Don’t Think, Stop Thinking

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You are on your way home from a long day… you get a message on your phone. You are not supposed to read a text but you do it anyhow. The traffic on the company road is heavy and you try to keep the Mustang on the road despite the business and congestion. It’s me.

“At the motor lodge on the south road into Weyburn. I got in 2 days ahead of the writing convention.”

Now you definitely need to keep it on the road. The truck ahead almost ends the conversation. You swerve and get it off to the side and you let vehicles pass.

“WHAT????” You send back to me.

“You coming?”

“NEED A SHOWER,” you send.

“Motel has one,” comes my reply.

“20 MINS” you send.

“Don’t clean up, room 14. Shitty Ford rental car in front. ” comes my reply.

Twenty minutes later you pull into the motor lodge parking lot. There it is. The Ford Taurus mid-size rental, out in front of room fourteen.

It’s ok, nobody saw you pull in and you can still turn around. You have your heart telling you this is stupid and your head telling you the same. It’s wrong. You tell heart and head that your girly junk is stronger and to chill. You park next to the rental car.

You knock. I’m at the door and it opens quicker than you expected. You look over your shoulder and step inside. It’s all smiles and hellos. Its… awkward. It’s exciting. It’s wrong. You love the wrongness of it all.

We couldn’t look more different. I’m all suit and corporate, (with the oh so conventional red tie). You are all coveralls, sweat, and diesel fumes.

You begin to babble… You start talking about how you think that… well… you knew I would be coming north for the writer’s convention but you didn’t think I’d actually drive to… well. You haven’t felt like this since school and …

“SHHHHHUSH,” I say to you softly, but with the assurance of a boss, “Don’t think, stop thinking.”

We come together. Don’t know if it is me moving to you or you moving to me but you are crushed in my arms and we are smashing lips. Its a good snogging kiss.

“Don’t move,” I breath into your face.

You don’t know what hit you, my hands are just that fast. Your coveralls are down down down to your ankles, just like that. One of my hands reaches behind you to lock the door and the other pops that bra-strap like it was a light-switch.

You kick off your work boots and the panties join them on the floor, next to the heap of clothing as it accumulates on the motel carpet.

You’re now naked before me. Vulnerable. Clothed male, nude female, CMNF… just like a category on Pornhub. It’s scary… you love it. C’mon, just admit it.

You feel my hand on your shoulders and you go to your knees under the ‘press’ downwards. My cock is out before your knees land on the carpet. It hits you in the face and slippety-slaps your cheek. Your head is a blur… you hear the words again,

“Don’t think, stop thinking,”

And it’s in. You’ve got my cock in your mouth, playing bumper-pool with your tonsils before you know anything more. You give in… it’s what you wanted, anyhow. Now all you have to do is… well do!

You deep-throat me like you’re simply starving. In some respects, you are. You shut down your conscience and just let your senses take over; the taste of my cock… the smell of my pubes behind my fly and belt. It’s an intoxicating male cocktail of confident penetration and you’re all about devouring it… consuming it.

Your mouth is … well its damnably good. Adept even. I’m a little surprised. Your tongue and lips have a wisdom beyond your years and it won’t be long. Good, I want to cum in your mouth, to nourish you with my essence. I also want to last longer with what comes next.

Five minutes is what I can stand given the intensity of your suck. I’m both impressed and a little taken off guard how strong it is when by balls clench. My hands fill with your hair and I saw hips back and forth from the joy of it as my eyes shut.

I don’t cry out… I just exhale through my nose hard and shake my head. Its then I let go with it and you feel my sex pulse between your lips. Your mouth fills with briny warmth. You’ve given a gift to me and in return you swallow one from me to you… its only then I notice your hand is frigging yourself furiously between your legs and probably has been for some time.

You find yourself up on your feet. One second you were on your knees enjoying the coppery salty aftertaste of my semen while playing with your fidget spinner provided by Mother Nature, the next thing you’re yanked up and kissing me again… or I’m kissing you. Just who the hell is keeping score anyhow- who fucking cares? Your mind is just simply screaming, “Fuck it girl, get his clothes off!”

What follows is a jumbling clatter of belt buckle fumbling by a pair of eager female hands and ties being unceremoniously pulled off by the same flustered fingers. It’s as if you are attempting to start a badly flooded outboard Escort Eryaman motor, the way you curse and yank at everything. Your roughness is noticed.

“Try a little choke then advance the starter,” I smirk at you.

You get the joke. The tension is broken for a moment as you bite your lip and then there’s the reply,

“You asshole!”

“You adore me,” I correct you.

I’m an asshole but this is a world where nice guys finish last, (and we both know that for fact). You knew I was an asshole all along and you’re good with it… its why you are here. We’re adults; adulting in private and nobody is fooling anyone.

“Yeah,” you say pulling me back in for another kiss.

Your lips chew mine and your hands grope up and around underneath my shirt. I feel the rake of your fingernails. Things start to come off me… over my head and down my legs. You have a new-found dexterity and you are going to get your presents unwrapped.

We leave quite a scene in our wake on the way to that bed. Your work clothes are over at the locked door in a heap. Me on the other hand however; well… my things leave a Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail all the way to the king-sized mattress thanks to you! It’s as if you tried to carpet the floor with black Armani and underwear. How my tie got on the lamp is anyone’s guess, oh … and cool points to you for sending my shirt across the room to land on the TV… nothing on anyhow.

None of it matters now. We’ve made it to the bed with a loud enough WHUMP and we’re rolling like two snarling cats tossed into the same bag. It’s not hate, it’s not rage, but to anyone listening with a glass to the wall; they’d be hard pressed to find the difference. Its … ‘loud’ is a good word. Loud, yes I like loud, and from the sound of it… so do you.

At least the bed is strong, (thanks by the way to Perfect Inn of Weyburn). You’re on top of me… then you’re not. I’m now atop you. It’s what happens when an alpha and another alpha rut with one another and both are on heat.

The thing is, you’re a reluctant alpha. You’re a tired she-wolf… not tired as if worn thru, but fucking tired as if wanting something different; something apart from endless shifts, housework, and shit TV, (followed by occasional and lackluster sex from someone who’d rather be playing video games or going to a stupid Comicon meeting). You need… to feel something again.

You want it to be different and you don’t want to tell some male what to do… he should fucking know. Well, *chuckle* fortunately I got an earlier flight and made it here ahead of time. Now just shut up with all that squalling and stop fighting me… or is that kissing you are doing? I cannot tell the way you are growling and scratching me.

Oops I’m back on top now. I’ve been half-strengthing it with you; toying with you in this naked roll n’ snarl fest of kicks and grinds and nibbles and nips. I haven’t wanted to hurt you, but by the same token; every push and shove of my limbs against yours has been met with a force equal to it. Now I just let my strength come on and do its thing.

You find your hands brought up behind your head and then crossed beneath the pillow. You push your wrists back against my hands. There is a moment of fear… then frustration. Then you stop kissing me and exhale through your nose with a smile spreading across your face.

“Sorry …if the foreplay …isn’t to your liking,” I seethe like a busted steam pipe in your face – in between kisses and bites on that neck of yours.

“Do I fucking look,” you hiss back in my ear between puppy chews of my earlobe and tongue fucks of my eardrum, “that… I need …. any …fucking foreplay?” You make a good point.

“And your safety word?”

“If I ever become afraid of you… I’ll tell it to you. What are you, an occupational safety inspector? Just fuck me for chrissakes!”

Right. So much for holding back anything.

My knees and ankles go to work and you find your legs pushed apart. I let my weight take over and sink down between your thighs. You are rabid she- cat but you weigh less… force equals mass times acceleration and I’m using my mass in a way that we both find agreeable. Now you just wish for me to accelerate things a bit and I’ve already taken the hint.

You’ve felt it against you. The head was slapping your thigh as we tumbled like two socks in a dryer; Mr. slappy. It shot off in your mouth a few minutes ago and by all rights, it should want a nap. Guess again. The rolling, the biting the nipple chewing, and most of all… your smell; has all done the trick wonderfully.

That smell, that marvelous smell of sweaty girl mixed with grime and diesel from job. Everybody has their “thing,” their kink, their itch to be scratched. What you believe to be your “stink,” just so happens to be my itch. Lucky you.

My dong agrees with me on this point. You feel the blunt rounded mushroom head push against you. You Eryaman Escort are done messing around with any pretext of anything that does not involve penetration. You raise your thighs and you feel the head push against you… down there… at oh just the right spot. It’s alive, its veiny and throbbing and warm… coursing with blood.

My hand clamps down on both your wrists so that I can slew myself into you. Now with a strength I didn’t think you had… one hand breaks free and beats mine down there in the race for my cock. You seize me and steer the head to precisely where you want things… then your free hand grabs my ass cheek as you nod with a giggle. You ARE a strong one! I couldn’t agree with that point more as I slide myself into you up to my balls and my hand comes up to grab your hair at the back of your head in a fistful of locks.

You feel the blunt mushroom strike home past your cervix and you turn your head to let go with a loud HAAAAHHHHHH in my ear. I feel the rake of your nails on my ass as your legs wrap me up like you are going to try to climb me. We begin our fuck.

Its a damned good hard grinder; slow but genuinely earnest and eager for both parties. Your cunt is so wonderfully pleasing to me; such a firm pink handshake you have. As snatches go… I wager in the back of my head you could give pretty respectable handjobs with that thing… SHIT, somebody’s been doing their Kiegel exercises sitting in that truck at work haven’t they!

I am digging not just at your cunt but also I am digging your smell. I’m up and down that neck of yours chewing at you like a pup on a piece of rawhide… you really are intoxicating!

Oh yeah, you’re a fucking intoxicant if there ever was one. That mix of lady-salt on your skin combined with your own natural essence along with the grime of the job has come together to make a heady heady cocktail for my lips, tongue and teeth to enjoy… OH, AND I AM ENJOYING IT FOR DAMNED SURE. If you don’t believe me, just ask my cock now; fucking hard a Latin Calculus exam as it tries to wedge itself up behind your right kidney! Sorry about you bumping your head on the headboard… then again, if it gets too much you can grab your hard hat from the Mustang.

You don’t think so however. You are enjoying yourself but over the next several minutes you’re doing the mental math of how long it’s been since you’ve shower. You tense up and I catch you out of the corner of my eye give yourself a sniff as our pelvises smack together. Oh My God, stop worrying… I am into you… literally and figuratively.

Ok… you need proof? Ok, (I was hungry anyhow).

I’m up. You notice I’m out of you too. Sorry… hope that didn’t hurt. I jump back and the next thing you know; you feel my hands on your ankles.

I flip you like a burger. The question-mark on your face as you turn over is about as precious as the little-girl squeak you let out as your face goes down into one of the pillows. I whip other pillow under your tummy, forcing your ass high in the air like a giant upturned valentine. You’re wondering what’s next, aren’t you? You get your answer a split second later.

I spread that lovely tail of yours wide and you feel the stretch of my hands pulling everything apart… a second later and you feel my face, my chin, my lips and nose as I dive in, eating your puss and ass like I’m starving. I have a special disdain for guys who don’t eat puss and ass. I strongly suspect they shriek at the sight of a mouse running along a wall, (kind of like the shriek you let out as my lips wrap up your clit and suck and chew it like it’s a Gummi Bear). Anyhow go ahead and make noise… I’m rooting around in there like a termite in a woodpile and enjoying myself immensely.

You’re surprised, pleasantly so. It’s obvious now I enjoy your essence and funk so much, its like I want to climb inside you face-first and be surrounded by it. You loosen up … hell more than loosen up… I see you rocking your hips up and down slightly.

My lips move up to your puss hole… more whimpers from you, good. I’m back and forth between that pink grotto and your throbbing been; back and forth for several seconds. Enjoy it… just let yourself go. Now I change things up a bit; so that you REALLY let go and let me be in charge. You feel me move up a bit and suddenly you are aware of the flat of my tongue against the pucker of your ass.

The note that escapes your lips n’ nose is a bit of a lung-emptying sigh and a bit of a tummy ache groan. I can almost visualize how your face looks in that pillow; one eye looking forward and one cocked slightly upward like a broken doll. *chuckle* You realize I wasn’t lying online about that tongue game of mine now, was I?

Yeah, you didn’t expect this latest bit, but you don’t seem to protest…hell again the hips don’t lie. You start to hump back and forth against my tongue and lips, like a pup dragging its butt across the Eryaman Escort Bayan carpet because… DAMN IT FEELS SO GOOD TO YOU! I have to suppress a laugh… my hunch and munch was right. Now, you seem a lot more secure with ‘things’ and I feel you relax and, just let me take over.

I’m now making a feast out of that puss n’ ass or yours. I’m enjoying it so I’m even pounding my cock in my hand like a fiend… I’m so in this moment and it all feels so good, both for me and for you! Your hands come back and I hold them as I suck on that clit again like I’m nursing at a teat… you squeeze my hand, and I squeeze back while rubbing your palm with my thumb.

You want something else though. I sense this…. Sure you love the tongue but you need something to fill the void. As I suck that hooded little bean at the end of your twat-blossom you push your puss-hole involuntarily right up against my nose. Alright… I can take a hint.

I let go of your hands and insert first one, then two hooked fingers into that lovely little nookie nest of yours and curve them around until I find your juice button. I’m now all sucks and strokes as you buck and puppy-whine against my snout for a lovely long time … time that stands still… time that we lose track of until at last; all your whimpers become one big desperate shriek of,


Now its my turn to feel the rush of warm salt and juice against my lips. I wrap my mouth upon your font and let you spray an ablution of dew and brine for me to savor. You have a lovely tang and as I sip you like a marvelous apéritif, I realize now… I’m fucking hungry for more! Oh well, now I’m inspired (and my cock is absolutely raging).

I whisk that pillow out from under you and do something again that takes you by surprise. I dive down beneath you and flip my self around on my back… then I shimmy up you. Its like one second I am behind you and the next thing… I am climbing your body, only to pop up underneath you and stare you face to face with you straddling me. Its then the smart-ass inside me wells up to the surface; kissing you as I ask,

“Miss me?”

There’s a momentary look of what the fuck confusion on your face, as you try to figure out how I managed to pull off what just happened. You make quick recovery however, and you determine to take that smug little smirk off my kisser. I feel your fingers clench in my hair and you yank my head back like I am about to be interrogated; so I might as well start answering questions and cooperate.

“You think you’re funny,” you hiss before biting me on the chin and lips, ” how about you laugh THIS up, you asshole?”

With that, you grab my gronk in your fist and rub the dong-head back ‘n forth along the slit of your cunt. You snarl and bite at my neck chin and cheeks as you continue to rut my cock against your clit. You’re using me now, half as a sex toy and half as a prop in a perverted growling balancing act; suspending your weight down upon my cock but not allowing it to sink inside you. You’re instead prolonging things for me and you both, in an excruciatingly nasty bout of pleasure meets campfire-starting friction.

I figure, one hair-pull deserves another, so I seize up your long brown locks and yank with snarling hands from behind. The jolt sends your head back in pain and a shower of endorphins down to your lower extremities. Your throat is exposed… I lunge at it and grab on and begin to suck as your nasty little paw works my cockhead against your clit with furious determination.

I bite and chew and work my way up to your face; wrapping your mouth in mine. Here comes the kiss… its not a normal garden-variety smooch… oh hell’s no! You think I am trying to suck your very fucking soul out through your teeth and lips as you whimper back into my mouth. You’ve never been kissed like this… never seen kissing like this outside of a film. Its more Animal Planet than Oxygen Network and you just flashed me a little bit of weakness with that little whimper… just now, yes I noticed it. It makes you furious for you to know I caught it… and excited.

Your mouth reverses things a bit, and now it is my mouth in yours. The she-beast is out of her cage; ready to devour a man and chew bubblegum and there is no fucking Hubba Bubba in sight. That tongue of yours snakes into mine and you throat fuck me; throat fuck me like you are curious as to what the fuck I had for lunch by the feel of things. Its a long kiss too, and the whole time you keep rubbing that dong against your clit; up up up against your body weight… precisely the way … you … fucking… want it!

Your mind is now a sweat soaked fucking fever. Right and wrong mean nothing now. Its then something inside you; that last vestige of restraint whimpers and dies in its fetal position as the she-beast rages back at you with,

WHO THE HELL NEEDS SELF DENIAL? You are gonna make this whole world your fucking oyster girl, starting with this smug sonovabitch you’re on top of, right… fucking… now! AWWWW….TO HELL WITH WHAT ANYBODY THINKS – THEY’LL NEVER APPROVE ANYHOW NO MATTER IF YOU’RE A GOOD GIRL OR A TOTAL BITCH IN HEAT! LIVE THE REST OF IT LIKE EACH SECOND IS THE LAST!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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