I am off work for the day, something that rarely happens. You still have to go into the office so I spend the day cleaning up around the house and doing some yard work. It has been a while since we had the chance for a romantic evening and I want to do something nice for you. We both get so wrapped up in the work-a-day world that there never seems to be enough time to spend together.

Once my chores were done, I decide to fix a really nice dinner of roasted pork loin, garlic mashed potatoes, a fresh green salad, and I selected a vintage bottle of Merlot to compliment the meal. I set the table, had the salad chilling in the fridge, and the pork loin and potatoes keeping warm in the oven. Mmmmmmmmm, the smell is so intoxicating and the table is perfect with candles and flowers. I can’t wait for you to get home!

However, I still need to get ready. I hop in the shower, scrubbing my skin with jasmine vanilla sugar scrub. My skin has a nice rosy glow once I get out of the shower. I select my newest purchase to wear: a sexy black lace demi-cup bra and matching thong. This is my surprise for you tonight after dinner. I need something light to put on before I put on my nice little black dress that I have not gotten to wear for so long. I go to the closet and the first thing I come in contact with is your cornflower blue dress shirt. I love putting on your clothes, especially the ones that have your scent lingering on them. I slip on the cotton shirt and immediately smelled you and all sorts of lusty thoughts conjured up in my mind. Of course, the fact that my exposed nipples are rubbing against your shirt only Escort Etlik fuels that fire!

I take time and care into straightening my hair and arranging it just right. I apply just a little bit of make up to accentuate my light skin, blue eyes, and red hair. Your shirt really sets off my eyes; they are so blue as I look at my reflection in the mirror. I have a certain twinkle, a wicked little grin creeping on my face as I think about our evening ahead.

With a little time still before you come home, I decide to take a quick cat nap. Before I settle on the bed, I double check all of the food; it looks and smells absolutely delicious and I hope you enjoy it. Climbing up on the high bed, I slip myself under the sheet and comforter and nuzzle myself into the soft pillow to drift off to sleep……..

I must be dreaming. I feel your weight on the bed, your warm skin melding to mine from behind. I feel your warm breath at my neck, your lips on my shoulders and up to my ear to whisper to me that you are home. I murmur some incomprehensive thought to you, my dream man. And feel your skilled hands under the shirt, hot on my hip, down my thigh and back up and under the shirt to rest on my ribs. You simultaneously lick the side of my neck. The tickle from your beard makes me realize maybe I am not dreaming. My eyes flutter open and yes indeed, you are here with me. I turn my head to see you and you press yourself even closer to my body and your lips are on mine. Opening my mouth, your tongue gently probes mine, sweetly tasting me. Your hand firm on my hip, pulling and grinding into me. I can Etlik Escort feel your arousal and it sends shivers up and down my body and I feel myself melting into your embrace, welcoming the feeling of your skin against mine. I push myself willingly back into you and I feel your hardness pulsing against my ass and grazing upward. You resume kissing my neck and shoulder and alternately sucking on my skin, licking me, and kissing me in all of my sensitive spots, especially the spot right below my ear. I gasp for breath as you do this and I feel myself getting flushed and wanting more of you.

Reaching down, you slip your hand inside the front of my thong and meticulously tease the sweetness barely covered. Stroking me, teasing my smoothly shaved lips and rubbing my hardening clit. You pull my body hard against you as you suckle on my earlobe and your hand moves, fingers nimbly working upward on me: fingers trailing through my curly red hair, my belly button, over my tummy, up to my bra. Your hand opens your shirt off of me, exposing my special surprise for you and your hand cups my breast as you feast on my neck more.

I cannot help but grind myself against you…..you have me so hot and I whimper to you how badly I want you. Your thumb lazily circles my exposed nipple….so taut from the contact of you on me; wanting for you to touch it and give me more delicious sensations. Grazing it slightly, flicking and pinching it; you have me feeling engulfed by you. I reach down behind me to feel your cock. I find you hard, thick, and I know you want what I want. Stealthily, you slide the string Etlik Escort Bayan of my thong to the side, and slip into my hot spot. I rock against you as the tip sensuously teases my sensitive lips. I beg you to please take me. You are kissing my shoulders and I am grinding against you, trying to have more than just a tease of you.

Before I realize what you are doing, I feel your strong hand gripping my hip and you thrust into me hard, stretching my tightness but moving swiftly and fully into me. You are encased in my heat and I gasp and moan. I feel you rake your teeth on my neck and I cry out your name. You gently bite down on me as you start to move and you have me so hot, so ready, and so in need…..I am breathless and wordless in my state. I move with you matching you stroke for stroke and we both can feel my passion building up to a tumultuous explosion. Crying out, moaning your name, you feel my muscles constricting you even tighter.

Your timing is impeccable when you choose to nibble on my neck and your teeth scrape at the same time. I explode on you, in a trembling mass, moaning, my body spending itself with you. You can feel my pulse as my pussy attempts to suck you into its depths and keep you there. In my ear, I hear you…..a quick whimper, a groan and feel you plunging yourself deeper than you have before and hold me tight against you. We are spot welding together, your essence flowing from you deep in me and my body sheathing you tightly, gladly taking your offering. Your hand moves up from my hip back to my breast and you and I are fused together. You nuzzle and resume licking my neck and plant little kisses on me. My hand covers yours and I drift into you. In our embrace, I remember that this was supposed to be a romantic dinner and I lazily whisper to you with a grin and a giggle …..”Now that you have had desert, are you ready for dinner?”

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