Dumky Time


Dumky TimeDumky TimeOr Cunnilingus in….F MinorIt had been a long, challenging day in a week of same, and they were physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. There being nothing for it but the good malt, music, and the pleasure of each other’s company, they repaired to his place. Into the second drink they were feeling renewed and warm.Sitting together on the couch they easily, naturally began kissing. When the music ran out, she asked to hear the Dvorak they’d talked about recently. When he’d put on the disc and returned to the couch, she asked whether that piece was The Dumky. He told her that Dumky was the second trio on the recording.Soon they were back in each other’s arms and mouths. By natural progression his hands migrated from her cheek and neck to her breasts to her pussy. With his hand in her panties exulting in the textures and the lovely lubricity, she took off her panties even as they continued kissing and he traced the geography of her cunt. It was so joyously erotic and always excited him tremendously when she took off her panties; he probably enjoyed it more than doing it himself. Of course, she knew that and liked to take them off just for the effect it had on him. She also liked to surprise him by handing him her panties, frequently in unusual circumstances. With her panties off, she spread her legs putting the nearer over both of his. Exactly what wish she might have been expressing or whether it might be the same wish, he didn’t know but his mouth hungered for her smaller mouth, and he felt an urgent need for the taste of her.Extricating canlı bahis himself from her arms and legs as she lay back, he moved to the floor raising her skirt. After filling his eyes with her, he leaned forward for his kiss as she casually lay her outer leg over his shoulder while placing the other on the back of the couch. Thus open to him she sighed touching his head lightly inviting him to her. With his tongue he charted the ridges of her outer lips wetting, teasing and smoothing her hair before proceeding to his first taste of her. Refreshed and invigorated his tongue proceeded to explore the delicate surfaces of her careful to avoid her clitoris so to prolong their enjoyment. When he had tasted and nibbled her lips, he began to suck her inner lips and pull them gently forward sliding forward her clitoral sheath. Listening to the rhythm of her breathing and her occasional moans while registering the nervous quality of her hands on his head, he intensified his licking and sucking then moved directly to her clit licking the top of her sheath and pushing at the juncture of her lips sliding the sheath along her shaft. Finally, he slid his tongue wetly and lightly over the clitoral head to her breathy relief. As he licked above, below, around her clit, her movements increased as did her vocal exhortation and her caresses of his head. When he returned to taste her core, she became more agitated as his tongue explored and gathered her liquid expression of her enjoyment. As he delighted in her, something in the music impressed his consciousness, and he bahis siteleri paused to say, “That’s the Dumky.” Shortly her movements intensified as her pussy contracted and she moaned in almost painful delight. Returning to her clit, he sucked her into his mouth licking concertedly as she began to move in earnest to her inevitable release. Soon she began to come in groans and moans bucking her pelvis while her hands held him fast to her cunt. As the intensity of her orgasm waned, her legs closed around his head and she suggested that he stop kissing her: “NO, NO, No, no, no….!!!” Unwilling to cease, he moved his tongue to her mouth to feast on her come before she whimpered, “No, pleeeeeze. Just fuck me….pleeeeeze… FUCK ME…” Ever the gentleman, he joined her on the couch as she fed his cock into her grasping lubricity. Pausing after their mouths had joined while they appreciated the completion of their union, he breathed into her ear of the wonders of her beautiful cunt and his happiness in sharing her come. Then they began to fuck–with deliberation at first but soon replaced with a gathering intensity as need manifested itself increasingly to reach that glorious peak from which they longed to tumble together. Lying spent in each other’s arms, she told him that about the time he’d told her that the Dumky had started she heard a deep, rich chord that struck a similar chord in her and she knew she would soon come. Often having had erotic reactions to music, he laughed and suggested he get her a copy so she could practice at home. Actually, he had a lot güvenilir bahis of feelings associated with The Dumky but never had associated Eros till then. They enjoyed a few more laughs about “Anty” as she referred to Dvorak, including his suggestion that they really should fuck to the New World or the Cello Concerto, before quitting the premises for dinner. Some days later they were sipping wine as he was attempting to impress her with his meager culinary accomplishments. She came up behind him lightly pressing her breasts into his back and nibbled the back of his neck. Moving closer, she nibbled his ear and said throatily, “I think you should kiss my cunt now.” Leaving the one sauce to simmer, he turned to her saying, “Do ya now….?” To which she replied gravely, “Uh, huh” sending a jolt through his electrical system, took him by the hand and led him to the couch. There she sat down primly before fluidly turning, raising her inner leg to the back of the couch with her other foot on the floor and raising her skirt. Amused, she watched his face flush as he found himself staring into her naked crotch. As he knelt worshipfully inhaling her pussy, he smiled in the realization that she had started the Dvorak. Then opening his mouth to take in as much of her cunt as possible, he proceeded to lick, suck and stroke in search of her deep, rich chord.——-Still later as they were playing in her bed, he began to kiss and tease his way down her abdomen. As he neared her golden delta, she sang out in a little girl voice, “Dumky Time!” Contemplating her delicious pussy, he smiled wondering whether he should tell her that he had been confused (apparently the disc had started over) and that her deep rich chord was contained in the lesser known, unnamed trio, the Opus 65.

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