Escalated Desire


Ginna was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee with the morning rush, nibbling on a blueberry muffin as everyone was standing in line waiting their turn. As she looked over them, her eyes did a quick second look at the one man standing very still.

She drew in a breath, hissing softly through her teeth as she did so. She could only look as she couldn’t help but stare at his white tennis shoes, slowly moving upwards to his Jean-clad legs, moving her eyes at a very slow rate taking in how clean but well-worn they looked. Sighing as her eyes kept moving up over his groin, where her heart picked up a very fast beat as she saw the outline of his erection.

Commanding her eyes to move up, she noticed how taut his abdomen looked under his shirt, which had a name on the upper-left part, too small to make out what it said. Moving on with her eyes, she followed his shoulder from one side to the other and back groaning as she took in how broad they were, licking her lips as she could imagine her lips and tongue moving over them, up his strong neck.

She moved her eyes over his neck to his, vein pulsing with every beat quite rapidly, making her draw in a deep breath. Eyes continuing on their own, taking in his sculpted face shaped like an “Adonis.” searching his face, She could see the high cheekbones on each side and the round but thin eyes with a rich dark chocolate smooth center that take her into an erotic journey through his eyes.

She gets up out of her seat, slowly making her way to him walking through the crowd as it parts to let her to him. She is only looking at him, at his eyes, being drawn to him, feeling the Dominance in him calling to her. She knows she will never be the same after this time with him. Deep within her bones, she feels him killing county izle caressing her on top of her head, to her neck, to place his finger upon her lips, slowly rubbing across them making her shiver.

His hand continues lower to her shoulder, massaging it lightly before moving lower he keeps staring at her Intently, daring her to say something. Shaking her head no, she feels his hand slide down to her breast, gripping it tightly in his hand, bringing her to her knees in front of him as he looks upon her beauty.

He places his hand upon her hair, caressing it, rubbing it between his fingers. Groaning from how soft it is to his touch. He examines her face, which shows laughter lines, around her eyes with smile lines throughout her face. He traces the lines feeling how soft her skin is under his finger. Grunting, he looks at her smiling. As he nods his head to her looking into her eyes. He felt a chill run down his spine from her eyes alone. They were unique with a blue shine like that of a crystal shining in the sun.

He takes a deep breath through his nose as she reaches out with her hands to unbuckle his belt and pants. She feels him inhale deeply as her fingers skim his taut stomach pushing his pants down off his hips.

Inhaling deeply, at the sound from unzipping his pants, becomes the loudest noise she has heard since she saw him standing so regal in line waiting to place his order. Biting her lower lip groaning soflty looking at his heavy erection, she leans in to rub her face against him, feeling it touch her cheek as it leaves in its path, a wet spot. Reaching up, she rubs that wet spot with her finger, looking at it, inspecting it and finally, placing her finger in her mouth to run kıyma izle her tongue over it tasting, as her body quivers in response to such a sensual act.

Getting bolder, parting his pants, she gasps as she see’s how well this man was packaged. Groaning deeply she reaches in taking him out of his pants, closing her eyes, slowly placing his cock on her tongue. Watching her place him on her tongue, his whole body shook from her tongue touching him. Still quivering, his knees lock up on him. He stands the best he is able to without falling over.

Feeling his cock twitch in her mouth, and giving her all the encouragement she needs to continue with her torment sucking him deeply into her mouth as he sighs with pleasure. Forgeting that she came to munch on some muffins for breakfast and coffee, this was all the breakfast she needed to have this morning.

Moaning deeply as she takes his cock, sucking it all the way to the back of her throat gagging as it hits, causing her to relax her jaw more. Allowing his cock to enter her throat more smoothly using her throat muscles to massage the head. As, her nose bumps into his groin with his balls hitting her chin.

Gathering more courage, she places her hand around his cock as she withdraws it from her hot mouth with saliva coating it, stroking him as she turns her hand in a forward and backward motion twisting until she takes him back into her mouth deeply again.

Groaning at what she is doing to him, he throws his head back grunting deeply while, gripping her hair in his hands to direct her movements on him, controlling and guiding her head. As, he slowly thrusts his hips pushing more faster and harder into her mouth.

Baby, you are so good. He has not felt anything like koala man izle this from any woman.

He cries out when his balls are suddenly taken into her hand being massaged and twisted. As, she meets his upward thrusts, moving her head down on his cock. With her saliva coating his cock, she is no longer able to stroke him. Her hand just slides right off, trying to keep up with his thrusting.

His thighs start to shake and tremble as he feels the tightening of his balls, pulling up into his body. The first shock of sensation, shooting down his spine to center in his groin, makes him throb hard. When he growls, loudly as he arches his back, fucking her mouth hard and unmercifully unable to control his bodies need to take over.

Feeling as if he received an electrical stimulant, sending his body into shock as he erupts heavily into her mouth. Crying out, with him in her mouth, sounding like a deep grunt, she swallows, quickly so not to miss a drop of his salty hot cum he shoots into her mouth. He keeps cumming in thick ropes filling her mouth quicker than she could swallow, but managing to do so without missing any.

Grunting a few more times, he slows down, pulling his cock out of her mouth as she is left gasping for that much needed breath.

Smiling she licks him softly and quickly to clean him up, placing him back in his briefs sliding his pants back up his legs, around his waist buttoning them closed.

She did not know how, or why but, she needed to do this for him.

Finishing up, she gets up, kissing him lightly on his lips, smiling as she walked away back to the table where her morning coffee waited for her.

Blinking as she looked down to her watch and seeing the time, she grabs her purse, knowing she had only fifteen minutes to get to work. She snaps her head up looking for him only to find there was no one in the place but the workers. Sighing softly, feeling like she would never see him again, she picks up her purse to find a Business card underneath. Picking it up, she turned it over to read thank you for breakfast Kull.

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