Elevator Proposition


Mark straightened his tie as he waited for the elevator. He felt a little giddy. He had an interview today, his first since he graduated from business school. Everything was happening so fast. Just a week ago he’d been drunk in his cramped dorm room, and now he was wearing a suit and standing in the expansive, immaculate lobby of one of the tallest skyscrapers downtown.

Beth sighed as she waited for the elevator. She felt the unpleasant weight of another workday sinking into her shoulders. Another day of ringing phones, fake smiles, and endless files. Her life was being sucked into the vacuum of corporate monotony. She had been trying to find a better job for almost six months.

Mark heard someone sigh behind him and turned to see a pretty young woman looking wearily at the floor indicator of the elevator. She was just a little shorter than him, with curly brown hair and a round face. She wore a simple blue skirt and a cream-white blouse, with a red patterned scarf around her neck. Mark smiled at her over his shoulder.

A young guy in a suit was smiling at Beth. His suit didn’t quite fit right- the jacket was too big. He was just a little taller than her, with straight black hair and a square face. His smile looked genuine. He must be new, Beth thought. She smiled back at him. The elevator arrived, and they both stepped in.

Jennifer strode towards the bank of elevators. She was late, but she would not run. Let them wait. Her heels beat a swift rhythm against the marble floor. An elevator was just closing its doors ahead of her.

“Hold that!” She commanded. A kid reached out from inside the elevator to stop the door. She breezed into the car. “Thank you.” She said coolly. “23, please.” The kid pressed the button for her floor. There was a young woman in the other corner of the elevator looking bored. Jennifer didn’t recognize her.

A tall blonde woman in a blue power suit was standing between Mark and the smiling girl. She had made him hold the elevator. He wasn’t sure if he and the brunette had just shared a moment. She had smiled at him. Now she was on the other side of the elevator- but everybody did that. You didn’t stand next to someone in the elevator unless you had to. But now he felt silly. She had just smiled at him. That didn’t necessarily constitute a ‘moment’.

The elevator doors slid slowly closed. Beth sighed again. Only a handful of floors stood between her now and her eight and a half hour workday. She would feel every dreary, monotonous moment of it grind slowly past. And then tomorrow, she would do it again. If only she had sick days left. If only something would happen. The office could be filled with toxic gas. Everyone would go home, they’d have to evacuate the building. Beth smiled to herself, thinking of all that she could accomplish with a free day.

She was smiling again, but not at him. Mark realized that he was staring at the girl, and quickly tried to focus. He had an interview in ten minutes. In six… five… four more floors, he would…

The elevator jerked suddenly. And then stopped moving. A red light winked on near the panel of buttons. For a brief second, nobody spoke. Mark looked at the floor indicator, which was stuck between 18 and 19. Jennifer scowled at the red light. Beth looked up and silently breathed:


“What happened?” Mark asked.

“The elevator stopped.” Jennifer replied coolly. “Don’t panic.”

“I’m not, it’s just that I’ve got an interview in like five minutes…” Mark stammered.

“Shut up. Move.” Jennifer pushed Mark out of the way and pressed the intercom button on the panel. “Hello? Our elevator just stopped.” There was silence for another moment. Then, a tinny voice replied:


“Hi. Our elevator has stopped.” Jennifer repeated frostily.

“Uh oh. What car are you in?”

“What what are we in?”

“There should be a number, near the inside of one of the doors…”

“I see it! Eight! We’re in car eight!” Mark shouted.

“Okay Escort Çankaya then. We’ll check it out. Is everybody okay in there?” Jennifer looked quickly at the two other people in the car. The kid was looking pleased with himself for spotting the car number, and the girl was leaning against the far wall with a funny little smile on her face.

“Everyone’s fine. How long is this going to take?”

“Oh. Uh, no more than an hour.”

“Great.” Jennifer said acidly, and pulled out her Blackberry. She hurriedly keyed a number. “Gary? Jen. Can you hear me? I’m stuck in an elevator. Start without me.” She slipped the device back in her pocket and started to open her briefcase. Mark cleared his throat.

“Hey, I forgot to bring my phone, and I’ve got an interview in a few minutes upstairs, do you think I could…” Jennifer shot him an icy stare and then sat down awkwardly in the corner of the elevator, pointedly ignoring him.

“Here, try mine.” Beth offered Mark her cell phone.

“Thanks.” Mark smiled nervously, taking the pink flip-phone. He sat down, rummaging through his pockets until he found the number.

“Thank you. My name is Mark.” Mark returned Beth’s phone. Beth sat down beside him and shook his hand, smiling.

“I’m Beth.”

“Nice to meet you, Beth. Do you work in this building?”


“Are you going to be late or something?”

“Yeah!” Beth smiled, “I am late. Ha!” She laughed. Mark looked at her quizzically. “I hate my job.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. Unless…” She looked at him fixedly. Mark’s smile slipped a little, unsure of what to do about Beth’s sudden scrutiny of him. “Is it your fault, Mark?”

“Uhhh… I don’t think so…”

“Kidding! Sorry, I’m just a little giddy- I’d probably be bored already, if I was at work. But I’m not!” Beth giggled. Mark’s smile returned, full force. She was cute.

“You’re stuck in an elevator! Exciting!” Mark said, laughing with her.

Jennifer looked up from her laptop. The two kids in the other corner of the elevator were giggling. They seemed to be enjoying each other. How cute. Actually, they weren’t all that bad looking. They were pretty young. Jennifer did a silent calculation and then closed her laptop with a sharp click.

“I’ll give you $100 if you fuck each other.”

The bitchy blonde woman in the corner just said something. Mark and Beth looked at her, shocked. Silence hung in the air for a moment.

“Excuse me?” Beth finally asked.

“I will pay you each $100 to have sex, right now.” Jennifer stated frankly.

“What?” Mark asked, totally at a loss. Jennifer reached into her briefcase and found her wallet. Slowly and deliberately, she removed two crisp hundred-dollar bills and laid them on the floor in front of her. “I don’t understand…” Mark began to object.

“It’s very simple. This…” Jennifer patronizingly patted one bill, “Is for you. And this…” She patted the other, “Is for her. To get them, you have sex together, right here.”

“Why are you doing this?” Beth asked suspiciously.

“Look. We’re stuck in here. I’m bored. And you two were probably going to do it, anyway. Admit it, you were going to ask for her number, right kid?” Jennifer asked Mark, mockingly accusing.

“Well…” Mark looked at Beth.

“And you…” Jennifer cut in, “You would have given it to him, right honey?” Beth shrugged, but smiled quickly at Mark. “So, I’m just helping you get to the interesting part. How about it?”

“Umm…” Mark looked at the money, and turned back to Beth, “Do you…”

“Are you…” Beth interrupted, incredulous. They looked at each other. Mark grinned in spite of himself. Beth’s lips were pursed in doubt, but there was a sparkle of mischief in her eyes.

“Yes or no?” Jennifer clamored impatiently. Mark looked back to her.

“I mean, I’ll do it if she…” He began.

“Of course you will. What about you?” She looked pointedly at Beth.

“Okay.” Çankaya Escort Beth said, almost defiantly. She giggled nervously, and bent to pick up the money. Mark watched her with undisguised fascination as she moved.

“Good.” Jennifer said, smiling at them both. Beth playfully tucked one of the bills into Mark’s jacket pocket. Mark stood still and watched her, grinning.

“So… what do…” Mark mumbled, feeling silly as he turned awkwardly to Beth.

“Kiss her.” Jennifer said, pretending to be exasperated. She felt quite pleased with herself, and moved her laptop and briefcase to the side, reclining against the wall of the elevator in a more comfortable position. “Kiss him.” She said, smiling at Beth. Mark started to lean in and then paused.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked Beth in a hushed, serious tone.

“Why? Do you have some tropical STI or something?” Asked Beth as she kicked off her shoes and began pulling her stockings off one at a time.

“I, uh no… I mean I haven’t been tested recently, I just… thought maybe you’re seeing someone? Or…” Mark’s tongue seemed to grow sluggish in his mouth. He couldn’t remember the rest of what he was going to say as Beth unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a light blue bra.

“We don’t have all day, buddy.” Interrupted Jennifer, glancing at her blackberry, “It’s already been ten minutes. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Beth reached out and slid her hands under Mark’s jacket, and as he shrugged out of it their bodies were pressed against each other for just a moment, completely cutting Mark off from all his doubts. Beth noticed the look in his eyes change as she tossed his jacket to the floor and began to loosen his tie. She smiled wickedly as his hands came to rest on her hips and pulled her against him again. His head tilted slightly to the right as he pressed his lips onto hers. As she opened her mouth and found his tongue she could feel him growing hard. Her stomach fluttered; she had never had sex while someone watched, and never in an elevator. And the way Jennifer was looking at them was turning her on.

Mark stepped out of his shoes while his hands found Beth’s breasts. He turned his back to Jennifer and pushed Beth up against the wall of the elevator. She pulled at his shirt as he began kissing her neck while groping her chest. Beth caught Jennifer’s eye and as Mark pushed her against the wall, she let out a moan and bit her lower lip. Jennifer couldn’t have looked away if she’d wanted to. Mark’s hands slipped under the fabric of Beth’s bra, pawing hungrily at her round breasts as his lips traced the soft curve of her neck. She wrapped one of her bare legs around him and pulled him in to her as she continued fumbling with his shirt. Mark’s hands left her breasts for a moment, pulling her bra loose in their haste. He grabbed her beneath her firm ass and lifted her up, pressing into her against the wall so that she could feel his hard cock against her abdomen. Mark groaned softly as he ground into Beth. She wrapped both her legs around him now, feeling his frenzied strength supporting her.

Jennifer was impressed. Mark was lifting Beth up. They were really getting into it, and she felt heat spreading through her body, and her cheeks flushing. She was going to get her money’s worth. She slowly slipped a hand into her pants as she watched Mark thrusting himself into Beth. The look in Beth’s eyes as she glanced back at Jennifer was cloudy with lust. Beth pushed back against the wall and Mark sank to his knees, still gripping her ass. They fell awkwardly together to the floor, and then renewed their attack on each other’s clothes. Beth tore off Mark’s shirt as he groped at her skirt, trying to pull it off her as she began to claw at his belt.

After another moment of fruitless effort, Mark decided to take control and grabbed at both her wrists. Once he had them, he pressed them into the floor above her head, pinning Beth. He leaned down and kissed her hard, driving his tongue into Çankaya Escort Bayan her mouth. She squirmed beneath him, trying to break from his grip- but he outweighed her, and was just a little stronger.

“Hold still.” Mark panted as he broke their rough kiss. He shifted his weight and tried to hold both her wrists with one hand, so that he could fully undress her. She managed to get one of her hands free, and with it Beth pushed against the floor and rolled over on top of Mark, straddling him.

“You hold still.” She breathed, her eyes blazing. Mark drank in the sight of her sitting on him. Her brown hair was tousled, sweeping in dark waves around her pretty face. One of her breasts was hanging out of her tangled bra, soft and round, straining against the blue fabric. Her nipple was standing up, pink and perky. Her stomach heaved with her ragged breath, and her toned legs were flexing as she strove to keep him trapped beneath her.

Mark stared up at her hungrily, putting up a feeble resistance. She took the opportunity to tear his belt out of his pants. Frantically, she pulled his fly down and grabbed the hem of his pants, yanking them and his underwear down as far as she could while still sitting on top of him. His cock sprang up as she pulled his clothes away, full and hard. Without hesitating she scooted herself back down his legs and plunged her mouth down around it.

“Ohhhhhh!” Mark groaned as Beth’s hot lips surrounded his cock. She looked up at him, her pretty eyes hungry, and he watched entranced as his cock disappeared in her mouth. His hands slid over her bare shoulders and found the clasp of her bra, pulling it forward. She slipped it deftly off her shoulders without releasing his cock from her mouth. Mark gasped as her tongue moved inside her mouth, swirling around his head.

Jennifer hadn’t been expecting them to be so enthusiastic. Oral wasn’t a requirement of their 100 dollar payment, but it looked like Beth not only knew what she was doing, but was enjoying it almost as much as Mark was. Beth’s lips were wet, and her eyes closed as she moved farther down, pulling him deeper into her mouth. Mark lay helpless on the floor, and Jennifer was surprised to feel suddenly jealous of him.

But before long Beth needed more. She sat up and moved off him, reaching for her purse. Pulling out a condom, she tossed it on his chest and slipped out of her panties. Mark barely rolled the condom all the way down before Beth kicked one leg over him and reached down to hold his cock and thrust her already wet pussy down on top of him.

As both of them let out a groan Jennifer gasped too, slipping a finger inside herself. She watched Beth grind down onto Mark as she knelt over him, his hands grabbing at her waist, pulling her onto him. They began moving faster, breathing together. Beth let out a high short moan with every thrust. Mark looked up at her, watching the flushed skin of her breasts bouncing. As they went even faster, Beth braced herself against the handrail of the elevator, leaning back to slide herself farther onto him.

“Ohh fuck!” Mark groaned.

“Oh yeah?” Beth moaned in reply, her back arching. One of her hands clutched at her breast, while the other slipped down to finger her clit.

“Fuck yessssss!” Mark propped himself on his elbows to thrust harder into her as his toes clenched. Jennifer came first, watching the two of them fucking each other furiously less than five feet from her. She had two fingers buried in her wet pussy, and gasped breathlessly as her orgasm washed over her. Mark looked over to see Jennifer’s hand moving in her pants and felt himself slip over the edge.

“Oh I’m coming!” He breathed, slamming his hips up beneath Beth. His whole body began to shake as Beth’s moans got higher and higher and her head rolled back on her shoulders. They both groaned and came together, grunting and shuddering and slackening the pace of their movement as they felt each other climaxing.

After a moment Beth slipped of Mark and felt herself flushing all over. She giggled. Mark’s cock still twitched in the air as he lay there. Jennifer’s face was flushed, too, as she smiled at Beth.

“What could I get you to do for another $100?” Jennifer asked, still catching her breath.

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