Dad’s Intentions Ch. 01: Revealed


It was a warm Monday afternoon. I didn’t have a lot of studying to do at university; I was just messing around in my room after a shower. I got hard and I decided to watch a porn movie on my laptop.

I was proud of my cock. I was a late developer and didn’t really have any sexual encounters until I left school. I only tried some stuff with male partners although I was considering myself as bisexual.

I stripped my clothes off and run my hands all over my body, rubbing it, feeling every inch of it. I sat on the couch, lifted my legs up and took my briefs off. My cock already hard bounced out of my underwear like a spring. I checked myself naked across the room into a big mirror. I started being proud of my body after high school. I was a scrawny kid, slim and most of them times I looked like I never ate all my food. But after high school my weight changed. Although I wasn’t going to the gym my body was toned and firm with no six pack though. My Mediterranean looks, green eyes, dark brown hair and dark skin helped me be a bit popular in university and I was taking advantage of it with most guys that were attracted to me.

I started rubbing my chest, playing with my nipples when I suddenly heard my dad from the stairs calling my name. I shouted back “yes I’m in my room”, while I was trying to reach my underwear and put it back on.

“Hey mate. How are you?” he asked as he opened the door of my room.

“Oh, sorry didn’t know you were almost naked,” and he turned around the other way.

“That’s alright. I just came out from the shower,” I lied reluctantly.

“Yeah I can see that mate…” he laughed and pointed out at my cock pocking out of my underwear.

“Sorry dad,” I said lowering my eyes.

“Don’t apologise. It happens.”

To my horror I realised I left the porn running so there were a few moans coming out of the lap top.

“I see you have been busy” he said when he grabbed the laptop. His gaze changed when he saw what I was watching; two men, dad and son fucking a woman and fucking with each other. I was mortified because I could see his eyes darkened.

“What is this? Is this what you’re into? What the hell Ian?” he yelped and couldn’t stop looking at the laptop.

“Dad, I can explain…” I exclaimed although I wasn’t sure what I would have said to make this any better.

“There’s nothing to explain son…ok. I understand,” he said and left the room.

I felt so bad and I was wondering what to do. It wasn’t long till I heard him stepping into the shower so I was pacing up and down the corridor thinking what to say and how to say it. I reached for the bathroom door and realised he left it open. I could see him from the mirror that he was…touching himself. Was I dreaming? My mouth was open when I saw him turn his body facing the door and seeing his massive manhood upright and hard. The water was cascading down his body and I was about to drool when he saw me looking through the small opening of the door.

I ran back to my room, trying to catch my breath when I heard him coming out from the shower. He opened my door with the towel around his waist and while I was about to say “I’m sorry” he grabbed my chin. I could feel his cock throbbing under the towel and it wasn’t long till he dropped it on the floor.

“Drop on your knees, now,” he commanded and I obliged. “Is this what you want, your dad’s dick?”

“Dad, I’m sorry but I can’t help it. Punish me if you want but it won’t stop me fantasizing about it,” I managed to say with all my might trying to swallow any saliva that was left in my dry mouth.

He stood there with his throbbing cock in front of me. I wanted to pounce on him and lick him like there’s no tomorrow. It was there; what I always wanted was there in front of me with a glistening drop of precum but I couldn’t do anything unless he told me. He came closer on purpose, teasing me.

“So… how about we re-enact what this dad was Beylikdüzü escort doing to his son while he was fucking his girlfriend…If you want it dirty I will give you dirty,” he said and he took the laptop and continued to watch the movie.

“Come closer,” he commanded while he sat on the couch. His cock was now touching his stomach. He was still wet, dripping with water.

“Turn around, bend over and spread your butt cheeks,” he said looking at me and my laptop at the same time.

“That nice brown hole needs something. What could it be?”

He spat his palm and let the thick saliva cover his cock. He started stroking it slowly.

“Does this turn you on?”

“Yes dad! It drives me crazy.”

“Drop on your knees,” he said with his deep stern voice.

My face was in front on his cock and I wanted to pounce like a tiger and take it all in but he had his own plans. He wanted to make me lust for him.

“Smell me…” he demanded and took my head and shoved it into his thick curly bush. The smell was incredible. I could smell pheromones, testosterone and soap all at once. His musky smell was sending shivers down my spine.

“Mmmm daddy smells good, isn’t he?” he asked but I could just nod because he was pressing my face onto his pubic area.

“Open your mouth. That will help you when you’re giving me a blowjob,” he said and spat into my mouth before inserting his cock in; an 8 inch tool with veins popping along its shaft and with a head slightly bigger than the main body with a deep red colour.

I could not believe it that I finally tasted his manhood. Most of my wank sessions when I was younger included serving my dad. Now it was happening.

He licked his middle finger and started rubbing my hole. I let a sigh and he asked me if I liked it. I said yes letting a groan slip out of my mouth. I was so horny and surprised at the same time.

He wanted to teach me a lesson he said. If I was to get fucked it should be from him.

“You want this?” he asked while his middle finger was penetrating my body.

I nodded without hesitation. He spanked my arse cheeks making them red raw.

“Have you been fucked before?”

“No, I’ve only played games with some friends”.

“Games? What kind of games?”

“Sucking and wanking off,” I replied hesitantly. I couldn’t believe I was talking about this stuff to my dad.

“I’m gonna fuck your pussy to show how it feels to be fucked by a real man,” he said.

He got up, turned me around and grabbed my hips bringing them closer to his cock. He was rubbing his cock in my butt crack breathing heavily.

“Mmmm. I’m gonna go in, boy,” he said and spat on my hole and then on his dick. I could feel the head penetrating my virgin hole. I wanted to scream.

My dad was another man. He was powerful, angry and sexually aroused at the same time. He was clenching his jaw making his features even more dark and angry. His big tool was now inside me pumping me so hard that I wanted him out of me. But no matter how painful it was I wasn’t letting him go.

My face was against the couch and he was behind me, fucking my hole in a rhythmic way like there’s no tomorrow. I was resisting and that was making him more determined. The sound of my arse cheeks slapping against his abdomen was echoing in the room.

He was sweating and groaning and that turned me on. He suddenly mellowed when I said “yes dad just like that. I’m yours,” I said clenching my teeth. The pain was now changing into lust. The friction between his cock and my guts was sending me into ecstasy.

His face expressions changed and he released his grip from my arse cheek and he almost pulled out when I said “please don’t stop.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to hurt you but I can’t resist your hole, Ian,” he said.

My hand grabbed his hairy arse and pushed him further inside me. He hands were now exploring my torso playing Beylikdüzü escort with my nipples while his thrust slowed down, his breathing was overwhelming. He was enjoying it as much as I did, rolling his head back and groaning like a raging bull. His chest hair was wet from his sweat. I could feel his balls banging against mine. He was all in.

“That’s my little slut boy, bring your ass towards my dick. Show me that you want it,” he said with his deep voice now all calm, commanding and sexual.

“Take daddy’s cock. All in. All yours. The sperm that created you is going inside you boy.”

His cock actually fitted my arse perfectly. Like lock and key. I could feel it pulsating inside me all warm and moist. His hands were wondering down my body. Exploring it and playing with my cock.

“That’s my boy,” he said. Mmmm look at that…a strong hard cock like daddy’s,” he said and he stared at my cock while he was fucking me.

“Mmm, fuck,” he moaned and he grabbed me between my legs his hand under my balls. He was then holding my hips thrusting me now gently and in a rhythmic motion towards his cock.

He knew what he was doing. I asked him if he’s done that before with men and he said yes. I wasn’t surprised.

“I fucked one of my colleagues because he was begging for it,” he proudly said.

“I loved it,” he said “nothing can be compared with a nice arse hole.”

“But yours is something else baby. It’s wet and sweet like a boy’s cunt should be.”

He’s been doing that since he was a teenager he explained as he wrapped his arms around me in a sweet embrace. He started experimenting with his twin brother wanking each other off and then with other boys. That sent shivers down my spine.

My dad was quite the naughty man after all. He was now kissing my neck gently; his moustache was tingling my skin. Our sweat was making our bodies stick to each other. He was now passionate about our sex session. I was his lover. He took my arm and wrapped it around his neck as he started nibbling my nipples. I was in heaven and I was moaning loudly.

“You like that baby, don’t you?”

I told him that if he continues I would soon cum and he said to let loose and enjoy it. He has been pounding my arse for the last 45 minutes. He whispered, with his deep voice that he can go on for hours without ejaculating.

‘It’s time for you to get a taste of daddy’s sex skills…” he said in my ear and bit my ear lobe.

“I don’t mind that at all. Savage my hole. Rape it and make it yours!” I exclaimed.

“You shouldn’t have said that, boy,” he said.

He grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. He lifted me up like a piece of wood and put me in all fours. His cock went in with no struggle. He grabbed the back of my neck and put my head down while he was holding my hip, fucking my hole which was now stretched to accommodate his hard tool. After 3-4 thrusts he turned me onto my back.

“I’m going in deep boy. Look at that hole. It belongs to daddy now. Did you imagine your daddy like that baby?”

I replied “No!”And I really didn’t. He was 55 years old but he had an amazing body, naturally muscled with a 6-pack to be jealous of and great muscled hairy arms and legs. Although he had a hairy torso, his back was lean without any sign of fur. I was now exploring his chest, pinching his constantly hard nipples making him moan. Those nipples I was gazing as a young boy and I wanted to play with. They were now my toy so I took advantage of it by noshing on those nipples eager like a baby when they breastfeed.

He was generally a calm person but he had his moments of anger. My mum and I always said he was angry because of his job. Tall but skinny his body looked amazing only in swimming gear in the summer. Otherwise his wardrobe consisted of shirts and pants a size bigger than the size he actually was. Although one of my friends once called him a silver fox, with his thinning Escort Beylikdüzü grey hair and his bald patch you would think he’s just a next door neighbour not a commanding police officer. Sometimes strict looking up from his glasses when I’ve done something wrong but I couldn’t never imagine the man that I saw today.

He was savaging my hole. He placed my legs up on his shoulders fucking me like a slut. He was kissing my legs while sliding his cock in and out then he leaned over and hugged me.

“That’s my boy,” he paused and leaned back to check his dick going in my hole.

“Give yourself to daddy,” and he kissed me.

“I’m all yours dad,” I exhaled when he would thrust his cock inside me.

His moustache was scratching my face but I didn’t mind it. I loved the feeling of his lips and moustache on my neck and body. He was kissing my whole body while his rod was penetrating me. That man that I always dreamed of he was now fucking me.

“I love you dad,” I said and it took him by surprise because I realised at that moment that I never told him that word before.

“I love you too son,” he smiled and lifted me in the air.

“That’s it. Let daddy take control baby.”

He was fucking me hard, taking control of my arse cheeks, his throbbing cock in and out of my poor hole. Our sweaty foreheads were touching, looking at each other, kissing, panting and moaning. I screamed “don’t stop” because I could feel his hot poke massaging my prostate. My orgasm was fast approaching.

“I’m gonna cum dad,” I yelled.

“Yes my son. Let it go. Let it drench my body. I want to feel my boy’s warm cum,” he said.

I must have cum loads. My semen was mixing with his sweaty torso while he was still fucking me.

“That’s my little boy. That’s it. Give it to daddy,” he said and smiled while I was still trying to catch my breath.

“Daddy is gonna cum too. Inside my boy’s wet cunt,” he said and I felt a rush of hot juicy semen being pumped inside me. I could have screamed from joy when he placed me down his pearly white juice of life oozing out of my hole.

“Get on your knees boy,” he said; “Suck that dick and taste your arse.”

I eagerly took it in my mouth and started sucking like never before. I could see the throbbing veins on his cock which was red raw from fucking me. My lips were enveloping his cock; kissing it, caressing it.

He wasn’t going to finish with one ejaculation. His hot rod was still hard as stone. It was beautiful. I had it in me!

He lied onto the bed and was now stroking his cock hard because he wanted to show me his talent. He wanted to cum for the second time there and then. He told me to put my head onto his stomach and be ready.

“Play with my balls baby boy,” he said and before I knew it his cum was like a waterfall exploding everywhere. It went onto the sheets, the floor and my face with unimaginable power.

His groan was incredible like a lion, tensing all his muscles. His toes curled and his hand gripped my hair. It made me proud for serving him and pleasuring him that much. I had his cum in my mouth when he kissed me. I did not imagine that my dad was so horny.

I always imagine him having sex with my mum in a missionary position, not really experimenting but that was something else. Today I found out more about my dad than ever before and I was pleasantly satisfied.

“Does daddy’s cum taste nice?” he asked and I nodded with pleasure.

“I knew you’re going to like it son.”

We were both lying in bed trying to catch our breath. He took me into his arms and he said that this was probably the best sex he had for years and that made me smile. He kissed me passionately, his tongue reaching for the far depths of my mouth. I was eager to return the favour. He tasted of cum, sex, sweat and cigarette. I couldn’t stop kissing him when he said that we could try again in a few minutes if I wanted to. I looked at him with surprise and he laughed.

“Dad’s balls are still heavy son. They need emptying and who is better than my little boy to do it? Now that I have that amazing bum and mouth of yours, I can rely on you.”

I looked into his eyes and I couldn’t agree more.

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