Dweeb Ch. 07



Chapter Seven

Dwayne Volunteers in the Library.

Marie and Dwayne had spent the afternoon together again in the back of her van.

Earlier that day Dwayne had found another note from his secret admirer in his locker. It read:


I love giving hand jobs. Stroking men to give up their cum. In private or in public. I’ll use both hands to slowly pump you to full length and then force you to spew your delicious seed! And I’ll eat up every drop! I am a true cum loving size queen. We were made for each other!”

“When we meet you will see how I out match all your other lovers! Not even Mrs. Fulman comes close to having the equipment I have! She measures barely 49 inches. I’m more than 10 inches bigger than she is! We are going to have so MUCH fun!

Your Secret Admirer”

It was spooky the way the messages kept showing up and he had no idea where they were coming from.

But now he was spending some time with a girl who was even better equipped than Mrs. Fulman!

Marie no longer looked like a Goth. She had had her hair trimmed and she had lost the black makeup. More importantly, she didn’t smother her figure as much as she had in the past. It was impossible for her to disguise her 54-26-38 figure, of course, but she wasn’t trying anymore. If there were men that were attracted to her lush figure she wanted to meet them. And meet them she had.

And she took some pride in the fact that she had bumped Barb Fulman down a peg to number two when it came to which student had the largest breasts. In the past she would have shunned the attention. Now she reveled in it! She had a hot date anytime she wanted one. All she had to do, she found, was to look at her victim and take a deep breath!

Dwayne was still a favorite partner but they were not exclusive.

“You know, Dwayne, you should volunteer at the Library. You would be a favorite there, I’m sure!”

“What’s this all about, Marie?”

“Have you met the new Librarian? Mrs. Smoogle retired due to health reasons a couple of weeks ago and now there is a new Librarian. I know you’ll like her. And she’s going to love you!” The object of the Librarians interest was clear from the way Marie was using both hands to bring him back to a full hard-on. They had only had time to fuck three times this afternoon and she wanted another bout.

“Alright,” he told her. “I’ll check it out. Now do you want to titty-fuck or sixty-nine?”

As it happened they had time for both.

And the next day Dwayne met the Librarian.

Ms. Teatsworthy was a petite woman that seemed to be in her forties or fifties. She was alway smiling which made for a big change from the dour Mrs. Smoogle.

Ms. Teatsworthy was built like a bowling ball. She stood perhaps two inches over five feet and today she wore a blazer, white blouse with a poofy bandana at the neck. Dwayne had by now had enough experience to recognize that she was attempting to downplay her figure. It was, to an extent, successful. But he could tell that she had an amazing top-heavy figure. Why…

“Dwayne, could you please stop sorting those books and give me a hand in my office,” she asked interrupting his thoughts.

“Of course, Ms. T.” that was the nickname that all of the students used for Ms. Teatswothy. “I’ll be right with you.” He stacked the rest of the books on a nearby cart and followed her into her office.

“I hate to bother you, you’ve been such a great help, but I need assistance of a rather personal nature. I hope you won’t mind?” She was sliding off her bandana and then began to unbutton her blazer.

Putting the blazer over the back of her chair she then started to unfasten her blouse. As she slowly undid one button after another more and more of her cleavage became visible. There was, as he had suspected, a LOT of cleavage. He was frankly staring as he watched to see what was hidden under her clothing.

He gave a startled gasp as she doffed her blouse. The fact that she was not wearing a bra made the sight even more incredible! This woman was built beyond imagination! Her breasts were SO big! As he watched her magnificent boobs quivered and shook, bounced and shimmied as she moved to sit in her desk chair.

Her amazing ovoids hung, wider than her hips and well past her navel! These were not the sagging, flabby breasts that one might expect of someone of her age! No, these were proud beauties with exceptional depth and projection! Dwayne considered for a moment that they might be implants! But that was unlikely for a Librarian. Ms. T. could have made a fortune on the circuit but she chose to work in a high school library.

Dwayne re-examined her amazing pulchritude. Her bosom was incredible. Each one stuck out proudly, well over a foot in front of her groin. And they overhung a waist that was trim and relatively slender. As she sat in her chair her massively majestic mams over-filled her lap. They reached beyond her knees and were piled several feet high!

“Jesus, you have gold lies videotape izle the biggest tits I’ve ever seen!” he choked out.

“Watch your language, young man,” responded Ms. T. sternly. “I do not have ‘The biggest tits you’ve ever seen!’ Regretfully, I have been cursed with an over abundance of mammiferouse tissue. It has been a constant source of aggravation and trouble for me since I was twelve years old and only a 28 Double-D! Ever since I have been subjected to the most crude, rude and unwelcome attention from others!

“Over the years I have developed a course of treatment that minimizes my discomfort and physical aggravation. You will help me in the course of this treatment!” Her tone told him that she would brook no contradiction from him.

“Now, what I need you to do to begin is to massage my shoulders. The excessive weight of these massive mammary glands causes a lot of physical stress, and massage is the only relief that works. So get to it. And make sure that your hands are warm. I detest being touched by cold hands!”

Stepping behind her, he made sure to tuck his hands under his armpits to make sure that they were warm. It seemed to have worked as she made no objection as he started to gently massage the muscles of her shoulders and upper back. He noted as he worked that her muscles were defined and strong. And very tense.

“You can be a bit more aggressive,’ she told him. “Deep tissue massage is the best approach, I’ve found. And apply some of this oil as you work. That is also helpful!” She handed him a bottle that was in her desk drawer.

Dwayne worked assiduously for ten minutes before she called a stop to the massage.

“Alright, that’s enough. The next step is to provide a vigorous inter-mammary massage. Just let me…” she reached for the bottle of oil which was now almost completely empty and dumped what remained of it into her colossal cleavage. Using both hands she smoothed the warm liquid onto and between her pontoons. Her breasts jostled against each other, swaying back and forth, being lifted and dropped as she worked. He could hear them slap upon the top of her desk. His dick was rock hard as he watched her.

“Alright, now make a fist and push your hand in between my mammaries from the front. Make sure that you are creating movement, that as you thrust back and forth, that you are causing the flesh to be jostled and vibrated!”

Yes, Ma’am. I can’t believe I’m fisting your giant boobies! Sexy!”

“NO! Not sexy, therapeutic! You are not ‘Fisting my giant boobies!’ You are just providing an inter-mammary massage. The passage of your hand and arm, the vibration and quivering that is produced helps to ensure that my ridiculously over-large mammary glans remain firm and do not droop excessively! Without this treatment I would present an unacceptable spectacle, jostling, bouncing, heaving up and down as I walk. This treatment helps to minimize that unwanted attention! It has proven to be so successful that I don’t need to wear a brassiere under most conditions” She seemed pleased to be able to tell him that.

“I will hold them up for you so that you can get the proper angle and the best penetration to the depths of my cleavage. You must reach as deep as you can as you are pumping your hand and arm as far between my bosom as you can reach. Try to reach the bottom, if possible! If your fist can touch my sternum that would be optimal! But do not despair if you can’t. Most of the people that help me with these exercises are not able to do so!”

For a moment Dwayne wondered who else had assisted Ms. Teatsworthy in these endeavors. But that thought faded away as he eased his balled up fist and lower arm into the crevasse between her enormously over-sized megalithic mountains of mammary tissue.

For the next several minutes Dwayne fisted, that is, massaged, the largest pair of breasts he had ever experienced. As he watched her cleavage swallow his entire hand and forearm he wondered just how big her bust was. Over sixty inches was his estimate. She was larger even than Marie! Much larger!

Harder and faster he worked. As she had predicted he was not able to reach the bottom of her cleavage. He was getting close, he knew but not quite getting there.

“This isn’t working.” she said as she let her breasts hang freely in front of her. “You are doing fine. I admire your devotion to your task. But my hands and arms are not enough to maintain control of my sixty-eight inch bust, as you work. We need to find another solution!” Her eyes glanced here and there as if looking for some unexpected solution. At last they settled upon the immense tubular bulge that had been pulsing behind his denim jeans since he started. A stain of pre-cum had formed on his pant leg below his groin and was spreading slowly in all directions.

“Perhaps if you were to also assist in preventing my overly massive melons from wiggling, jostling and shaking in response to your massaging. grind izle Perhaps then this would go better. You can use your hands and forearms to help me hold these enormous mounds steady and use this…” Her hands were slowly stroking up and down his penis as she spoke. “Yes, this will work.”

Was it possible she didn’t know she was licking her lips as she unfastened his belt and pulled his pants down to his knees?

“Yes, see? The corpus spongiosum, in its current enlarged state, is almost exactly the size of your fist while the penile shaft extends the length of your forearm! This will serve well in replacing your forearm and fist between my ridiculously over large mammary glands!” Her use of scientific vocabulary did not quite hide the light in her eyes as she gazed in wonder at his above average sized penis.

“Well, don’t just stand there, Dwayne. Place it here between my mega-mams and begin thrusting it back and forth while also helping me to corral my overly abundant masses of flesh.” Her tone was clinical but her eyes were alight as she stared at his dick. She was breathing heavily as she held her breasts far enough apart that he was able to slide his rock-hard cock into her depths. She began cooing in pleasure as he shoved it into her cleavage. Her flesh swallowed his without a trace.

For twenty minutes he thrust himself tirelessly between her breasts. He came twice but neither of them mentioned it. He never lost his stiffness. The feelings that he was getting as he worked assured that he never even started to go limp.

They just kept up the activity. The additional fluid increased the ease and speed with which Dwayne was able to thrust himself back and forth between her massive melons! Sixty-eight inches she had told him! Her cleavage had to be more than two feet deep he felt. More than five feet around! Her breasts were probably bigger around than she was tall! Amazing! Firm, milky white and topped with shot-glass size nipples that were quivering with excitement as he worked!

“Alright,” Ms. Teatsworthy said after a while. “I think we can stop now. Twenty minutes is plenty of time. Let’s call it a day. Can I offer you a ride home? It’s the least I can do after all the help you’ve been. But I need to stop at home on the way. I have to change for my date tonight! You won’t mind, will you, Dwayne?”

“I suppose not,” he responded as he drew his pants up.

Minutes later they pulled up in front of Ms. T’s apartment building and together they rode the elevator to the top floor. If she stood a little too close to him in the elevator it didn’t bother him. Feeling the side of her unholy immensity sliding against him was just so exciting!

“Wait here while I change,” Ms. Teatsworthy instructed him. “Help yourself to a soda from the fridge if you would like.” She moved from the room, her big firm rump jouncing as she walked away.

A few minutes later Ms. T. returned to the living room. Upon seeing her, Dwayne choked on his soda! She was wearing a red dress. It was sleeveless. Foot wide swaths of fabric ran from the waist of the dress up and over her Brobdingnagian mounds and were tied behind her neck. Although they were at least a foot wide, they didn’t completely cover the width of her breasts. Flesh could be seen on each side of the pieces of fabric and her cleavage was completely exposed! He could have seen her navel except that her prodigious bust completely blocked the view! Her mammoth tits hung to the level of her hips. As she twirled in front of him he saw that the dress was backless! Her well toned back was bared to just above her butt cheeks! He could see her boobs from the back as they were much wider than her torso! The sides of her majestic tits were bared, of course, and he could see just how incredibly large they were from every angle.

Her hardened nipples were poking thru the fabric, seeking attention.

“I like to dress hot for a hot date,” she purred. “I believe in letting my date know exactly how the evening is going to go.”

She had slithered up to Dwayne and was gently stroking his chest as she pressed against him.

“And I can assure you, Dwayne, tonight’s date is going to be fucking hot!” Her hand was tracing large circles over his groin. His dick was throbbing and growing larger as she allowed her more than gigantic tits to rub against him!

“Who’s the lucky guy?” he stammered.

“It’s you, Dwayne. You are the lucky guy! This afternoon was just a warm up! And I thought it was cute the way that you went along with my gag about massaging my more than gigantic breasts! Hahahaha! That was so much fun! And you made my titties feel so good! We can do that again sometime if you want!”

“That was a gag? I really thought…” He was a little embarrassed that he hadn’t tumbled to the trick she had played on him.

“Oh, honey, don’t give it a thought. Marie told me that I would like you and she was right!”


“She is my niece and she told me almost everything gunthers millions izle about you. I had thought that she might have exaggerated but I found out that she was telling me the truth! I’ve never met your equal! You have more equipment than any other two men I’ve experienced! Which is only fair since I have twice the equipment of any other woman I’ve ever met!”

She was licking her lips as she continued to caress his rapidly growing cock. And at the same time she was pressing herself against him harder and harder. He could feel her extraordinary nipples thru her dress and his shirt.

“I want you in every possible way! You are more man than anyone I’ve ever met! I want to feel your hands on my gigantically large breasts! I want to feel you squeeze my rump and suck my nipples! Now, come on and let’s get to it, honey!”

She had already loosened his belt and while he tried to collect his wits she pushed his pants down to his ankles. “This is going to be so much fun,” she moaned as she ran her hands up and down his rock hard penis shaft. “My God, you have a big dick! More than a foot long and thicker than my ankle! I can’t wait to see what this feel like between my pussy lips!”

“So, Dwayne, do you like big tits?” She asked. “How do you feel about tits like mine? Do you enjoy running your hands over them? Feeling them bounce and wiggle as you squeeze and fondle them?”

“God, yes, Ms Teatsworthy! You have the most amazing, sexy breasts I’ve ever seen! I’ve met some really well endowed women recently but you take the prize! So big and firm and, well, HOT!”

“Why thank you dear! I think you should call me Tina. My given name is Titiana after my Greek aunt. But everyone calls me Tina.”

“Okay, Tina, and yes, I love these big tits of yours. Look how they wiggle and bounce as I play with them! So much fun!” He was lifting, dropping and making them swing from side to side as they were talking.

“And it feels good to me for you to do it! Now lean over here and suck on my nipples!” She pulled the fabric to the outside of her bosom so that he had access to both of her super-big nipples. “Oh, that feels so good! More, harder! Lick them and suck them! Pull them into your mouth and tease me with your tongue! You do that so well! I love the way you tease my titties!

“You can be a little rougher! Chew on ’em. Bite them, honey! Oh, you’re right on the verge of making me cum just from playing with my horrendously huge hooters!.”

She was stroking his hard-on while he devoted himself to exploring the largest tits he had ever met. They were warm and firm to his touch. He was pressing his face against them and between them. Pushing in from the outer curves he covered himself with her extraordinary boobs.

“Let me climb on, honey. I’ve been wanting to see what it feel like ever since Marie described you to me. I thought she was kidding! But you seem to be even bigger than she told me!”

With-out waiting for a reply she pushed him back onto the sofa and clambered onto his lap. With her legs on either side of him his dick stood up between them. His cock head rested higher than her navel. In order to get it into her she had to stand up on the cushions, reach between her legs and position him between her lips.

With a soft gasp she started to drop down. At first she made no progress. His dick head was too large for her to take into her cunt. She pressed and pushed herself harder and harder. Finally starting to make some progress she leaned forward and kissed him as hard as she could.

She was panting into his mouth while lifting up and dropping down. Letting her weight do the work, she was making slow progress.

“So good, Dwayne! So fucking thick! So hard! It feels so good! How much farther do I have to go?” She reached down to explore the distance from her pussy lips to his ball sack.

“Oh, my God! There has to be a foot more of your gigantic penis for me to take! I don’t believe it! So much more to go! And I’m going to cum already! I’m going to cum all over this big dick! Oh, yes, yes, yes! I’m cumming! Feels so good!”

Her pelvis was twitching and pulsing on his dick. She was gasping in pleasure as her cunt contracted and relaxed around him. It was all he could do to not join her in orgasm. But he held on, holding her to him while she convulsed in ecstasy.

He pulled her extraordinary tits to his mouth and was licking and sucking her while she caught her breath. She smiled at him while watching him pay so much attention to her tits. She loved that he was focused on her tits! They were her pride and joy. She enjoyed the reaction so many men had to her fabulously large breasts. And Dwayne was really into it, she could tell!

“Oh, it feels so good! Roll me over and drive your huge cock as deep into me as you can! I don’t know if I can take it all but I want to try! Come here!” she wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him over on top of her.

She kept her legs around him while he took up the task of working his big dick into her sopping wet cunt.

He could feel her pussy walls trying to clutch him. It felt like many hands squeezing him, encouraging him to fuck her harder and harder!

He drove himself into her harder and faster. In a couple of minutes he had reached the half way point and Tina convulsed into another amazing spasm of ecstasy!

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