Extra Credit


Hello all! It’s been a while since I last posted a story because life can (and is) crazy sometimes. Unlike my other stories, this is a bit of a quickie. Without further ado, I give you my new favorite ladies. I hope you enjoy!

A huge thank you to E for beta reading this for me. You rock.

Extra Credit

“This is crazy,” Lydia Jensen whispered to herself.

Her hushed tone bounced off the marble floor as she walked down the empty hall toward the science department. The black pumps on her feet clicked with each step she took, the metronomic noise doing little to ease her trepidation and only heightening her excitement.

As expected for mid-afternoon on a Saturday, the corridor was quiet, most office doors at the end of the hall closed for the weekend. The second to the last door, however, hung slightly ajar—also expected—and the soft melody of a string orchestra emanated from the opening.

Lydia positioned herself in front of the door, her clenched fist raised to knock. With her free hand, she tugged at her skirt, urging the fabric to lower just slightly, though without any luck. Why had she picked this teeny thing? The pleated fabric barely hovered above her knees, and she knew when she sat, the material would ride up.

If someone sees me like this…she let the thought trail off.

She could back out of this right now if she wanted, knew she didn’t have to go through with it. It’d be easy to turn around and walk right back to the parking lot.

Instead, she gently knocked on the door twice as her heart fluttered in her chest.

“Come in,” a soft voice beckoned.

Lydia pushed the door open fully, steadying herself before she entered the office.

Professor Georgia Duncan sat behind the narrow desk, head bowed over a stack of papers. Gone was the omnipresent bun knotted behind her head.

Her auburn tangle of hair hung in beautiful strands, concealing the upper part of her face, leaving only her mouth and chin visible. Her pink lips pursed in a tight line, presumably in concentration until she spoke without lifting her head. “Close the door, please.”

Lydia did as asked—she stepped forward, her heels muffled by the ornate rug covering the floor as she placed a hand on the leather backing of the chair in front of the professor’s desk.

The shelves on the walls around the desk were filled with countless books, the titles consisting of books Lydia herself had read, each more familiar than the last. Wildlife Undisclosed, Anatomy of the Canada Lynx, Wolves of the Pacific Northwest. Ornithology Today: Ospreys.

Professor Duncan impatiently pushed her hair back over her shoulder, pinned Lydia with a harsh stare, then dropped her gaze again. Polished wood reflected the stern expression gracing Professor Duncan’s features as she studied the sheets splayed on the desk. The black button-up she wore hung dangerously open, the dip between her soft breasts on display. Did she dress so provocatively on purpose? She pushed her black-rimmed glasses up the bridge of her nose and Lydia forced herself to look away lest she drool.

Behind her, a large window displayed the quad, no doubt teeming with students studying for finals, far away from the vacant halls leading to the office. Lydia hoped they were the only ones in the science building, save a janitor or two.

The clock in the corner of the room ticked and Lydia finally couldn’t handle the silence any longer. “Professor Duncan?”

She ripped her gaze from the desk and settled it on Lydia, her hair falling back gracefully from her face as she studied Lydia. “I only agreed to this meeting because I had to step in to do some last-minute grading so, please, tell me what I can do for you and make it quick.”

Lydia wet her lips and nodded. “I sincerely appreciate the opportunity, Professor.”

Professor Duncan gestured to the chair with a flourish of her hand. “Sit.”

Lydia flattened the back of her skirt as she lowered herself into the chair, but the garment slid up as she sat anyway, exposing her bare thighs a little higher than she wanted.

She wrung her hands in her lap, unsure how to continue, uncomfortable with the intensity of Professor Duncan’s gaze. “As you know,” she began, raising her head higher, “My grades have slipped substantially since midterms and I haven’t had the chance to bring them up—”

“You’ve had plenty of time to bring those grades up. I’m certain you were well informed of the due dates of each assignment, yet you failed to complete them.”

Professor Duncan’s cold tone did not dissuade Lydia’s determination. This wasn’t done. Not yet. “Yes, but I was hoping there would be a chance to redeem myself with extra credit.”

Brows knitted, Professor Duncan rested her chin in her hands. “Are you in grade school, Ms. Jensen? College demands your full participation and doesn’t hand out extra points to bring your grades above failing simply because you decided to indulge in the parties this campus undoubtedly offers.”

Lydia istanbul escort swallowed, steading herself. “I know, and there’s no excuse, but, perhaps I could do something. I’d make it well worth your while.”

Professor Duncan tilted her head, amusement flashing in her emerald eyes. “What did you have in mind?”

This is it, Lydia thought as she brought her hands to her shirt. We’re doing this—now or never. “I thought perhaps we could try a different route.”

“And what kind of route would that be, Ms. Jensen?” she asked, her tone free from the impatience it held prior.

Lydia unbuttoned the top of her blouse, running her finger over her clavicle. “Whatever you want.” She watched as Professor Duncan visibly gulped, her gaze on Lydia’s breasts as Lydia unbuttoned two more. “I see how you watch me during lecture. We’re both consenting adults.”

Professor Duncan removed her glasses and tucked them in the pocket of her button-up, “Personal relationships between faculty and students of any kind are prohibited, regardless of consent. You know that as well as I do.” Her gaze smoldered as she met Lydia’s line of sight. “No matter how tempting your offer is, I have to decline.”

Her succinct response left Lydia’s lower lip quivering. “But—”

“Ms. Jensen,” Professor Duncan said, her soft voice anything but mollifying. She sighed as she leaned back in her chair. “If an issue arose, I could lose my tenure and the University board would call for your expulsion.”

Lydia shook her head, forcing an innocent frown. “I would never tell a soul. No one would find out, Professor, I swear to it.”

She knew Professor Duncan wanted her, could feel the desire thick in the air between them, furthering her own want with each breath. Batting her eyelashes, Lydia sniffled. “Please, Professor, there’s—”

Professor Duncan raised her hand, halting her before she could continue. Silence blanketed the room, though somehow the intensity in Professor Duncan’s stare was boisterous. She turned away from Lydia, swiveling her chair toward the window, as if to brood.

Has she dismissed me and I haven’t even noticed?

No, Lydia rationalized, she would’ve given her a terse dismissal without hesitation. Lydia fixed her gaze on the courtyard beyond the window, sunlight pouring over the green lawn and fountain. Just as Lydia had dissolved into accepting the sting of rejection, Professor Duncan cleared her throat.

“This isn’t the type of extra credit I would offer anyone, but for you,” she conceded as she rose from her chair, reaching up to yank on the cord hanging from the window, “I’ll make an exception. I know how much the credits from this class mean for your program.”

With the blinds closed, the room was only illuminated by the lamp on the desk. Professor Duncan’s button-up was tucked into the charcoal slacks she wore, which accentuated her round ass and Lydia couldn’t help but admire. She felt heat burn not only in her cheeks but elsewhere when Professor Duncan turned and caught her staring.

A smile teased the corner of Lydia’s mouth. Now things were going exactly as planned. “You’d do that for me?” she murmured in faux surprise. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and waited for Professor Duncan to answer.

“I think we could come to an arrangement that would suit both of our needs,” Professor Duncan said tentatively as she rounded the desk and walked past Lydia.

When the soft click of the lock sliding into place filled the room, Lydia’s heart hammered in her chest and renewed warmth spread over her cheeks.

Footsteps sounded on the floor behind her, muffled slightly by the rug. “What are you willing to do?” Professor Duncan asked beside Lydia, her breath tickling the nape of Lydia’s neck, sending a cascade of goosebumps down her back. The heat of her body so close to Lydia’s skin washed her in need.

“I’ll do anything,” she whispered.

Professor Duncan walked in front of her and leaned against the desk with one ankle resting on the other.

She tilted her head, as if to appraise Lydia, which only intensified the heat already flaring in Lydia’s gut and between her legs. It wasn’t as though she was having second thoughts but the vulnerability she felt under such scrutiny was intimidating.

“I want you to touch yourself,” Professor Duncan murmured, her tone bemused.

“Right here?” Lydia cringed as she heard her own voice squeak as she looked at her.

Professor Duncan folded her arms over her chest. “Is there a problem?”


“Then, touch yourself.”

Lydia glanced down at the floor and took a deep, uneven breath, sensing the wetness already present between her legs.

She gazed up at Professor Duncan, acutely aware she was the reason for the state of her desire and had been for quite some time. Lydia traced her finger between her breasts, teasingly slow, never dropping eye contact with Professor Duncan. Her professor audibly sighed when Lydia opened her blouse, touching the edge şirinevler escort of her silk bra.

After slipping her blouse over her shoulders, Lydia leaned forward and unhooked her bra. Professor Duncan watched her, tapping the end of a fountain pen against her plump lips. Mesmerized was the only word Lydia could think of to name the expression gracing Professor Duncan’s beautiful face.

Lydia worked this to her advantage, determined to provide Professor Duncan with a show she surely wouldn’t stray from. Biting her lower lip, Lydia exhaled, cupping her own breasts. Her hardened nipples pressed against her palms, taut and sensitive as she gently squeezed.

She pinched a nipple, then the other, noting how Professor Duncan’s eyes widened ever so slightly each time Lydia drew a sharp breath. It only left her wanting far more.

A light flush rose to Professor Duncan’s cheeks, and her gaze wandered to Lydia’s legs. “Your legs are magnificent. Maybe you should show me more.”

Desire thrummed through Lydia’s core as she brought her hand to her thigh. She trailed her fingertips from her knee to the hem of her skirt, closing her eyes as her need nearly overwhelmed her.

Her soft skin raised in goosebumps as she drew nearer to her skirt, and she longed to have Professor Duncan’s hands on her in lieu of her own.

She wanted Professor Duncan to touch her, to take her right there in her office, to fuck her until she screamed. Parting her legs, Lydia ran both palms over her thighs, hiking her skirt up a few more inches, meeting naked flesh. She rested her head against the back of the chair and moaned unabashed.

The floorboards creaked and when Professor Duncan spoke again, her voice was beside Lydia’s ear. “That’s it. Touch yourself for me, darling.”

Lydia sighed she cupped her own mound. She opened her eyes, finding Professor Duncan standing over her, hands clutching the armrests on either side of her, gaze set on Lydia’s busy hand. “What, you came pantyless? Is this what you expected, what you wanted?”

Closing her eyes once more, Lydia nodded, sliding her index finger through her wet slit, finding herself painfully needy. If only it were Professor Duncan’s hands drawing nearer to her core…

“Is that why you always stay in the lecture hall long after the rest of the students have left?” she asked humorously.

“Yes,” Lydia breathed. She opened her eyes; she had to witness Professor Duncan’s face as she brought herself closer to climax. Professor Duncan let out a throaty sigh, her eyes heavy lidded as Lydia continued to stroke herself. “I-I wanted to offer myself to you.”

The statement came out on a low moan as she brushed over her stiff clit, pinching it between her fingers before flickering over it.

“Offer yourself to me?”

“Uh, huh.” For a brief moment, Lydia was unaware of where she was, too lost in the pleasure that began to surface to recognize where she was, who she was touching herself in front of.

Tendrils of pleasure swirled through her, stealing the very air she breathed. Lydia’s body tensed as the first crest of her orgasm leadened her limbs but just as she nearly submitted to the sensation, a hand snatched her wrist, yanking her fingers away.

“I didn’t say you could come.”

Lydia’s eyes snapped open as she cried out in anguish, her climax hanging loosely on the edge of nirvana. Above her stood Professor Duncan, inches from her face.

“Such a simple task. Someone with as much restraint as you shouldn’t have any trouble with a challenge, such as letting go of this climax.”

Lydia tried to focus on Professor Duncan’s words but the absence of her hand at the cusp of climax caused her clit to throb painfully. Chest heaving, her breaths came in short spurts and a dizziness washed over her. “I’m sorry. I thought…I don’t know.” She licked her lips, head lolling back.

“This was simply a warmup to your main focus.”

Lydia calmed her breathing, yanked her skirt down, and sat up straight. “Yes, Professor, what can I do?” Her clit ached, begging to be touched, but she smothered the need.

Professor Duncan unbuckled her leather belt and placed it on the desk. Naked skin peeked from under her clothing and Lydia gripped the arms of the chair. Slowly, tauntingly, Professor Duncan unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her beautiful toned stomach.

“I want you to lick me.” She pushed her slacks down over her thighs and ran her hands over her pale skin as she tugged down her boy shorts.

“Okay.” She tried to compose herself, yanking her skirt over her legs as she stood, though the stubborn fabric rode up again. By the time she knelt before Professor Duncan, her own throbbing had settled to a low roar as she brought her full attention to the magnificent pussy in front of her. Soft auburn curls glistened with her desire, a desire Lydia knew she’d stoked in her.

Professor Duncan nodded, her face impassive as Lydia gazed up at her. Lydia brushed taksim escort her fingertips over Professor Duncan’s thighs, basking in the taut muscles beneath her skin.

She pressed a kiss on Professor Duncan’s pussy.

“I said lick me, not kiss me.”

Without another command, Lydia took the hint and stretched her tongue over the expanse of Professor Duncan’s slit. Professor Duncan gasped, her ass hitting the edge of her desk.

Her hand came to rest on Lydia’s head, fingers twirling in her curly blonde hair, and Lydia licked her again. When the fingers in her hair tightened, Lydia captured Professor Duncan’s clit between her teeth, flickering her tongue over the rough nub.

She let go, a disgruntled grumble resounding from above, and she dipped her tongue into Professor Duncan’s pussy.

“Oh, God,” Professor Duncan groaned, her hand pressing Lydia’s face to her. Lydia resumed her work at Professor Duncan’s clit, flickering over it, gently biting it, savoring the sweetness and texture.

Her gaze lifted to Professor Duncan’s face, relaxed and slack in the low lighting of the room, lips parted as she exhaled loudly. Her fingers loosened and her body went rigid. “Yes, fuck, yes,” she gasped, her hips jerking toward Lydia’s face as a rush of wetness coated Lydia’s chin. Lydia drew it out, wrapping an arm around Professor Duncan’s waist and not allowing her to break the contact.

Sucking her clit into her mouth, Lydia ran her tongue over the bundle of nerves in her mouth, eliciting another, louder moan to erupt from Professor Duncan as her legs and ass tensed against Lydia’s grip.

Breathlessly, Lydia let go. She dared a glance at Professor Duncan, hair stuck to her forehead and cheeks a deep red, leaving Lydia satisfied with her work.

“All right, stand up,” Professor Duncan whispered.

Lydia stood, wiping her face on her wrist.

Face flushed and breath ragged, Professor Duncan tucked her shirt back into her slacks and buttoned her pants. Lydia’s gaze fell upon the belt still on the desk, the black leather as enticing as frightening.

She caught Professor Duncan’s gaze, licked her bottom lip, and focused on the belt again.

Professor Duncan’s lips lifted in questioning smirk.

“Lean over the desk,” Professor Duncan stated.

Lydia obeyed, laying her upper half over the desk. Professor Duncan snuck her hand up Lydia’s skirt, pulling the fabric up to expose her ass cheeks. She ran a gentle hand over the skin and Lydia shivered from her touch. “Last task. Fifteen strikes for missing assignments,” she whispered beside Lydia’s ear, her thighs pressing against Lydia’s ass.

“Yes, Professor,” she answered in rushed excitement.

Although she expected it, and it wasn’t the first time in this position, it stung. The belt came down hard on her ass, filling the room with the sound of impact.

It didn’t hurt as bad as Lydia had anticipated, but the second, third, and fourth burned through her flesh and yet brought on a needy achiness between her legs that only Professor Duncan could satisfy.

Lydia gasped on the fifth strike, sweat beading on her forehead and her breath shaky. Pain laced with burning pleasure thrummed through Lydia’s limbs, scorching a path to her pussy.

Dampness spread to her inner thighs and Lydia’s knuckles tightened at the end of the desk as the belt came down two more times and the pain seared through her backside. “Professor Duncan,” she managed to mutter, needing release.

The belt struck her again.

“We’re not even halfway through, darling,” Professor Duncan commanded.

Eight. Nine. Ten. “Georgia, please,” she whimpered. The belt fell to the floor and Professor Duncan moved close, her breath warm against Lydia’s neck.

“Are you okay, Lydia? Are you done?” she whispered, her tone absent of the commanding presence, leaving only softness and comfort. She almost had bellowed their safe word, too needy and desperate to finish their game.

Lydia exhaled and shook her head sharply. “N-no, I’m fine, Georgia, I just…” she turned her head to catch Georgia’s stare, licking her lips. “Please touch me, Professor,” she begged.

The smirk slipped back onto Professor Duncan’s face, along with her role. “This is your extra credit. Shouldn’t I be the one giving the orders?” Her hand rested on Lydia’s ass again, squeezing her sore cheek hard. “Turn and part your legs.”

Lydia turned her attention back to the desk, closing her eyes and inhaling with anticipation as she did as she was told. Professor Duncan reached beneath Lydia and grazed her pussy with her knuckles.

“My, if I’d known how much you’d like the belt, I wouldn’t have given you so many strikes on your ass.” She ran a finger through Lydia’s wetness, an agonizingly slow movement. Lydia moaned, laying her cheek on the cool desk, arching her back, lifting her ass upward. Taking the cue of her body, Professor Duncan teased Lydia’s opening before pressing two fingers into her.

Lydia gasped at the sudden fullness, clamping her teeth down on her lower lip as Professor Duncan brought her other hand forward and ran her fingers over Lydia’s clit in. The nub was excruciatingly tender from her earlier near climax and Lydia’s upper arms and legs preemptively trembled.

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