Defying My Family Part 5


Defying My Family Part 5: Sympathy

During the next few weeks we continued our attack on the skinheads. Following the way Clive Owen’s character from The Inside Man robbed the bank we acted like that. Sometimes we would make sure I got attacked at times. Tara returned home to prevent any suspicions; likewise we made sure she was attacked as well, all though neither Tara nor I were attacked as bad as the others.

We learned a lot from our interrogations. We learned that they have some kind of plan, but not one member knows what it is and nobody know who the real leader is. My dad called my brothers and I into the living room one day and told us to be extremely careful from now on because of the attacks. Even the newspaper started to pick up on it. The editorial section was filled with letters expressing both angry and sympathetic letters.

Tara wasn’t as busy as she used to be. Seems Chief Ellsworth wasn’t too happy when he was on the receiving end of an interrogation at the hands of Tara. It was funny to watch her whip him and then cover him in horse semen. I still don’t know where she got a bucket full of it, but watching Max gag as some of it ended up in his mouth, then running home naked after we dropped him off was priceless.

We got bolder and bolder. At night we would place embarrassing pictures of these people around town. Both my brother hated seeing the picture of them handcuffed together naked in a spooning position. After every mission I preformed, I would go back to Salvation with my partner and we would have sex. Didn’t matter if it was Kimiko, Shiho, or Tara, they all know about each other and didn’t care. Kimiko especially didn’t care since her mom was happy and I finally declared to Kimiko that she’s my girlfriend now, and that I do care about her mother. All in all we are becoming happy. I felt it was time to take our plans further and really hit my family hard.

“It’s time my family pays for its actions” I tell the other three.

“Great, but how?” Tara asks.

“I don’t know but I believe it’s going to have to be big. Bigger than anything we have done before.”

“I may have an idea and it’s very risky. It may even lead to outing you Brad” Shiho states.

“What’s that mom?” Kimiko asks her.

“Brad gets into that room of his fathers and steals all the video’s and pictures. We can use some of that information to track these girls down. Maybe they can help us and stand with us.”

“I don’t know Shiho, that’s very risky. Even if we could get all that stuff, we still don’t know who all the players are.”

“And we are working on finding out that information, but all the stuff of your dad’s can be used a blackmail material on him.”

“Your right, Shiho, I’ll try to find a way to get it” I tell everyone as I retreat to the spare room to think. This was going to be a tough job, and we are going to need some major planning sessions. I could hear the front door open and close and two sets of footsteps coming down to the room. The door opens and Tara walks in with Kimiko.

Kimiko walks over to me and places her hands on each side of my face then kisses me deeply. Tara then does the same thing Kimiko did.

“You know love, we know that you have a lot on your mind and you really are not thinking straight. Forget about the stealing for now. Right now you have two very hot and very horny girls who are going to help you take your mind off of things. After I’m sure you will think clearly” Tara says right before she kisses Kimiko in front of me. I kiss both girls again. Tara stands up and grabs Kimiko and pulls her off me and whispers something in her ear. Kimiko giggles. “Go for it Tara” She tells her.

“Sit on your hands Brad” I don’t know what’s going on but I did as told. I watch as Tara starts putting on a strip tease act. She slowly pulls her t-shirt up inch by inch. Kimiko joins in and starts to kiss Tara’s newly exposed flesh. I slowly feel all the blood in my body starting to rush towards my cock. Tara turns around and slowly pulls her jeans down. Ankara escort Again Kimiko kisses her exposed flesh, and giving her ass a gentle slap when her pants our down. Tara is wearing a black thong and match bra.

She backs up and slowly starts grinding her ass into my cock. “You know Brad, since Max has the police looking for the people he interrogated him I’m not getting fucked as much anymore. It’s kind of nice but I’m so fucking horny. It’s time to make you really horny.” Tara says as she starts giving me a lap dance. She turns and faces me to start dry humping and grinding her thinly clad pussy into my rock hard cock. Kimiko stands behind her and undoes her bra and takes it off for Tara. I groan because I can’t do anything to them with my hands. Kimiko reaches around and starts playing with them.

“Damn you girls are making me so fucking horny” I tell them.

They giggle and Tara gets off my lap, Kimiko strips down to her pants and takes Tara’s spot on my lap. I not only got one from Tara, but now I’m getting a lap dance from Kimiko. I really don’t think I can hold out. Kimiko sensed I was close and stops her dance. Tara pulls Kimiko off of me. The two girls turn and start making out with each other. I start to remove my hands, but they stop me.

“Not yet, you’re not ready” Kimiko tells me.

“The hell I’m not. I damn near busted a nut from those lap dances. I really need to cum so badly it hurts” I protest.

“Oh well then you are really going to love this then” Tara tells me as she starts sucking on Kimiko’s nipple. I can hear Kimiko moan as Tara’s tongue dances around her hardening nipple. I watch as both girls slide their thongs off and hand them off my ears. I’m sure I look silly but I really did not care because the girls were now on the floor in a 69 position each other’s pussies. I admit I have watched lesbian porn before but seeing it live hot damn even my cock agrees with me that it’s better in person. Pinocchio was lucky he tells a lie his nose gets bigger. Right now I wish I could tell a lie and have my cock get bigger.

I watch in frustration as both Tara brings Kimiko to an orgasm first. I can hear her fingers working her pussy fast, the wet slapping sound is so much a turn on that I almost cum. I can feel my boxer being soaked with pre-cum. Tara has her orgasm next and Kimiko licks her pussy of all its juices. As Tara comes down off her high, Kimiko gets up and walks over to me.

“Take off all your clothes, no touch just yet, lay back on the bed, and if you follow our directions you will be rewarded.” She tells me.

I quickly do as she asks and I place my hands back under my body to prevent the temptation to touch her. She slowly impales her pussy on my rock hard fuck stick. Damn her pussy is tighter now than ever. Slowly she sinks down until she has me all the way inside her. I moan with joy. She bends down and kisses me deeply.

“Ready my boyfriend?” She ask

“Ready my girlfriend” I tell her.

Slowly she starts rising up and then stops. Tara suddenly appears behind her. I hear Kimiko give a cry out of pain and suddenly I feel more pressure on my dick coming from the other side. My brain must not have been working fast because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what’s happening.

“Oh shit Tara go slow it’s very tight” Kimiko says through her teeth.

Then it dawns on me. Tara is sliding something into Kimiko’s ass and judging from the fact that both her hands are on Kimiko’s hips, Tara is wearing a strap-on. Holy shit my girlfriend is about to get tag teamed by us. Finally after what seems like an eternity, Tara’s plastic dick is inside Kimiko and she’s ready to get fuck. Tara thrust her hips forward causing Kimiko to slide up my shaft, Kimiko bucks her hips back down myself. Together they work as a unit. This was too much, I can’t control it, I erupt my first load deep inside Kimiko’s pussy before we even got going.

“MMMM Baby I guess you had a hair trigger. I can still feel that you’re hard. Good. Use your hands. Help Tara fuck Ankara escort bayan your little Japanese Whore” Kimiko demands.

I grab Kimiko’s waist and start pounding my cock in and out of her pussy. Tara works her ass trying to match my pass. Kimiko for her part is stuck in the middle and can do nothing but moan in Japanese. Her tits bounce as we continue our assault. In no time at all I can feel her pussy tighten around my cock. Her powerful orgasm hits her hard. Her eyes roll into the back of her head. Neither Tara nor I stop our pounding. It is only after Kimiko falls onto my chest that we stop. Kimiko’s orgasm was so powerful she passed out from it. We pick her off of my cock and lay her on the bed. Tara takes her strap on off and tosses it on the bed. She looks at me and gets down on all fours.

“My turn, Fuck me good Brad”

I get behind her and quickly shove my dick inside her. Like an animal I fuck her pussy hard. Kimiko’s cum and Tara’s wetness helping slide my cock in with such ease I didn’t know I was all the way inside until her ass touches me. I place my hands on her hips and fuck her hard and deep. The sound of my balls slapping her clit fills the air. Tara moans loudly as she can’t control herself anymore. I feel her pussy flooding with her cum.

“God don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop. Fuck this pussy, fuck my pussy hard. I need it Brad. Fuck me like a dirty slut” Tara moans.

I reach under her and grab a handful of her tits squeezing them hard. I pound my cock into her wonderful pussy hard. My cum starts to boil inside my balls. With a loud groan I fire off my second orgasm of the night. My cum blasts its way deep inside Tara’s cum starving pussy. I slowly stop my relentless assault and pull out of Tara. Some of my cum drips out of her pussy and she quickly moves to catch it with her finger. Tara then licks her finger clean.

“MMMM I love the way you taste.” She says.

We get cleaned up and I have made up my mind. I am going to break that door down and steal everything. I know they will figure out I am one of the ones behind the attacks, but I don’t care. I will start staying here if I must. Later that night, my dad and my asshole brothers were out trying to find the attackers, and knowing them some non-white pussy to rape. I walk out into the garage and grab the sledgehammer and walk down to the basement. No need to be gentle as I hit the door. It breaks open on impact.

As I walk inside I look at the picture of my mother. So young, so innocent, I know she would understand what I am doing. I gather up everything and rush them outside to Shiho’s car. She bravely risked waiting for me to bring the stuff out knowing what my family did to her and would do to her if they found her here. After my third trip I had everything out of the basement. I quickly run to my room and grab my clothes and things I had packed earlier that day and off to Salvation we went.

Once we got inside all 4 of us went through everything. It turns out that my dad kept detail notes on each victim. He stalks them, learns their names, and whens the best time to grab them. As we were going through a set of documents I found one that peaks my curiosity.

“OH MY GOD” I yell.

“What” all three girls say.

“I…. My… I know my mother’s name. It’s Chelsea. Chelsea Reese” I tell them.

Shiho quickly gets on her laptop and punches the name in. “Now that we have her name we can bring up her obituary. It should have a list of all her surviving family members. I’m sure they will want to get involved.”

I start smiling. Family I thought. I might actually have a family that might care about me, possibly love me.

“Here it is. Chelsea Maria Reese: born January 18 1981, Died June 25 1994. Ms. Reese passed away giving birth to her son Benjamin Zachary Reese. She is survived by her parents. Donna and Zachary Reese, one brother Matthew Reese, and one sister Mrs. Max (Julia) Ellsworth.” Shiho reads to us.

“You mean that God damn fat fucking asshole of a police chief is Brad’s uncle?” Escort Ankara Tara says with a shock look on her face.

“More importantly it fucking explains why nobody came looking for Brad. His real name is Benjamin.” Kimiko says.

“Oh I have an answer to that one my darling daughter” Shiho tells her “It seems that they faked your death. Your mom’s family thinks you’re dead. With Max on their side it probably was easy to do”

“I need to go this is just too much” I tell them as I walk to the guest room. I sat on the bed and Kimiko comes in and sits next to me. I don’t know why but I started to cry. She places her arms around me and I cry on her shoulder. I really don’t feel like talking all that was running through my head was that these people, these damn skin heads not only ruined my mother’s life and my life, but my grandparents lives as well.

“It’s ok my love. I know that this must be hard. Just know that I am here for you. No matter what your name is, you’re still the man I love” Kimiko whispers to me and then kisses my forehead.

I stop crying and look into her eyes. I see sadness in her eyes knowing that once again life has thrown a curve ball to me. I move my face close to hers and kiss her sweet lips. My tongue slowly invades her mouth as her lips part to allow it to enter. I push her onto her back and quickly remove my shirt. Kimiko removes her shirt and bra as quickly as she can. I suck on her wonderful Japanese nipples teasing them with my tongue and gently biting them. Within moments they are rock hard, just as my cock is.

I pull her pants down and attack her pussy. I lick it back to front, teasing her clit with my tongue. I get her pussy nice and wet and I stand up and drop my pants. Kimiko spreads her legs wide. She knows what I am going to do. There is really no oral sex this time, I ram my hard cock into her pussy as hard as I can. She jumps a little and arcs her back. Making sure all the weight is on my hands and knees I pound her tight pussy as hard and as fast as I can.

“That’s it baby fuck me good. Treat me like a whore, I love feeling your cock inside me. Pound it, pound my pussy good” She moans

Like a mad man I pound her good. I pull out so only the tip is left than jam it in hard. Out slowly, in hard. Her first orgasm hits suddenly as I am pulling out. The shear tightness of her pussy muscles contracting clenches my cock hard. I quickly jam it back in deep. I can feel my tip hitting her G-spot. Kimiko moans loudly digging her nails into my back. The pressure is too intense and I pull out completely. Her cum squirts all over my cock.

“Shit baby, I came so hard. Put that thing back inside me, make me cum that hard again please” She begs

I roll her over onto her back and she gets on her hands and knees. I guide my cum soaked cock back into her pussy. This time I use don’t pull out as far maybe about an inch and ram it in hard. This lets me go at a quicker pass. I grab Kimiko by the hair; she tilts her head back as she moans. I feel her hand playing with her clit. I feel her pussy clamping down again as another orgasm hits just as fast as the first. This time though I can’t contain my own. I fire off round after round of cum deep inside her pussy. As soon as I am done pumping out my cum I lay on the bed with Kimiko in my arms. She quickly covers us up and we fall sleep in bed together.

After I wake up and had a chance to eat. I decide it’s time to see about recruiting some help. Shiho left her computer, so I quickly look up a name and an address. I see that it’s very close to Salvation. I walk out the door and start heading to my destination. Within 15 minutes I arrive at the house and I walk up the steps and knock on the door.

“Just a minute” I hear a woman say.

She opens the door and standing before me is a woman about 5 foot 6, blue eyes, and long brown here that’s slowly turning gray. She really does not look like a 46 year old woman.

“Can I help you?” She asks me.

“Maybe, are you by chance Donna Reese?”

“Yes I am”

“Please don’t be alarmed or think this is a sick joke, but my name is Bradley Patrick, however you knew me as Benjamin Reese. Chelsea Reese was my mother.”

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