couldn’t hold out anymore. Grunting with effort, the last few thrusts were almost violent, and as I felt my cock spasm inside her, I felt her vaginal muscles contract hard, crushing my dick wonderfully. She cried out as she came, but it was more primal, rougher, almost snarling. Groaning in her ear as my body slowly relaxed into hers, my cock softening and slipping out of her dripping, sticky tunnel.

She held on to me, her arms around my neck, catching her breath, the soft gust of air stirring the hair near my ear. Her head still cradled in my hands, pressing my lips to her neck, soft kisses. Her breathing acquired a slow, deep rhythm, her arms loosening, her legs slowly going limp on either side of me. Assuming she was asleep, I rolled off of her, trying not to disturb her.

“Please don’t go.” She whispered, her hand grasping my thigh.

I lay back down beside her, and she snuggled up close to me, draping her thigh over mine, her arm around my waist. Uncomfortable and nervous, I fidgeted a bit.

“You don’t want to stay?”

Couldn’t bring myself to answer. Once the hormones have been sated, things change. Just lay there with her, refusing to enjoy the feeling of her soft, feminine form cuddled so close.

“Your father never told me.” She tried again, her fingers making slow circles over my back.

“Should he have?”

She was silent for a few minutes. “Why do you hate me?”

“Hate you?” Surprised me.

“I didn’t expect you to love me right away… I know it’s hard to have a stepmother the same age as you. But you push me away all the time.”

“I don’t hate you.” After a pause, “Dad didn’t need to tell you, anyway. You found out that night you sat on my lap when you were all scared after your shower.”

“Honestly, I thought…” She tried to laugh, but it was a dry, raspy sound. “I thought it was a dildo or something. I thought I disturbed you while you were masturbating.”

“What the fuck is that reason to cry for?”

“I thought you’d hate me for barging in on you while you were doing something so intimate.”

I snickered. “And what about this? Barging in on you and raping you.”

She mulled this over for quite some time, then quietly, with conviction, “You didn’t rape me, Alicia. You would have stopped if I’d fought you.”

“You think so?” I sneered.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You’re right.” Grumbling, I reached for her hand and held it, twining our fingers.

“What… Can I…” She sighed, seeming frustrated.

Guided her hand between my legs and let go. Her feathery touch gliding over my cock, causing it to jump and begin to fill with blood. Her fingers searching lower, exploring the contours of my feminine parts.

“I’m confused. How can you have both?”

Shrug. “Look it up.”

“You didn’t come.”

“Did kartal escort so.”

“Ejaculate, then. You didn’t ejaculate.”

Shrug. “I can’t. You feel balls down there?” I sighed. “I’m sterile. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried.” She snapped, offended.

Long silence. Listening to her breathe, warm air across my face. The steady, slow thumping of her heart against my breasts. Her hand caressing my pussy gently.

“Dad will be home tomorrow night.” I offered.

“I tried to file for divorce.” She suddenly shifted, turning her back on me. “He won’t sign.”

“So? Leave him.”

“I’ve got nowhere to go.”

“Go to a shelter.”

She practically jumped out of bed. I flipped on the lamp beside the bed. She was tying her robe around her waist. “You are so fucking callous.”

I nodded. “What do you want me to say?”

“How about you luh- Oh fuck it.” She stomped toward the door and flung it open. “Get out.”

“Shut the door, Lindsay.” I told her softly.

She hung her head and slowly pushed the door, leaning her forehead against it as she turned the lock. “Your father’s been fucking me for two years now.”

“Uh huh.”

“I didn’t think you ever would.”


She threw up her hands as she turned toward me, exasperated. “You fucked me, Alicia. Just like him.”

“Did you really expect any different?”

“Yes!” She stomped her foot, her face scrunched into the cutest angry pout.

“Why?” I asked disdainfully.

“Because of the way you’ve always looked at me and fuck! You know, this is just stupid!”

“He won’t ever let you go.” I edged my legs over the side of the bed and started pulling on my jammy bottoms. “Psycho fuck. He’ll kill you first. What do you think happened to his last wife?”

Her jaw dropped. “And you’re all okay with this?”

Shrug. “Police didn’t believe me. Everything checked out all right with the autopsy. ‘Course, Daddy paid him off pretty good. Gotta love how Daddy can just buy anything, anyone. You’re bought and paid for, Lindsay. You can’t get away.”

Gaping at me. Mouth opening and closing. Face crumpled. Tears filling those brilliant blue eyes. Fascinating. Walked to her so slowly, held her face in my palms, kissing the hot droplets away as they fell. Staring at me, into me, confusion, hurt. So lost.

“Someone will kill him soon enough.” Seeking to console her, not understanding why this need was so strong.

“You’re crazy.” She whispered, eyes wide.

Nod. “Not just like Daddy, but hey, they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Her swallow was audible, hear the stickiness of her mouth gone dry as she tries to speak. “What’s the difference?”

“You don’t have to be afraid of me.” In all sincerity, in her eyes, still cupping her face gently. “I could never hurt you.”

The spark of hope, the melting. That tone of voice made her mine forever. “Why?”

“You know why.”

Step around her to open the door. Her hand closed over mine, stopping me. “Stay with me tonight.”


“Why?” Again, she is crushed.

Smiled at her, brushed away her last tear with my thumb. “Don’t wanna sleep in his bed. Come sleep in mine.”

“Why do you think someone will kill him?” She whispered as she again snuggled close to me, this time in my own bed.

“Is it not enough that I wish it to be?”

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