Educating John Ch. 03

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Ch. 3: Wednesday

Val was on a high! She could hardly believe that her sex life was re-awakening and she wanted to make the most of it. She felt like a teenager again and she couldn’t wait for John to get home from school. She didn’t want to shock him or do anything to put him off her, but at the same time, she had the urge to behave like a slut for him. She was completely captivated by his superb cock and couldn’t wait to hold it again. She blessed the day that Helen had called for her help and she was determined to give John as much sex education and variety as possible before she returned.

In keeping with her desire to be sluttish, Val wore her sexiest see-through blouse for when John came in from school. The neckline plunged to just above waist, revealing her breasts almost completely and what wasn’t revealed could clearly be seen through the transparent material. She also wore her shortest skirt, the hem of which only reached part way down her shapely thighs and showed her gorgeous legs off to perfection. As it was her intention to let him see her in the nude for the first time, she had left off her panties to facilitate things later on. She looked simply stunning and from the waist up, she might as well have been completely naked.

When John arrived, Val opened the door wide and stood framed in the doorway. John was stunned by her appearance and let out a gasp of delight at her sexy appearance.

They went indoors and after shutting the door, she greeted him with a big hug and a long lingering kiss. Her lips tasted wonderful and as he held her to him, he could feel the softness of her breasts against his chest. Val slipped her tongue between his teeth, deep into his mouth, moving it around in exploration. Val’s body melted to him as he put his arms around her in that comforting embrace. She felt his erection pressing against her thighs and after a few moments of hugging and kissing he held her at arm’s length and looked her up and down.

“My God Val, you look absolutely gorgeous today. I can see your breasts through your blouse and they look wonderful. Gosh they make me so excited.” he said and his cock immediately started to harden.

“Thanks John,” she replied “it’s nice to know that at my age, my bosom hasn’t lost its attraction … at least not to you.”

As they walked through to have their meal, he put his right arm around her waist and with his left, he reached round and gripping the front of her blouse, he pulled it to one side to one side, exposing one of her breasts. He cupped it in his hand, bouncing it up and down and rubbing his thumb over the stiffening nipple.

Then he whispered, “God, you feel so nice Val. I’ve been waiting all day to do this… you don’t mind me doing this do you?”

“No of course not … I told you last night, they’re yours to play with whenever you feel like it. You can help yourself to them anytime and anywhere you want only be sure that if we are outside when you get them out, there’s nobody around to see us.”

Val smiled inwardly as he stroked her breast and felt her nipple hardening against the palm of his hand. No longer was he the shy innocent boy she had taken in a few days before and she was pleased that he was now becoming sufficiently confident to start taking the initiative. She reached down and stroked his crotch, which was already bulging then pulling down his zip, she reached in and deftly pulled out his huge, semi-erect cock. They walked into the dining room, tit and cock in hand.

As they ate, they remained in that erotic state of partial undress, gazing at each other in mutual appreciation. After their meal, she prepared some drinks and they retired to the lounge again. She looked so sexy with one tit still exposed and John couldn’t take his eyes off it and as they made light conversation for a while, she hungrily gazed at his jutting cock. Then after she had replenished their drinks, she put on some dreamy music and sat down beside him.

She put her arm around his neck and as he turned his head towards her, she kissed him long and passionately again, her agile tongue snaking between his teeth and roaming around his mouth. As he sucked on her tongue and stroked it with his own, his desire got the better of him. He could wait no longer and pulling her blouse wide open, he exposed her other breast and lifted it out. She looked wonderful sitting with both breasts bare and he stared at them lovingly then he fondled them, squeezed them and pinched the stiffening nipples.

“God, you look so good sitting like this Val. I’m mad about your breasts and I don’t think I shall ever get tired of looking at them.”

“I know John, and like I said, they’re yours whenever you want them. I’m glad you like them so much because I love having them played with. Now it’s my turn.”

Val let her hand rest on his rapidly growing cock and rubbed it, watching intently as it grew stiff. She stroked it for a while, mesmerised by the sheer size of it and gazed at it, fascinated, as once again, she slowly pulled back the foreskin. She loved to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri watch the swollen head emerging. She worked her hand back and forth for a few strokes until his cock was at full erection then she sat squeezing it gently as a bead of precum appeared from the eye.

She knew he was on a short fuse and very slowly and gently masturbated him, working on his rigid shaft knowing he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. After a few more quicker and firmer strokes, his cock pulsed and she watched with delight as he shot several strong jets of warm creamy cum over her hand and up on to her exposed breasts.

“Oh John, that was so quick. I guess I have the right knack, eh?”

“Oh you certainly know how to turn me on Val. Damn, I didn’t want to come so soon but I just couldn’t stop it.”

“Never mind John I wanted you to come quickly. Now I can go on playing with your cock and you will be able to hold out much longer before you come again.”

She reached for a tissue and cleaned them both up and sat and watched, with equal fascination, as his cock slowly softened.

“Was that good for you John? I love to get your cock really hard and make you come. Do you like me to play with your cock and make you come? Tell me how it makes you feel.”

“It’s something I can’t put into words Val. I love the cool softness of your fingers and it’s so exciting when you work my foreskin up and down. You are the first person who has ever done that and when you make me come, it’s as if all my loving soul is pouring out to you through my cock.”

“Oh John, that’s so poetic and I’m glad I can please you so much.”

She stopped stroking him and let his cock rest in her hand as she sat and admired it. It was a magnificent specimen and she couldn’t wait to feel it up inside her but he wasn’t quite ready for that yet. Then her thoughts were interrupted.

“Val, would you mind if I ask you something?”

“No of course I wouldn’t. You can always ask me anything you like … what is it?”

“Well you know how I love to look at your bare breasts don’t you?”

“Yes John, I had rather got that impression.” She said smiling broadly.

“Well … well I wondered if … oh gosh, I don’t know how to ask you.”

“Look, you can ask me anything John … anything at all. So come on … don’t be afraid. What’s on your mind?”

“Well, I’ve never seen a naked woman and I wondered if you would let me see you.”

Without realising it, John had played right into her hands. She had fully intended to let him see her naked and she was glad the initiative had been taken from her. She had been wondering how to approach the subject without appearing too bold. She gave him a broad smile of reassurance.

“You really are a naughty boy John, but if that’s what you really want John, of course I will. I’d like to see you naked too, so why don’t we do it together? While I go and fetch us some more drinks why don’t you get undressed for me and when I get back, I’ll do the same for you.”

While Val went into the kitchen, he quickly took off his clothes and sat naked and self-conscious, impatiently waiting for her to return. She looked very sexy in just her mini skirt with her bare breasts swinging freely around but he was impatient to see her completely nude. As she bent to put John’s drink down on the table beside him her tits dangled tantalisingly before him again.

“That’s better John. You look nice without clothes, but don’t be shy. Uncover your cock … I want to see it.”

He reached up to fondle her dangling tits and as he took his hands from his lap, his cock stood rigidly to attention.

“Oh John, you are getting hard again. What has caused that I wonder…. is it because you are feeling my breasts or are you waiting for something else?”

He made no reply but his eyes never left her tits as she stood up before him. Then she reached for his hands and pulled him to his feet in front of her. Quickly she hooked both her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt, pushed it down and stepped out of it. Before John could get a good look at her, she pulled him to her, hugging him, kissing him and mashing her tits against his chest. She felt his cock harden against her and opening her legs, trapped it between her thighs. They hugged and stroked each other for a while then Val whispered into his ear.

“Does it feel nice to hold me like this? Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Do you want to see me now that I’m naked? Here you are … have a good look and I hope you are not disappointed.”

She stepped back a few paces and stood proudly before him so that he could see her in the nude for the first time. He gazed at her heaving breasts with their hard nipples then quickly lowered his eyes over her smooth flat belly and down to her pussy. From where he was standing, he could see that her bulging mound was completely smooth. He could see her puffy outer lips and the deep cleavage between them, the sight of which was lost between her closed thighs. He was surprised to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri see that it looked as smooth and as soft as a baby’s albeit larger and much more exciting.

John was almost speechless with excitement, but finally managed to blurt out “Oh Val … oh you look so beautiful … but … but..”

“What’s the matter John? Isn’t this what you wanted … to see me naked? Well here I am. Now you can see all of me, can’t you?”

She knew what he was after but she wanted to tease him a little more. She knew that if she kept him waiting, then when she did let him see her pussy, he would appreciate it all the more.

“Well not really … oh Val I don’t know how to say this but I can’t see … you know … everything..”

She smiled at him. “I know what you want John … I’m only teasing you. You want to see my pussy don’t you?”

“Y..y..yes I do … I really do Val. I’d give anything to see a woman down there.” He blurted out nervously.

“Well if it means so much to you, I suppose I had better let you see it. You are old enough now to know what a woman’s vagina looks like. Go and sit down on the sofa and I’ll show it to you.”

She took her drink across the room and sat in the armchair facing him. She began to fondle her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh and pulling and twisting her nipples. Then, looking him straight in the eye, she slowly opened her legs.

John sat back sipping his drink and when he saw her legs opening, his gaze was drawn automatically up between her fleshy thighs. He could see the deep crack of her pussy between the smooth pouting outer lips. He was simply speechless and as he gazed, and his cock started to rise as he stared in silence.

Slowly and deliberately, Val spread her legs wide enough for John to have a clear view of her cunt, which was now wet and swollen with excitement. She felt almost sorry for his obvious nervousness as he sat gazing at her.

Eventually, she opened her legs wide and exposed herself to him completely. Her outer lips were swollen and pouting and he could just see tips of her inner lips. They glistened with the copious flow of juices that oozed from between them and after what seemed like an eternity, she spoke.

“Now can you see my pussy John? I know how you’ve been dying to see it and I’m going to let you into a little secret. I’ve been dying to show it to you.”

“Oh Val, I’m speechless with admiration and gratitude. My God, you are just wonderful. Your pussy looks beautiful and I can’t believe you are letting me see it. Everything about you thrills me more and more.”

“Would you like to have a closer look? I know this is the first pussy you’ve seen and I want you to remember it forever. Come over here and kneel between my legs and let me show you all its secrets.”

John was across the room in a flash, his cock now rock hard and waving bout like a ramrod. He knelt between Val’s legs and had a clear close-up view of her cunt. From between the swollen puffy outer lips her fleshy inner lips were protruding flaccid, long and moist like pale pink petals with darker brown outer edges. They were slightly open with moist inner flesh showing between. As he stared, he could see the pink tip of her clitoris nestling within he folds of its fleshy hood. As he stared in awe, Val took hold of her inner lips, pulling them out and stretching them then she held them apart so that John could see the entrance to her wet cunt.

“Look John … look I’m holding it open for you so that you can look inside my pussy. Can you see John? Can you see up inside me? Does it excite you to look at my cunt? I think it does because your cock is really big and hard now”

John took in every detail of every contour of Val’s fleshy wet hole as she stroked it and fondled it and opened it up for him.

John’s cock was now rock hard as looked into the moist pink cavity. Unconsciously he started to masturbate and almost immediately he knew he was about to lose control.

“This is unbelievable Val. I never thought a woman’s pussy could be so beautiful. I’m so thrilled, I think I’m going to come just looking at it.”

“Oh it’s so nice for me knowing that I’ve had that effect on you but don’t make yourself come. Lie back and let me do that for you. You can see my pussy again later.” She said.

John leaned back on his elbows as Val reached down and started to work on his cock. He was now so close to the point of no return that as soon as she fondled his balls, she felt them tighten and he started to come.

She watched the first jet erupt from the eye then held his foreskin hard back and massaged his balls as they emptied with several huge jets, which she directed on to her tits. When his ejaculations had ceased, she massaged the sticky fluid into her tits, massaging them until it had all been absorbed.

“Oh thank you Val … I needed that so badly and it’s so much better when you do it for me.”

As John relaxed and got his breath back, Val got up and went into the kitchen for more drinks. güvenilir bahis şirketleri John couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked out and again as she returned. After all, this was the first time he had ever been near to a naked woman and he ogled every detail of her superb body.

Val sat down again, took a long gulp of her drink and putting the glass down on the table, she sat back in her chair and smiled at him.

“Well that was a little bit of fun which I didn’t expect John and but it was nice. So now we’ve had a little interlude, I suppose you want to carry on where we left off.”

“Yes please Val.”

“Well here you are then. Have a good look and enjoy it.”

Val sat back and eased her bottom forward towards the edge of the seat. Then she opened her legs wide as John knelt between them for a better view. He drank in the glorious sight, letting his gaze wander back and forth from her smooth softness of her inner thighs, to her pussy lips, up over her mound of Venus then over her flat smooth belly to her breasts.

“I want to show you something very important that you ought to know about a woman’s pussy John. I don’t suppose you know what a woman’s clitoris is, do you?”

“Well no, not really … I’ve only heard other boys at school talk about it.”

“Well look closely and I’ll show you.”

She made a ‘V’ with her fingers and pulled back the fleshy folds of the hood, which was partially covering her clit until it stood out like the tip of her little finger.

“There, can you see it John? That little button which you can see just sticking out is my clitoris and that is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body.”

And as she spoke, she dipped her finger of her other hand into her wet cunt. When she withdrew it, it glistened with moisture, which she gently rubbed over the tip of her exposed clit.

John knew nothing about the female genitalia and until now he had no Idea what a clit was. But as he watched Val coaxing hers out for him, his ignorance was now satisfied and he was fascinated.

“Oh yes, Val, I can see it. It sticks out almost like a tiny little cock doesn’t it?”

“Yes, I suppose it does. Would you like to touch it?”

“Oh Val, can I please?”

In spite of having it so temptingly offered to him, he was still quite unsure of himself and would never have touched it without her permission. Val realised this and encouraged him lovingly.

“Yes, of course you can. Put your finger on the tip and move it around but be gentle.”

He nervously reached forward and touched the tip. The first contact was like an electric shock, making Val recoil with pleasure. John immediately pulled away.

“Oh I’m sorry Val, did I hurt you?”

“No, not at all. The first touch always makes me jump so if I jump when you touch me again, don’t stop. You won’t hurt me, I promise.”

Val held back the hood forcing out the little pink button as John gently put his finger on the tip again and started to rub it around. As he continued, she felt the familiar pleasurable stirrings deep within her womb and she knew that before very long, he would make her come. Her clit started to grow and protrude still further and as it grew, so did her arousal.

“I think its getting bigger Val. Gosh, it’s really sticking out now.”

“Yes I know John. Just like your cock, it grows if you play with it. Like I said, it’s the most sensitive part of a woman’s pussy and it really is arousing me. Playing with it is what makes a woman come most quickly and if you play with mine much longer, you’re going to make me come. I told you last night I would let you make me come. Would you like that John? Would you like to make me come?”

“Oh Val, I’d love it but you’ll have to tell me what to do though. Do you really think I can do it?”

“Don’t worry, all you have to do is keep touching my clit like that. Just keep on stroking and rubbing, gently but firmly. Oh yes, that’s right … now try to hold it between your finger and thumb and stroke it like you would jerk yourself off.”

He gently rubbed his finger over the shiny tip, mesmerised as he watched it grow bigger until it was sticking out at least half an inch. Then when it was fully erect and firm, he gripped it and worked it as she had asked.

Val was now very worked up. She couldn’t remember when she had last had a man make her come and she knew that it wouldn’t take much more stimulation to bring her to a full orgasm. She started to stroke her breasts and tease her nipples as John deftly manipulated her swollen clit.

“Oh, that feels so good and I can feel it starting. Will you do something else for me please John? It will help me to come quicker and harder.”

“Yes of course … I’ll do anything you want.”

“Push two fingers up inside me” she whispered fiercely, releasing her nipples and pulling her engorged labia apart. “I’ve opened it up for you so push your fingers in and move them around inside me.”

John slid two fingers up into her soaking wet hole. His erection was now rampant as he continued to manipulate her swollen clit with his thumb. Val pushed her cunt on to his fingers meeting every thrust and soon, she felt her orgasm welling up deep inside her. She flexed her vaginal muscles furiously, milking his fingers as he thrust them in and out and twisted them around inside her.

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