Finally Ch. 01

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Though we had worked together for years, and had flirted for a long time, the fact I was meeting Karen for drinks off-hours still made me nervous. I had tried for a long time to convince her to take some time and just unwind. We both needed it after all of the stress and distasteful stuff going on at work. Finally after an unusually bad week, Karen agreed to meet me. We selected the Adams Mark hotel bar to meet to allow Karen to be close to home.

I arrived about fifteen minutes early giving me a chance to have a drink and try to relax a bit. My nervousness over how I had hoped this encounter might go only made me more anxious. As I started my second drink, Karen walked in. I cannot begin to describe how good she looked. Evidently she had come straight from an appointment as she was still wearing dress clothes. The off-white dress went almost down to her ankles but had a slit that ran up to just above her knees. The upper part of her dress buttoned down the front, but the buttons were hidden as the material crossed over itself into a loose looking fit. There was nothing about this outfit that didn’t look professional. Her hair, though not extremely long, was pulled back and rode in a small modest clip.

“How’s it going?” Karen asked as she sat in the chair beside me. “Sorry I’m late.”

I turned my chair slightly in her direction. “No problem. I thought I would be late. Had a hard time finding this place. It has been one of those days. How about you?”

“My day has been OK. Not exciting. Just pounding the pavement as usual.”

The waitress arrived just as Karen grabbed a menu. “Can I get you anything?”

Karen put the menu back. “Yeah, can I get an iced tea?”

“Sure,” she said as she checked my glass. “Another for you?”

I looked down at my half-full glass. “Not yet. Check back in about ten minutes.” She smiled as she closed her order book. “Just let me know when you are ready.”

I nodded and turned back to Karen. “So, are you hungry?” I asked.

Karen looked back at the menu but put it down. “No, I guess I am still full from lunch.” She turned her attention back to me. “What’s been going on with you? Going out of town again soon?” Karen and I spent the next twenty minutes talking shop. Though I tried to keep my eyes and mind focused, my concentration was not into the conversation. The slit in Karen’s dress opened up just enough that I was able to see one of her shapely legs almost all of the way up her thigh. Her toned calf muscle flexed when she would occasionally adjust her foot in her high-heel. I adjusted my chair into a position to be able to look at this sight more easily. Karen would have had to have been asleep not to notice what I was looking at, though she didn’t make any attempts to adjust her dress.

After a while Karen excused herself to go to the restroom. I was actually glad. As she made her way across the bar to the restroom, I took a napkin off of the table and used it to cover my obvious erection. The Dockers I was wearing didn’t do much to help hide what was becoming a growing problem.

“I’m back. Miss me?” Karen said as she sat back down.

I looked up and smiled. “You sure didn’t take too long. By the way: what are your plans this evening? Are you wanting to hang around here for a while and chat? This is kinda nice.”

“Nothing is happening with me. You and I haven’t had much of a chance to talk for a while, so let’s take advantage of it.”

I checked my watch and saw it was almost 8:00. A piano in the corner of the club started playing some old song I barely recognized. I turned to see there was a small band of three guys getting set up to play. “I hope this music doesn’t get too loud. I am enjoying the peace and quiet here.” Just then the lighting dimmed a bit.

Karen turned in the direction of the band. “It looks like it should be OK.” She was right. The music was mellow. It actually improved the whole ambiance of the place. The lighting got even lower and Karen and I turned our chairs toward the band. “We should be able to talk with this.”

As we chatted more about work the waitress stopped by. Karen surprised me and ordered some wine. I stayed with my bourbon and Coke and after being off of work for over three hours finally started to relax.

After pretending like we were going to fix all of the company’s problems for an hour, my mind drifted back to Karen’s legs. The dress was opened up again and in the low light I didn’t feel quite as uncomfortable with the bulge in my pants. That is until Karen asked me if I ever danced.

“Well, I have, but I don’t dance too well. Especially the type of dancing that this music usually calls for. Why do you ask?”

Karen surprised me and took my hand. “Come on. Let’s see what we can do.” We got up and headed over to the dance floor in the corner by the band. There were three other couples there, but fortunately none of them were what I would call professional dancers. Karen put one arm around my waist and I held her other hand up like I knew what I was doing. My free gaziantep escortları hand went around her body, lightly touching her back just above her waist. Karen pulled me slightly closer and leaned her head against my chest. Almost automatically I began to caress her back. The softness of her top excited me as I lightly ran my hand up and down her back. Our clenched hands pressed between us as we slowly moved around the dance floor.

Her scent was intoxicating. My face was near her hair as we danced and I inhaled the sweetness of her perfume. I desperately wanted to put my head on her shoulder and kiss her neck, but thought that this would be a bit too forward. Though I wanted her badly, I felt that pushing too hard might ruin the relaxed mood we both were in. Instead I tried to concentrate on my dancing.

As we danced, my hand on Karen’s back explored every inch of her back. Through the material of her top, I ran my fingers across her lower back and up over her bra. The material of the bra must have been very thin as I felt no irregularities. In addition the clasp must have been on the front as there was no break where a clasp would be. Though I tried to calm myself, my body gave my desire away. My stiff cock would occasionally brush against Karen’s body as we moved around the floor.

We stayed on the floor until about halfway through the third song. Karen broke our embrace and headed back to our table. “That was nice,” she said as we sat back down. ” I haven’t danced for years. And thanks. I needed to get out tonight. I appreciate you sitting here listening to me complain about all that work stuff.”

I shook my head. “Not a problem. You know that I will listen anytime you want to talk. Heck, I needed this as much as you did.” The cocktail waitress approached and I ordered us another drink. After I ordered I turned back to Karen. “I am glad we picked this place. It’s far enough away from the office, that I can even try to forget about the whole situation there.”

Karen picked up her purse and stood up. “I’ll be back in a minute.” She pushed her chair in and headed back to the ladies room. I watched her walk away as my thoughts lingered on her body. I couldn’t help but want to touch her again.

On her return, she motioned me back to the dance floor. Though dancing isn’t my favorite activity, the draw of touching Karen again made my decision easy. As soon as we hit the dance floor, I was immediately rewarded.

As I took Karen’s hand and moved my hand around her back, I felt no bra. My hand must have twitched slightly as Karen looked up at me. “Thought I would get a bit more comfortable,” she whispered in my ear. “And I didn’t think you would mind.” Boy was that an understatement.

I leaned down close to her ear. “Not a bit.” I pulled her body a bit closer to me. “Don’t you think that top is a bit thin though? It may have been pretty dark on the dance floor, but I felt I should shield her from the glances of others.

Karen giggled slightly. “Don’t worry about it. I think it should be OK, unless they turn the lights way up.”

I massaged her back through the thin material of her top and held her against me. As we danced, my cock again pressed against the material of my Dockers and as we moved, I was quite sure Karen could feel it occasionally bump against her leg. Karen seemed to guide me as much as I tried to lead as we moved slowly across and around the dance floor. We were about to the edge of the dance floor when Karen took the hands we were holding between us and moved them slightly down her chest. She released my hand and guided my fingers across her breast. My breath was taken away as I felt the stiffness of her nipple through the thin material of her top. She then took my hand back in hers and moved them back to where they had been. The sensation of her firm breast made the stiffness of my cock even more difficult to deal with. As much as I wanted to cash out and take her back to her house, I knew that my situation would be apparent to everyone in the hotel if we were to leave then. The best and only logical move was to sit and try to calm down. I turned her back to me and used her as a shield to get us back to our seats.

Karen took a drink of her wine and smiled. “Is there a problem?” she smirked, as she twisted her nearly empty wine glass. “I think that this stuff is making me naughty.”

I couldn’t disagree. “Yes, but your naughtiness seems very nice to me right now.” Karen giggled as I attempted to adjust my pants. “I knew that you had an wicked streak, but…” Karen stood up and grabbed her purse. “Are you needing to go?” I wanted another dance. “Things were just getting interesting.”

“Yeah, I need to hit the restroom first. Be right back.” I deflated right then. I paid the tab and went into the hall to wait. Karen stepped out of the restroom just as I wandered by. I noticed that she had put her bra back on.

We wandered out to the parking lot and headed to our cars. Karen’s was parked about five spaces from mine and we reached hers first. I’m sure my voice showed my disappointment at where the night had ended. “I had fun tonight. I hope you did too. And, I hope you have a good weekend. Are you in town next week?”

Karen opened her door and got in. “I had fun too.” She started her car. “I don’t know about you, but my night isn’t over. Coming?” Karen winked, reached out and shut her door, and took off. I think it took me about five seconds to figure out what she had just said. I must have looked like a total idiot as I ran over to my car, jumping across the hood to get to the driver’s side, and got in. I knew where she lived and headed that direction, though I had to concentrate on my speed so I wouldn’t get a ticket on the way.

I pulled into her driveway about ten minutes later. As I walked up to the door Karen opened it up to let me in. “I wasn’t sure if you understood. Come on in.” I reached out to take her in my arms. “Patience. I need to take care of something. I will be back in a minute.”

I sat on the couch and stared off into space. Karen walked back into the room still wearing the same outfit as before, but in this lighting I could see that she had removed the bra again. Her hair had been taken out of the clip and made her look more casual. “I just figured I’d get more comfortable” As she fiddled with her stereo, I was able to get a great look at her tits through her top. Her nipples were hard again and the outline of her breasts showed up nicely. What I liked about them was they weren’t too large or too small. My cock strained against my pants as she moved around the room almost parading. The firmness of her breasts and the way they moved in her top was driving me crazy and Karen knew it.

She sat on the couch next to me and turned her body my way. “Let’s do this. Do you like trivia?”

I’m sure the look of confusion on my face was obvious. “Yes, but why do you ask?”

Ignoring my question she asked, “What subjects do you like?”

“Well, science, sports. I hate entertainment and literature. What’s up?” My confusion continued.

“Well, I thought you might like to play…” she hesitated… “Strip Trivia. Ever played?” Karen reached behind her and opened up a cabinet.

“Never.” My cock stirred again.

“Well, the rules are simple. Miss a question; take something off. I’ve always wanted to do this, and I figured that this could be exciting. Are you interested?”

My cock stirred. “Sounds OK to me. But you are at a disadvantage.”

Karen smiled. “I know.”

Pulling a set of trivia cards out of the cabinet, Karen set them on the table at our feet. Unfortunately I had tipped my hand on my weakest subjects and Karen made the most of it. After about 5 questions, I was wearing only my Dockers and Karen had only lost her shoes. My next question dealt with ancient history and Karen didn’t have a clue on the answer. Karen pleaded. “Does my dress count as two items?” I was having such a good time with this I nodded. As she unbuttoned her top, I couldn’t help but stare at her chest. She pulled the top back over her shoulders and draped it across her lap. “Now, no touching yet. The game’s not over.” I almost forgot what I was doing as I continued looking at her sitting there topless. Perfectly shaped nipples sitting on top of perfectly shaped breasts. I wanted so badly to start licking and sucking her tits I had a difficult time even hearing her next question. My mind was a blur.

Karen took another card. She broke my gaze by lightly slapping my knee. “Everything OK?”

I felt the heat rise in my head. “Yeah. Just getting a little warm, that’s all.”

“Are you ready for the next question?” Karen asked as I tried in vain to adjust the bulge in my pants.

“No, but go ahead.” Her next question had me stumped. At this point though I would have missed anything to get my clothes off. I stood up and removed my pants leaving me sitting there with only underwear on. Karen smiled as I sat down and the head of my cock peaked out of my briefs. I adjusted myself and grabbed another card.

Picking a question I knew was quite obscure, I watched Karen’s face, as she knew she had been stumped. This time she was the one with the red face. Unbuttoning the front of the dress the rest of the way, she let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. “I hope you aren’t disappointed,” she said as she stood about three feet in front of me chewing on a fingernail.

All I could think to say was, “Wow.” Now over the last few years I had admired Karen’s body when I could get even a glimpse of her at work, but nothing prepared me for this. Her thighs and calves had obviously been through many workouts as they had a muscle definition that would make most women envious. I especially loved her calves.

I reached out and ran my hands up and down her calves. There was no protest from Karen as my fingers massaged the taught muscles of her legs. She moved back to the couch to sit. “Keep doing that,” she said as she sat and draped her legs across mine. I massaged her legs for a few minutes then moved my hands up her body. She moved her legs back to the floor and lay against the back of the couch. I lightly ran my hands across her stomach and to her breasts. The quick feel I got dancing didn’t even compare to what I was feeling now. Both of her nipples stiffened as I gently ran my fingers across them. I took one between my thumb and forefinger and delicately squeezed it. Karen moaned as I fondled her tits and ran my hands over her whole upper body. I moved slightly closer to her and began licking on her tits. I then moved even closer and began sucking on her hard nipples. Karen’s breathing pattern changed and her body stiffened up a bit from the attention I was giving her.

Karen reached around my body and found my leg. Her hand moved up my thigh and when she ran into my underwear, she opened her eyes. “I think you can take those off now.” I stood and dropped my briefs to the floor as Karen watched my hard cock slap against my stomach. I sat back next to her and resumed stroking her body. Karen lay back against the couch and opened her legs a bit as my hands began to stroke her thighs. I softly ran my fingers up her inner thighs and slowly worked my hands up to her pussy. As my fingertips brushed against her clit, Karen moaned again and opened her legs wider.

Using one of my feet, I pushed the table away from the couch and moved between her legs. Starting at her knees, I kissed her inner thighs as my hands caressed her calves. When I reached her pussy, I found her swollen clit and began licking and sucking on it. Karen reached down and put her hand against the back of my head trying to pull me against her. I resisted this pressure and continued to lick her until I could feel my face covered in her juices. I then began running my tongue in and out of her pussy, licking and kissing the entrance of her pussy. Karen began forcing her hips down to meet my tongue as I started moving my tongue in circular patterns around her swollen clit. Karen then almost sat up and pulled my face against her as she began to scream.

“Keep going. Yeah, that’s it. Oh, man. Yes.” Her words encouraged me as I probed her pussy with my tongue. As her body again tensed up, I flicked my tongue in and out quickly. I could feel her juices flow as she bucked against my face over and over. Slowly her body went limp as she relaxed. I moved up her body and began licking and sucking on her tits again.

Karen lay there for a minute, shuddering every time my lips moved across her sensitive nipples. I moved back onto the couch and ran my fingers through her hair. She turned to me and smiled. “That was nice. I don’t think I have ever met a guy who is as gentle as you have been.”

I smiled back. “Well, gentle is the only way to treat a woman. I’m glad you enjoyed that.” Though I hadn’t cum, I felt so satisfied by the entire evening, that I had almost forgotten how hard my cock was. Karen hadn’t.

“Follow me,” she said as she got up and went to the bedroom. I got up and walked in just behind her, checking out her ass and backside. Karen sat on her bed and opened her hands up like she wanted to hold onto mine. “Come here. I think you deserve this.” I stood directly in front of her and watched as she lowered her mouth to my cock. She bent slightly and licked me from my balls to the swollen head of my throbbing meat. Then, without touching my shaft, she opened her mouth and began talking my cock into her mouth. My legs almost became rubber as I felt her tongue massage every sensitive point down my shaft. Karen then took her fingers and, using an extraordinary light touch, she began to pull on the skin around my balls. I almost lost it right there. Every time I felt as if I was ready to cum, Karen would remove my cock from her mouth and just watch it as it throbbed in front of her. As my breathing would steady she would again take me into her warm mouth and caress my cock with her tongue, paying special attention to the smooth skin below the head.

About the fourth or fifth time she pulled away, I reached down and began to play with her tits again. Karen knew I was close and gave me what I had longed to do for years.

Moving a bit further up her bed, Karen lay down and opened her legs. Not needing any more encouragement I climbed onto the bed and pressed my hard cock into her wet pussy. Karen reached behind me and pulled me in to the hilt. Though I wanted to go slowly, my cock, and Karen had other ideas.

With every thrust, Karen encouraged me. “Yeah, keep it up. I want to feel your cum fill me up.” I had no intention of letting her down. As Karen’s body started to shudder from another orgasm, my balls tightened up. I pressed my cock into her as far as it would go and held it there as the cum exploded out of me. Karen’s fingers dug into my back as she continued to drive her hips down to meet my thrust.

Though it was probably only a short time, it seemed like hours later when Karen released her hold on me and began to breath a little more normally. I positioned myself next to her, and moved one of my hands back to stroke on her breasts. Karen turned to face me and smiled. “Thanks for treating me like a lady.”

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