Diary of a Pervert

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I was lying kneeling across the bed wearing my wife’s mini skirt, bra, and crutchless panties with a transvestite behind me fucking my arsehole when all of a sudden my wife entered the bedroom, looking aghast and shocked. I thought that she was staying with a girlfriend overnight.

“You pervert!” she cried. My wife was a very straight laced woman- too straight for me. We had been married about 15 years and we fucked in the missionary position once a month or so. The trannie was about to spurt, but all thought of that left him and he quickly left me.

“I wondered where my skirt and underwear got to. Now, I know. Well, that’s it. I am leaving you!” She cried. Ashe got a suitcase down and packed it and within 30 minutes and left, telling me that she would be staying at her sister’s place.

In a way I was quite glad that we had split as the sex we had been having didn’t quench my insatiable appetite for kinky, perverted sex. I no longer had to hide the porn videos. I could go around the house wearing my wife’s underwear and as most of the guys I met were married themselves I could have them over.

I walked around the house in stockings, panties, bra and mini skirt and started to enjoy my new found independence. I felt really horny and went back to the bed and lay face down on the bed and fucked the bed through my panties and quickly shot my load into my panties.

I went to my computer and sent emails to the people I had been corresponding with, exchanging porn videos and highly erotic fantasies telling them my place was available.

I also answered a few ads from kinky ladies who advertised in classified ads.

I went to bed quite late in just pair of panties and awoke horny again. I went to a department store to the lingerie section and bought half a dozen pair of thong panties, pantyhose and a padded bra.

My wife had forgotten the dirty laundry basket and I found 2 of her panties and a bra in there still quite smelly.

I checked the emails and found I had a reply from a 57 year old eastern European woman living in my home town. She had sent a photo of herself and she definitely was not good looking, but she liked my fantasies and wanted to get together with me for a drink to see if we had things in common. I called her and arranged to take her out for a drink on Saturday evening.

I arrived on time and got a drink and about 10 minutes later she walked in, wearing a leather skirt and top. I got her a drink and we sat at the table talked about general things. After our second drink we relaxed and she asked me to tell her my fantasies. I told her some of my less kinky ones as I did not want to scare her off. I told her that I like to wear female clothing, was submissive, but can be dominant and that I was bisexual. She seemed to like that. She asked me whether I was wearing female clothing under my outer clothing. I nodded.

She then told me what she was looking for. She liked to be eaten out for a long period. She had lots of female clothing that I could put on and she liked to use a strap on dildo on an older male. I was 50 years old. She had a preference for older men. She liked the fact that I was bi. The catch was I was not allowed to fuck her. If I agreed to that then I could accompany her to her house. I agreed.

In her house she asked me to take my clothes off. Naked, she opened her wardrobe and chose me some of her older clothing. On the bottom of the wardrobe there were some sex toys. I picked a butt plug up. She smiled and got me to bend over. She slid it in and pumped it up until it expanded my hole and gave me a pair of her panties to put on- a pair of black g strings, suspenders ,black stockings, black bra and a black mini dress with high heels and ordered me to parade around on the floor. I had never worn high heels before, but they made me extra horny. The butt plug in my anus added to my horniness.

“You really look like a slut, Peter, don’t you?” Anne said

“Yes, mistress!” I replied, as she reached under my dress and fondled my panty clad genitals. “And you are rock hard. Just like I like my men to be!!”

“Lie on the bed!” she ordered. When I was on the bed she tied me to the 4 corners of the bed tightly. She lifted up her leather skirt. I could see she had thong panties and she slowly lowered herself onto my face so that her pussy was up against my mouth. I slid my tongue into her hoe. Her pussy smelled foul, like it was unwashed, but was dripping with her juices. I wondered what I had let myself in for. I hoped that I would not get any throat infection. güvenilir bahis However, the smell of her pussy aroused me. She reached under my dress and inside my panties and inflated the butt plug further, forcing the cheeks of my arse further apart, painfully.

“Oh yes, slut. You certainly know how to suck pussy, don’t you?” she asked. I couldn’t answer.” Can you taste all my lovely cunt juices? Maybe you want to drink my piss too?” she laughed. “Deeper, you pervert! Make me cum, you disgusting pervert! “I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could and was rewarded with fountain of her juices. It tasted like cunt juice.

“Oh yes, you’ve made me cum! I am squirting into your mouth. You like cunt juice, don’t you. Of course, all men do! But can you lick me for another 40 minutes. Most guys can’t and that pisses me off! But you sound like a guy that can. I’ll pump up that butt plug again!”

My tongue darted in and out of her hot, dirty, wet hole and around her clit and I could hear that she was enjoying the tonguing action. I felt her shudder and tasted another spray of love juice flooding out of her pussy. I had licked many pussies, but this one spurted more than I had ever had before,

After the hour had finished my tongue was sore from all the tonguing and I had made her orgasm 3 times. She climbed off of me and reached into a drawer and brought out a glass and put it between her legs. To my surprise she spread her cunt lips, pressed on her abdomen and filled the glass with her juice. She brought the glass and rested on my chest to my lips and invited me to sip from it with a straw.

While I was drinking from it she put on some latex gloves, lifted my skirt up, pulled my panties down and wrapped her gloved hand around my cock. I was throbbing like mad and was begging for sexual release.

“Fuck my hand, slut!” she ordered. I thrust my cock up along her fist all the way to the top and slid down along it, but on my second thrust she moved with my cock so I could get no pleasure from the handfucking she was doing to my member.

“C’mon you disgusting pervert, beg me for sexual relief!” she ordered, laughing at me.

“Please Mistress Let me cum. I am dying for a cum! Please I beg of you!” I begged.

“Ok. Fuck my hand!” This time She let me and I shoved my hand through the hole in her fist and shot my load into her other gloved hand. She continued to milk me until I had emptied my cock of cum. Then she ordered me to open my mouth so she could pour the cum back into my mouth. She pinched my nose so I had no option, but to swallow my own cum!

“You want to piss over me?” she asked.

“I have never pissed over a female. I have often been showered”.

“Well try something new.” she said, putting her mouth over my cock head. I did not need a second bidding. I opened my bladder and let a stream of piss go straight into her open mouth. She managed to swallow my pee without it falling back down on me until I had finished. Then she placed her mouth over mine and let what she had left in her mouth dribble down and into mine. This was the first time I had drunk my own piss.

“Like the taste of your own piss?” she asked smiling. I nodded. She untied me, removed the butt plug from my hole and asked me to kneel on the floor with my top part of my body bent over the bed, my wrists tied, spread with a leather lead to the top and bottom of the bed. I watched her strap on a dildo and then she put a condom with lubricant over the tip of it. It was about 7″ long and quite thick. She reached around and made sure that my panties were around my cock with the back below my buttocks. I began to harden as I knew what was going to happen next.

She knelt behind me and pushed the dildo between the cheeks of my arse and rubbed it up and down along my crack before slipping a few inches inside me.

“Now you sick perverted slut I am going to rape your arse until you cum. Your cock is rubbing against the bed and once you have cum I will stop.” Without further ado she slid more inside me before withdrawing the artificial cock and ramming it in again getting more inside me. Again she pulled out and inserted more against me and then started partially withdrawing it and reinserting it. Whist she was doing this I rubbed my cock against the bed and was getting hornier and hornier and started yelling that I was cumming. When she heard that she raped me harder and harder until I announced that I had cum. She withdrew the cock.

“Bet you would have liked the real thing!” she exclaimed, smiling, untying me. I türkçe bahis nodded

“Now we are equal we both have hade 3 orgasms.”

She let me keep the clothing and asked me if I wanted to do this again next Saturday. Oh yes. She was a BBW and she was by no means pretty, but boy was she kinky. She said to come earlier next week

I went home and slept like a log.

On Monday, on the way to work I sat in my car opposite a bus stop and perved on the schoolgirls in their short dresses. The dresses are getting shorter. I don’t know whether these hot schoolgirls know the effect that they are having on us males. They make me rock hard and for 5 minutes I sit in my car and masturbate until I cum before driving to work.

Late night shopping centers have these lovely girls in short denim skirts and standing below the escalator one gets a good view up under their skirts and one can see the type of panties that they wear. More and more of them now wear thong panties. Sometimes I take photos and videos of them and go home and have along masturbation session while looking at them

I like shoving a toothbrush up my arse hole while I use an electric toothbrush to vibrate my balls and run it along my shaft. That way my orgasm is very intense and I flood my panties with streams of cum.

Feeling perverted and watching videos of young lesbian teens doing kinky things to each other I phoned a guy I saw advertising a “blow and go” service. He came around, undressed, showing me his 7″ cock. He was 18 years old, did not say a word just kneeled in front of me, and took my throbbing member in his mouth while I lay back in the chair, closing my eyes reliving the scene of the schoolgirl at the bus stop being eaten out by Anne, spraying her juices in Anne’s mouth.

I grabbed his cock and stroked it while he was deep throating me. I was at the point of no return and soon shot my load into his throat. He continued sucking my cock until he had sucked me dry. I watched him dress but saw he had black cock pouch which was basically just a string and a bag like object that encompasses his shaft and cock. I picked it up and sniffed it. I could smell stale cum inside it. He smiled asking me if he liked it. I nodded and he told me he had cum about 5 times in it. Did I want it? Oh yes. He left it behind and left me.

God! I was getting more perverted over the last 14 days since my wife left me. It was a blessing in disguise that she did leave me so I could explore my kinky side. So when Saturday had come around. I arrived at Anne’s’ place at 5 o’clock. She tied me spread-eagled to the bed after removing my dress, leaving me in a pair of thong panties, stockings, suspenders and a black lacy bra

“So you sick pervert what naughty things have you been doing?” she asked, with a smile on her face. I told her. “I think you should be punished for some of the filthiest things that you have been doing, don’t you?” She said, squeezing my balls tightly in her right hand. I screamed. She took her panties off and stuffed them in my mouth as a gag. They tasted of stale piss and cunt juices. She squeezed tighter; my screams were stifled by the gag. She grabbed a toothbrush and shoved it up my arsehole. God It hurt. More so than if I had been raped with a large dildo. As she squeezed my balls she slid the toothbrush handle deeper in to my hole until the whole brush had disappeared. The she got some tape and taped my hole so that the toothbrush was trapped inside my arse hole. Anne removed the panties from my mouth and sat on my face.

Her cunt was very wet and smelt of pussy juice. She ground it on my mouth and ordered me to stick my sick, perverted tongue into her cunt.

As I tongued her wet cunt out, the toothbrush inside me started to hurt me intensely, but my cock remained erect.

“That’s it, pervert. Eat my pussy out. Can you taste my lovely juices? The thought of what that tooth brush inside you is doing to you is making me really wet. I bet you are enjoying the pain and pleasure you sick, disgusting perverted slut. Oh yes! Harder you fuckwit. I am about to cum and she did, flooding my mouth with a stream of squirting pussy juice which I greedily swallowed.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” She asked with a smile on her face. “You want my piss too?” I nodded. “How is your arse hole?”

“It hurts a lot. Much more than if a bottle or big dildo was put in there”.

“Yes, it does! You should be ashamed of yourself lusting and jacking off over schoolgirls in their short dresses, looking up their dresses to see what type güvenilir bahis siteleri of panties they are wearing. My god! Your cock is throbbing.”

She climbed off me and went away to return with some ice cubes in a plastic bag and stuffed them inside my panties. My erection soon subsided until I was limp. She pulled the plastic bags out of my panties and placed her panty clad cunt on my cock and ground her pussy against my cock. She slipped her top off, removed her bra and put an ample left breast into my mouth so I could suck on her nipple. She continued rubbing her nylon clad pussy against my panty clad cock while she forced me to lick her nipple. Soon, I was erect again and throbbing and it did not take me long to cum, filling the panties with my cum. Anne continued grinding herself into my cock even though I had got limp again.

Soon I felt a stream of liquid on my panties and realized that she had pissed over me. She climbed off me. My panties were soaked and as the piss was cooling it felt a little uncomfortable, but nothing as uncomfortable as I was about to experience,

She came back with a hot water bottle and a plastic pair of panties. She unstrapped my ankles, removed the tape covering my arse hole. I screamed as it was removed and she extracted the toothbrush from my hole and slid it into my mouth so I could lick it clean. I could taste the shit that was on the handle, and put the plastic panties on me and resecured my ankles. They had tight elastic on the leg bands, a zipper on the front which she lowered so she could slide a small plastic tube inside it and up into my arse hole

“Well you sick, disgusting pervert in this hot water bottle there is a week’s worth of my pee I have been saving for you..” She hung the bottle up on a hook above my head and slid the other end of the tube into the stopper which already had a hole in it. I watched the golden liquid flow down the tube and disappear inside the clear plastic panties and start to fill my arse hole.

“The bottle will empty by the morning.” Anne said, leaving me, helplessly tied to the bed. My arsehole was slowly filling up with her cold pee. It felt uncomfortable and after a while I could not hold the pee inside my fundamental home and it leaked out into my plastic panties. Within a couple of hours the panties were half full.

About midnight, there was a ring at the door and a man came in and handed Anne a small container. He looked at me, smiling and then left.

“When I heard what you got up to earlier on in the week, I contacted that guy and had him do something for me. He frequents gay cruise clubs and went out to one tonight and collected all the used condoms he could find and by the looks of things there sure was a lot of fucking that took place. She showed me the box. I could see there were at least 40 condoms in there. She put on latex gloves and got a glass and emptied the cum into it, squeezing out every last drop. By the time she had finished the glass was almost full.

“Now, you pervert. How depraved can you go? You now have a choice. I can leave you like that till the morning and your cock will be soaked by my piss which I know you will enjoy, I can untie you now and you can go home and fuck yourself and never see me again or you can drink this glass of cum. If you decide on the glass you will become my whore and move in with me and service as a rent boy. I will get you to put ads in gay classifieds and local toilet blocks and charge $20 for a blow job, $50 for anal sex, $70 for anything goes. Which do you choose?” She asked, with a wicked, knowing smile on her face.

Well, I was hooked. Not on her body, but on her kinkiness. I needed her. I was obsessed by her and so I went further down the ladder of sexual depravity and accepted the glass of cum, which she put against my mouth and helped me, drink. As I drank the contents, she continued to laugh, saying to me as if you would not accept.

The next morning my plastic panties were billowing when Anne returned to the room. My cock was hard. She untied me and led me to the bathroom and carefully removed the plastic tube from the bottle and ordered me to drink it all up by putting the plastic tube into my mouth like a straw. I had never drunk cold pee. It’s not as nice as pee straight from the body. She watched me. When I had finished she ordered me to lie on the floor and lower the plastic panties, spreading my legs. She placed her high heels on my cock and rubbed the shaft with the sole of her shoe, kicking my balls occasionally until I had shot my load onto the tiled floor. She ordered me to lick my cum up, get dressed and put the ads in the various websites with picture of me cross dressed.

Within 24 hours I had more than 20 responses from gay and bi guys. Anne was pleased as she now had an income.

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