Feet at the Dentist

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It was the hottest summer Kansas City had seen in a while. Good thing the dental office Liz worked in had a very good air conditioning system.

Liz works the front office and comes in contact with every patient that walks through the door. Without a doubt, she’s a looker. 5’6″, long brown hair, piercing green eyes, and a smile that can win over anyone. She isn’t a skinny model, either. I’m not really into that body type. She has some good flesh on her. She looks like about 225, but I’ve never dared to ask her outright. That’s just rude. Also rude, I’ve never asked how old she is, but she looks like about 24, 25.

This day, this hot summer day, she wore sandals to work. I had just finished my 6-month cleaning and was ready to leave the office. I see her every time I come through, but I had taken the day off and had watched a couple foot fetish clips in the morning before I came in. I was already in foot mode. I approached the counter and caught a glimpse of her feet in those simple sandals as she turned to finish my appointment. I hardly noticed she stopped talking until her toes started wiggling. I looked up and saw that winning smile, with a little something else. She had caught me.

It turned into a smirk. “Get under this desk,” she ordered in a whisper.

I took my furtive glances around, making sure no one could see me, then quickly made my way under her desk, lying on my back. As soon as I got there, she brought her finger to her lips, bornova escort signifying I must be silent.

Soon, her sandalled feet were hovering around my face, teasing me. I began to reach up to grab her ankle, but she pulled away and shook her head. So, no contact from me. That’s okay. Her shod feet were, soon, back in my face. Even though it was plenty cool in the office, I could tell her feet had been sweating. She stuck the toe end near my nose and let me sniff the heavenly scent that wafted from between her toes and sandal. Stinky feet are my drug, so this aroused me to no end.

I heard the front door open and she greeted the next patient. As she began checking on his appointment, she dropped her sandals. Before I knew it, her pungent toes were wrapped around my nose. I sniffed as quietly as I could and the scent made my cock stiffer and stiffer. I tried to take as much of that scent in as I could without making any noise. I could NOT get caught down there.

My arousal and determination tuned out everything and I didn’t even care if there was someone on the other side of that desk. All I knew was she was pressing those beautiful toes against my lips. I opened my mouth and she forced her big and second toes into my eager mouth. My immediate suckling was almost noisy enough to be noticed, but not quite. My tongue explored her toes and in between them, which she apparently greatly enjoyed. Her toes were flexing bostancı escort and curling in my mouth when I’d get between her toes.

She popped her toes out of my mouth and whispered down to me, “Tongue.” I knew exactly what she wanted and stuck out my tongue, flat, for her to use as she wished.

Liz started at the heel and VERY slowly dragged her entire sole across my drooling tongue. Then, she did it again. Very slowly, letting my tongue taste every inch of her sweaty sole, her wrinkly arch. Then she moved on to start at the outside edge of her foot and VERY slowly dragged the ball of her foot across my tongue. I was practically panting and humping the air as her soft soles brought immense pleasure to my face and tongue. She brought her finger to her lips again, to let me know I MUST be quiet, as one foot began roaming my chest to find a nipple.

She discovered that they were already erect and poking through my T-shirt, and she strummed the pads of her toes across them to great effect. My back arched and my tongue went back to work heartily on her other foot. My breath was already getting raspy, and she hadn’t even begun to play.

I lamented her pulling both feet away from my hungry mouth, but one foot kept up the teasing torment across my sensitive nipples as the other foot found its way to my painfully erect cock.

She simply pressed down against my cock through my pants and buca escort I gasped and held my breath. Already so close. She released the pressure slowly and applied again. My back arched again, but could not hump her foot. Every single time I tried to push against it, she pulled it away.

She kept “gas-pedaling” my stiff cock slowly, but she could hear that I was dangerously close. The nipple teasing foot found a resting place by burying the toes into my desperate mouth. My tongue lashed everywhere it could reach, my breathing so ragged, it was inhuman. Her one foot still slowly teasing my cock.

Finally, deciding to apply full pressure, she rested her leg on the ball of her foot, which was pressing directly onto my drooling, eager, desperately hard cock. A slight whimper escaped my lips around her saliva soaked toes. She began the assault. Her leg bounced like a fidget, vibrating her foot on my cock. My eyes screwed shut and I sucked HARD on her toes, trying my best to not scream out in ecstasy as my cock head flared and the boiling sensation rampaged up the shaft of my cock. She could feel my dick pulsing and pulsing and streams of cum filled my underwear and my tongue was thrashing around her toes like I was having a seizure.

As my world slowly stopped spinning, I realized she had already withdrawn her feet and put her sandals back on. “Get out,” she whispered at me. I crawled out, back to the “patient” side of the counter.

“Sorry about the water incident,” she chimed cheerfully. “Let’s schedule your next 6-month cleaning.” Her smile and demeanor said nothing to the true nature of the huge wet stain on the front of my pants.

I am eagerly awaiting my next appointment. Six months just seems like too long. I do love going to the dentist.

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