Eight Candles for Eight Rides


*This story is a work of fiction. All resemblances to any person are purely coincidental. All rights reserved by author.*

Special thanks to my “partner in crime” (and other things,) author NotReallySure.


Deuce opened the simple blue card to find a pair of Disneyland tickets inside. He looked up at his girlfriend, Rachel, with a big smile on his face. “Baby, it’s only the first night of Hannukah! You should be saving the big presents for later!”

“Oh, believe me, the big present is coming AT Disneyland.” Rachel flashed him that wicked smile that he loved, and wandered off to the bedroom. Delighted and bewildered, he followed her…

Deuce and Rachel had been together a few years, ever since their third year at college. People smiled when they saw them together. They were constantly smiling at each other, or holding hands, or in that sweet physical contact where you can just tell that two people love each other and are completely comfortable together. Deuce had a tall, rather slim build, with eyes that never seemed like they could choose whether to be green or brown or blue. Rachel was shorter and curvier, with brown hair and blue-shaded eyes as ever-changing as Deuce’s. He appeared rather quiet and serious; she was smiles and light. He was Orthodox, she went with whatever made her happy. He’d always been a bit on the conservative side sexually, but Rachel brought out a creativity and adventurousness that he never knew he had.

The day Rachel picked for them to go to Disneyland started dismally. Thunderstorms, pouring rain the whole night before and into the early morning. It was still raining when they left Rachel’s apartment to go to the park. “Are you sure you want to go in this? Half the rides will probably be closed,” Deuce said, trying to be practical.

Don’t worry, the rain will drive the locals away and we’ll have the park to ourselves. Couldn’t be more perfect for your last present.”

Rachel was right. The steady rain lightened to a light drizzle. No hope of sun, but that was okay, Deuce always felt like Rachel was all the sun he needed. The park was near deserted. Of course, the fact that it was a weekday in winter helped. They parked the car and took the tram into the park. “Our first ride, ” Deuce joked.

“But not your last,” Rachel replied, kissing him as they sat in the tram, tucked up close to one another.

They entered the park and walked up Main Street, looking at all the holiday decorations. Without thinking about it, they walked across the drawbridge and into Fantasyland. “Where to first?” Deuce asked.

“Let’s go walk through Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It will be nice and dry in there.”

“The castle, really? Is there anything besides the little shops?” Deuce asked, thinking Rachel would want to go on some of the bigger rides.

“Yes, silly. This is what you get for coming with an OC native — lots of little secret places to play today.” Rachel said. Deuce wasn’t sure why she was so mysterious today, but just decided to go with it.

Rachel turned and sashayed up the stairs just inside the entrance. They read the first tableau together, and then Rachel walked up the next flight of stairs ahead of him. Deuce hung back. He loved watching Rachel walk up stairs, her hips slightly swaying, ass bouncing as she moved. Today she was wearing a pea coat that seemed to fit and flair perfectly along her curves. Her skirt peeked out just a couple inches below the coat, giving way to her sleek legs. For not the first time today, Deuce wondered why the hell she would wear a skirt in this weather. Not that he was complaining, given the view above him.

“Coming or just admiring the view?” Rachel joked, tossing her bangs aside as she looked back at him. Deuce shook his head and followed her upstairs. “Definitely admiring the view,” he laughed.

Deuce kept pausing to read the pages of the story, and falling behind. He was listening to the song “Once Upon a Dream” and realized that Rachel had been out of sight for a bit. He walked down the corridor, and after not seeing her anywhere, turned back to find her sitting in an alcove quite out of the way.

“I love this song,” she said, standing and pulling Deuce up against her. Before he knew it, they were quietly waltzing in the alcove, as perfectly adorable as Princess Aurora and Prince Philip could have ever been. Well, until Rachel pulled Deuce tighter and put her hands under his jacket, and he instinctively let his hands roam lower along her back…

“Have you never thought about making this the happiest place on earth?” Rachel whispered in his ear mischievously.

Deuce pulled back and looked at her, slightly surprised. Was she suggesting…before he could finish the thought, Rachel kissed him, deeply. Deuce opened his eyes for a second, confirmed there was no one in sight, and dove into her kisses.

Deuce loved kissing, and he especially loved kissing Rachel. At first their kisses were sweet and soft, her lips gently seeking his. The smell of her skin and hair drew him deeper snowpiercer izle in. Then lips parted and their kisses became more passionate, tongues wrestling, trying to taste and kiss every corner of her mouth. Deuce moved his hands to Rachel’s front, wanting in her coat the way she was in his jacket. Instead, she broke off the kiss, laughing to some joke in her own mind.

“Hey there, we still have all day! Besides, it’s Hannukah; you have at least seven more rides to go.”

Deuce tried to get his breathing (and other parts) under control. “AT LEAST seven??” He thought to himself. “Not sure I’m going to last even one.” This was going to be a long and interesting day.

But Rachel had one more piece of business to take care of before leaving Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. She reached into her shoulder bag and pulled out a box of little colored wax candles.

“What are you going to do with those?” Deuce asked, although he already had a premonition.

“It’s Hannukah, silly. Eight rides, eight candles!” she replied. She took out one red candle and put the rest of the box back in her bag. Placing the candle on a ledge in the darkened room, she looked around to make sure there was no one in sight – this would not be the last time that they would be glad that Disney had relatively few visitors this day – and pulled out a lighter. Flicking it on, she quickly lit the brightly-colored candle. She grabbed Deuce’s hand and ran out, leaving the little candle burning brightly in the darkened corridor behind them.

All thoughts of Princess Aurora and the Evil Maleficent were driven from his head as he ran after Rachel back out into the daylight. The skies were threatening, but the rain had stopped. He caught up with her and grabbed her hand, raising it to his lips. Resisting the impulse to suck a finger in, he kissed it and said, “You’re absolutely crazy! But I love you anyway. So where to next, fairest maiden?”

Deuce had visited Disneyland several times, but he was nowhere near the “park maven” that Rachel was. And even if he had an idea, he knew that it would be foolish to even suggest where to go next. Rachel always had a plan – there was a right way and a wrong way (no, many wrong ways) to spend a day at Disneyland, and she was the unchallenged expert. Especially today – she clearly had planned this out in advance.

Rachel laughed, knowing exactly what was going through his head. “Let me see, so much to do and so little time. What shall we do next…..”

She saw the look of doubt pass over his face. Deuce was so much fun to tease – he was an easy mark. She decided (this once) to take him out of his misery a bit quicker than usual. “Of course I’ve got it all planned! Did you really think otherwise? Now it’s time for us to go flying with Peter Pan.”

The ride was just a few steps away. And there was no line at all – just a few people getting into the “boats” as they pulled up. The bench seats were wide enough for three to squeeze in. Deuce and Rachel were just two, but they squeezed together anyway as they sat down, Deuce’s arm reaching around Rachel to pull her to him.

Deuce’s dirty little secret was that Peter Pan’s Flight was one of his favorite rides. The animated scenes that the riders “flew” through were pretty cheesy by modern standards, but there was a minute there near the beginning where the pirate ship seemed to take off and fly over a nightscape with shining stars, and the illusion of flight never failed to impress.

He was still immersed in the effect when Rachel turned to him and stuck her moist tongue in his ear. “Hey, lover, what about me?” He was suddenly aware of Rachel’s bare leg pressing against his.

They were in a dark place, secluded in their own little boat, hidden away from prying eyes (who would be focused anyway on the scenery unfolding beneath them.) Deuce felt a distinct stirring, as his prick came to life. He shifted his hand downward to free his penis from its bent position, allowing it to inflate slowly under less confining circumstances.

Rachel laughed as she felt him shift, knowing exactly what he was doing. “So what have we here?” she purred, sliding her hand over his crotch to let her fingertips dance across the tented front of his pants.

“Oooooohhh”, he moaned. This was getting out of hand (quite literally). He knew that he had to distract Rachel, or he would be lost right then and there. Besides, this was way too fun to let it end so soon. He shifted around in his seat, sliding his other arm around her sweet neck, and pulled her face to his. His lips found hers and leveraged hers open, sliding his tongue in to taste the juices already gathering. Rachel moaned into his mouth, the vibration running down his spine and directly into his hardening cock. Her tongue dueled with his just as they passed Peter Pan sword-dueling with Captain Hook.

Rachel retained just enough presence to recognize that they were nearing the end of the ride. She broke away from his suctioning lips, gasping; “We’re almost so help me todd izle there! Have to light the candle….”

She pulled out her bag and took a green candle out of the box. Wedging the base of the little candle between the top seat cushion and the rear of the boat, she took out her lighter and flicked it to light the candle just before the ride exited into daylight. As the boat slowed, he grabbed Rachel’s hand and they leaped off the ride together, walking swiftly out the exit.

The empty boat trundled forward to pick up its next passengers. As the people got in, they noticed the little candle burning. Being first-timers at Disney (imagine that?), they figured that this was all part of the experience. The ride operator who helped them in noticed the candle as well, and was left open-mouthed as they vanished back into the dark of Peter Pan’s Flight.

Deuce and Rachel were still laughing as they walked hand in hand, their arms swinging in time. Deuce looked at Rachel, loving the smile on her face and wanting another kiss on the spot. But he satisfied himself with a brush of her upper arm, leaning in to her to press his nose to hers. This day was not to be rushed, but to be savored.

“Two candles down, six more to go!” Rachel giggled. “Our next stop is Pinocchio, although it seems that there is something else growing already…..”

While Peter Pan had been relatively empty, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey was downright deserted. There was no line at all as Deuce and Rachel walked straight on to the ride, taking the front row of their own “wooden mine cart,” with no one in the cart ahead of or behind them.

Deuce had almost managed to get himself under control between rides. But one look at Rachel’s face as she sat next to him, and he was erect again. “God, you are gorgeous!” Deuce said to her, totally immersed in her smile, all but ignoring the vignette unfolding around them. Rachel looked down at the obvious bulge in his pants, and then jokingly whispered in his ear, “Are you telling me lies? Because something is growing, and it’s not your nose.” Deuce shook his head as she gently kissed his cheek, and then nuzzled her nose against his. They slowly began quietly, passionately kissing, each enjoying the feel of the other in the darkness of the marionette show.

Deuce slowly reached his hand inside the lapel of Rachel’s coat. His hand went to the hemline of her soft cashmere sweater and lifted it up just an inch or two, exposing the smooth skin of her side. He gently stroked his fingers along her bare skin. Rachel sighed, enjoying the skin to skin contact as they kissed.

They had moved into Pleasure Island, and the sound of braying donkeys just barely penetrating Deuce’s consciousness.

“Hey love, can you think of another name for donkey?” Rachel teased him, shifting so that her bottom was slightly lifted off the seat.

“Oh, I can think of one, and a sweet one at that,” Deuce replied, his free hand reaching under her skirt to find…nothing. His mind raced, “Nothing?!?” Surely she had to be wearing…

His hand slid along her smooth tush. Before he could make it near her crack, she sat down, trapping his hand under the firmness of her cheek. He couldn’t slide any further and it drove him slightly crazy. Was she wearing a thong or nothing at all? She normally wore cutely patterned briefs, so this was new. A thousand thoughts raced through his lust-filled mind as Rachel sat on his hand.

Rachel, meanwhile, was digging in her bag again. “A blue candle for the Blue Fairy,” she announced. She lit the candle, and then bent over the side of the cart, twisting her body against the lap bar so that she could place the candle on the railing just outside of Geppetto’s bedroom, as close as possible to the Blue Fairy.

As Rachel bent over, her skirt rode up, exposing her lovely pale thighs. Deuce tried as discretely as possible to bring his hand up her thigh and lift her skirt further. He badly wanted to see what, if anything, she was wearing under there. He was too slow, and obviously not as sneaky as he had hoped. Rachel swatted his hand away as she sat back down, a blue candle now glowing brightly behind them.

“You’re just going to have to wait and see…or taste,” Rachel seductively said, kissing him one more time before the last set of stage doors opened and they were facing the entrance cue.

As they walked out of the ride, Deuce pleaded with Rachel, “No more Fantasyland, please? Another one of those minutes in the dark and I think I’m going to burst.” He readjusted his pants, emphasizing his discomfort and strong arousal from the beautiful girl walking next to him.

Rachel laughed, lightly brushing her hand across the tent in his pants before tucking her arm in his, “I think I can agree to that request. How about Tomorrowland? Let’s go see if it’s dried out enough that we can go on the rocket ships!”

The rocket ships?? Deuce wasn’t so sure about that one. He hadn’t been on them since he was sokağın çocukları izle twelve years old. And the ride had gone through so many iterations that he didn’t even know what it looked like now. All he knew was that going round and round in a circle was not usually his idea of fun. “OK, you’re calling the shots,” he mumbled dubiously.

She put her arm around him, hugging him to her. They strolled like that all the way to the entrance to Tomorrowland, synchronizing hips and legs in the way that only lovers can. They arrived there to find that, in its latest iteration, it was now called “Astro Orbiter”, and was really a kids’ ride, starting off on the ground level (instead of riding an elevator up like before). The two-person “rockets” were more sized for a pair of children, or at least an adult and a child – they were a tight squeeze for two adults .

They waited for the ride to stop and the few children onboard to exit, and then walked into the circle and picked a rocket. The ride operator gave them an odd look, but since there was no one else in line, he kept his opinions to himself – he figured that they were “newbies” who didn’t know any better. Deuce caught the look and tended to agree.

He changed his mind when they slipped into the rocket. He stepped in first, settling himself at the rear with his legs outstretched and spread before him. He held up his hand and grasped Rachel’s as she stepped into the car, sitting down between his legs and stretching hers out in parallel with his. Her smooth legs felt REALLY good against his. Then his eyes opened wide as she reached behind her to pull up her skirt.

“What the…?” he spluttered, and then the rocket started to move.

Rachel pulled back on the “stick”, causing the rocket to rise to its full height and placing them high above the crowd. Deuce found himself instantly hard, with his cock tenting the front of his pants. Fortunately, his prick had been tilted up in his pants, so that it could expand freely upward. The force of the ride pressed Rachel’s back into his chest, but it wasn’t his chest he was feeling. His cock aligned perfectly with her ass, riding in her crack like it belonged there.

One part of his mind suggested, “I think she may not be wearing anything underneath!” He slid his hands around her waist, lifting the hem of her skirt and sliding over her thighs, his fingers pressing between them towards her liquid center. Finding no resistance – either physically or otherwise – he let his fingers spread Rachel’s unclad pussy lips and buried his face in her neck, inhaling her sweet-smelling hair.

Deuce let his fingers move into Rachel’s sweet spots. Even with the acceleration of the rocket, he knew just how to turn her on. The previous rides had obviously been getting to her, too, as she was wet beneath his fingers. With one hand he gently stroked around her clit, pressing it against her pelvis, and pulling her even closer against him. With the other he quickly slid two fingers into her pussy and began curling them within her, knowing that the ride was short and he needed to make her come quickly.

Rachel felt stars exploding, and they were not the ones in the ride. She ground her ass back into his crotch, feeling his rigid cock slide up and down within her ass crack. The tip of his cock caught momentarily in her puckering asshole, doubling the pleasure that she was getting from his wandering fingers. Her mouth fell open, panting desire with every breath, matching his hot breath on her bared shoulder.

The two of them were so far gone that they almost missed when the ride started to slow down. Deuce felt himself pulsing with pre-cum, knowing that he was only seconds away. But Rachel slid forward slightly, breaking the delicious contact. Panting, she gasped, “Not yet, darlin!”

The ride was already slowing to a stop. There was no time to light this candle – Rachel reached into her bag, pulled out an orange one, and left it tucked into the front of the rocket. They exited with shaky legs – first Rachel, who then held out a pretty hand to help Deuce climb out, too.

The ride operator saw their legs wobble, and thought that they looked like they were a bit dizzy from the ride. But as they exited past him, he caught a whiff of something – a pungent odor which seemed completely out of place. Deuce and Rachel were gone, vanishing into the crowd, before he realized what it was. He grinned to himself, thinking “Good for you, dude!”

Rachel managed to regain her composure relatively quickly. She intertwined Deuce’s fingers in hers and began to lead him towards the back of Tomorrowland. However, Deuce was having a very hard time regaining control of himself. He was barely able to walk, let alone get his thoughts in order and pay attention to where they were going. He had been so close to cumming! Even the friction of his underwear gently rubbing against his shaft as they walked was maddening. Deuce stopped and pulled Rachel against him before he came in his pants from the sensation.

“My sweet, can you feel how hard I am? I want you so badly right now it hurts. I really don’t think I’m going to last through eight rides,” Deuce whispered in her ear through clenched teeth, wincing slightly as he held back his orgasm, his dick still throbbing in his pants. “I’ve barely got control of him now, and it’s not like I brought a spare pare of pants…”

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