Dorm Room Fun


While at school I meet this girl in the dorm. She’s beautiful – shoulder-length brown hair, big blue eyes, full lips, large firm breasts. She’s dressed in a fitted black top and denim shorts. I pass by her open dorm room as she’s trying to hang a poster that keeps falling down. I can’t help but stare at her and I hope she doesn’t notice.

I knock on her door and ask if she needs help. She seems relieved and says that maybe four hands will get the poster to stay. Finally the poster sticks to the wall and she exhales loudly as her hair falls in her face. She is so beautiful, all I want to do is kiss her, but I quickly push this thought out of my mind. I’m straight and I don’t even know this girl.

She thanks me and we introduce ourselves. She tells me she’s a transfer student and doesn’t know anyone here, but hopefully we can be friends. I tell her that’s fine with me.

The strap of my tank top is falling off my arm and next thing I know her soft hand is sliding the strap back up my shoulder. Her touch is electrifying. I manage to get out a thanks and she smiles at me playfully. I tell her I better go, but maybe I’ll see her around and that I live just down the hall.

I don’t see her again for a few days, until she leaves me a note on my door telling me to come by and see her. I knock bursa eve gelen escort on her door and she answers in just a short, silky robe and her hair is damp. I apologize and tell her I can come back later but she says it’s fine and invites me in. She sits down on the bed and motions for me to sit too. I try to keep my focus on her beautiful face instead of her exposed legs and the curve of her breasts peeking out of her robe.

She tells me she wanted me to come by because she has something to ask me. She comes right out and asks me if I’m bi. I’m very embarrassed and can feel myself blushing. I tell her I consider myself straight but wonder what it’s like to be with a girl. She smiles and tells me she’s glad to hear it because she found me very attractive and got the feeling I felt the same way about her. The embarrassment is fading away and I tell her she’s right about that.

She leans over and kisses me gently. I’ve never felt lips this soft. Her hand slides down my neck and shoulder. I stroke her face and kiss her with more passion. She lays down on top of me and cups my breast with her hand and rubs my nipple. I moan and slide her robe off her shoulders and rub her smooth breasts. She sits up and takes off her robe exposing her gorgeous tan bursa escort body. Her breasts are round and perky with small brown nipples and her flat stomach is accented with a diamond studded navel ring. Her pussy is shaved except for a thin strip of hair above her clit. I can’t believe how amazing she looks.

I reach for her, wanting to kiss all over her body, but she just laughs and begins to undress me. As she takes off my clothes she rubs her hands over my body. Her soft hands know exactly what to do. She uses her teeth to unbutton my shorts then throws them along with the rest of my clothes on the floor. Her hand finds it way under my very wet thong and she moans as she takes it off. She kisses my inner thighs and apologizes but says she has to taste me right away.

Her soft pink tongue parts my pussy lips and licks up and down my very wet slit. She slips her tongue in my tight pussy hole as I writhe in pleasure. Her tongue dances over my clit and I can feel my orgasm building. Her lips wrap around my clit and she sucks hard, sliding two fingers in me, searching for my g-spot. I can’t take any more. My orgasm explodes through me and I practically scream.

She kisses up my body and sucks my nipples then passionately kisses my lips, letting me taste myself. görükle escort She looks into my eyes and smiles and I ask if I can return the favor. I roll us over on our sides and gently kiss her soft lips. I slide my hands down her beautiful body and use my finger to part her pussy lips and feel her wetness. I spread her juices on her lips and kiss her and we both taste her excitement.

We push against each other, attempting to get as close as possible and our nipples rub against each other’s. We kiss with more passion, our roaming hands touching everywhere. I break the kiss and nuzzle her neck and kiss it softly. I gently suck on her neck as I rub her breast and play with her hard little nipple. I reach down and very lightly tease her clit causing her to whimper.

I take her nipple into my mouth and suck and gently bite it. I take her moan as a good sign and suck harder. I look at her and smile and kiss my way down her beautiful body. She opens her legs and I can’t wait to return the pleasure she gave me. I kiss and suck her inner thighs and kiss the top of her pussy. I lick her pussy lips, wet from her arousal. I spread her legs wider, opening her wet, pink pussy.

I lick the entire length of her slit and tongue at her pussy hole. I kiss up her pussy and flicked my tongue over her clit and begin to suck. I can feel her getting close to orgasm, so I suck harder and gently finger fuck her. I can soon feel her pussy spasming and I keep fucking her, causing her to moan loudly. I give her pussy another long lick and climb back up beside her. We kiss again for awhile until we both recover from our orgasms.

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