Ellie Ch. 03


Hiya everyone!! Sorry it’s been so long. But I’m in college and I just started a new job so things are kinda crazy right now. This chapter is by far my favorite. You get to meet a whole cast of wacky characters and you get more insight into the mind of a certain somebody. Once again hope you enjoy. And I promise next time LOTS OF SEX. This just felt like a perfect place to stop.


Elle raced through her school’s parking lot, her black boots stepping into random puddles on the black topped ground. She hated being late to anything and she was rarely late for school. Luckily for her by the time she was dressed and showered Gabriel was gone. He left a note on the fridge telling her and her mom that he went off to work. Elle was surprised he still had a job given his track record for disappearing. But he had cryptically texted her that when he got home they had things to discuss. What she wasn’t sure. Elle thought things between them were very clear. He wanted something taboo and she didn’t want to give it to him.

Elle pulled the silver handle to the door of her school and walked in. Instantly the smell of mixed body sprays hit her. It was obviously the middle of a transition period because kids were all over the halls. Some were in clusters around bright red lockers. Others stood in groups in the middle of the hall. Kids were exiting and entering classrooms and like a typical high school you couldn’t hear a thing because everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs. Elle was happy she only had a couple months left in this place. She walked up to the little round lady sitting at a desk in by the front doors.

“It is rare to see you late for school Elle”

Elle sighed she really wasn’t in the mood to talk “Yeah I know Mrs. Wall but sometimes ya know?”

The lady smiled at her. Something Elle wished she wouldn’t do because her large lipstick heavy lips stretched to reveal lemon yellow teeth. The smile was false. Elle was well aware that this woman was not a fan of her or her brother. “How is your brother doing? His name was Gavin right?”

“Actually his name is Gabriel and he’s fine. Thank you for asking” Elle fought to keep the sneer off her face. She stood there patiently as the woman wrote her a late pass. Once Mrs. Wall handed her the slip Elle smiled at the bitch and walked away. She nearly ran down the music hall to get to her class. There was no way she could be late for her show choir class. The school Elle attended was an arts school rich people in the Hamptons sent their kids. Elle and Gabriel both being said kids. The school was divided up into three parts. One part was the Performing arts section where all the actors and dancers took their classes. The other was the Visual Arts section where the painters and sculptors attend classes. Then there was the Music section where all the musicians and singers were. Elle was a patron of the music section while Gabe had been a part of the Visual Arts. His senior project had been a huge sculpture of Aphrodite blessing the marriage of Cupid and Psyche and the school had turned his project into a water fountain that stood at the front of the school.

Most students picked on discipline and stuck to it but there were some who crossed over into other sections. The student body jokingly referred to their school as Fame which wasn’t too far off the mark. Elle walked into the choir room and instantly felt at home. The room was large with white walls that were covered in painted hand prints. It was tradition at her school when you graduated you got to add your handprint to the wall so you could leave your mark on the school. Five sets of black risers sat upon the grey carpet. In front of those risers were about forty steel chairs lined up in U shaped rows. In the back in the left corner was a wood door that led to her director’s office. Across the room in the right was a door that lead to the music storage room.

The show choir was the best thirty singers in the school. To be a part of this class you had to audition and spots were only open at the beginning of the year after the seniors had graduated. It was a coveted group to be a part of and Elle felt lucky she was one of them. The rest of her class was talking to each other when Elle walked in. She said hi to a couple of people and walked over to the risers where her friends sat. Before she could step on the first riser Hayden jumped up, hopped down the five steps and rocket hugged her. Elle giggled as she was spun around. Hayden was Elle’s show choir partner. With his traditional Asian features coupled with his tall muscular build he was very popular with the ladies. Too bad he was gay.

“Thank goodness you’re here!” He boomed. Once he had placed her feet back on the floor he turned to glare evilly at their friend Paige “You said she wasn’t at school today.”

Paige rolled her eyes “Well she wasn’t in first period so…”

“Whatever Paige you’re dead to me now.” She gave him the middle finger.

Elle put her bag down on the floor “Must you always be so dramatic Hay?”

“Um yes samsun escort hello gay Asian here. You expect me to be outrageous and fabulous. This isn’t hard for me because I am. But what other Gasians are as wonderful as I?”

Elle’s other friend chimed in “So glad you’re so damn modest.”

“Nettina you’re one to talk. Miss I’m definitely going to win a Tony.”

“Wow I’ve been here three seconds and we’re already fighting yay” Elle used heavy sarcasm.

“We’re not fighting it’s just I have to hear this shit at home and at school ugh.” Nettina rolled her eyes when Hayden stuck his tongue out at her.

“Be grateful little sister. When I am a famous opera singer you will be able to tell everyone that I got to breathe the same air as Hayden Choi for eighteen years.”

“I hate you.”

To some peoples disbelief Hayden and Nettina were siblings. Even though they looked nothing like each other they were related by blood. They shared the same father. Hayden was full Korean with brown eyes, black hair and fair skin he was older being born of their father’s first marriage to his affianced from Korea. Nettina who they called was Nettie was Korean and African American. During a business trip to New York Hayden’s father had fallen in love with a waitress at an Italian restaurant and then married her. This was why Nettie looked nothing like Hayden. Nettie was short and super curvy with caramel colored skin and almond shaped eyes. The siblings got along well and play fought all the time. Elle was always jealous of their relationship and often wished her and Gabe got along that well.

“Yeah I’m super happy that I am an only child.” Paige remarked as she watched the exchange between the siblings. Paige was Elle’s best friend and confidant. Paige was a hard person to understand. It was probably because of how she dressed. Paige was a short girl reaching only 4’11. She identified herself as a Lolita. Lolita was a type of fashion from Japan based on Victorian era clothes. Paige walked around in short frilly skirts with petticoats and parasols. Today she wore a red plaid dress that had a full petticoat which made the skirt of the dress poof out around Paige several inches. She wore white knee high stockings with bows that tied at the knee. Her red plaid boots had to be at least seven inches off the ground. Her bronze hair was curled in big ringlets and a huge white bow was on the side of her head. Elle thought she looked adorable. They met in the seventh grade when Elle was the only one brave enough to walk up to the strange new kid.

“Your dress is so cute Paige.” Elle told her.

Paige smiled back “Thank you. Elle you look cute today also.”

“Yeah Alec picked out my outfit today.”

“He has great taste unlike Hayden who dresses as some sort of Asian swag monster.”

“Shut up Nettie. You dress like a slut and you know it. As I said I dress Tokyo urban.”

Nettie looked at her brother like he was a moron “But we’re Korean loser.”

He ignored her. “But I am super happy you came to school Elle. I was afraid I was going to have to sing with Milly and you know the tone of her voice grates on my nerves.”

Elle walked up to the third riser and sat next to Paige and Nettie “Oh come on her tone is not that bad she just has nasality to her voice. Kind of like Kristin Chenoweth and you love her”

Hayden looked stricken “How dare you insult my future wife in such a way.”

The girls burst out into giggles “Um Hayden honey…you’re gay.” Paige told him.

“Yeah but I’d marry her in a hot minute.” They all laughed at that.

Elle loved her friends. They always helped her forget her problems. And she desperately wished she could tell them about last night but she knew she couldn’t. Elle doubted she could casually say “Oh by the ways guys my older brother raped me last night. But I enjoyed it and I screamed his name. Oh, and he also told me he’s been in love with me for like forever and now wants to pursue a relationship. Now what song are we going to rehearse today?” yeah Elle didn’t think so. That wasn’t something she could tell them or anyone.

Hayden nudged Elle out of her day dream “So are you coming this weekend?” when she looked at him confused he told her “To Nettie’s eighteenth birthday party.”

“Oh! Yeah of course I’m coming. That’s not a question. Our Nettie is the last one of us to turn legal.” Elle pinched Nettie’s cheeks “Our little baby.”

Nettie pushed her hand away “Not you too Elle. Gosh you guys are only like four months older.”

“I’m sure your parents are going all out on this party like always. They always love celebrating you and Hayden’s accomplishments.” Paige stated

“Yeah I try to tell them Nettie turning eighteen is not an accomplishment but they don’t seem to care.”

Nettie blushed “I love my parents but I hope they don’t go overboard again. Like two years ago when they paid to have that Ice sculpture of Hayden made for his party but it melted because Hayden’s birthday is in June.”

As they laughed at the samsunkurdu.com memories Elle couldn’t help but think of her father. Gideon and Hayden’s father Minho were good friends. As ice Hayden stood there melting Elle’s father had comforted his distraught friend. Her father had the idea to take the ice crush it up and make snow cones. He was always the life of the party and now that life was gone. Elle felt the hollow hole in her chest expand. Would he hate her of he found out what she and Gabe did? Did he hate her now? She blinked when she felt two sets of arms around her. Both Paige and Nettie were hugging her. In front of her Hayden had knelt down and took her hand.

For once he looked serious “I can’t pretend to understand how you feel but please don’t look so sad.”

Paige squeezed her shoulders “We miss him too babe”

“And we’re here for you.” Nettie hugged her too.

Tears threatened to spill out “I know and I love you guys too.”

Just then their choir director Dr. Jess walked out of his office. Dr. Jess was a middle aged man in his late forties. He wore tight black pants with a tee shirt with a picture of Freddie Mercury on it. He wore fingerless gloves and had a necklace with a silver skull hanging from it. His hair was dyed black and he had a skull lip piercing. It was hard to believe that this man was a Juilliard graduate with a master’s in song composition and a doctorate in music performance along with a bachelor’s in music education. Dr. Jess was a music genius which is why the school hired him despite his clothes and piercings. “Hey guys pull out your Grease music.”

Grateful for the distraction Elle and the rest walked to their seats and sat down on the steel chairs. Nettie and Paige went to go sit next to their partners as Dr. Jess walked up to the black shiny piano. As they performed their warm ups Elle felt her phone vibrate and was scared it was Gabriel texting her.

After the warm ups were through Dr. Jess made an announcement “So for the senior showcase you all know we’re going to do the whole Grease Medley. Along with The five songs we’ve been working on and of course the final number I Sing the Body Electric.” The whole class laughed and so did Mr. Jess. “I thought this would be great because I know you guys call the school Fame anyways.”

Hayden nudged Elle’s shoulder “Hey you know he’s going to need a Danny and Sandy for the Grease Medley.”

Elle already knew Hayden’s mind would go there “And let me guess you want that to be us.”

He looked at her like she was stupid “Duh”

“Also there will be auditions for Danny and Sandy tomorrow” Elle and Hayden burst into laughter at Dr. Jess’s words.

This was just what Elle needed. To be with her friends and feel like a normal eighteen year old girl. Worrying about solos and getting ready for parties this was the stuff she was supposed to be doing. Not stressing over an incestuous relationship with her older brother. Once class was over Elle walked with Paige to her locker to pick up books for their AP Bio class.

Paige glanced at her friend “So you going to tell me what’s been bothering you or am I going to have to pry it out of you.”

“I can’t keep anything from you can I?”

“Of course not. I’m your best friend it’s my job to know everything about you. So what’s wrong? Is it Gabe?”

Elle’s heart skipped a beat. There was no way she could tell Paige what really happened but her friend was a bloodhound and she would bug Elle all day until she told her something. “We had a huge fight yesterday. I confronted him about disappearing for days on end and…he called me a spoiled whiny bitch.”

“Are you serious?!” Paige yelled outraged. “Why is he such an asshole?”

“I don’t know. He’s just angry I guess. But it’s whatever I’m not going to be in that house much longer. Then I’ll escape him and his feelings.”

They arrived at Elle’s locker and found Alec standing there waiting. HIs brown eyes lit up when he saw her. “Hey babe!”

Elle walked into arms “Hi baby.” It felt so good to be in his arms. Alec really was her lifeline

He pulled away slightly to stare into her eyes. “I was afraid you wouldn’t make it to school today. Is everything alright at home?”

Guilt pounded into Elle’s heart. “Yeah everything is fine. I just got into a…fight with my brother.” God she was becoming too good at lying.

Alec frowned “Did he hurt you?”

He had no idea.”No. It was just an argument. I’m fine baby.” She gave him a sunny smile. The last thing she wanted was Alec worrying about her.

Paige loudly slammed her locker which was right next to Elle’s “She’s lying to you Lec he called her a bitch.”

“What!?” Alec exclaimed loudly. He looked enraged. “Look Elle I know he’s your brother and all but he can’t walk around calling you a bitch. I will hurt him!”

Elle glared at Paige who shrugged at her. “No! Don’t do anything Alec. He’s just angry and lost. Plus I won’t have to put up with him much longer.”

Alec released her his hands curling into fists at his sides. “If he keeps fucking with you tell me. You know my parents wouldn’t mind if you moved in for the summer. They love you.”

She placed a hand on his face “And I love them but no need to worry everything will be fine.”

“Have you at least told your mother?” Paige asked.

Her mother? Elle snorted. “My mother can’t control him. She can barely take care of herself. You guys don’t have to worry. He’s not going to bother me.” They both still looked unconvinced. Luckily the bell rang signaling the start of the next period.

“Shit we’re going to be late to bio!” Paige then started to run down the hall. Which was a hilarious feat to watch considering she was in seven inch high boots.

“Why don’t you just wear normal clothes Paige?” Alec called to her. When she gave him the finger he chuckled and turned to Elle “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yes baby I’m fine. I better get going. Text me when you get to class.” She kissed him. It was meant to be a goodbye peck but Gabe’s earlier words about him being gay crept into her mind. So she stood on her tip toe and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Alec moaned surprised but he moved his hands to her lower back and pulled her closer to him deepening the kiss. Alec’s kiss felt good as usual and obviously if he found her repulsive he wouldn’t kiss her like this right? She pulled away from him and stared into his brown eyes.

“What was that for?”

She smiled sadly at him “No reason.”

He frowned at her and was about to ask her what was wrong when a teacher opened their door and told them to get to class. Elle walked away from Alec feeling like shit. He really was a man most would kill for and how did she appreciate him? By cumming as her brother banged her. She didn’t deserve him.

After school Elle drove to the grocery store to pick up food. As she passed the candy section she stopped to consider buying Gabe his butterscotch. He was addicted to the stuff and their father always used to keep some around because he knew his son loved it. Every little thing reminded Elle of how much she missed her father…

Elle sighed and grabbed a bag of the candy she really wished she knew what to do. As she stood in the checkout line her phone rang when she looked at the screen it read Gabriel. Her heart froze why was he calling her? He never called her.


“Where are you? School ended two hours ago. Are you avoiding me?”

She rolled her eyes “I stopped at the store since we have no food in our house.”

“Can you buy me some butterscotch?” He sounded like an excited little boy.

She sighed “Yes, I bought you your butterscotch Gabe.”

“Good maybe I can eat it off you,” his voice rumbled sexily.

Elle ignored the sharp stab of arousal that ran through her. “I thought I told you we weren’t going to do this Gabe.”

There was a silence on the phone “You did but I ignored you. Sometimes you have to bend the rules to get what you want. The thing I want is you. I told you I was done waiting for you and done with fighting myself. So come home because we have a lot of things to discuss,” And with that cryptic remark he hung up the phone.

Elle sighed she really needed to do something about him. He was determined to become her lover but the question was how did she make him see that they couldn’t be together? She needed to convince him and deep down in her heart she knew she had to convince herself as well. Ugh this was so frustrating! She needed to straighten this out.

She walked into the house struggling to carry the heavy bags filled with food. As she stumbled to the table she dropped the bags on the floor with a thunk. Sometimes it felt as if she was the mother of this house. She heard the sound of the television coming from the living room, “Mom, I went to the store. I brought you swiss rolls and I got food for the house. Also there is pizza from Alberto’s if you’re hungry.” When she turned to her mother who was sitting on the couch she instantly noticed the empty pill bottle on the counter.

She walked to pick up the bottle. “Did you take all your sleeping pills already? Mom…I’m scared you’re developing a problem. “

Sarah turned slowly to stare at her “I-i need them to sleep.”

“No you don’t. You’re using them to try and escape reality. But no matter how much you sleep Dad isn’t coming back.”

“Look, Elle I need them okay? It’s so hard to sleep.”

Elle took a deep breath trying to withhold her temper. “Mother I understand that you are sad and are grieving but gobbling pills is not a healthy way to deal with it.”

When Sarah just sat there mutely Elle exploded “Do you even know what’s going on? With me or Gabe? It’s almost graduation time and Mom I can’t stay here to babysit you. Do you pay attention to the fact that Gabe only comes home once a week and when he does he reeking of alcohol? This would break Daddy’s heart the way you both are acting. and I have to stay here and take care of both of you. I have to clean up Gabes vomit and give you sponge baths because you’re too out of it to even clean yourself! When do I get to grieve huh!? I lost him too! I feel that empty hole in my chest just like you and Gabriell! God I hate this!”

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