Even Mom Can’t Resist

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I found this story some time back, saved it.

My family doesn’t qualify as poverty level Americans, but we certainly don’t rank among the wealthy either. We get along, but still most of the parents’ spats are over money or the lack thereof. That’s why it was so baffling to all of us when I learned that my Uncle Seth had left me an inheritance. He wasn’t much better off; if as well off, as our family.

He was still single at age fifty-four when he went off to never-never land due to natural causes so the coroner said. Most of the family considered him to be an old grouch and mal-content. The best I remember him, he was salty and foul-mouthed, but he wasn’t much to complain. The most memorable facet of knowing my uncle was that he always had an attractive woman in his life. None of these lasted very long in his social register, nevertheless he was never alone.

Let’s forget Uncle Seth for the time being. This inheritance he left me turned out to be a cassette type. That’s right. A damned cassette tape that had obviously seen its better days before it became mine. The first time I played the music I couldn’t identify the tune, but it was pleasant and oh so arousing. It was so arousing, in fact, that I ended up masturbating while lying on my bed in my room. Something about that music made me hornier than Hell. My only relief was pounding my pud.

I am in my early twenties, so I attributed this weird experience to my hormones. But that didn’t really convince me. I needed a second opinion. I asked my good buddy, Larry, to listen to it with me. We were in the last remaining relic of my c***dhood; the tree house my Dad built when I was in my p*****ns. Of course, since my dad built it you may rest assured that it was more structurally sound than a lot of today’s full-sized suburban residences.

Armed with a beer apiece, Larry and I settled down to listen to this strange music. Not two minutes had passed from the opening notes we were both rubbing our cocks, and shortly after that we had them out and was flogging away. We looked at each other with puzzled expressions on our faces, but we continued pounding our puds until we shot sperm high and far.

We were quiet for a long time after the incident. Then Larry broke the silence.

“Randy, I don’t know what the Hell you have there, or where you got it,” he said with a slight quavering in his voice, “but at one point while that fucking music was playing and we were beating our meat, I had an urge to lean over and suck your cock.” I’m not sure, but I think I saw fear in my friend’s eyes. He remained silent. He had still not spoken when he climbed down from the tree house and went home.

This music was constantly on my mind. What was the magic behind this arousal thing? Would it affect anybody? Would it affect everybody? Where did Uncle Seth get this tape? I knew I would never know where he got the tape, but with a little careful experimenting, I could answer some of my other questions.

Friday night was typical. This was Dad’s bowling night, Sis and her boyfriend were oout dancing probably, sso it was just me and Mom at home. Then this light went on in my head. This would be an acid test. If this tape had the same affect on Mom as it did me and Larry, I was really on to something. I dashed upstairs and got the tape from my nightstand drawer. I grabbed my cassette player from the shelf over the headboard and bolted downstairs.

When I arrived back at the family room where Mom and I were going to watch a movie she had rented, she was just returning from the kitchen with a big bowl of fresh popcorn. The sofa was the best vantage point for watching TV so we both ended up there. I placed my cassette player on the coffee table and noticed her puzzled look.

“Background music,” I said. “If this is your usual kind of movie, I’m going to need some diversion to keep me from bawling.” My broad grin assured her I was joking. I waited on the music. It worked so fast on me and Larry that I wanted to give Mom time to settle in before I exposed her to whatever this was. She triggered the remote taking us away to the movies.

The movie was indeed a typical for the occasion. A married couple was coping with an unruly c***d. And getting flack from their parents and friends about how they chose to deal with the problems. I leaned over and switched on the music, but I kept the volume down low. Mom was glued to the TV screen (figuratively speaking), and I was doing my damnedest not to get up and walk out.

Then the music was taking effect. I felt my libido click up another notch, and I was sure the music was having a similar effect on Mom. I did notice her squirm slightly. Then shortly after that she shifted again, readjusted her throw pillow, and loosened her blouse a little. I believe this magic was going to work on her. Then panic struck. What if she does get aroused and want to play. What do I do then? Then I realized I was getting turned on as well. I could feel the first symptoms of an erection surfacing. Holy shit.

The logical thing for a level headed young man faced with these circumstances would be simply to flip the switch on the cassette player. No one has accused me of being level headed lately. Besides the music was making me feel like sex was sex. Who cares where it comes from? Then I felt Mom’s hand touch my thigh. Energy in the form of a nervous flash shot through my body. That wasn’t a mother’s touch. That was exploratory seduction. My dick was getting harder. My mother and that music was turning me on. I’m sure it was doing the same for her.

Her hand was moving in a stroking motion ever so slightly. I could no longer ignore the situation. I turned and looked at my mother who was intently watching the television screen, but now I could see that she had loosened all of the buttons on her blouse and pulled the tail loose from her waistband. She was stripping. I took another peek, and quickly realized how huge her boobs were. My dick got harder. Then came the biggest surprise thus far. She leaned forward and removed her blouse.

“Randy,” she said in anything but a motherly tone, “please unhook my bra.”

“Mom,” I asked “are you okay?”

“Of course I’m alright, silly.” She said impishly. “Why do you ask?”

“You’re not usually this informal around me. It just surprises me a little.”

“Will it surprise you when I ask you to play with my titties a little?” She looked at me with a devilish smile I had never seen before.

“Are you serious?” I stammered.

“Unhook this damned bra, and I’ll show you how serious I am, Sonny-boy.”

That reaction was definitely uncharacteristic of my mother; as much so as what she was doing at this moment. She managed as she does almost daily to reach around behind her and open the clasp on her bra. Her melons appeared in all of their glory for the whole world to see. I was spectator one.

“Play with them, Randy,” she begged. “I know you’ll be good at it.” She lifted them both toward my mouth obviously for me to suckle and nibble on her nipples. I did. This excited her so much that she felt around and found my pulsating cock. She clutched my shaft, and almost demanded, “Let me see it, Sonny. Please.”

The influence of the music I inherited had her in what one might call a spell. Nothing about her was significant other than to find a way to satisfy this overwhelming arousal consuming her body. Her hands were fumbling with the zipper to my shorts.

I wasn’t thinking too clearly either. After all, the same music inspiring her to act so brazenly was having an effect on me. In my case, I looked at it as an aphrodisiac rather than a curse. I helped Mom get into my fly, and I spent as much time as she would allow paying my respect to her lovely breasts. We helped each other remove her shorts and mine, and after due effort we were both naked.

Mom was not a bad looking woman at all for her age, and the fact that she had given birth to two offspring showed only slightly in the form of hardly noticeable stretch marks on her abdomen. That was definitely nothing visible that would prompt someone to throw her out of bed. On the contrary, she was very fuckable, but at the moment she was determined to suck my cock. Who am I to tell my mother what is best for her. I introduced her to a unique form of mathematics called position 69.

I placed her in the bottom position with me on top, naturally. Her legs were spread wide, and her heels were drawn up against her buttocks. Her focus was, quite naturally, on my pulsating cock buried in her mouth. She wasn’t just sliding her mouth up and down my shaft; she was sucking on it vigorously in both directions. Was it the music, or was it that cock sucking had been, and still was, a mastered art on her resume? Again, who cares?” She was doing marvelous things to my wee-wee so, I let her be. Meanwhile I was giving my all to satisfying the needs of her starving pussy.

It wasn’t long until I heard her gag and cough when my load spurted into her mouth, but I was quickly distracted when her pussy began to do cute little things to my tongue. We both brought this episode to a successfully orgasmic conclusion. All we could do now was lie there and pant and gasp until we regained some of our composure.

I have a reputation for a speedy recovery when it comes to orgasms and erections. Tonight was a perfect proving ground for testing that rumor. Mom was still lying with her head next to my hips when I felt her fondling my cock again. Even I was surprised when I felt my cock swelling into a second erection.

Mom was in a sitting position now, and slowly stroking her new found toy and occasionally leaning over and kissing the head. I reach out and felt between her legs. She was wet; extremely wet. We engaged in forplay for a while, not that it was necessary mind you, but it seemed to be the thing to do. Then Mom assumed a doggie-style position on her all fours.

“Is this okay with you, Baby,” she asked through heavily bated breaths. “I want you to fuck me good.”

I struggled to my knees, and jockied myself into position at her back door. I briefly considered anal sex, but then I had never fucked my mom’s pussy before either. I slid my cock along her slit a few times causing her to spread her legs wider and lifting her hips slightly. All that was missing was a sign that read, “Plug it in, plug it in.”

Mom almost screamed when I introduced my swollen manhood to her pussy. The scream was not in response to pain; it was sheer glee. Her inner vagina instantly began to massage my prod. Naturally, I reacted as any sex-starved young man would. I began thrusting with all my might. I almost knocked her off of her all fours stance, but she recovered beautifully and actually began meeting my thrust with physical authority.

Her enthusiasm brought on my increased vigor, and by the time she climaxed for the second time we were close to hand to hand combat. I immediately reduced my assault once I realized Mom had experienced her second orgasm. I slowly withdrew my still pulsating cock from herdripping pussy, and was about to call it a job well done until I saw that cute little rosette directly above her freshly fucked pussy hole. This may be my last opportunity of having in sexual contact with my mother. I could not resist.

I took careful air, and deliberately nuzzled my cock head against her butt hole and applied pressure. Her first instinct was to pause and object. Then the music took charge again, and I could feel her pushing her ass firmly against my shaft. We both pushed, and nature took its course. My cock wedged into her tight ass, and she groaned liked a wounded a****l. The she sighed; groaned again, and then she spoke.

“Holy shit, Randy,” she grunted, “you have filled my ass to capacity with that club-like cock of yours.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” I said apologetically, and I prepared to pull it out.

“Sorry, Hell, boy,” she said in a strained voice. “Pump that big boy and lets get the shit chute accustomed to the new visitor.” She moaned this time as she backed her butt tight against my body. “Pardon the pun, Randy,” she said soft, “but fuck the shit out of your mama. Drive it home. I’m ready.”

I was raised to do as I was told, especially by my parents.
Even Mom Can't ResistEven Mom Can't Resist 2

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