Daughter with Step-father


Stacey watched her step-father who sat on the rear seat of their small holiday boat. His hand rested on the steering handle of the outboard motor to guide them into the bay. It was nice to be alone with Dominic for a change, a person she sometimes called Daddy because she had lived with him and Mum for most of her life. At age 18, Stacey wondered if she would eventually marry someone as handsome as Dominic. His craggy face and spider-lines either side of his dark eyes made him look slightly wild. Women were always eyeing him up.

Mum had organised the late summer holiday in the West Country of England. The group included other members of the family – mum’s brother and her husband and their two children age 12 and 14. It was only Dominic and Stacey who wanted to go by boat to a lonely beach and see if they could find the hillside cafe recommended by one of her college friends.

They had entered the bay in the boat and Stacey turned to look at where they were heading – a deserted beach about 500 yards away. They weren’t planning to swim so they were dressed in casual walking clothes which, in Stacey’s case, was a loose shirt, a short skirt and plimsolls. She figured it was best to look good when they got to the cafe. She liked to look good. The boys at the school from which she’d just graduated thought she was a stunner. Many of the kids in her year admired Stacey for her bubbling personality, 5’4″ tall, fair wavy hair, average-size boobs and shapely legs.

At that moment she spied a shoal of fish on her right. She got to the side of the boat but, in her excitement, she stood unsteadily to watch the fish as they swam under the boat but, in so doing, rocked the boat. Impulsively, Dominic reached to save Stacey but caught the steering handle with his hip and the boat veered sharply to the left to make him lose his balance. The boat capsized and turned over, the engine cut out automatically and the 2 occupants were thrown into the sea.

Stacey’s life jacket kept her afloat and she started to swim towards the beach which seemed a long way off. Dominic grabbed her hand and shouted, “The tide is taking us out. Follow me.”

Stacey realised that she would struggle to get to shore and saw her daddy’s plan – to swim hard for the only large sailing boat moored in the bay which they had passed a minute ago. Gulping some water, she did her best to keep up with him. Every now and then, Dominic would come around and push her quicker. “We have to get to that yacht,” he yelled.

They just made it but Stacey was too exhausted to clamber up the side of the boat without Dominic pulling her out of the water and over the side-rail and onto the deck. Stacey retched some of the sea she’d drunk and couldn’t get up. She started to shiver, the breeze felt cold. Her father forced open the hatch door to the cabin, picked up Stacey and carried her down the steps. He told her to sit at the table. She watched him find an unopened bottle of water and passed it to her and she drank greedily.

She wanted to know, “How did you figure the tide is going out?” Her wet clothing clung to her skin, even her underwear was cold and it wasn’t made easier by her long blond hair which stuck to her exposed neck.

“The way this yacht is positioned with its anchor line towards the beach, the tide pushing it away from the shore. A strong current too. And us swimming against the tide … swept out to sea.” He looked around the inside of the boat. Then checked his mobile. “There’s no signal.” He paused. “This is the plan,” he said. “It’s going to take 6 hours for the tide to turn and then we’ll swim for the shore and get a signal. To keep warm, though, we need to take off our clothes and get under the duvet in the forward cabin.” As he walked to the front, he called back, “Come on, Stacey. Follow me.”

She was getting colder from her wet clothes. Stacey wondered whether she could keep on her bra and panties. “All my clothes?”

She stood still as Dominic tore off his wet shirt and unbuckled his chinos. She glanced at his white underpants and realised they were as wet as hers. His bulge was clear as the material stuck to his groin, prominent, almost a swelling, she thought, which left no room for doubt of the shape of his relaxed cock. He came over and hugged her. “The quickest way to get warm is to strip, like me.” In one movement he dropped his underpants and turned to get under the duvet.

She looked at him. His buttocks were firm, the ripple of muscles across his back and the strength of his legs were all noted by Stacey. For a couple of seconds, Stacey glimpsed his bare cock but immediately dispelled the image from her brain. The cabin felt cold. She undid her shirt, her stiff fingers made it harder. While pushing down her wet skirt, she said, “Don’t look.”

“It’s cold. Who cares what you look like? Get your ass into bed and we can warm each other up.”

With her hands on her hips, she said, “Daddy … shut your eyes.” He did and Stacey quickly tore off her bra and panties. “I saw you open an eye.” She giggled with relief that she’d made it into bed without showing too Avrupalı porno much. The cold feel of the duvet cover sent her into a spasm of shivering. Dominic put his arm around her and let her curl up while he spooned her from behind. Soon, the warmth from her step-father enabled her to relax and she turned onto her back. “This is strange,” she murmured.

“Strange? Because we’re both naked in bed?”

“Yes.” Stacey turned to look into his eyes. “And also …” She felt embarrassed. “And also, because I haven’t seen you totally naked before.”

“And I haven’t seen you bare since you were a little child.” He let his arm move across her hip and kept his body in contact with her.

Stacey liked the warmth emanating from Daddy. She said, “So, did you look when I got into bed.”

“Yes. You’re beautiful.”

“You haven’t told me that for ages.” She liked the compliment. After a minute, she said, “Are you happy?”

“Mostly happy. You can’t get everything you want. I’m lucky to have you.” He paused. “And your mother.” Dominic squeezed his step-daughter.

Stacey said, “Can I ask a cheeky question?” He didn’t reply so she continued, “Do you have good sex with Mum?”

“Could be better.” He used his hand to brush away some strands of her damp hair. “Sometimes, when the sex isn’t as often as I’d like I think of a fantasy.”

Stacey relaxed all her muscles. She loved the intimate chat with her daddy. “A fantasy? What exactly?”

“Won’t tell you, Stacey. Too much information.”

“Is the fantasy embarrassing?”

Dominic breathed out. “Yes. It’s not something you share with a daughter.”

“Give me a clue. I won’t judge you. I won’t be shocked.”

Her step-father appeared to consider his reply. “It’s taboo.”

She felt her face colouring. Taboo might mean incest? she thought. “I think it’s more than taboo, Daddy. I’m grown up to understand.” She reached for his arm and stroked it.


“Yes, what?”

‘He whispered, ‘It could be incest.”

Still on her back, she edged her body to get more comfortable. Her right hip was now in contact with his groin as Dominic faced her and the rest of her right side touched him. His arm draped over her waist. “Your fantasies,” she whispered, “revolve round incest.” It wasn’t a question. She held her breath and looked into his eyes.

“Would you be angry if I told you my thoughts are always about you?” There was a moment’s silence.

“Wow. That could be very taboo. Even incest.” Images raced through her mind and nothing was said for a minute. Physically, she had the impression that his soft cock which rested close to her had moved and got bigger but she couldn’t be sure. “I shouldn’t ask any more questions. It’s really between you and Mum.” She wondered if she was being too hard on him.

“You’re right, I guess. But any thoughts like this … about you … send my body into its own reaction. In other words, I can’t control how my body reacts. Sorry.”

Your groin reacts?”

“Yes. And if I don’t do something my groin aches.”

She guessed this would be hand relief. With a smile she said, “I thought grown men don’t do that anymore.”

“Most men do it. They play with themselves to relieve the pressure.”

The stirring from Dominic’s groin had her imagining his cock getting bigger. “I understand, Daddy. I’ll give you a bit of space to get rid of your itch.” Stacey slid out of bed and walked into the day-cabin. It felt so cold, to be expected, she thought, as the boat wasn’t heated inside and had probably been at anchor for ages. The images of her father wanking himself ran across her mind. She went back to the bedroom and stood naked with her arms down. “Will it help you if I stood here while you do yourself … you know … give yourself relief?”

“You’re getting cold, Stacey. Come back here.” His voice was gentle but had his usual authority. She wanted to obey.

She asked, “Have you finished your play?”

He chuckled. “No. I can’t do it.”

“Why?” She crawled back under the duvet and snuggled up to her step-father to get warm. On his back, she somehow thought he looked vulnerable having to explain how he was feeling. He put his left arm around her shoulder and drew her in while she faced him. Her face rested on his chest. “Why can’t you do it?”

“Embarrassment.” He caressed her shoulders. “You could do it for me.”

“Eh oh.” She raised her head to look at his eyes. “I couldn’t do that, Daddy.” She pushed her lower lip between her teeth. “You’re not angry with me, are you?”

“Of course not, darling. It’s my problem.”

As she lowered her head down again onto his chest she said, “Mum would be horrified if I helped you.”

“You recently dumped your boyfriend?”

She nodded. “He was hopeless.” She asked, “Are you aroused?”

“No. But my balls ache.” He laughed and pulled back the duvet, just enough to show the beginning of his pubic hair. His cock was still hidden.

“Oh my God.” She raised her head to look down his stomach, past his navel to the dark Video porno hairs which were the start of his groin. “I’ve never seen you, Daddy.” She ignored the glimpse she’d had when he first got under the duvet.

“I want you to see me. It’s no different to anyone else.” He stroked her back. “Push the duvet down.”

With a thumping heart, she edged the duvet away, her hand close to his cock to reveal more and more until everything was visible. Without thinking, she sat up, her duvet covering fell away as her concentration zeroed in on his cock. “Fuck, Daddy! You’re … longer than … oh God.”

“Does it frighten you?”

“No. I mean … it’s beautiful.” She chewed her lip. As she leaned closer it was awesome to see his balls, bigger than she might have guessed, nestled just behind his relaxed cock. It moved slightly.

He murmured, “It’s going to grow if you keep looking at it.”

To take her eyes off his cock was impossible because it moved a bit more. “Can I watch it?”

“Providing you don’t move your body.”

Suddenly she was aware of her own nakedness. Looking down her own body confirmed her well-formed breasts were on show, her large round areolas and stiff nipples on full display to her step-father. Automatically, she brought her hand up to cover them but daddy gently held her wrist and covered her hand with his as he moved his thumb along the darker part of her breast. By spreading her fingers, it let him caress her breast between her knuckles and she found herself fencing with his fingers, meshing with his larger hand as they caressed her body together. The look on his face almost stopped her heart. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too.”

“I mustn’t do any more, Daddy.”

“Take a look at my cock.” His voice resonated into her brain as if it were a command.

She turned to look. It continued to grow. “Wow,” she said. “Just watching you is sexy. I’m only 18 and I don’t have much experience.”

“I’ll teach you. Give me your hand.”

“Well … I shouldn’t touch you down there.”

“You don’t have to touch me, Stacey. You could just look at my cock … watch me while I play.”

Stomach butterflies flew round her and caused Stacey some embarrassment. “I guess there’s no harm in that.”

“You see how it’s still part-soft.” His right hand came in contact and he held his cock in the palm of his hand. He said, “Blow on it and it’ll start to grow.”

“Even in its semi-erect state, it’s bigger than any other cock I’ve seen.” She moved her head closer and softly blew, rather like blowing candles out on a birthday cake. She squealed, “Oh wow. It’s moving again.”

“You see how my thumb strokes over the head. Soon it will become moist. Put your finger on top of my thumb.”

“I shouldn’t feel you. I suppose my finger on your thumb is okay.”

“You see the moisture now. Bring your finger alongside my thumb and tell me whether it’s the same slipperiness as your pussy.”

Stacey moved her finger off Dominic’s thumb and came into contact with his cock head. “Yes,” she whispered. “It’s slimy and slippery and feels like my pussy when I rub myself.”

“Bring your thumb alongside your finger and use your thumb like I was doing.”

By doing a pinching movement with her finger and thumb she held and stroked across the damp head of his cock. “I promised I wouldn’t touch and here I am feeling your juice. Don’t tell anyone I’m doing this.”

Dominic squeezed her back with his spare left hand. Then with his other hand, he said, “See how my fingers use the precum to bring the liquid down my shaft, like this, a twist.” He showed her. “Now you do the same and follow my fingers down.”

“I’m not sure, Daddy.”

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? By following my actions, it becomes even more beautiful. And we get to do something together, only us.”

“Just once is okay.” She did her best to copy Dominic’s previous action.

“You’re running out of moisture, so come up to the tip and get enough juice between your fingers and thumb. That’s it. Now twist down as I did a minute ago.”

“Your cock seems to have thickened, got fatter.”

“Yes. That’s what happens to me.” He paused. “I’ll place my hand over yours … like so. Now you bring your juiced hand and mine down to the bottom of my shaft. And up again. That’s it. Well done, Stacey. Want to lick your fingers?”

They were sticky. She licked. “It’s slightly salty. Nice.”

“Give me your hand again.” He guided it down to his cock. “Together we’ll twist the head, my hand over yours, and then we use the precum to wet the shaft.”

It felt erotic for Stacey to have both their hands doing him. With her right hand still clasped by his right hand, she murmured, “You’re more wet this time, Daddy.”

“Now bring your wet hand down and cover my balls … I’ll guide you.” Dominic placed his hand over hers and drew them over his sacks of seed.

“I’m glad you’re holding my hand, Daddy. I’m stretching over, though, to cover your balls.” She giggled. “My wrist and arm are brushing against your cock now and picking up some of your juice, it’s slippery but nice.”

“Use your left hand, Stacey, to hold my cock head to give you balance.” It was true, thought Stacey, that she was a little off-balance.

“It’s not right to do any more,” she whispered.

“I know. But as we slide down my balls together … like this … it throws you off-balance. So, you need to hold onto my cock for a minute till we get you upright again.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m doing this. But only for a minute. Promise you’ll never tell mum.”

“Mum will love that you helped me, Stacey darling. Am I still leaking from my cock head?”

“Yes.” She held his cock in her small left hand and eased her thumb over the head in the same way as earlier. “Daddy … you’re wet. What will happen now?”

“While we hold and caress my balls with our right hands, bring your other hand over my cock head and down the shaft, as we did together the first time.”

“Is this masturbation? I’ve never done this before to a guy.”

“Do you masturbate, Stacey?”

“Sometimes but it’s different to this.”

“Are you moist between your legs now?”

“I think so, yes. Not as much as you probably.” She felt her face was awfully close to his cock. The act of leaning over his stomach to stretch her right hand down to his balls held by her step-father’s hand had stretched her body to lie across and facing downwards.

“Stacey. I’m going to check to see how damp you are.” He slid his hand over from her waist to her bum and gently parted the cheeks of her bottom.

“There’s nothing much for you to see,” she said as his left hand glided down her bum crack to the beginning of her pussy. Her heart missed a beat. “You shouldn’t touch because you’re my step-daddy.”

“Just checking to see if everything is normal. Yes, there is small dampness. Slide down my stomach a bit nearer to my cock and bring your right leg over my face to rest on my other side.”

She didn’t move her legs because that would have meant spreading them. She inched down his chest. “My nipples are scraping along your abs. Is that okay? And now I’m almost on top of your cock, Daddy.”

“Don’t worry about that. You and I will play with my balls and you can gently caress my shaft with your other hand. Your legs, though, are still together and I need to check if you’re a normal girl. Remember what I said about your right leg?”

“To swing it out to rest on the other side of you?”

“Yes. I’ll help you by holding onto your knee.” She felt her leg was moved across his chest and rested next to his right shoulder.

“Oh Daddy. The sight of my bum can’t be a good thing to look at, can it?”

“I love you Stacey so your whole body is adorable to me. I’m just going to open up the lips protecting your pussy.”

She felt the fingers of his spare hand separate her lips and, instinctively, Stacey spread her legs wider. She couldn’t help the shake in her voice. “Please, Daddy.” Was she saying ‘stop it’, she wondered, or something else?

“Your pussy is lovely. When I gently pull your lips apart, there’s a little dribble of liquid. Spread your legs more.”

“I feel faint.” She rested her head on his groin an inch from his cock. It seemed easy to push her legs more apart as suggested.

“As I widen your pussy your smell is sexy. I’m going to insert my finger a little way … there … lovely and wet. Now I’m going to taste you.”

“Am I normal, a normal daughter?”

“Yes. You taste like honey. Can I ask you a very personal question?”

She nodded and spoke into his pubic hair. “Yes.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“Yes.” Although their right hands were still together caressing his balls, she had stopped playing with his shaft with her left hand but now recommenced. “I want to learn, Daddy. From a real man.”

“Well you’re learning fast because you’re doing a great job helping to masturbate me.”

“But I mustn’t carry on otherwise you’ll come. And that will be incest?”

“Whatever name you give it, it’s father and daughter helping each other. If you’re normal, you’ll experience sensations as I stroke my thumb along your swollen lips, like this.”

Her hips bucked. “Yes, oh yes.” Her hand rubbing Dominic’s cock began to speed up. “I don’t know how to do this, Daddy. I want to do you properly.”

“Have you ever sucked a boyfriend?”

“He wanted me to but I jerked him off in his pants. And another time, with his thing out … I flicked him in the dark so he sort of came I think.”

“I’m going to suck you, Stacey, which means you can come into my mouth.”

“Oh.” Her body shivered with anticipation. “But my bum will be in your face and eyes. Is that good for you?”

“It means I’ll be very close to you, smelling and tasting you. It’s the way lovers get to know each other intimately. And you can suck me.”

“Yes.” She felt unsure, inexperienced, afraid.

“Start by licking my cock head. Good. Now open your lips and let my cock into your mouth.”

She did that even though his cock felt big. And whatever he was doing to her pussy was rapidly taking her near an orgasm. She paused for breath. “Daddy, I … you’re doing me like … it’s better than … than me when I do myself.” She moaned. “I don’t know what I’m saying.”

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