Dirty Little Secret Pt. 03


10 minutes later, they finally arrived in front of a nice hole-in-the-wall bar called, “The Fan”, a local establishment that just felt like home for some people-like, say, a guy with something to hide that prefers to be a wallflower. Sure, he would talk to people when he had enough liquid courage, including women, but he never seemed to get lucky and meet someone he could actually tell his fantasies to.

Once inside, they made it a point to get a booth- a smart decision, lest they wind up fumigating the entire bar. Heads turned when she entered, with some guys clearly showing shock at seeing the two together and other getting cursed out or slapped by their own girl friends for looking at Clover for a bit too long. After a few minutes, a server came around to ask what they would like, and Danny, being the gentleman/ genius he is, asked for a plate of the nachos with smothered in refried beans and melted cheese along with a pitcher of beer to share between the both of them.

Selfish? Sure, but could you blame him??

Ten minutes later, their server arrived with two large pitchers of the local brew and a giant, heaping plate of nachos, topped with refried beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, and of course, LOTS of Sour Cream and extra shredded cheese. Danny knew exactly what he was doing, taking some of the nachos and realizing that all he could taste was Clover’s ass anytime he took a bite. He still ate anyway, though he wasn’t putting it away like Clover. It made sense, considering she said she enjoys staying fit; she had to replace those calories somehow. As far as the dairy goes, her lactose intolerance didn’t stop her before, and it sure wasn’t going to now.

“Hey, Danny, aren’t you hungry?,” she asked after washing some of her nachos down with some ice cold beer, “I mean, you can’t just expect little old ME to finish this by myself, can you?”

Danny didn’t realize it at first, but Clover had already demolished bursa escort half the plate, much to his amazement. He started to eat along with her, the slightest hint of Clover’s ass flirting with his tongue every time he tried to take a bite. Naturally, this just made him hungrier. It also made him hornier because all he wanted to do was taste a wet fart straight from Clover’s source.

About an hour and a half later, inbetween bouts of conversation, Clover and Danny finished the nachos and chugged every single last drop of their beer. He paid for the check and they started heading towards the car when Clover leaned over onto Danny’s shoulder and slurred, “Hic! Hey, Mr. Danny Danielson, tonight was SOOO nice!” Danny had to chuckle at the situation, with a beautiful, gassy woman who seemed to enjoy his company.

“Yeah, it was. I almost wish it didn’t have to end,” said Danny with a solemn sigh.

“Ah meeeeeeeean, it doesn’t HAFTA end. You should come over and see my apartment!,” she said cheerfully. “I mean, it IS Friday evening, and we get weekends off, and I know we can think of something to do-“


A short, juicy fart came out, but instead of being embarrassed, she started laughing.

“WHEW, but you might need to let me change first, because I definitely left a stain after that one! Haha!”

Danny’s dick definitely twitched that time, and the fact that she was farting like a horse again meant it was gonna be like this the entire car ride. The second she sat down, she lifted a leg, leaning towards the window, and heaved out a quick grunt.


She sighed with relief after that one before promptly starting to gag and cough on her own gas.

“ACK!! Okay, not THAT is foul!,” she admitted, causing Danny to start laughing himself, not even attempting to make an effort. He knew that even if he couldn’t smell it NOW, it was going to linger-the car still smelled bursa escort bayan like skunk ass from when they first drove to the bar.

“Oof, boy, I knew it was over when I saw all of the cheese now those nachos,” she said with a slight laugh. “Then you add-HIC!- add beer to that, and there’s trouble brewin’.” As if on cue, her stomach groaned in agreement.


“And here comes trouble now!,” she announced before leaning forward in the seat and biting her lip while she gave a push.


An absolutely EXPLOSIVE fart came screaming out of her ass, and horrendous funk practically made a beeline for Danny’s nose. It really did feel like the longer the day went with Clover, the worse her farts would smell, the more he would be dying to have them enter his mouth, or how badly he wanted her to plant that dump truck right on his face and force him to inhale her farts.

She kept laughing as she leaned back on the seat. After a moment she just sighed, a hand on her belly. She then looked towards Danny and said, “You know, you’re one of the only people I’m actually comfortable around when it comes to my…. Problem. I’m always worried that people are gonna find me gross and not wanna be around me, but here you are, probably wishing your sense of smell was nonexistent, and you just… Don’t mind.”

Danny just shrugged.

“I just don’t think it’s a big deal. We all do it. And there’s no way I would look at you as gross. You’re the most beautiful women I’VE ever met, tell you the truth,” he said. He wasn’t sure where this truth bomb came from, but theorizing that it was simple liquid courage. Either way, he definitely touched Clover’s heart.

“Really? You still think that after I made your car into a gas bomb??,” she said. She almost sounded like she was trying to hold back tears.

“Yes, of course. Plus, you’ve been nothing but kind. escort bursa So what if you have a little bad gas? No big deal,” he said. In reality, it was a lot more than “a little bad gas” and they both knew it. Clover side eyed him for but a moment before that adorable smile showed up on her face again.

“You’re a sweetheart, you know that?,” she asked Danny sincerely, causing him to blush like a school boy.

“You’re the only person that seems to not mind my gas,” she said softly. Danny’s paranoia started to work against him ever so slightly.

“Is that a good or a bad thing?,” he asked.

“Weeeeellll, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t very attractive, how laid back and accepting you are. Every other guy I’ve ever met acted like they never smelled a fart in their lives half the time, but you’ve dealt with some of my worst today and you’re still hanging around. Doesn’t hurt that you’re-HIC!- pretty handsome either,” she said, leaning to the side just slightly and touching his knee.

20 minutes seemed to fly by on the way back- probably because they didn’t need to pull over to air the car out again, even with Clover still crop dusting it all the way back. It was bad enough that the taste of shit flirted with his tongue just like it did with his nose, and all of it combined with the uproarious sound every fart made as it fought past her giant cheeks for some of the noisiest expulsions he ever heard. She lived in your average apartment complex, multiple buildings all clumped together with three floors between them. She lived on the first floor in a small section with four doors facing each other in a square. He couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was.

“This is kinda eerie… where is everyone?,” he asked. “Normally, you can hear, like, a TV or something in these places.”

Clover blushed as she explained, “Eerhm…. Welp, this is a bit embarrassing, but…. I kinda…. Ended up evacuating them by accident if you get my drift.”

Danny simply nodded. This was hardly surprising considering the smell. Even for a freak like himself, one whiff of Clover’s deadly gas damn near made him retch. So why in the world did he want her to blow his face off so badly?

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