Defeating Sensorax

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This story is 100% fictional. All characters in the story are 18+ years of age.


The super-villain Sensorax had been terrorizing Starlight City for three days straight. Nobody knew what to do, not even the town’s most powerful superhero, Dectora. Every time she tried to capture him, Sensorax used his incredibly heightened sensory perception to escape. Any trap Dectora set was instantly discovered by Sensorax’s ability to hear, see, smell, taste, and feel his surroundings with incalculable detail, almost as if he possessed some form of precognition. The mischievous monster had put the entire city on high alert, and Dectora needed to find a solution quickly before Sensorax’s behavior consumed everything in sight.


“Please list all known abilities pertaining to Sensorax,” Dectora asked her deep-learning computer.

“Again?” the computer responded sarcastically.

“Computer, please lower Humor Quotient down to 0%.”

“Are you sure?” asked the computer. “You’ve always said a little laughter goes a long way.”

“Now’s not the time. Drop Humor Quotient to zero immediately.”

The computer complied. “Yes, Dectora.”

“Known abilities include, but are not limited to, heightened senses caused by last year’s spill at the nuclear power plant. Sensorax, formerly known as Edgar Shaw, left behind no family or pets. His lack of personal relationships has created an insatiable craving for sensory stimulation, compelling him to consume everything around him.”

“We need to find his weakness…” Dectora pondered. “Computer, please access Edgar Shaw’s complete Internet history.”

“Yes, Dectora.”

Seconds later, thousands of website addresses flooded the screen in front of her.

“Please filter results to only show websites containing mature content.”

“Yes, Dectora.”

The list whittled yet still displayed thousands of results.

“Computer, please bracket websites by category, then sort by volume.”

“Yes, Dectora.”

The screen quickly bracketed each website into one of eighty-nine categories. One of these categories contained more than half of all the listed websites. The category read: “Foot Fetish/Sock Worship”

“Very interesting…” Detector whispered out loud. “Computer, please produce sensory profile for Edgar Shaw, including dietary preferences.”

“Yes, Dectora.”

Again, the screen flooded with thousands of results.

“Please filter using previous modifiers.”

“Yes, Dectora.”

The most populated category regarding Edgar Shaw’s dietary preferences read: “Sweets”

Dectora stared at the screen for more than a minute.

“Computer, please list all available sedatives and anesthetics.”

“Yes, Dectora.”

Another list flooded the screen.

“Please casino siteleri filter list to show any sedatives or anesthetics that taste or smell sweet.”

“Yes Dectora.”

In less than a second, just one result remained – Chloroform. The Computer began to dictate:

“Chloroform, or trichloromethane, is an organic compound with formula CHCl3. It is a colorless, sweet-smelling, dense liquid that is produced on a large scale as a precursor to PTFE. It is also a precursor to various refrigerants. It is one of the four chloromethanes and a trihalomethane…

In industry, chloroform is produced by heating a mixture of chlorine and either chloromethane or methane.[4] At 400-500 °C, a free radical halogenation occurs, converting these precursors to progressively more chlorinated compounds…

The anesthetic qualities of chloroform were first described in 1842 in a thesis by Dr Robert Mortimer Glover which won the Harveian Medal for that year. Glover also undertook practical experiments on dogs to prove his theories. Glover further refined his theories and presented them in the thesis for his doctorate at Edinburgh University in the summer of 1847. James Y. Simpson was one of the persons required to read the thesis. Simpson later claimed to have never read the thesis and to have come to his conclusions independently.

On 4 November 1847, the Scottish obstetrician James Young Simpson first used the anesthetic qualities of chloroform on a pair of humans—two guests at his dinner party. This was done as an entertainment and not as a medical procedure.

A few days later, during the course of a dental procedure in Edinburgh, Francis Brodie Imlach became the first person to use chloroform on a patient in a clinical context…”

“Thank you, Computer,” Dectora interrupted. “That information will be sufficient.”

“Yes, Dectora.”

As the superhero walked to her lab, a giant grin spread across her face. “I got you now, you son of a bitch…”


“Mine! Mine! Mine!” Sensorax snarled as he ransacked the city. “Everything to ME!!”

“Back off!” Dectora warned from a distance.

“Oh, no worries…” Sensorax drooled. “I heard you coming from a mile away. No threat to Sensorax. Not now. Not ever…” he trailed off, annihilating anything in his path.

“I mean it!” she yelled, stomping her foot on the ground. “Leave this town alone!”

A faint aroma caught Sensorax’s attention. “Oh…” he smiled. “Perhaps you have a treat for me???”

Sensorax hastily crawled toward Dectora and immediately clawed away her leather boots.

“What are you doing???” she squirmed, as Sensorax ripped the boots off her feet until only her socks remained.

“Oh, shush,” Sensorax slurped. “I’m just going to help myself to some of your sweets…” he gurgled, canlı casino deeply inhaling the scent from Dectora’s socks. “Ah yes…nothing quite like the sweet, sweaty stink of crime fighting feet! HA!” he smiled, taking another deep, heavy breath.

“No! Stop! Get off me!!” Dectora yelled as Sensorax’s gargantuan claws tightly held her ankles.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” he replied. “Let me have my fill. Then I will eat you like the rest…” he huffed, enjoying the sweet, wispy vapors. “Mmmmmmm…”

Dectora meekly resisted. “Stop!” she pleaded, as she carefully watched the monster’s eyes.

“Tsk, tsk…tzzzzssskkkk…” he repeated, his head now wobbling ever so slightly.

“Please…no…” Dectora smiled, now clamping her chloroform-soaked socks against the mouth and nostrils of her enemy.

“Wuttt…whazzz izzz…happening…?” Sensorax drooled.

“Oh no! You’re overpowering me! I can’t stop you…from enjoying my sweet smelling feet! No!!” she screamed, pretending to be in danger.

“Oh yesssssss…” Sensorax drowsily remembered, taking another breath. “Yesssssss…yhoor priddy…tasssteeee…” he continued to drone as his eyes wandered side to side. “…tasssteeeee…swheeeet…smehhhhhlin…fheeeeeeeet…”

“That’s it,” Dectora thought to herself. “Just a little bit more…”

Sensorax burrowed his nose deeper and deeper between Dectora’s soles, unable to resist the wonderful smell of her sweet smelling socks.

“Hnnnggggggg…” he sleepily exhaled. “…sooooo sweeeeet…hnnngggggg…soooooo tassssteeeee…hhhhnggggg…all mine…” he drowsily mumbled.

“Yes…” Dectora smiled, pressing her drugged socks even tighter against the monster’s airways. “All yours…”


“Nighty, night sweetie,” Dectora smiled, taunting her unconscious foe.


The sound of heavy, metallic chains clanked about as Sensorax slowly regained consciousness.

“Whuh…what happened…” he mumbled, trying to make sense of his surroundings.

“Looks like I captured you,” Dectora smiled, sitting on a nearby ledge.

“But…but how???”

“Let’s just say I gave you a little too much of a good thing,” she grinned.

Sensorax thrashed within his chains. “LET ME GO!!”

“I don’t think so, sweetie. You’ve caused more than enough damage for…well for the rest of your life. So welcome to your new home!”

Sensorax looked around and realized he was chained to the outside of a twenty-four hour gym.

“What is this???” he roared.

“Well, this is insurance,” Dectora replied.

“Insurance?” he questioned. “Insurance against what?”

“Your naughty behavior, silly. You see, our city made a deal with the members of this gym. We will pay their kaçak casino monthly memberships, forever, as long as they agree to keep you in check,” she explained.

“Them keep SENSORAX in check??? HAHAHAHA!!” he laughed with disdain.

“That’s right,” Dectora smiled, biting into an apple.

“And how on Earth would these mortals keep a GOD like me in check?”

“Well, you have a mighty strong sense of smell and—”

“The BEST!” Sensorax interrupted.

“Sure,” she smiled, taking another bite from her apple. “The BEST!”

“But one thing you overlooked is how too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a bad thing…”

Sensorax was no longer amused and decided it was time to break free.

“GET THESE CHAINS OFF ME!!” he screeched.

Dectora snapped her fingers. Ten sweaty women from inside the gym sprinted outside and circled the villain. Without being told, each female promptly removed their shoes and socks.

Sensorax immediately scrunched his nose.


“I bet,” Dectora smiled. “And every time you make a fuss, these gals are going to come out here and gave you a dose of their medicine until you calm yourself down. Do you understand?”

“NEVER!!” he bellowed, once again thrashing within his shackles.

“Fair enough. Ladies, take him down.”

The group of sweaty athletic females aggressively inched their moist, fuming soles closer and closer toward Sensorax.

“No!! Stop!!” he begged. “The smell…it’s too much!!”

“Yeah, well duh,” Dectora chuckled. “I planned this out very carefully. Can’t have you back out there destroying any more cities.”

The women continued moving closer and closer until their wet, sweaty soles overlapped on top of Sensorax’s nose and mouth.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnhhooo!!” he fought. “NNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!”

“There, there…” Dectora watched from a distance. “Just allow your senses to breathe it in. At first you’ll feel dizzy. And then, well, you’ll feel a little bit dizzier. But after a minute or so, the fumes will knock you out and all the towns in all the lands will be safe from your destructive carnage!”

“Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! Stttttpppppp!!” he pleaded, as the world around him started to spin.

“I told you,” Dectora lectured while eating the last of her apple. “Crime simply doesn’t pay.”

“nnnnnnnnnnggggg…” Sensorax moaned, unable to stay conscious against the toxic fumes that invaded his lungs.

“Don’t fight it,” Dectora smiled.


Sensorax’s eyes fluttered.

“hnnggg…nnnnggggg.ggggggnnnn…hhnnnzzzz…zzzzzz…zzzzz…zzzz…zzz…” he slowly began to snore.

“Well, well, well. All in a day’s work,” Dectora joked. “Great job, ladies! And if he ever gets out of hand, you know exactly what to do.”

“Yes, Dectora,” they replied in unison.

Sensorax’s body lay limp just outside the gym, his senses overwhelmed by the caustic collection of damp, sweaty soles.

“All in a day’s work,” Dectora smiled. “All in a day’s work…”

The End

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